Brett McGurk, President Obama’s pick for Ambassador to Iraq, withdrew himself from consideration today.

Questionable conduct had been reported recently.

More from the Washington Post article:

Iraqi ambassador nominee Brett McGurk’s affair with a reporter has come under much scrutiny of late.

But the relationship between McGurk and then-Wall Street Journal reporter Gina Chon was positively under-the-radar back in 2009, when McGurk invited his then-mistress (now wife) to be a guest lecturer at a Harvard course he taught.

Harvard students attending the class had no idea that their teacher was romantically involved with Chon, who spoke to them about her experience reporting in Iraq, according to a student who attended. While she described the travails of being a correspondent in a war zone, she tactfully omitted any mention of sleeping with a source.


As recently as yesterday, President Obama was “standing by” his pick.

Twitchy will monitor the situation and update as details develop.

Update: Reaction from Twitter users, mixed with snark, rolls in.



  • mechanic540

    Must be a monday if this is news. Married her anway so whats the big woop?

  • MarkJ

    When Obama promises to “stand by” a nominee, that’s a sure sign the nominee is political dead meat. 😉

  • Notjack

    In the Obama Presidency, integrity is a bug, not a feature.

  • michael s

    If Michelle Malkin had a sister she’d look like Gina Chon.

  • teapartydoc

    This seems alot less scandalous than Clinton. Did she get paid for being a guest lecturer? If she did, I guess it is pretty bad.