The judge ruled in the prosecution’s favor and Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked. He is to surrender himself within 48 hours.

More from Fox News:

URGENT: A judge on Friday revoked the bond of the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and ordered him returned to jail within 48 hours.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester said that George Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, misled the court about how much money they had available when his bond was set for $150,000 in April. Prosecutors claim Zimmerman had $135,000 available that had been raised by a website he set up.

Zimmerman’s wife testified at the bond hearing that they had limited funds available since she was a nursing student and Zimmerman wasn’t working.

“He can’t sit back and obtain the benefit of a lower bond based upon those material falsehoods,” Lester said.
Defense attorney Mark O’Mara said the fact that Zimmerman and his wife never used the money for anything indicated “there was no deceit.”

Prosecutor Bernie De la Rionda described the Zimmermans’ testimony as “misleading.”

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Update: The Twitter lynch mob begins again. When the news broke that George Zimmerman’s bond was revoked and he had to surrender within 48 hours, the lynch mob came out in force. Some of these lovers of due process wish to kill Zimmerman themselves, while others want Zimmerman to commit suicide.

Others are predicting it happens.

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  • stuckinIL4now

    There should have been no bond to revoke because he should not have been arrested in the first place. As for the haters who wish they could kill him or wish him dead because it sounds like it would make them all happy, well, it wouldn’t, because they live miserable lives and they’d just sit around tweetin’ hate while waitin’ for the Rev Al to get them all ginned up again for violence against somebody else so they can scratch their hate itch and once again be happy in their miserableness–and hey, that attitude is why their lives suck.

  • geo

    Wow, a lot of dirtbags on twitter.
    Don’t these morons know they’re saying this crap to the whole world?

  • midnightgolfer

    How often has this ever happened to a defendant that wasn’t in a publicized case?

  • Lefty

    Martin was headed to prison eventually. MORE on Martin and his Purple Drank/Lean habits and their effects at: and

  • Cathy

    Zimmerman is nothing but a political prisoner being held in the USA,. Who would have thought it possible?