Eighteen years ago today, TWA Flight 800 exploded over the Atlantic Ocean near on July 17, 1996. There were no survivors. Government investigators concluded the plane was brought down not by a missile but by a spark in one of the plane’s fuel tanks.

CNN host Anderson Cooper, however, stated today that the plane was “shot down.”

It happens. Give him props for setting the record straight.


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  • DG

    Was he chatting with his pal Kathy Griffin before going on air? That could have dumbed him down quite a bit.

    At least he corrected.

    • QueenB

      From the look on his face, and from what I know, he didn’t want any of that.

      • DG

        Oh, they’re definitely pals. Not the intimate kind, of course, for obvious reasons, but pals nonetheless.

    • karmafordems

      Submission possibly, with loss of oxygen to the “brain”?

      • DG

        Why was my comment removed? It wasn’t mean or vicious in any way, and I’m pretty sure Cooper knows that about himself. He’s said as much publicly.

        • DG

          No answer, huh? If you’re going to remove a comment, and someone asks why, because they truly don’t know why, at least try to offer an explanation.

          • DG

            I guess William is off tonight. He would have responded. Which is respectable.

          • WilliamAmos

            I am here. Was no need for you to reference his lifestyle. So I deleted the reference.

          • DG

            Gonna strongly disagree with you. He knows who he is. It wasn’t a disparaging or rude comment. In fact, I will go so far as to say, by removing the comment, you are the one who has a problem with his lifestyle. That’s my personal opinion. Like I said. We’ll definitely disagree on this one, but I will respect your decision.

          • karmafordems

            Cooper is on record about his lifestyle. I don’t get the removal either.

          • DG

            Yup. That’s my point. If I had written something offensive, okay. I get that. But, I didn’t. I merely stated a fact. A fact even Cooper admits to.

            Whatever, though.

        • karmafordems

          Went back to read but your comment was already removed. Lots removed recently

  • The Masked Avatar
  • WhoMeToo

    Freudian Slip.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Remember, it was 9/11/01 that retroactively made many people wonder whether the FBI and other agencies tasked with investigating TWA 800 had played Colonel Jessup– i.e., “You can’t handle the truth…” that the US military might, in certain situations, down a commercial flight.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    It wouldn’t be such an unusual mistake, except that TWA hasn’t flown since 2001.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    TWA 800
    Malaysia MH17
    An understandable mistake they have at least one letter in common.

  • Xenomorphine

    Wasn’t TWA 800 the one where several witnesses reported seeing a missile getting fired moments before it exploded? Always seemed fishy, that one, if it’s one and the same event.

    • haI9000

      Yes it was. Actually hundreds of eye-witnesses including military pilots observed a missile striking TWA 800 but their testimony was not allowed because…

  • Memegalt2012

    Well, he is CIA so I am sure he knows A Lot that we don’t know.

  • how

    i never believed the prepostorus story that the fuel tank exploded on the TWA 747. More likely a Muslim terrorist placed a bomb on-board. Not much security back in those days if you think about it. Dont forget the Egyptian airlines plane that went down in the Atlantic with someone screeming Ali Akbar in the cockpit.

    • UnderBlackFlags

      Get educated and you’ll change your mind. Trust the FBI and CIA at your own parallel dude.

  • Johnny_Layabout

    Congratulations, Anderson, on producing a video clip that will live in the annals of conspiracy theorists forever.

  • Lee Jan

    On a discussion on an old Chris Matthews show the panel which included John Kerry included TWA 800 as an airliner that was shot down. That comment was NOT deleted or corrected and the program went on.

  • Britton George

    Anderson CIA intern disinformationist Cooper doing what he does best even when he sucks at it.

  • Britton George

    The book that blows the conspiracy wide open:


    • Britton George

      I love that Saunders went out of his way to get what he needed and the Feds couldn’t jail him. Goes to show hes more honest then the idiots covering up: