You can nearly feel the excitement and enthusiasm just leap off the page, can’t you? Hold them back, there is no telling what that crowd will do! Once they wake up and all.

Sorry, Callista. That is fundamentally not enthusiastic. Bless your heart.

  • Melvin_Udall

    I wasn’t aware Republicans had to show enthusiasm like the Obama worshiping herd. When is twitchystaff erecting Romney’s Greek columns?

  • gary4205

    Newt needs to go away. Egomaniacal bastard is costing tax payers tens of thousands a week for his Secret Service detail.  Of course, knowing what we now know about them, and knowing that Newt is a serial adulterer and sexual predator, no telling what kind of mischief they are up to!

    • ed

       his former wives were no saints, the first ASKED for an open marriage, you don’t know what you speak of.

  • ed

     if you’re not rioting you’re not enthusiastic, duh.

  • ed

    if you’re not throwing a temper tantrum you’re not showing enthusiasm, duh.

  • cscape

    i’m so sorry newt (and calista)….. there just aren’t enough bluehair republicans in the entire world to give you a political victory