As Twitchy reported earlier this week, history is above President Obama’s pay grade. During a medal ceremony, he made reference to “Polish death camps,” sparking outrage and a demand for an apology from Poland’s Prime Minister. Looks like Poland will have to keep waiting.

More from ABC News:

President Obama wrote a letter to the president of Poland in which he expressed regret for his words during the Medal of Freedom ceremony in which he referred to World War II-era “Polish death camp” instead of a Nazi death camp in Germany-occupied Poland.

“In referring to ‘a Polish death camp’ rather than ‘a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland,’ I inadvertently used a phrase that has caused many Poles anguish over the years and that Poland has rightly campaigned to eliminate from public discourse around the world,” President Obama wrote. “I regret the error and agree that this moment is an opportunity to ensure that this and future generations know the truth.”

All about him; he will ensure future generations know the truth. Because, it is evidently too hard to learn basic history in school. It’s surprising that the Great Judaism Expert didn’t learn it in all his book reading. President Obama went on to say this:

As we all know, the Polish people suffered terribly under the brutal Nazi occupation during World War II.

You didn’t, apparently.

Worse, the White House is refusing to call it an apology.

Unbelievable. President Obama cannot even admit when he’s done something wrong. Ever. Apology? He can’t apologize for being super awesome; so much so that mere mortals don’t understand him. He just “regrets” that silly little people misunderstand him and his awesomely awesome ways. Insulted? Who cares if he accuses you of running death camps! You should thank your lucky stars that he deigns to speak about you, Poland! Plus, don’t you know that he only apologizes to terrorists? No wonder he won’t apologize to Poland; they don’t wish to kill us.

Don’t hold your breaths. Who has time between fundraisers anyway?

  • LadyLNorth

    He had no problem apologizing for “American arrogance” while standing on French soil in April 2009. Or bowing to the Japanese Emperor. Or the Saudi king. Or the Chinese President. What can’t he simply apologize for his idiotic, thoughtless remark? Narcissist in chief, indeed.

  • FoodieByChoice

    POTUS must have “mis-read the TELEPROPTER

    • trueblues

      and you cannot spell teleprompter.

  • BeeKaaay

    Obama only knows how to apologize to muslims, leftists, and thugs. Sorry Poland, that’s what you get for being a decent country who fought communism.


    Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour didn’t even flinch when he said that. They were busy trying to decide which dress to wear and how to do their hair for the fundraiser! *flutter eyelids*

  • Taxpayer1234

    What an incredible pig.

    The largest Polish population in the US (read: VOTERS) is in OZero’s home turf of Chicago. Perhaps OZero should consider that.