Well, well. It’s okay for someone on the Left to make a joke about people of the same sex marrying, but it’s not okay for a woman on the right to do so? Got it.


Hmm. Curious, indeed!

The Left was once again caught spewing bile at a conservative woman when they took to Twitter to attack Fox News’ Monica Crowley for a joke she made about Sandra Fluke. Enter frantic back-pedaling and plausible deniability pushing. The ever-repugnant Salon editor Joan Walsh tries valiantly.


See? She can do it because she’s all inclusive and stuff. She’s a liberal! They are allowed to be homophobes and sexists and racists. And Monica must be a H8R. Because, Republican.

And what about Al Sharpton? “Punk faggot” is okay, evidently, if Al “blood on his hands” Sharpton says it.


This doesn’t pass the homophobic smell test, Joan. Those who are saying that Monica Crowley used a “slur” as an excuse to spew their hate at her are the ones who are truly homophobic. Because, it’s only a slur if one considers being gay an insult. Hate much, Left?

Twitter agrees.



Also sexist. Like the time President Obama felt the need to telephone Sandra Fluke to soothe her boo-boo feelings. The only thing he left out was a pat on the head.


Another false narrative debunked. Thank you, happy warriors!


  • sharkjumper

    The proper expression here is “hoist BY one’s own petard”. It makes no sense to be hoist ON a petard. (Petard = “fart” (FR), slang term for IED in Middle Ages.)

    • njoriole

       Actually, a petard was a medieval weapon, and the common expression is “hoist WITH his own petard.”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PSXH7B7RFDRWRALGDKMBTYGVPQ Steven

    What about  Michelle Bachman’s husband?  The Left is always claiming he is gay, but that isn’t for humor.  It’s because they are closet homophobes as well.

    • el_polacko

      well…have you SEEN her husband ?  i mean…come on. not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

    • sharkjumper

      You mean Michelle Obama’s husband, right?

    • RanierWest

       They call people homos b/c as Breitbart put it “That’s the way the left rolls”… I like to shoot back with that’s a recruitment tool they use to break the weak minded.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/mWIyeTh7tNn4E6x9ywgLUoxSLJL5zrbrLAxDT.Yo#4067b libsRdumb

    The desperation is showing early, as it should when an avalanche is coming at you.

  • Mark81150

    I guess if you’re a liberal who accuses people of being homophobes and in the next breath calling them a “fag”.. a mirror is a dangerous object.

  • Mark81150

    and has there ever been a Slate author who didn’t get things astoundingly wrong?.. Hypocrisy is bad enough if you’re an ignorant schulb.. add a degree or two.. and it really gets offensive,.. since you loose the excuse of being uneducated.

  • http://twitter.com/pahitt Cigarette, Old Man?

    I once caught a rabbit like that, a treddle trap. Never knew what hit it. More importantly, my belly was full that night.

  • bankerdanny

    Look, I think that Crowley’s comment was funny. But it was also an insult as her point was obviously that Fluke is ugly or at least not very feminine and therefore must be a lesbian. So Crowley got a two-for-one insult, Fluke and lesbians in general. Walsh’s comment was just a weak joke that was neither positive nor negative about gays. So I’m not sure what it proves regarding the left and their tendency to talk out of both sides of their mouths.

  • Botzilla

    Joan Walsh is a post menopausal twat….it’s OK, its OK,  I’m not a misogynist so I can post this.

  • http://twitter.com/SFlipp Steven Filippi

    The first thing I thought when I saw the #CrowleyJokes hashtag was King Theoden’s quote from The Two Towers, “Is this all you can conjure, Saruman?!” 

    The hashtag was seriously lame.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3N6G3KPWJX6ZQXGYQFP7V6ZB7Y L

    Doesn’t whether it be “by” or “on” depend upon where you are standing when the thing explodes?

    Don’t be so picky.

  • Anne

    Remember this?  Let’s see, wonder how she could twist this around to somehow being okay, seeing as how it is impossible for a liberal to be bigoted.


  • http://twitter.com/pggfpu Patrick Grady

    …and the waitress brings them 2 drinks.