It’s been a while since we’ve had a good 2012 election rumor come out of the Democratic side of the aisle, so here’s one to get a few tongues wagging this evening. There is a segment of the Democratic Party that wouldn’t exactly be unhappy if President Obama jettisoned gaffe-ridden VP Joe Biden in favor of his Secretary of State. Clinton gave Obama a real run for his money in 2008. Indeed, she carried 21 states, 49 percent of the pledged delegates, and garnered more primary votes than did the President.

We don’t know that this will come to anything, but it could be fun for the MSM to kick around for a couple weeks, don’t you think?

  • Q Bones

    Nonsense. Obama would not be engaging in all the “girl talk” (war-on-women-crapola) if he were not trying to get Herr Hillary on the ticket. Look for a Sept./Oct. surprise.

  • marine37

    I wish Hillary would opt out of America too! Maybe she could move to Kenya and become a Senator there.  She sure wouldn’t miss her husband, the pervert!  

  • Jim Russell

    “..Herr Hillary on the ticket.” Now this is disgusting, plain and simple….Hee Hee.

    Hillary’s odds of being on the ticket increase proportionally to the rise in the unemployment rate. Both Biden and Hillary are soldiers in the war on Capitalism. They will do their duty as directed by the DNC.