Huh. That’s weird. Candidate Obama didn’t seem to think so in 2007.!/DanFosterNRO/status/194828652234539009

A little class warfare, as always.!/markknoller/status/194840173488521216!/HowardKurtz/status/194839629961232384!/jaketapper/status/194839732696522752

There is the “fearsomely expensive” lifestyle again! Try cutting down on swanky vacations, dinners and clothing like everyone else does.!/markknoller/status/194842459338051586

Uh-oh. That’s not very new tone-y what with the violent rhetoric and all. Next he’ll be asking them to “get in their faces.”

The President is quite inspirational as well. If by inspirational, one means inspiring  divisiveness.!/rorycooper/status/194843264464060416

But, Jesus!!/markknoller/status/194839181661437953

This is just the first of several pandering speeches aimed at college students on Obama’s schedule. The #doublemyrate student loan stuff is nonsense and such policies would raise the cost of education? Whatever! As long as Obama gets their sweet, sweet votes. While the White House claims it is official business, even some in the media can’t hide the truth: Full campaign mode on our dime.!/markknoller/status/194747353712959488!/markknoller/status/194747651017805824!/markknoller/status/194748665301180417

Obama is proposing #dontdoublemyrate hash tag and Sandra Fluke has already hopped on that absurd bandwagon. Y’all know what to do. Hijack. Hijack like the wind! The Obama campaign will never learn, will they?!/DrewMTips/status/194844539599589378


Hijack completed: Obama, student loans + Twitter = #Dontdoublemyrate gold

  • Botzilla

    How about stop guaranteeing the loans
    forcing the Universities to lower their tuitions, if the threat of a
    default loomed over the heads of a University then they would have to either
    negotiate or lower costs.

  • weRbroke

    Many universities have endownment funds that could be tapped for their own LOAN programs for students…perhaps it would be incentive to actually churn out a intelligent graduate with actual prospects to pay BACK those institutional loans….

    I think Harvard alone, boasts assets around $47 Billion.  If they wrote the loans, they might be compelled to expect the very best and brightest to EXCEED expectations…

    I have a DREAM!!!

  • bazzyboy25

    hmm, sounds like campaigning to me.  Offer goodies to every group you meet.  Left, Right both do it.  Its pandering but thats the system folks…

    • Teresa Nelson

       This loser reminds me of the stupid sit-coms from the 70’s where the kids running for class president offer all kinds of “goodies” to their elementary school classmates.  (think Brady Bunch was one of them)  Perhaps that IS where he gets his ideas regarding promise crap to every “aggrieved group”.  Capital L – Loser.  


    The jackass-in-chief is about to speak at my son’s college, CU tonite.  I’m proud that my son is not attending nor a fan of the punk who is destroying our country.