Democrat senate candidate Elizabeth Warren made news the other day for apparently lying about being Native American in order to advance her career. Oh yeah, it’s totally sexist to even call her on that, natch.

Twitter users have no qualms about calling people, male or female, on their baloney. They are equal-opportunity mockers! Now that’s empowerment, baby. As a result, #ElizabethWarrenIndianNames was born. Enjoy!

And keep them coming!

  • Cameron Gray

    My contributions are Less-hegan and Hiataxa

  • Jeff Thomas


  • PBruce

    Claims Victim Status

  • PBruce

    Panderer Red Face

  • PBruce

    Games The System

  • Colin77

    Forked Tongue

  • Patricia Prasser

    Squawksalot #

  • SRVDisciple


  • Doug Foster


  • NCMountainGirl

    Her maiden name is Herring so she is already one of the Red Herrings clan.  I nominate Smells Like Old Fish as her Indian Name

  • Thomas Dennis

    CrazyWhores# ElizabethWarrenIndianNames

  • Curt Cicotte

    Missa da chu ditz #ElizabethWarrenIndianNames

  • LibLieExposer


  • FrancisMcManus

    Elizabeth Warren wasn’t hired to teach at Harvard Law as an Affirmative Action hire.  Also, this article says that Cherokees say if you are 1/32 Cherokee, you are Cherokee:

    • IronButterfly

      Well I am 1/32 Cherokee and I have been trying to start a fire all day with two sticks and all I can do is create a lot of smoke.  Oh yeah that’s her name “A-Lot-of-Smoke”……hahah

    • Mme. PB

      “Who is an American Indian or Alaska Native?
      As a general rule, an American Indian or Alaska Native person is someone who has blood degree from and is recognized as such by a federally recognized tribe or village (as an enrolled tribal member) and/or the United States…The rights, protections, and services provided by the United States to individual American Indians and Alaska Natives flow not from a person’s identity as such in an ethnological sense, but because he or she is a member of a federally recognized tribe.”  from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Was she enrolled as a tribal member?

    • ken anthony

      Which would require her one Cherokee ancestor to be 100%. Which means, according to the Cherokee if ANY of her ancestors, ancestors was not Cherokee, neither is she.

    • Artimus Planet

      HA! And you believed an article from Mother Jones??? Your Indian name should be Heap Gulli-BULL!!

  • TurboSonic

    Sitting Bull

  • TurboSonic

    Sitting Bull

    • Acton 27

       Yeah, but she’s not sitting.  The Senate wouldn’t seat her.  But maybe Mass voters will. 

  • jayz43

    Elizabeth “Dancing Around Truth” Warren may be a distant relative of “Injun Joe”. Just saying…


    Paints False Testimony


    One/Thirty-Second Squaw

  • Massmoderate

    Dancing Douche

  • Spookybuscus


  • Vech

    Red Herring

  • Dimsdale Piranha

    Taxajawea…. hat tip Avi Nelson on the Howie Carr show yesterday.

  • MarriottPL

    Dances With Head Up Ass

  • jhertzli

    To quote from Will Rogers: Politics makes strange redfellows.

  • 29Victor

    Big Red

  • Joe Greer


  • stoptouchingthatmabel

    Steaming Pile

  • RU14ME2C

    Dances With Ethics

  • RU14ME2C


  • RU14ME2C