Truth to power, baby. The firestorm continues as MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell doubled-down today by refusing to denounce  the deceptively edited “Wawa video.” She also did not apologize for her blatant lack of integrity. Earlier today, Twitter users taught CNN’s Howard Kurtz a thing or two about “real journalism.” Now, they are continuing to try to school the rest of the media.

Citizens have had enough of the press acting as a Democrat propaganda machine.

They have had enough of being fed lies by the alleged press. They are absolutely sick and tired of all the false narratives created and pushed by media outlets.

They are fed up with being falsely charged as “racist” for daring to even question the Obama administration.

On the plus side, more and more are no longer fooled. MSNBC, for example, has tipped their own hand too far. They’ve “leaned forward” so much that they have tipped over and exposed themselves.

#MSNBCin4Words sums it all up.

And the winners:

Bingo. Thank goodness for those fighting for truth and accuracy.

Because, clearly, the mainstream media will not.

  • BwBarrnone

    one day @twitchyteam you will post my tweets. LOL

  • NCR Elite

    #MSNBCIn4Words Not necessarily the news

    • Brian

      great show!

  • peteee363

    is she was to be fired, where would a untalented hack, such as her get a job in this economy?

    • Jeff Kennedy

      MSNBC. Oh wait…

    • Cyborg0012

      Current TV

    • jaydee36

      the white house

      • Jamie Hannah

        only for 6-7 months

  • SpaceRacer423

    #MSNBCIn4Words: White House talking points
    #MSNBCIn4Words: Media Matters on television
    #MSNBCIn4Words: now with fewer viewers
    #MSNBCIn4Words: Home of Al Sharpton
    #MSNBCIn4Words: ”The Ministry of Truth”

  • Frustrated Teacher

    #msnbcin4wor4ds – All Lies Every Time

  • Brian


    Blind Leading the Blind!

  • radjahshelduck

    Lean forward, spew nonsense.

  • A Willful Boy

    Lobotomy in a box
    The place for panderers

  • Jamie Hannah

    msnbc we make the iraqi propaganda minister look like george washington
    msnbc proud graduates of the joseph goebebels school of journalism

  • Mia

    #MSNBCIn4Words Baghdad Bob Part Deux

  • stuckinIL4now

    How could Mitchell apologize for her blatant lack of integrity–I mean, wouldn’t you have to know what integrity is to know whether or not you have any?

  • TugboatPhil

    Our viewers are morons.


    #MSNBCIn4Words Fake it / Bury it
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    #MSNBCIn4Words Nausea, Dizziness, Headache, Vomiting

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    Lean Foward, to puke.