President Obama gave a Memorial Day speech today at Arlington cemetery. Even on Memorial Day, a day to reflect upon and honor those men and women who made the greatest sacrifice to fight for and defend others, he chose to campaign.

It’s so convenient how he didn’t “inherit” some things from President Bush. The narcissist and campaigner in chief couldn’t put aside his own hubris even on Memorial Day. It would be unbelievable, if it wasn’t par for the course with him.

Twitter gives him the business and rightly so. Politicizing Memorial Day? Campaigning at the expense of the families of our fallen heroes? Beyond the pale. Maybe he’s like MSNBC’s Chris Hayes and is ‘uncomfortable’ calling our fallen heroes. Well, except for himself, natch.

Yes. For someone who is supposed to be the greatest orator evah, his repertoire is quite limited. To himself.

Exactly. Disgraceful. He could have gone on more in this vein.

But, no. The ego is too strong in this one. And other Twitter users agree.


If only the President had read the following:

Mankind has always struggled with the definition of honor. It can be found along many different paths. The soldier under fire finds a fusion of courage, love, and duty that the rest of us can only imagine, as calm waters reflect flashes of lighting from a distant storm. It is our great civilian honor that America’s armed forces reflect upon us. Each new cohort of young people in uniform, setting aside a measure of their freedom to accept military discipline, makes a perilous investment in American liberty. It is our honorable duty to return their investment with interest.

We pause now to remember those who gave everything, and live now in loving memory, marching only through the pages of history they have written. So many empty seats will surround picnic tables across the land on Memorial Day. So many outposts in the deadly corners of the Earth will be patrolled by the spirits of the fallen, walking beneath a flag whose stars and stripes glimmer and burn with a spirit that will never fade.

Read the whole thing. And have tissues handy. We honor and owe a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid to all those who heroically sacrificed their very lives as part of the greatest force for good that the world has ever known.

Thank God that such men lived, as General Patton said.

  • Shawn Gillogly

    Are we truly surprised the most self-centered President in living memory gives a narcissistic speech?

  • Pablo

    It’s so convenient how he didn’t “inherit” some things from President Bush.

    Of course, he most certainly DID inherit the end of the Iraq War from Bush. It ended exactly according to the Status of Forces Agreement that the Bush Administration negotiated with Iraq. In fact, the Obama Administration tried to extend the Iraq mission and failed.

    And we’re supposed to thank him? I don’t think so.

    • Fred Zanfardino

      Well said. For myself, I’m convinced he bungled it on purpose just so he could have an excuse to turn tail and run. And all so he could have a re-election talking point. Never mind that all the suffering and blood of our soldiers (and many Iraqi’s as well) may be for nought as their victory is now in jeopardy of being undone because of his premature rush of the withdrawal.

      Shame on you, Obama.

  • J Daubman

    Vainglorious. This man has no shame.

  • rifleman

    Obama’s ego knows no boundaries…

  • sandmannc40

    Why is he still in office?

  • Renee


  • traffic_robot

    Can’t wait for our d-bag in chief to be voted out. Surprised a new wing in the WH wasn’t constructed for his ego.

  • Noeleen Cleary

    That self-referential, self-aggrandizing, megalomaniacal, disgraceful failure should be ashamed of himself. Unfortunately it falls on us to be ashamed for him. He’s incapable of it, himself.

  • HWGood

    How many of those fallen heroes will vote for Bam-Bam come November?

  • Fred Zanfardino

    And for the first time in 9 years, jihadists and extremist elements are going unchecked in Iraq, and the blood and tears of many brave American men that helped create a vital ally and check against Iran is being undone just so some “community organizer” can claim he ended a war (more like surrendered to the enemy) to have something to run on for re-election.

    To hell with you, BO.

  • $1718659

    There isn’t much I can say about this putrid excuse for a human being that hasn’t already been said by the tweekers, or whatever you call this this thing. All I have left is thank God we have the chance to remove his ass this coming November, with the grace of God and enough American patriots. Please let it be so. God bless our veterans.

  • Conservative Mom

    Obama’s Memorial Day Photo-Op Blocks Families, Vets From D.C. Vietnam Memorial Wall For 7 Hours