No Democrat voted for Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal, which seeks to balance the budget in 20 years or less (depending on whether you believe that pro-growth budgets increase economic growth or not), and 10 Republicans voted against it as well.!/dc2101/status/185448851736498176!/dc2101/status/185449466495643648

It’s likely those Republicans wanted a faster path to a balanced budget. In all, today’s vote was comparable to last year’s vote.!/ChadPergram/status/185450633942409216

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    America has become an embarrassment.  This bill balances the budget… 18 frickin’ years from now!  How in the hell is that considered ‘fiscal sanity’?

  • barryclinton

    I’d have voted for it, probably. But we ought to cut a lot more than that budget cuts. Too bad half the country wants such big overspending…