Mitt Romney rapidly responded to President Obama’s beyond pathetic “presser” on the economy today.

And there’s more.

The private sector is “doing fine” remark wasn’t  even calculated, though. It’s what Obama thinks. To him, the government is far more important. The private sector is icky.

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom also lets a zinger fly.

Twitter users are still angry at, yet amused by, Obama’s ludicrous statement. One has some words of advice for Mitt Romney.


Update: Mitt Romney offers his to-do list.



  • Taxpayer1234

    Our family’s income has decreased by 25% since OZero took office. Yep, we are #doingjustfine.

  • Joe Hilger

    To A President Obama, . . unless the private sector is seen storming the WH, as the Unionized public sector stormed WI Capitol, . . . ‘the private sector is doing just fine,”

  • Armando

    That was his to-do list in Massachusetts, and what did he get? 47th place in job creation.

    • hazchic

      What was the unemployment under him there?

      • Doug Rider

        About half what it is now.

      • Armando

        the same as the national rate at the time, during the years of the bubble that now have us in a recession… and they were that low, because a lot of people left the state…