The communications director for Senator Blumenthal (D-Conn.) isn’t content with leaving union members to expose themselves for the misogynist racists they are. He feels the need to jump into the revolting mix and expose himself as well. He is in disgusting company, as Twitchy reported earlier today. Violence against a conservative woman? She asked for it.

Always the victim, Mr. Wexler says.

Unbelievable.  And false; she’s not a “feminist” continuously shrouding herself in a veil of victim-hood and encouraging all women to do the same. She has weathered foul garbage for years now and always stands strong. She fights; she doesn’t cry “slut” and expect a phone call from the President.

No big whoop! It wasn’t really a ‘boss’ or anything. That’s also Governor Haley’s fault, of course. For not cuddling up to unions to give them unlimited and corrupt power and, instead, fighting for the people of South Carolina and their right to work.

He has been making light of this disturbing display of violence since last night.

Pinatagate! How hilarious! Beating an effigy of a woman in the face is side-splitting!

Remember this, ladies. Violence aimed at women is totally fine — and hilarious — as long as it’s one of those icky “gender traitor” women who dare to break out from the shackles with which the Left seeks to bind them.

Senator Blumenthal must condemn not only the actions of the South Carolina AFL-CIO, but also the actions of his own communications director. If he fails to do so, we can only assume he condones and supports them. That wouldn’t be surprising, really. As we all know, Senator Blumenthal has a hard time with truth.

Of course, he may be too busy what with all the lying to women in an attempt to scare them and use them as pawns.



  • John_Frank

    Governor Palin: Good Union Brothers and Sisters: Stand Up and Denounce This Thuggery

  • Lara Martinez

    I’m so sick of the “equal pay” bs. It does not exist. Does it mean that comparing the sexes side by side will show you that the male lawyer’s salary is higher than his female counterpart? Nope. John Stossel did a great piece on this lie when he was still with ABC. Libtards love a (fake) victim!

    • weRbroke

      Remember, soon after taking office, Obunghole signed LEGISLATION for equal pay? YET, the senate is set to introduce legislation for EQUAL PAY…again?
      I thought the other day I read/heard that OBLAMO claimed he fixed the unfair pay thing ALREADY.
      JULIA said so…
      “Because of steps like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, Julia is one of millions of women across the country who knows she’ll always be able to stand up for her right to equal pay,” the graphic says.

  • cscape

    You know that the LIBERAL ADMINISTRATION of Napoleon Dynamite’s High School SUSPENDED his buddy Pedro for doing the same thing (the pinata) with a depiction of his class president opponent Summer Wheatley…. so where’s the LIBERAL consistency!???

    • Lazybum

      At least in the Movie, I would have still voted for Pedro…

  • Guest

    why does it matter which side a woman is on? she should still be treated equally because we are all human beings. stop pitting the right against the left, we are all STILL WOMEN. if you were to see a woman being victimized on the street, you would help her. but if you found out she was a “liberal” would you suddenly change your mind and just throw her in the gutter? just because she isn’t what YOU want her to be?? this article just continues to perpetuate the idea that one side is right and another side is wrong (i.e “left”), but we all need to agree to stop using women as tools. we are human beings and should be treated as such no matter what the circumstances.

    • Tony

      Apparently you’ve been living under a rock. Tell what you’ve said to S.E. Cupp, Nikki Haley, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Laura Bush, Condoleeza Rice, and on… And then tell it to the liberal media and the democrat party. And if the liberals would ever stop playing the victim card- or the race card.. or the class warfare card.. or any other method ONLY used to VERY intentionally divide and conquer and vilify the opposition by attacking character- instead of an honest debate, we may miraculously muster up the ability to care anymore. After so much abuse, we conservatives have the right to become fed up, and even to acquire an attitude when dealing with the rampant lying disingenuous scum in the liberal world.

  • ABridgeInConcord

    Let me get this straight, the Communications Director for the man who played at being a Vietnam vet is accusing somebody who actually was a victim of playing at being a victim?

  • Lazybum

    What? Liberal Little Dick B is a hypocrite? I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED I say! Next you will tell me that OWS is made up of a bunch of liberal whiners that still live in their mother’s basement!

  • Al

    Blumenthal was a good attorney general for CT. Unfortunately, some of us realized quickly what kind of senator he would be — a typical jagoff politician.