President Obama evolved into a flip-flopper as he was shamed by Joe Biden into coming out today in favor of gay marriage. Kinda sorta. Likely enough so that he can line his campaign coffers with sweet, sweet donations.!/Chris_Moody/status/200300195127377920

Haha! That’s rich.


Twitter immediately weighed in; how could it not? Obama’s absurd “evolution” is prime meat for mockage.!/TRMirCat/status/200300123501240320!/guypbenson/status/200300144867020800!/Doc_0/status/200301623921221634!/BrandonKiser/status/200301485291077633!/GayPatriot/status/200301492358492160!/snowed_in/status/200305549001244674!/baseballcrank/status/200301471173066752!/Doc_0/status/200301453141749761!/TabithaHale/status/200305664772411392!/mdrache/status/200305520563859456!/jimgeraghty/status/200297860259000322!/Rschrim/status/200305657092653056!/AceofSpadesHQ/status/200305498761854977!/MelissaTweets/status/200305410471763968!/BeefBlogonoff/status/200297525654204418!/baseballcrank/status/200300484362387456!/ChrisBarnhart/status/200305648502702080

  • Deb Scott

    how long will it take him to evolve into an ex-president?

    • VanessaEsther

      Six months.

  • markbuehner

    Obama has always been at war with gay marriage. Strike that, Obama has never been at war with gay marriage. If these two concepts seems mutually exclusive you are a bitter clinging racist teabagger.

  • Michael

    It frightening to think that the POTUS could shift his belief system at the mere thought of loosing wealthy gay campaign money.

  • Mark

    Obama’s latest pronouncement after today’s SSM comments:
    “If Romney thinks I’m going to roll over for him, he’s got another thing coming!”
    (snicker, snort, cough….)

  • Wyman Cooke

    Chris Barnhart for the win!

  • rbeccah

    Unfortunately, all those African-Americans who oppose gay marriage will say Obama was forced to support it in order to get reelected, and they’ll vote for him anyway.

    • d2lv

      The blacks will support him even if he was photographed, in a compromising position with a white 14 year old boy.

      • submandave

        Are you saying he’s been known to visit the Penn State locker rooms?

  • Darth Calvin

    TOTUS was hacked…

  • Rob Stevely

    I liked the part where Obama said ” If I had a son he’d look like Chaz Bono”