As Twitchy reported earlier Cory Booker, Democrat Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, spoke the truth about Team Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney and Bain. He called them “crap” and rightly so. The Left isn’t pleased; truth is even harder than math.!/RussOnPolitics/status/204246806127845377

The always wrong Joan Walsh also weighs in.!/joanwalsh/status/204233437530423298

No, Joan. He did tell the truth. We know; honesty is hard.!/steveweinstein/status/204248160929984513!/Our4thEstate/status/204243616405790721!/farrellmcmanus/status/204259028250017792!/GoBrooklyn/status/204247482564214785!/zizii2/status/204250112380252160!/Maggyw519/status/204248309198618627

Oh, well. The Twitterati.

The tolerant Left falls back on slurs and name-calling.!/MrJueseppi/status/204257120462442496!/StillJohnCA/status/204262427750174721!/Fedup_Mom/status/204265327868116995!/ritaag/status/204232547020972032!/Chernynkaya/status/204255989489352705!/Sesan72/status/204246462014562306!/facepalm23/status/204259246274121728!/BobBrigham/status/204258777304805376!/HumanityCritic/status/204239752243851265!/ditadblue/status/204236187785891840!/itgurl_29/status/204250501196427264!/NeverAgainRs/status/204265628104798208!/itgurl_29/status/204249904237907968!/CoryBooker/status/204260556427898880!/Creoleleo/status/204267557895671810!/MrJueseppi/status/204251334302629888!/MrJueseppi/status/204257487711510528


Thinking for oneself is not allowed. Cory Booker was forced to “clarify” his comments, due to the backlash. Unlike those attacking him, he shows class.!/CoryBooker/status/204257023691464704!/CoryBooker/status/204257270782111744!/CoryBooker/status/204257924388892672!/CoryBooker/status/204258401667137536!/CoryBooker/status/204258971333312512!/CoryBooker/status/204264873692114946

“Tolerance” on display yet again. New tone!

Update: Booker taped a nearly 4-minute YouTube video of his clarification.!/jimgeraghty/status/204378832302649344


But Obama’s heavy-handed editors chopped it down to a half-minute endorsement:!/BenLaBolt/status/204370530739032064

Even Politico notes the shenanigans:

What gets lost in the edit is the nuance of Booker’s argument. Watching the 35-second video, you would believe that Booker was flip-flopping from his comments on Meet The Press and going on an all-out assault on Romney. In the four-minute video, Booker stands by his comments — including “nauseating” — and explains that while he does think Romney’s record is fair game, he remains “furstrated” by the Obama campaign’s negative attacks.

In other words, the 35-second video is a reverse from the original argument. The four-minute video is an extenstion of the original argument.

Asked for his response to the ad, RNC spokesman Tim Miller, who has been attacking the ad on Twitter, emailed:

It’s clear this video was orchestrated by the Obama campaign, and as long as he is President any defense of the free market/private sector by members of his party must be silenced and apologized for.


  • Taxpayer1234

    Good for Booker–he hasn’t abandoned his brain nor the truth.
    Hey, libs: Booker is nauseated because he has guts, unlike you little gutless parrots.

  • Cheryl Herin

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been any wishes that Booker had died in that fire where he saved a woman’s life. But given the sickness of the left, I’m sure that’s coming.

    • JD

      nothing shows tolerance of the left like disagreement.
      i think cory was just ordered back onto the plantation.

  • ctmom

    Infuriating though that Booker doesn’t see that Obama instigates the lefts behaviour with his constant divisive rhetoric. Still defending the schmuck.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    Your a good decent man cory, number# 1.

  • J Riesbeck

    Good for Booker. An honest man.

  • bindare

    Hey Democrats! It’s Obama and the far left that have betrayed not only you but the whole country. The Donkey Party will never fully recover from this disaterous president
    unless they can survive a minority status for one or two generations. What ever you do, don’t suddenly get intelligent and come up with another candidate at the convention.

  • SideshowJon36

    Shows how much Dems really care for “civil discourse” and “moderation.” Any Democrat strays from the party line and they’re persona non grata.

    Sorta like what they say the “Extreme Right Wing” has done to the Republicans.

  • lillymckim

    Booker got reprimanded and is now “walking it back” for Dear Leader!

  • MarriottPL

    Cory Booker only THOUGHT that a burning building was dangerous. He had no clue as t how democrats burn their own at the stake for wondering off the reservation or plantation — as the case may be. So? He’s had to walk his comments back. Love those “fearless” dems too cowardly to speak what they believe when it varies from the party line.

  • tomtom1983

    OK enough, I have no clue who the hell you liberals think you are?

    If for one freaking minute, you liberals can step outside your own diluted, distorted, diminished narrow minded one size fits all, bigoted box of just complete and utter hypocritical ignorance, and observe your own comments of blatant disrespect of human consciousness, you’d realize that maybe, just maybe, you don’t reflect anything close to what you keep deceiving yourselves and others of what your about.

    Who the hell are you liberals to speak down to a man about his honest opinion? Who the hell are you liberals to speak on inequality and bigotry after the way you hypocrites just treated this man?

    I am grateful that my God opened my eyes to show me just how ugly and disgusting the left is and showed me the way to honesty.

    None of you represent equality, none of you represent decorum, civility, prosperity, peace and freedom. You just shout down any man who differs from the ever narrowing liberal path.

    You disrespected everything that man worked hard for and everything he has done for your corrupt party, why, because you think Obama is some god and that in a proper democracy there can be no discourse for reproach, no expression of free thought and only one politically correct response to all things, what you say, goes.

    How dare any of you speak as if you are fair or just. How insane can one party be to fall on bended knees and offer up your praise to a man that has absolutely nothing to give back? Nothing to lift you up. Nothing to bring anyone peace.

    This madness from your party to sacrifice everything you are and once were, to a man that believes the most powerful position in the world is one to be deserved rather then what that must be earned. No one deserves anything in life and it’s the very reason life is hard, so when you succeed and reap something you worked so hard for, it actually has meaning, value and an understanding.

    I’m a Tea Party supporter and as much as your party churns my stomach, I will defend any liberal who follows honesty and mutual respect. You have no legitimacy to identify yourselves as, Democratic, your nowhere near such definition.

    Look at yourselves, what benevolence could possibly come from divisiveness? How can you possibly declare you stand for anyone but yourselves when all you do is deceive? How can a government promise you what already doesn’t belong to you? Redistribution of wealth is just a pretty word for theft.

    How dare you complain about anyone.

    There can be no conceivable reason for your actions. None. Your blind hatred has left this nation on the brink of chaos and hellishness, a nation that had always united as one America in times of pain and uncertainty. Now titters on violence and collapse.

    And for what, a man with no discernible past, a man that has so many faces and yet not of one those faces is honesty, a man that gives you only a vague message of hope with one hand and with the other hand he changes the message of hope to a message confusion.

    How can you ever say who Obama is and where he is going if you can’t even say where he came from and who he was?

    There is a great deal of malevolence your party seems unwilling to recognize. And it’s because of this malevolence your party is behaving contrary to civility and the rule of law. You know good well that Obama has brought no progress for the unemployed, no progress for debt reduction, no progress in cutting spending.

    Your party needs to find some way out your hypnotic Obama trance and back to your core principles. Because right now, your party is displaying some massive inept leadership, disgusting hypocrisy, uncivil debauchery like worshiping and a complete breakdown in human rationality.

    As you stand before the people and deceive them and attack them, you not only do yourselves and your nation a terribly reprehensible disservice, but you also denigrate the lives lost and the blood spilled by those who came before you, a sacrifice which gave you the right to play a bigoted hypocrite today.

    You all should feel shameful for what you have done and the damage you have created.

    But make no mistake my dear friends, your damage, your harm and your hollowed out and powerless threats, will not by any means dissuade us from correcting what your ignorance has corrupted.

    We come with substance, we speak with honesty, we fight with strength and we stand with God.

    So your petty falsehoods will not deter us, your superficial actions will not dissolve us and your godless threats will not shake us.

    Come November, this nation will be moving in greater direction as our resolve is greater and stronger then yours.

    God bless!!


    You may continue consuming your own and illuminate to all about who liberals are and exactly what it is you stand for.

  • ccoffer

    Leftists are the absolute scum of this earth. They prove it every chance they get.

  • George Dixon

    Democrats…aka “liberals” only want a choir with secular amens…..

    LOL, democrats are as shallow as a puddle and as dumb as a sack of rocks….

    However…they do love to get fooled again…see: Obama

  • PittsburghTiger

    WoW! So a black guy CAN’T deviate ONCE from teh Demmunist party line or he is a “house “ni@@er”?

    That is so pathetic.

    I guess we should keep elevating Tawana Sharpton and Jesse “can’t keep it in his pants” Jackson.

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    Leftist thought-intolerance demands you march in lock-step with them or be vilified.

  • HopeyChangey

    Booker actually is a racist so I don’t see the problem saying he is one. If you’ve ever read his comments about Natalie Holloway and how no one would care if she were black and how much Booker buys into the incredibly racist theory behind The New Jim Crow, which is a white racist conspiracy, you’d think so too.

  • Silence Dogood

    Typical whiney little cry babies. The lot of them. Disgusting turds with no class.

  • Desi

    cory booker gave his opinion but as a surrogate he should have stayed on message.

  • Troy Mclean

    he sold out his own party.

  • kate_middleton

    I learned so much reading this. Like that Goldie Taylor and David Gregory are Republicans.
    Let’s try to get back on this planet, Dems.