When President Obama flip-flopped and “evolved” on gay marriage, Twitchy reported on the breathless delight with which the media reported the news. How can there be an honest debate over gay marriage if the media can’t report on it in an unbiased way? As Contessa Brewer shows, the press continues with their lack of journalistic integrity over the news that the NAACP has also conveniently now ‘evolved’ on gay marriage as well.

It’s “about time” she says. Oh, well. That’s settled then, you silly rubes. The “time for talk” is over, evidently.

  • http://potbateman.tumblr.com/ Pat Bateman

    > The “time for talk” is over, evidently.
    In almost half the states in the union where it has already been legalized, yes, the “time to talk” is over, derp. The rest of you Larry Craigs can keep talking about gay stuff in your sweater vests all you want.

  • Tpsurvey 1

    It has been voted 32 times out of 32 different elections by the people of there state that the definition of marriage is between” a man and women”
    I say when they are batting 1.000 the majority of our nation is looking in the right direction

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    Contessa Brewer’s professional biography reads like a Ron Burgundy sequel.

  • Robert Hoover

    The interview she did when she questioned an R congressman about if he had an economics background illustrates here stupidity and bias clearly. The definition of a mediocre mind. Clip is funny google search it.

  • Clarke B

    Ah yes, the MSNBC sycophants doing a nice job serving as Obama’s nut cups, in their opinion

  • Alexdiet

    So is Polygomy

  • LibLieExposer

    When the male bovine excrement artist extremists at MSLSD recognize and accept that individual gun ownership IS A CIVIL RIGHT, something that **IS** in the Bill of Rights, and stop supporting the bigotry of the gun control lobby, then PERHAPS they will have a hint of being a legitimate news source.

  • http://twitter.com/schlembach Schlembach ♻️

    NAACP just adopted same sex marriage as a civil rights issue. So it must be…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZA4URXM4LMINT6Q5FDBZ7VY3FA republicandrinkingtea

    MSNBC and NBC are the LAUGHINGSTOCK of the country–nothing but mouthpieces for Obummer.

  • craigontheweb

    Public edumacation there Skaught? Regardless of what the O’Loser believes, there are only 50 states (57 would make your argument even more silly). Half of 50 is 26. Now follow along my slow little one. If you say over half, that means greater than 26, not “within 20 or so”. That’s right you brilliant mathematician … only 6 states andone make believe state (DC) recognize gay marriage. That means (I know this is really hard to follow because the pretty moving pictures keeps taking your mind away from the words) that 44 states don’t. Wow … really? Over half? Skaught, are you done with that glass of milk yet?

  • Spud

    Just an FYI…but Brewer is not with MSNBC any more in any capacity. She lives on in tape the way former NBC anchor John Siegenthaler does.