Today marks the third anniversary of the last time the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a budget. Twitter noted the date with a lot less humor and celebration than you might expect. A national debt of more than $15 trillion focuses the mind and chases the hokes away, it seems.

Ah, but those Senators who refused to take their jobs seriously have gotten paid haven’t they? Oh, yes. They surely have.

Normally, such a momentous date would merit a hashtag, but this request went largely unfulfilled.

Apparently, three years of fiscal neglect is not all that funny to the millions of folks who use Twitter every day.

  • gracepmc

    If the Dems are committed to no budget then they could help lower the deficit by releasing all the democrat Congressional staff dedicated to the federal budget.  And there must be some downtime and dead weight at the office of OMB.  Just sayin’

  • rippersnort

    1st Pelosi and now Reid – how can 2 people be aloud to screw millions of Americans and get away with it. Oh that’s right – there above the law… Obama’s law…

  • BeeKaaay

    Be careful!   Talking about this may cause your Twitter account to be banned.  They don’t allow disagreements with leftists there :)