It has been confirmed that the Ohio attempted bridge bombers were occupiers. Occupy Cleveland swiftly tries to deny accountability.

Shocked, they say! Sure you are. Occupy is totally peaceful and all. That’s why Occupy camps are full of rape and other violence and that is why May Day is being celebrated with calls for murder. Violence is encouraged and when it is put into action, the blood is on your hands, Occupy.

And what say you, media?

Doubtful. It’s not like they are “tea baggers” or anything. Just attempted murderers.

UPDATE (h/t @JesseinOH):

So much for Occupy Cleveland’s attempt at distancing itself. A spokesman. Boom.

  • The Free Pioneer

    A quick reading of the FBI complaint pretty much shows these guys were affiliated with the Occupy movement.

  • vetgal1970

    Oh I think the FBI knew exactly who they were dealing with, it looks like some of their cohorts were nabbed last autumn. We just need to force the media to acknowledge it.

    NATION-WIDE BOMB PLOT UNEARTHED; Carnival of Murder Was Planned for Next May Day by Anarchists. ONE ARREST MADE HERE Evidence Gained in Cleveland Roundup, Where Police Chief and Another Were Doomed. Planned May Day Climax. NATION-WIDE BOMB PLOT UNEARTHED

  • Botzilla

    I wonder how the Democrats will spin this one since they decided to hitch their wagons to the occupy movement.

  • Herr_Bogwick

    bury their heads in the sand, whine about police brutality, and pay lip service to civility.
    just like before

  • Lefty

    And Occupy goes “Boom!”

  • MarriottPL

    “self proclaimed anarchist” must be short for “murdering nihilist 20something mush for brains looking for something ‘cool’ to do on a rainy slow night in Ohio.”

  • Rob Stevely

    THE MSM keeps referring to them as anarchists instead of occupiers.