Because, race. Of course.

By the way, “substance abuser?” Stay classy.!/rolandsmartin/status/195945299603230720

Kind of proving Rush’s point there, dude. You are making everything all about race. Why call out the race of Rush’s producer? Is that a problem for you? Being that he “strayed from the plantation” and all. At least you are staying away from the homophobic tweets this time. Suspension lesson learned, huh, buddy?!/rolandsmartin/status/195945391584329728

Well, racism is certainly in your DNA.!/rolandsmartin/status/195945543497809921

Oh, dear. Honey, the Left plays the race card incessantly. All y’all see is race. Forget content of character, all you see is the color of skin.

And get a life? Who is melting down on Twitter again?!/rolandsmartin/status/195945746338553856

Attention-seeking pot, meet kettle. And of course you have to slam Rush’s audience as non-thinking. Just bitterly clinging rubes, right?!/rolandsmartin/status/195946406740107264!/rolandsmartin/status/195946574122196992!/rolandsmartin/status/195946800463609856

Maybe, unlike you Mr. Martin, Rush doesn’t feed on racial discord nor does he incite racial violence.

Twitter starts to weighs in.!/LilMissRightie/status/195957253893914624!/anthropocon/status/195955716945747969!/jaycaruso/status/195955625732222976!/PolitiCajun/status/195957264329347073

  • Scarlett_156

    I feel lucky that I have no real idea who this Roland Martin guy is.

    • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

      Some stupid host of a dumb fishing show on CNN.

      • $1718659

        hahahahaha … no – not THAT Roland, guy – this Martin is a “former” news guy from NYC channel 7:)

    • teapartydoc

       He’s a slightly overweight dude who has a fishing show on the Pursuit Channel, if I’m not mistaken.  I’m sort of shocked that he would be saying such things.

  • Dell Biffins

    I thought Roland Martin was some guy with a fishing show

    • Donya Lola

      easy now, at least fishing shows are entertaining.  Roland Martin??? Never heard of him.

  • Joe W.

    For the race baiters like Rowland Martin, everything is about race, always HAS been about race, and always WILL be about race.  Any thing else, and they would have nothing left to justify their pitiful existence. 

  • OSweet

    Rush criticizes people who cynically and opportunistically use the race issue, veiled in euphemisms like social justice, to further their political objectives.
    That most certainly is not “playing on the race issue.” It’s combating it, in the interest of the modern American ideal, which is to perceive and to deal with people as individuals, not as faceless members of ethnic groups.

  • breanna

    Roland pretends to know American history and those who played, and continue to play, a very important role in its founding and its continued success as the greatest nation in the world. What Roland really only knows is that America is great in spite of all of those who have tried to bring her to her knees and this pisses him off.

  • Chayal Boded

    I don’t know who he is either, and not real interested in doing the google thing either . . . 

  • ComanderCody

     Roland Martin FYI:

    Typically those who choose to get side-ways wit Limbaugh end up on the short end of the stick.

    Good luck.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    It appears that Roland Martin, can’t take take some normal breaths. I wonder how long [this time] he’s been up Obama’s rear? 

    Martin should get a life and stop defending his leader. He should be ashamed of his Obama for proliferating the hate and theft of America:

    Sample of Hate Crimes by Obama Against America

    Political Extortion – The Theft of America

  • Rob Stevely

    When your on a low rated show/network and want to make a name for yourself what do you do?  Go after the big dog.

  • ChHarrison

    Happened to be drivin’ around and heard Rush’s broadcast today.  He was answerin’ the questions of a high school kid about racisim in the media–is it deliberate or ignorance.  Rush used CNN anchor Martin’s tweet about racism being in the DNA of America as an example of how the media deliberately uses racism to keep people at war with one another.  Naturally Martin had to immedialy prove his point.

    • TitzyFritzensimmons

      Interesting how the absurd theory of a mediocre law professor has been the driving force behind a whole generation of people who SHOULD have listened to MLK instead.

  • sgt_joe_rock

    I don’t like how he puts down people in recovery. I’m very proud of my fight with it.

  • dennis leto

    The guys been bitter since they cancelled Laugh-In…..what? Wrong guy? Ok I admit I have no idea who this nobody is.

    • Joe

      Damn, beat me to it!!

  • Virginia

    Has anyone here heard of Roland Martin? Something in my DNA tells me he is a noxious plant.

    • Joe

      I used to watch them on “Laugh In.”  Great show.  I thought they were dead, though.

      • $1718659

        That was ROWAN and martin – not thise jerk. He was on NYC channel 7 news for years.

  • Boon Companion

    Trust me, all these television jug heads are extremely lucky to have a job. They had to kiss their way up the wall of the snake pit, climb over several angry wolf packs and stab a lot of backs to get in there and stay in there.

    Don’t be fooled. Talking heads are not decent human beings. Think of it as a general rule with microscopic exceptions.

  • orbicularioculi

    Roland Martin is who?  I never heard of this jackass before.  He certainly knows how to make a fool of himself and he’s obviously never listened to Rush Limb!augh.

    Pretty funny, Roland.  You have no idea, no clue of how absurd your tweet comments are.  You’re taking on the MahaRushi, Roland.  Funnnnny

    • Ken Harkins

      I think he’s that guy in Doonesbury

  • TugboatPhil

    Dear Roland, I didn’t think about you today.  I didn’t think about any black Americans today either.  Well, maybe the one that’s destroying our country, but how can I forget him? 

    Guess what?  I won’t think about you tomorrow either.  I may or may not have had social or business dealing with some black Americans today, but I didn’t notice.  They’re just people, like me.  Most people are like that.

    It’s called living.  Try it sometime.

  • agroulx

    This guy is like one of those little barking chihuahuas that don’t shut up…   talk about starved for attention.
     Only racists complain about racism… 

  • Tex Taylor

    The two times I’ve heard Roland speak on the Clinton News Network, two words came to mind: Ignorant & Racist.

    Roland is a long list of affirmative action journalists – feckless, but worth a good laugh.

  • agroulx

    More people listen to Rush in one week than people watch this clown in a whole month… 

  • Coraapple

    Is it just me or when you hear the name Roland Martin do you think Ruth Bussie? Sock it to me!!!! LOL

  • Martin Johnson

    Didn’t he have a TV show in the 60s–“Roland Martin’s Laugh-In?”  Or, er, something…

  • Peter Maloney

    Isn’t it Rowan & Martin?  But weren’t they funny?

  • LouAnnWatson

    just observe his petty attacks…it’s like the mouse giving the cat the finger just before it is eaten…

  • LouAnnWatson

    martin also indicates that affirmative action is still alive and well in the television “news”business…that is definitely in his dna

  • billyoblivion

    Roland Martin?

    Didn’t he have a some kind of comedy show on TV in the late 60s or early 70s ?

    He must be positively geriatric these days. Seriously, it’s not cool to pick on folks with age related dementia.

  • cas127

    Roland cravat is on too tight…

  • MrBK

    This guy sounds like one hellavu dumb POS!

  • Gerri Slayton

    Order in the courtroom, here come the Judge!

  • Gerri Slayton

    Order in the courtroom.  Here comes the judge!

  • Nailbanger

    Roland Martin? He’s still around? I never thought he was funny and only watched to see Goldie Hawn dance in a bikini.

  • $1718659

    The rabid libs of the lamestream media are finally showing their true colors. Martins getting dumped from channel 7 seems to have set off his rage. Project much, moron?

  • Peter Nelson

    I thought he was the guy on that old show Laugh-In.

  • koblog

    I thought Roland Martin was an electronic guitar. Turns out the man is somewhat less, as he plays only one note.

    • sdfasdf asdfasdf


  • OccupiedTerritory

    Isn’t Rolands Martin a leftover from a ’60’s comedy show?

  • teapartydoc

    Good news!  Not the fishing show Martin.  Some talking head who thinks he’s important.  Has anyone told him there are more bow-hunters on either side of the Mississippi than watch his show?

  • Carl Beckman

    Why is this guy berating someone that the Doctors got hooked on perscription drugs (and He kicked the habbit).  Oh, where is the humanity?  Where is the kindness and understanding?

  • marine37

    Roland Martin is a racist moron.  

  • rbeccah

    So I can assume this Roland Martin guy is some kind of black racist?

  • Alfred

    Good Ole Roland!  What a pathetic race baiter!!! 

  • John Fuller

    Who is Roland Martin?

  • cscape

    this TWIT’s TWEETs make him sound more like ROWAN & MARTIN than ROLAND MARTIN… LOL

  • nobama1267

    typical liberal racist.

  • cscape

    (regarding what prompted Martin’s Rant)…. a Half Dozen nut-cases (and half of those, minors) out of THOUSANDS of TWEETING Bruins Fans made the Bruins’ loss about RACE (because 1 of the 3 black hockey players in the NHL scored the winning goal), and so – Martin’s conclusion is that RACISM is in AMERICA’S DNA….. what a rocket scientist!

  • nobama1267

    Its funny liberal racists like him are part of the kkk party….

  • Mike Sanfilippo

    I’ve never heard of him

  • sdfasdf asdfasdf

    Roland who….?

  • Dean Norris

    Rowan and Martin are long gone, idiots. 

  • BeeKaaay

    This guy is high and claims Rush is the substance abuser?  Pot.  Kettle….