Dylan Ratigan is leaving MSNBC and Martin Bashir will take his time slot. Criminy.

Evidently, this was to be kept secret until a report at The New York Times scooped them.

More from The New York Times.

Phil Griffin, the president of MSNBC, said in an internal memorandum Sunday afternoon that Mr. Ratigan “has decided to pursue new opportunities and will be ending his role as a full-time host.”

“Dylan’s distinct voice and his fearless approach to tackling complicated issues has been a key part of MSNBC’s growth and success,” Mr. Griffin added.

Mr. Ratigan said he would keep in touch with viewers through his personal Web site, DylanRatigan.com, which includes a campaign-style e-mail list. “Basically my plan is to meet with tons of people, learn from tons of people, and then figure out a way to take the narrative I’ve been talking about, and show the most effective ways to resolve it.”

Huh? Is that like the media version of a politician not seeking reelection to “spend more time with his family?” In any event, we hope his website garners more viewers than MSNBC!

His send-off on Twitter was slightly tepid, to say the least. Mostly, people just warned that he shouldn’t let the door hit him where the sun don’t shine on the way out.


Even Leftists on Twitter had few kind words, likely because he wasn’t quite Leftist enough. Mind-boggling.

Aww. Maybe he can get a job with Keith Olbermann? Snicker.

One Twitter user had an excellent suggestion for Ratigan’s replacement, if that whole Bashir thing doesn’t work out.

  • snapmedown

    Remember when he hosted his jobs tour at a 5-star-luxury resort in Miami Beach?http://www.mediaite.com/tv/dylan-ratigan-hosts-30-million-jobs-tour-from-glamorous-miami-beach-5-star-resort/

  • BostonDave in TX

    MSNBC would do better if they just streamed Fox or GBTV.

  • http://www.soopermexican.com Soopermexican

    Axelrod’s combover is too busy being Obama’s skanky hussy to host a show! C’mon!!

  • SuperstionQueen

    Raging Ratigan…a libertarian? Wow, I have noticed that anyone on the left that doesn’t toe the line suddenly is insulted with the libertarian tag. They don’t attempt to call them conservatives as people have been informed who conservatives are and who they stand for. Now, true libertarians need to start speaking up and making sure that the idiots who claim to be libertarians (leftist hacks) stand out and reveal who they are.

  • http://www.spacecoastconservative.com/ SpaceCoastConservative.com

    A Rat leaving a sinking ship. Better than going down with it — maybe even “all the way down.”

  • http://deadbuffaloblog.blogspot.com/ DeadBuffalo Blog

    BREAKING! Ratigan’s replacement gets double the ratings, and is much more interesting as well:

  • Rosewould

    Dan Rather should invite Ratagain to join him on cb channel 40.