Not our esteemed press! Manufacturing memes to further false narratives? That’s crazy talk! Except when it isn’t.!/JonahNRO/status/189715197139750912!/baseballcrank/status/189715419693723648!/freddoso/status/189715731544412160

Boom goes the false narrative. It’s only a topic of conversation when the press brings it up. They did so again today, in that skewed poll that oversampled Democrats.!/ReligionNewsNow/status/189721872324231168

Funny how the press doesn’t report on the fact that it is only Democrats who have this discriminatory religious issue. Icky, old Republicans are fine with Mormons. It’s the Democrats who are not. Perhaps they should poll some people on Twitter. They’d set ’em straight!!/nationalistpig/status/189762810673238016!/BadWillHunting/status/189717322582335489!/andylancaster/status/189717215757598722!/BuckeyeLynn/status/189717877614575618!/BiasedGirl/status/189782642621812736

  • Ben O’Keefe

    Please take a look at my latest blog which talks about why liberals and the media are willing to say anything to prove their point: 

  • Dandapani

    My Rat’s Donkey doesn’t care about Romney’s Mormonism.  Will he support shrinking the government BACK to its Constitutional form?

  • Alaskan

    Beck: “At least he’s not a Commy”

  • fivegreatkids

    The absolutely horrendous lies the press has put out there thus far regarding the LDS (Mormon) church are only a preview of things to come.  Within months I’m sure mormons will be up to  ‘bloodsucking albino zombies who sacrifice their many wives on some alter of ‘fill in the blank”.