“It gets better” project head Dan Savage rightly drew fire for his latest display of reprehensible behavior yesterday. This may be the straw that breaks the hypocritical camel’s back and it has sparked the #FireDanSavage hashtag on Twitter.


Others don’t want him fired; they want him to keep talking. Exposure is the best way to handle the contemptible sometimes.

People are also asking why their senators support this reprehensible bully.

From GLAAD? Crickets.


Of course not. He’s special, you see. It’s totally okay to threaten someone’s life if you think he is icky. It’s also totally okay to call the bible “bullshit” because only the bitter are clinging to their bibles. Plus, gay!  That gives him a free pass in the eyes of the media.

Wait, what? That’s right. The White House supports and fund-raises for the despicable Dan Savage’s project.

The Obama Administration has placed significant support behind the so-called It Gets Better Project. The White House has devoted a specific section of the WhiteHouse.gov website to the Project. President Obama, Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, and many other administration officials have cut videos on behalf of the Project.

The White House supports Dan Savage and his bigotry as does any senator or group who supports Savage’s “It gets better” program.

Call him out indeed. The one thing bullies can’t handle is being confronted. Because most bullies are, in fact, cowards. Dan Savage is no exception.

Let’s see if President Obama’s support for the disgusting Dan Savage “evolves.” If he throws him under the bus, will Dan Savage then call Obama a “pansy ass?”

  • d1comment

    The BHO White House owns this putrid individual…Dan Savage is BHO’s people…

    • ozconservative

       As is Bill Maher……Romney needs to tie both these reprehensible creatures around Obamas neck come November.

  • 2ifbyT

    The RNC should be putting out ads, crossing Savage’s attacks with photos of him and Barry O in the White House.  I want to see these airing tomorrow.

  • ChampionCapua

    Did an angry gay man, obviously suffering from the agonizing pain of cognitive dissonance, actually call someone else a “pansy ass”? 

  • Jim Russell

    Dan Savage. The kettle calling the pot black.

    Let this bullying hypocrite continue to run his mouth. Totally lacking any self-awareness. Love it!

  • spot_the_dog

    Dan Savage: #ItGetsBitter

  • Discontentwliars

    This is great!  It is so hard to get the truth out of some people, and Hatred is hard to contain. Good to see the truth from the WH supported groups. I’m sure glad his bullying gets better.  We know the truth.

  • BeeKaaay

    If things do not change, we will have the Krystallnacht – against Christians.   Broken stained glass windows everywhere.

    America needs to send a clear message to the leftwingwackos: ANTI CHRISTIAN BIGOTRY IS A GIANT NO NO!

  • ComanderCody

    They were High School kids, big man !

  • rouxdsla

    Are gay people the only people who get bullied?

    • beastdogs8

      Gays are part of the liberals protected class and anyone who attempts to “bully” anyone who might be gay gets both barrels, and is made a example of.  But anyone Catholic on the other hand it is open season on them with the liberals blessing.

  • CurtinDobbs

    Has Savage called the koran BS and its followers “pansy asses”? (Have ANY of his fellow travelers done this? Anyone? Bueller?) I could respect him if he was an equal opportunity offender, rather than a BULLY who calls peaceful, non-violent kids vile names and curses their religious beliefs. Brave guy, this aptly named Savage. It’s past time for Obama to get bigger tires for that bus he has to keep throwing people under. 

  • DeafRanger

    I suspect the reason Obamawas at this meeting is because each there to see what he can do for self-improvement.  But, looking at the past, it doesn’t give much hope for the future, nor do I think he’ll change.  I guess that’s the end of “hope and change.”

  • viperden

    look in the mirror you gay f**k

  • stuckinIL4now

    Whoa, the WretchedHive supporting bullying and bigotry–nooooooooooooooo, can’t be!

  • http://navalwarfare.blogspot.com/ Libertyship46

    How about also denouncing the kids that cheered Savage as he was insulting the other kids that were walking out? That actually troubled me more than what Savage said. Because, after all, Savage gets to leave after the speech is over. Those Christian kids have to stay and endure the hatred from those other kids that cheered Savage. THAT is what you have to worry about.

  • marine37

    Any bullshit in the Koran, Dan?  Let’s hear it Danny boy.  

  • http://www.thechristianmessage.org/ Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    Savage lashes out because he can’t accept the reality of his abnormal lifestyle. Hence, all his ranting taking the Scriptures out of context and offering a strawman speech. Here’s what I believe the real reason why he is so strung out:

    “Why Divine Revelation (Scripture) condemns homosexuality. Why homosexual activists become so upset when their lifestyle is called into question:”