As Twitchy reported earlier, the White House hosted the Forum on Women and the Economy today, which kicked off with predictable talking points and lame attempts at rah-rah sisterhood pandering. Wait, there’s pandering going on? Enter the Panderer-In-Chief!

As always, Obama proceeded to use women as pawns. Funnily enough, some women don’t cotton to shamefully being used and treated like helpless little victims. You know, the kind of woman who wasn’t invited to the Forum, likely because they are too busy actually doing and not just whining. They made good use of the official hashtag, #WomenEconForum, to let President Obama know they were not impressed with his speech nor his actions.!/Butterflytruth1/status/188273388261871617

President Obama had the audacity (not of hope) to say that “women are not an interest group. You shouldn’t be treated that way.” This from a man who treats women only as an interest group! Then he went on to blather about ‘personal stories’ (all about HIM) and encouraging adults to mooch off of their parents’ insurance policies as if that were a good thing. He threw in some attempts to further the “wage gap” myth as well. Women were again not impressed.

Missing from the President’s speech on Women and the Economy? Anything at all about, you know, the actual economy.!/FirstTeamTommy/status/188256386357018624

She must be one of those ‘not authentic’ women, so her experiences don’t count.

Even some in the media had to report on what a dog and pony show it was.

Not a forum, not about women (except so far as Obama can use them) and not about the economy. A campaign rally for President Obama, on our dime and at our expense. And the conservative women of twitter saw right through it.

  • ManufacturingDissent

    waiting for #SGP or #shepac to make an AD titled “Women are not Campaign props”

  • NixTyranny

    Did the pandering Campaigner-in-Chief personally hand out party bags containing a DVD of him delivering his Women’s Forum speech and a month’s supply of US Government-issue contraceptives?

  • catkeepr

    All right, the speech is over. Now, which one of you cute little cupcakes wants to march in the kitchen and get me a sandwich and a beer? 😉

  • Teritd

    It’s not about women or contraception.  Mr. personality is hiding behind this to hide the fact that he stuck his foot in his mouth over freedom of religion. Now he thinks he has the women vote in his pocket.

  • lainer51

    actually I think he would do well at a womens forum–he can relate; compared to my Dad, brother and husband,who are hard-working, get-your-hands-dirty type of men, he cannot hold a candle.. just sayin…

  • Theresa Smith

    I’ve started calling Obama the Pander Bear. 

    Ho, ho! Hey, hey! Which group to pander to today?