Oh, nice one, Mark! The White House is pulling out all the stops, with some unintentional hilarity, and it’s being covered live on Twitter. Follow @JakeTapper and @MarkKnoller to get all the scoop as it happens.


Aww, the President is childishly competitive! This makes sense; it matches his puerile petulance.

Tweeps of course come through with some much-needed snark.


Jake Tapper, a Sendak fan.

Even at an Easter egg roll, Obama shows his true colors.

Whoops! Consistently incompetent.

And consistently campaigning. It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. Well, if Benjamins were votes. Although, it looks like he’s spending a few Benjamins to get votes.

  • traffic_robot

    The picture of the basketball is priceless. Amazed there was enough surface area for the entirety of his ego.