Pravda, the communist Russian mouthpiece of dictators for one hundred years, knows a savvy, exploitative commie when it sees one. A recent op-ed in the propaganda rag mocks America’s “illiterate society” and credits President Obama for exploiting voters’ ignorance to promote the “Commnist Manifesto without calling it so.”  Transmit this:

Recently, Obama has been re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society and he is ready to continue his lies of less taxes while he raises them…

…He is a Communist without question promoting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so. How shrewd he is in America. His cult of personality mesmerizes those who cannot go beyond their ignorance. They will continue to follow him like those fools who still praise Lenin and Stalin in Russia.  Obama’s fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.

Logical consistency isn’t to be expected from a state propaganda organ, but the fact that Pravda attacked Obama from the right may be a first.

Many American Twitter users responded to the story by … agreeing:

Speaking of illiteracy:

Marybeth Hicks at Human Events had it right a week ago on America’s civic illiteracy:

Going back more than six years, it’s clear our nation’s college students are largely civically illiterate. According to surveys from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, college freshmen typically flunk a 60-question civics test with an average score of just better than 51 percent; college seniors flunk it with a score of around 53 percent.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, our country’s high schools taught less about the constitution in 2010 than they did in 2006, a trend that continues. In fact, in 2010, only 67 percent of high school seniors studied our founding documents, meaning about a third don’t study our government in the year before they are eligible to vote.

Based on National Assessment of Education Progress tests, the formal assessment exams given to students across the nation to gauge what they’re learning, American students exhibit an alarming lack of proficiency in government and economics.

As of 2006 (the last year for which statistics were available when I researched the book), only 36 percent of high school seniors could name the government’s primary source of income. (That would be taxes, kids.) Only 33 percent could explain the effect of an increase in real interest rates on consumer borrowing, and a scant 11 percent could analyze how a change in unemployment rates affects income, spending and production.

And of course, it’s not just young adults who are civically illiterate. In 2008, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute administered a basic 33-question civic literacy test to a random sample of 2,508 American adults. Respondents had a range of educational attainment from high school diplomas to advanced degrees.

Questions came from past institute surveys, as well as from nationally recognized exams, such as the U.S. government’s citizenship test and the National Assessment of Education Progress test. Respondents also were asked questions regarding their level of engagement in other activities that may or may not contribute to civic literacy.

The average score for all Americans who took this straightforward civic literacy test was 49 percent, or an “F,” proving the apple doesn’t fall far from the civically illiterate tree.


  • Sterling Hallbrook

    Interesting. However, when I first read “Pravda” I thought the reference was to MSNBC. But wow, the commies actually got it right. Takes one to know one, eh? Will they mention THIS on NPR?

  • Manning

    Yep, think they got that one right.

  • gman213

    Funny…only half of America can comprehend the article…the other half will never read it



    • stuckinIL4now

      The other half thinks Pravda is high fashion.

      • frank002

        They saw the movie The devil wears Pravda

        • Dan Griffith

          Read”The Naked Communist”. It tells of the 50 ways the Party will use to change America. They have already succeeded.

        • my preciousss!!


        • $22639970

          God, I wish I’d thought of that, Frank. That’s funny on so many levels.

      • Brett McMicken

        or a prescription drug

      • Steven O’Connor

        Funny. But sadly true.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        It’s a vodka.

      • Mama Bear

        Just like they think Benghazi is a shoe or handbag designer.

        • Keninmo

          No, a Benghazi is a really, really fast car….

          • tomc100

            LMAO!!!! Dude, only people who play video games like Forza or multimillionaires who can afford that car are going to get that joke.

    • Morgan Hikikomori Johnson

      the other half *can’t* read it – wouldn’t understand it if they could and won’t believe it when told.

    • K King

      The other half doesn’t care as long as they get their “free stuff” and/or are vindicated by keeping someone that looks like them in the house

    • Steven O’Connor

      The other half want someone from the gov to come into their homes and read it for them, because they deserve that for doing nothing.

    • Kristian Howard Sr

      I think you mean the 47%.

      • Vennoye

        Think 47% has been proven to be a low figure!!

        • Lenny Beard

          No, they just had more time to vote because they don’t have jobs!

    • Sharon Phee

      This, too, is said of..the ignoramus and the malicious accuser; if I may paraphrase. I guess I just did.

  • Patriot

    Pravda spelled backwards is advarp. And that statement has about as much meaning as our fearless leader’s campaign promises.

    • Katielee4211

      Well, that was kinda cool! :)

  • Ernest Murphy

    I have to agree in part to illiterate voters. it was also Voter fraud In Ohio and PA. that the spineless leadership will not pursue.

    • michael s

      This is why karma is beautiful. Now I get to watch those who made fun of the fight for voter integrity,fraudulently cry voter fraud,voter suppression even bring up ACORN.

  • Michael J. Churlin

    We are done. Its over get your gun stock up on food and wait.

    • Annie Willoughby

      I heartily agee Michael. Stupid has become the majority and will become a murdering hoarde when their “freebies” get cut off.

  • Zombiman

    part idiots.. part voter fraud….

  • DeeDeeTX

    Pravda is right about 0bama, and the state of America at the moment, but its kind of obvious isn’t it?

    Also they say Putin sounds like Reagan and that he’s “conservative?” LMAO. Putin is as much a commie as 0bama is. Pravda is trolling.

    • Katielee4211

      It’s not a surprise they defend Putin, but we can’t see him the same way they do. Even though I sort of blinked, I understand I can’t make the same judgement they are based on their history, experiences and culture. My experiences in Western American culture are quite different.
      That doesn’t take away the value of an observation from someone in a country who understands Socialism & Communism from a personal perspective and recognizes the signs. I don’t know that I would call it trolling.

  • Hal Burton

    Mitt Romney sucks! Baad!!! Put Obama in president!
    —Obamaphone Lady

    • John

      She not an edumacated intemellectual? /sarc

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Haha, ‘intemellectual’.. haha. 😀

    • Oscar Furter

      LOL = proof for Pravda

    • James Jack Bartlett

      Well Hal Burton, When the shit hits the fan then you can take your “Obamaphony”and suck on that.

      • wwbdinct

        I think Hal was using sarcasm. Just sayin.

      • 6cheri6

        James, that is what the obamaphone lady said in the video. Hal gave her the credit.

      • benched42

        He’s quoting the Obamaphone Lady. Is our collective memory that short? I’d like to think not.

    • cpapafunk

      ya know

  • MSilver

    Cant agree more ..there is not one logical reason to have re elected Obananna. The Riskies recognize the Communist manifesto when they see it yet illiterate America did not!

  • AlertUpUSA

    BO bet on the ignorance and illiteracy of his voters.

    It is all too obvious. Why do we need Pravda to point it out?

    Nice validation that we have been calling: if it quacks like a duck… for sometime. BOs associations and history tell the story.

  • CeCe Melton Dc

    Yep. We live in an idiocracy.

    • DeNorte

      Another name for a Democracy, in point of fact.

  • Everybodys All American

    Pravda points out the two types of Americans these days. The pessimists and the other half that don’t know what the heck is going on.

    • TonyMitch

      That other half could be labelled Democrats.

    • Katielee4211

      I wouldn’t say pessimists, I would, however, say optimistic-realists.

  • BrooklynSWAMI

    Its the illiterati ‘s fault….lmao

  • Angie (D)

    In the book 1984 Orwell termed it “newspeak.”

  • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    Sucks Ass! When you have to agree with a bunch of Commies! >:-/

  • Art Dunham

    The Russians may not have a true democracy, but a lot of them got “burned out” on communism and don’t want anything to do with it! So now they can say what they really think about Lenin and Stalin, you know, the great ones responsible for the deaths of millions!

  • Allan C. Smith

    Pravda clearly doesn’t know that “illiterate” is dog whistle for “black,” therefore their article is RAAAACCCCIIIIIISSSSST and should be dismissed by liberals.

    • Nearly Over

      You mean WILL be dismissed by liberals……

      • $22639970

        What a change that would be. I remember when Pravda was the left wing’s primary news source.

  • buzzer7

    This is a disgrace! To be laughed at by a group by a Nation that we crushed only 20 years ago! People that have been born in the last thirty five years are nothing but weaklings and sheep! Shame on all of you that fell under the spell of that bunch of liars in the Obama Administration! You will lose your freedom, and all of your material things, before this mess is done! You have already lost your souls, and you never had any brains! I pity you all!

    • Takiwa

      We didn’t crush them, the system this government is implementing here crushed them.

      • Shawn Smith

        You’re entirely right. We didn’t defeat the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union defeated itself. The inherent contradictions of the Communist philosophy ensured its collapse. Hopefully we’ll get to avoid that here, but . . . things aren’t looking good at the moment.

    • Dan Thorpe

      Hey I am 30 and voted for Romney because I am not one of those people thats completely ignorant to the truth

      • Katielee4211

        As below, you’re right, we tend to lump altogether and forget that. Don’t ever not remind us.

    • 97E

      I’m 35 and voted Romney/Ryan. Am I a weakling and sheep?

      Let’s stick to facts and avoid hyperbole, yeah?

      • buzzer7

        Walter, this post was issued as a challenge all age groups!  I happen to notice that people under a certain age seem more susceptible to the bogus messages and agenda of the Democratic party. I am hoping that people that read my post will ask themselves if the statement is true about them!  The statistics from the election prove that many people under 35 have bought the hype and lies of the Obama agenda, hook, line and sinker! That is a fact, as the results of the election have proven!  Glad to see that you were not one of them!  Note:  I am 69 years old, and voted for Romney, along with the majority of people in my age cohort.

        • Katielee4211

          Statistically, that is true, but as Walter and Dan have pointed out, it’s not all inclusive and unfair to them to lump them all together. I know plenty in my age group and older, my Mother among them, who think he’ll save the world.

      • Katielee4211

        We tend to, if not forget, then not give credit to those of you younger than us. My apologies, and don’t ever not point that out.

  • Daisy76

    When you elect a unknown senator with a very thin resume and no accomplishments to speak of just because he cried “Hope and Change”…’re a gullible idiot.
    When you re-elect him after 4 years of mishandling his job over a man with a sterling resume and a proven record of accomplisments…’re an irredeemable idiot.
    Heck, even a questionable commie paper looks down on us.

    • Beeta

      Obama only made High C’s in College.. Romney was a 4.0 student all the way… And it shows. He became wealthy in his oen right because he was inteligent. We had a low achiever in the WH and a thug to boot. It is because all the illiterates can relate to him so they vote for him. They are poor by choice because they vote for someone to give them freestuff which anyone can master that . It is just realizing it is not sustanable for a nation to give out more than they are taking in and borrowing from other nations to have to give away. You just cannot fix stupid and this election proved that. I do believe That Romney won. I believe ,after hearing what everyone was saying from polling places around the country that the election was stolen from Romney.. This is the reason Obama fought voter ID . He knew he could not win if they were not able to have those out there cheating at all the poll places for him . The Union was busing people from Chicago to the poll places in WI. From one poll place to another . This was witnessed by many polling place workers.. The election was stolen from Romney. Obama is not my Pres. and never will be. The worst Pres. in American HIstroy NOW. Sorry Carter…

      • DeNorte

        Neither Carter nor Obama now merits “worst President” in U.S. history. In future the latter may, but it’s too soon to say, and he has 4 more years to do better, or worse. I will go ‘worst in living memory”, but can’t really see him worse than Woodrow Wilson or ‘Mrs.’ Buchanan, at least not at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see.


        • Katielee4211

          I’m afraid within the next four years, he will have changed America and there will be no election. Not one that means anything, anyway.

  • Archie Nalbandian

    The truth hurts but the shoe fits. There is no question about that. The vast nation of the lazy unwashed elected the guy. Now that obummer does not need the flock of idiots let’s see how well they fair! I’m betting these idiots will suffer most!

  • $22639970

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Probably the first time Pravda has ever been accurate, though.

    • Hiraghm

      Irony… In 1957, an American magazine called “Truth” (which offered a huge reward to anyone proving any of their articles false) ran an article explaining why the Soviets were years away from putting anything in orbit. Just a few months before Sputnik. I suspect “Pravda” got that one right, however. :)

  • Jeffrey Everhart

    This is what you get when you have to press one for English.

    • CoyoteDean

      Sometimes English is ‘press 2’.

  • Steven Zaske

    Funny… But so true!!!

  • RD

    Douglas, I don’t know why not–“Stupid is as stupid does.”

  • Marc Mintz

    YES! AND NO! 50 Vs. 50!
    Obama ran the table with blue states, great strategy, will there be a 2010 again in his mid term YES!

  • Matthew Fleece

    A lot of it was that I suppose, but then isn’t that a substitute for calling it racism. Calling blacks illiterate? I would blame the comment about 47% and no one actually looking into what Romney was talking about. And then the fact that Romney wanted to go against planned parenthood. I consider that a chunk of votes that would have got him elected.

    • K King

      I don’t think the “illiterate” comment in the article was directed solely to blacks. There are PLENTY of other folks that ignorantly voted for B-HO.

      • Beeta

        90% blacks voted for him…

        • cpapafunk

          90% of blacks is a very small portion of the electorate, still if you look @ the map by district you will see expert theft. using the 2010 losses as road map, you cant blame blacks for voting for the hukster they get what they want govt jobs where available and food stamps where there not, Detroit is the true scope of what is and has happened to our country, now they are trying to fill the war zones with more illegals, except they are not from the south they are form the east middle and otherwise, our country is run by fools its bounty given not stolen by our foolish self serving politicians

    • benched42

      Who said anything about blacks? YOU! Why bring race into it?

      Romney was correct – 47% of the voting public will not vote for him no matter what. Obama could have begun glowing green and sprouted antennae and they STILL would have voted for him. Of course there were 47% that were going to vote for Romney as well. It’s the other 6% that the candidates have to persuade.

      And personally, I want to not fund Planned Parenthood with government money. Let them live on donations. We have enough trouble with our budgetary demands without an organization that should be privately funded.

    • Shawn Smith

      No one else here has mentioned race. It’s always liberals recently who need to bring race into the picture so they can cry “racism!”

      Why do you assume “illiterates” refers to blacks? Are you racist?

  • stan

    Spot on ; Go to Walmart and walk around and listen.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Deyz not illiterate! Mama and Papa wuz maried a full week bafor dey wuz borned.

  • John W Tobin

    “There is no news in the truth and no truth in the news.” – Russian saying (Russia has two well-known “newspapers”, Pravda and Izvestia. Pravda means “truth,” and Izvestia means “news.”)

  • D-man

    Like all banana republic dictators Obama was elected by voter fraud,or stuffing the ballot box,how else can you get precincts with 108% to 146% voter turn out.Dead People,re-electing dictators for at least a hundred years.

  • TonyMitch

    I saw that movie “The Devil wears Pravda” lol

    • Peranut Pam Norman

      that’s what Obama voters say…

  • sledge77

    When the experts on communism tell us that Obama is a communist, we can be pretty sure that nearly 1/2 of us were right for the last 4 years, calling him one. Too bad the other 1/2 has it’s collective head firmly up it’s collective buttt.

  • Ricky Smith
    • Stephen Mizer

      I bet you believed the NAZIs too, if you take ANYTHING Media Blathers as remotely true…

    • benched42

      Funny how Media Matters says its a fake because it was originally published on April 1 and it was an April Fools Day prank… April Fools day is NOT recognized in any of the former Soviet Union.

    • NCRelite

      Media Bladders, great source!

  • Franco Tramble

    I read many years ago,, I’m not sure where,, that Russia and the US would pass each other by,, each going in the opposite direction 180 degrees from where they started. For all you O’Bama voters that’s Russia towards freedom, the US away from it..I remember laughing at the time.I would have never believed it would have happened in my lifetime.We now have a nation run on the choices of 20-25% of the people. Not until everyone over the age of 40 goes out and votes will we even have a chance to repair the damage this man has done.And not 1 election cycle, but many.If it takes the pain of the people who don’t participate in the process to realize what’s going on,, so be it.The sooner the better.

    • Nancy DahnSchuh-Boyd Eustice

      I was wondering where I could move once the US goes bankrupt and is a Communist country. Good to know there is always Russia to move to.

  • ember

    OMG. Communists can recognize communist policy. How stupid can America be?

  • David

    Sad but true

  • Steven O’Connor

    I wonder how many home schooled people voted for Obama.?. If I ever have kids they will never go near a public school.
    However, look at how fast he is putting things into place that we warned everyone about. We are in for not only a bumpy ride but possibly the end of this great nation. Very sad, because I have been over 7 times to fight for the freedom of others and ourselves for nothing.

    • 4mercy

      My 11 year old homeschooled son asked me the morning after the election,”Why would anyone vote for him?”Thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country.I hope your vote was correctly counted on election day.

    • Katielee4211

      It wasn’t for nothing. You fought for what will be forever the best idea ever. Even if the fools here throw it away, there are other’s who will attain it because people like you fought to preserve it.

  • Dave

    Obama Zombies think Pravda is another government free handout and are fervently trying to find out how to apply for it.

  • George Murrey

    The true pres was shown when he entered into office, and the whole laughed at him. I wonder if they also laughed when he received the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize, of all things, for peace. He didn’t do anything to deserve it, and unfortunately nothing has changed since. It’s something how it takes the whole world what the conservatives and Republicans knew all along from the very first time he ran for pres. It is also sad that a communist newspaper could see through his thinly layered skin.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Just like Obama, civically illiterate. A lack of proficiency in government and economics.

  • Gilbert Florens

    Russians don’t understand democracy even now they still don’t have one, sadly because of classist views like this one shown by this newspaper.

    • medicinewomantwo

      Stupid 47% of your own country doesn’t understand democracy. And about 90% couldn’t even tell you the 3 branches of government and their powers.

  • shovelhead74

    the other half wears dead revolutionary t-shirts. Damp, hairy, unwashed….don’t even get me started on the males.

  • Josey

    Putin, we already know Obama supporters are idiot brain dead welfare vampires sucking all tax payers dry to a tune of $1.028 TRILLION in FY2011, 40% for food stamps alone, so yes we know Obama BOUGHT the election and with amnesty for all since we learned Judicial Watch sued DHS under FOIA exposing the rejection rate for citizen applicants that they knew would go straight to welfare was 0.068% and the people flagged as criminals or Terrorist was 25%, bet hey?..What we did not expect was the success of their MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. Obama bought & stole the election!!!

    So Putin, since you didn’t mention those FACTS, you must be looking forward to all that flexibility Obama promise you. BTW, we are also accustom to his tyrannical & Treasonous acts with Fast and Furious & Benghazi just this year.

  • Josey

    What is more Evil, Communism or Liberalism?

    I know Liberalism is a sinister exercise in moral dizziness vulgarly cloaked as
    an exercise in sincerity. It is also a spectacle of dismal political
    cowardice masking itself as a expression of “dissenting” bravery and a
    doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly
    promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the
    proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean

  • Walter Dill

    Russia hit it right on the Marxist.

  • mkreider

    This is almost laughable. Our main stream media supported a failed, incompetent president. At least Pravda got it right. We have to remember the biased and slanted coverage that got Obama re elected. Turn off ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN etc. Stope taking WaPo and the NYT.

  • WTF! (where’s the food)

    NO american voters are NOT illiterate. they just lazy enough to work like the 47 %!

  • michael s

    I enjoy seeing you conservatives bellyache like a bunch of pregnant women. Now you’re supporting admitted Communists,just because your pitiful guy couldn’t defeat this black president.

    • dkhilly

      Pop quiz:

      “A bunch of pregnant women” simile does not count as part of “the war on women,” because:

      A) it’s coming from a leftist
      B) uterus choices are only supposed to be respected if it involves NOT having a baby.
      C) all of the above

      • dkhilly

        ^ written with sarcasm by a happily pregnant lady.

    • Lisa Dean

      No, we’re pondering the idea that Pravda, a Russian newspaper, is comparing Obama to Stalin and Lenin and calling him a socialist. Even more credible is the fact that Pravda knows exactly what a socialist looks like.

    • Karl H

      Why the focus on the color of skin? Actually conservatives do not care about the black half or the white half. We are more concerned that a person could attend more than two institutions of higher learning in the US and become President and still not know enough about basic economics to balance a check book. And his supporters are even dumber than that… The illiterate would seem to be both leaders and voters in this case.

      As for the misogynistic comments about pregnant women you are just confirming for conservatives just how much you hate that demographic as well. It must suck to be a liberal eunuch. Having to choke back all that hate and keep it bottled up every time you have to hang out with your friends only to let it out when you get home to your mothers basement and get on the internet.

      I would say man up and be yourself but that is exactly the problem. Probably like the President you were raised by a man hating woman who only allowed examples of weak spineless men into her life and as a result produced yet another weak spineless male who only feels comfortable classifying people and then denigrating them for those factors they can not change like being female, pregnant or black. Man if I had only been a psychology major, liberal males would have been a guaranteed subject for my PHD. You have to go to great lengths to find so much neurosis crammed into such a tiny brain.

    • Liberal Hater

      Pregnant women??? WAR ON WOMEN!!!! WAR ON WOMEN!!!!!

  • PlasticMoney888

    “illiterate Obama voters”
    Government school kind of Literacy or useful idiots.

  • Marcy Cook

    Pravda got it wrong. It was voter fraud that pushed the election just a tiny bit over to obama’s side. You can tell by the way no one is really celebrating this election….it’s very, very, quiet from the streets to the state run media. They know that we know.

  • maquignon

    Ironic isn’t it when Pravda tells the truth and ABC, CBS and NBC won’t!!!!

  • Lisa Dean

    I think “drink of illusion” is going to become my new catch phrase. Thanks Pravda for providing it to me.

  • Karl H

    Perhaps more conservatives will find the pages of Pravda more interesting? Nah they will just go back to call it election fraud or some other such non-sense. I say non-sense because fraud requires believers to be willing to commit fraud and for that you need a populous that not only believes in the tenets of Democrat Socialism but that any means necessary is justifiable to achieve those tenets.

    This is what you get when you allow your schools to raise your kids while you do something more interesting than invest in your kids. Things like watching dancing with the stars or Americas got Talent. This is what you get when you allow the media to define your politics and that goes for conservative pundits as well. This is what you get when you are afraid to scream BS in a crowded room for fear of being looked down upon. Calling a lying liar a f’ing liar no matter where they are at the time is a virtue not a vice and it is not impolite. Allowing a liar to spew lies at any time is always the contemptible act of a coward unfit to be a free person. Because allowing a liar to lie is just as bad as helping them to spread the lie.

    Sorry folks Pravda has it nailed, America is full of illiterate A$$HATS on all sides of the aisle. And Barack Obama is the perfect example of what America values most. President Obama is the highest pinnacle of American politics as it stands on both the left and right. This is your America and if you do not like what you see you might want to get on a 12 step program to fix your politics. If you are not mad as hell and wanting to torch the RNC headquarters as much as you want to impeach a lawless president then you obviously are not very literate. If you donate money to the RNC you may as well just send it to the DNC because there is no difference, they are exactly the same diseased people on the inside they just put on a different mask for the public. If you doubt that statement for one second look at what Republicans did to Sarah Palin for daring to stand up against them.

  • Cynthia Jaquith Yost

    I was told in middle school that “Pravda” was Russian for “truth”. FASCINATING,then, to have this long time Communist newspaper telling the TRUTH about Obama. That thing about his enacting the Communist Manifesto without calling it so was GREAT! So many of us already thought so, and it is thrilling to have it spelled out by THEIR side!

  • Claudia Jones


  • Claudia Jones


  • Paul Aldige Katz

    All I see is a Russian communist party owned publication taking part in some good ‘ol fashioned America bashing, where in they call us all stupid, suggest our electoral results are fraudulent, and directly say President Obama is trying to destroy our country. It’s something the Russian press does a lot; try to call us the communists so that the Russian people maybe forget that merely saying stuff can land them in jail.

    It’s no different than when RT incites anarchists over here to take over our national monuments so that when the park police respond, they can record the crackdown, and use the footage to call us hypocrites on TV.

    Seriously, the first response to articles like this should be “F#ck you Russia”. Things like this call for a little patriotism. Shame on many conservatives who are so blinded by their hatred of Obama that they can’t show any.

  • Karl Schill

    The truth hurts I hope all you Obama voters get what you deserve.