Eric Cantor reportedly received less than 29,000 votes tonight. That means he spent nearly $6 on steak for every vote he received.



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  • crosspatch

    Cantor can’t outspend Huffington Post giving free promotion to the Democrat strategy to oust him: Democrat candidate was unopposed so Dems didn’t need any votes. Told their voters to vote for Brat instead. Democrats nominated Brat, not Republicans. Cantor got as many votes tonight as he did in 2012

    • Booker

      Um, no. This is a conservative district. If the Dems where smart enough to vote for Brat, then why didn’t they field a candidate? You should visit here often. You’ll see the idiocy of the token Dem candidate on display. Your theory has no standing.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I’ve never understood the “crossover primary”– if you are interested in who the candidate from a particular party will be, register in that party and participate in it. If such party doesn’t hold a primary because no one will oppose a well-loved incumbent, or such party is SO hopeless in that district that all they do is pick sacrificial lambs, hey, you know what you’re getting into. All the crossover does is to put the cat amongst the pigeons.

        • Fairfax51

          If a Democrat can vote in a Republican primary, the evil SOB’s can vote for least likely to win in general election of opposition party distorting the results & aiding a win.
          Should not be allowed to vote in primary if not member of that party. But then, Dems have no morals or limits on their cheating….legal or otherwise….so this crossover voting will not change.

          • CO2 Producer

            I still use the line, “Don’t blame me. I voted for Hillary.”

          • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

            Unfortunately, we in Virginia really can’t register with a party or have it noted as such. However, the GOP (possibly the state Dems) have access to data that reflects when / if a voter voted in primary and which party.

            Of course they have no morals. I’ve worked the polls plenty of times and basically the only groups that create issues at the polls are the Dems. Not that the GOP is perfect, but the majority of the issues come from the Dems. I’ve worked inside, and outside where I’ve worked for the party. I had to approach the Dems outside the precinct location and ask them not to stand on the sidewalk as they were impeding the flow of the voters and to a degree, were behaving as obstructionists. I didn’t have to get nasty in my approach, but I have simply stated the facts and referred to the rules when informing them. Then I felt like a needed a good shower after being within 3 feet of them.

          • johnstretton

            It happens in MI all the time. It is not always as effective as they would like, but it happens.

          • wineplz

            pfffttt, I’ve gone and voted in the Dem primary in past years to select the dude least likely to win against my GOP candidate. I love VA’s Open Primaries. You shouldn’t have to declare a party just to vote…that’s like joining a dang union.

          • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

            I too have voted in the Dem primaries for the same purpose. Well that, and to see what the heck their primaries are like. Keep in mind when you do so, you effectively wear a Scarlet Letter as you are marked as voting in the Dem primary. This happened to me, but served as a good laugh when this was discovered.

        • TexSizzle

          That’s how Romney won the nomination in 2012. Too many Democratics voted for hin in open-primary states, so by the time Texas voted, he had already been coronated. I voted for Herman Cain despite the fact he had already dropped out: his name was on the ballot when the (in)Justice Department delayed our primaries, so I voted for him as a protest.

      • conservativechick

        The above STAT explains part of the win. People in DC or those with money, just don’t get how difficult it is for hard working tax payers now! Brat got a better outcome, victory, for a LOT less! We need an economist who gets it, a fiscal conservative who will CUT spending.

        • Fairfax51

          Agreed. Don’t believe Dems are enthusiastic enough to come out to ‘countervote’ at this point in time. Plus, Dem middle class & lower middle class (who don’t get freebies) are hurting too.

        • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

          Speaking of people in DC, Cantor and his wife stayed in DC last night and were not even in the 7th district when he was steam-rollered. Such an insult to the 7th district which HE claims to represent. He only did that because he was so confident that he had the deal wrapped up. Just 2 weeks ago, he was ahead in polling by 34 points. Yet, yesterday, he lost by 9 +/- points or a 9% spread.

          Some other interesting trivia. When Cantor entered the HOR, his net worth was $2 Million. However, today, it is $14 Million. I’m a capitalist, I love when people can work to gain their net worth, build companies, create jobs, etc. But, a net worth gain of $12 Million during his term in office, has funny smell to it. I don’t think it was all done through investments. I do question how he earned it, what kinds of shady deals he might have been involved with. This makes him on par with the sleazeball Harry Reid. Well, maybe Cantor wasn’t that bad … but still.

          Additionally, it has been noted that a majority leader in the House of Reps has never lost a election primary. But there was a small suspicion that this might have happened back in the 1800s – However, that’s a big gap in history and clearly points out the weakness of Cantor and how his district lost faith in him. He also spent $5 million on his campaign (which I’ve recently read) but yesterday thought it was more like $1 Million. $5 million is big bucks for a primary.

          Finally, when Cantor campaigned leading up to this primary yesterday, he never once mentioned Amnesty while on the campaign trail. Clearly, he’s a shady character, he’s dishonest and he needed to go. The votes just provided the reality and threw buckets of cold water on the clown.

      • wineplz

        Agreed. The bigger deal is the huge voter turnout: 12% for a primary is unheard of in the past couple decades. I worked in a precinct in the 1st CD yesterday and turnout was 2.24%, which is the average voter turnout (sadly). And if any dems did help us, a big ol’ thank you and mwwwwwaaaaah kiss on the cheek to them.

        • Utopia Can Never be Achieved

          Thanks for working in the 1st CD yesterday. Fortunately Rob Whitman did win the primary.

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Oh please,…. democrats couldn’t even keep an oval office BJ secret, but we’re supposed to believe they put together such a twisted byzantine plot?

      All to move Heaven and Earth to get rid of a guy already playing ball with obama?

      Right….. pull my other finger..

      This accomplishes nothing in a very red district, except cripple the rino movement to get amnesty.. which being a major democrat goal.. seems like shooting yourself in the face just because you hate any republican.

    • BoscoBolt


      There was NO democrat primary, NO democrat candidate filled to run – BUT, Brat will have a democrat challenger – hand-selected by party heads, not voters.
      “John Kent Trammell, 50, assumed the mantle of Democratic nominee Monday only after being nominated by a party committee. No candidates had entered the party’s primary.”

    • Mark Daniel Johansen

      Ok, I get the theory: Cross over to the other party’s primary and vote for someone who is so far and out and extreme that he is bound to lose in the general election. It seems to me that this is a high risk strategy, though. What if the crazy extremist actually wins in the general election? After all, the number of people who you can mobilize to participate in such a conspiracy has got to be small, so the best you’re likely to do is tip a close election. i.e. the crazy extremist that you get nominated must still be someone who has a lot of support. He might well have a realistic shot at winning the general.

    • Ethanery

      You know, I think more Republicans would be more hesitant to vote for Cantor than Brat in the general election (moderates tend to support the Repub running, even if that Repub is more to the right, while those further to the right may not support a moderate R, as seen with Romney), so if this was the Dem strategy, it was full of risks…

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Can’t Buy Me Love…or votes either, it seems.

    • Fairfax51

      Not in 2014…too many scandals, people too mad that DC does not listen, particularly on immigration reform which will destroy middle & lower class jobs for Americans & legal immigrants (who are mad cuz they stood in line, like idiots, to enter legally).

  • WilliamAmos

    Now he is eating crow.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      I wonder if Cantor wants some fries with his crow?

    • Fairfax51

      Looks funny now, but guess what? Obama said he would take pen & phone in hand if Congress does not pass his agenda. Trust me, he has Dems writing executive orders on immigration reform right now and who can stop him. Canters defeat is proof nothing he wants will pass House, so pen in hand & sign as fast as you can.
      Glad Canter is gone, but now any question of passing bills through House is gone. Hang on tight.

      • Don Meaker

        The house has the sole power of impeachment.

        Fast and Furious- BATFE corruption

        IRS corruption
        Terrorists for deserters
        Orders to not enforce immigration laws

        • johnstretton

          Only in a very narrow sense. Yes, the articles come from the House, but the trial occurs in the Senate and at its heart, impeachment is a two-step process. It is analogous the the Grand Jury/Trial system. The House can send all the indictments they want, but if the Senate never sits in judgement (or wiffs, like they did with Clinton) it fails.

          It is my opinion that Obama will never be impeached. Even if the Republicans win the Senate and hold the House (which seems at this point very likely) the House leadership in particular does not have the political will to consider impeachment. Too many bad memories from the failure to remove Clinton. Something drastic will have to happen in order to seriously turn public opinion against Obama and give political cover for impeachment. We do not have adults in leadership able to take a stand that is unpopular even when it is right.

          • IllinoisPatriot

            Impeachment happens in the House only. Clinton was impeached. He retained office because of Senate partisanship, but he WAS impeached.

    • Rogue Cheddar

      William, how the hell have you been?!

  • frozeninbemidji

    It’s about the message.

  • cmac

    Absolutely awesome that this political hack LOST in a humiliating fashion!!!!

  • AmericanMom

    Eric Cantor symbolizes the type of politician who needs to be replaced. Congrats to voters for selecting the best candidate rather than the repeat republican.

  • Al’s Annoyed Grandpa

    $6 for a steak? That’s not a quality cut.

    • Perso Nasplit

      not at a steakhouse. From a butcher maybe. Im not a big fan of streakhouses anyways. overpriced, and ya dont get to grill it yourself. (except for a few)

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        Home grilled are always best… but every now and then.. it’s nice to let somebody else do the cooking and take a seat..

        • tarandfeatherthecrooks

          Tastes even better when the Taxpayers are footing the bill, eh? Bartender, another round!

      • Don Meaker

        Korean BBQ is interesting. You get to grill the meat right at your table. Always fun for the kids.

  • JosephBloughs ✓Viagrafied

    Tanning Booth Boehner is going to have to find a new Mini Me, assuming he hangs on to the Speaker’s position. Yeah, let’s not assume that. :)

    • TomJB

      One less vote he can count on today

  • yewzernayme

    Maybe he should send those steaks to the Cantor Kids crossing the border. I hear they don’t like their American burritos.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    And the New York Crimes,….. leads with “moderates” in danger…


    But when certifiable nutjobs in occupy came forward, they asserted all was well…. when obama declared war on the middle class… they said all was well… when obama vindictively shut down illegally the open air national monuments, roughed up elderly vets,.. they said all was well… when obama set loose 5 hardcore American hating killers for a deserter… they said all was well…

    now that the conservative base asserts their view over another get along, go along rino that the democrats so love… suddenly, reason is lost?….

    You’d think such well educated propagandists for the progressive left would be less ham fisted in their phoney smears than a Russian former dock worker writing for pravda…

    but you’d be wrong…. these guys write like breathless terror is their only emotion…

  • fishydude

    Need a new rule for elected officials.
    Losing a bid for reelection should be considered being fired for cause. As such, should include loss of all retirement benefits as is the case in the private sector. No pension, nothing. They only keep those Benefits if they publishing announce their retirement before spending a dime on reelection and then clearing out their campaign fund to a zero balance.

    • Kawfy

      No elected official should get a retirement EVER!

      I think they should not get a salary either but rather a small stipend for their time. They would receive an airline voucher to DC (coach) 2x year to conduct business. This is the 21st century and we have Go-To- Meeting, Skype and a whole host of electronic communications. They would receive government rates for lodging and meals.

      They MUST hold a down a job in the state they represent. So they are aware of the concerns of their constituents.

      And if they should need medical attention they can make an appointment at the VA, however, those benefits stop one they leave office.

      No free ride!

      • Zakasnak

        YES! … or they can pay for their own health insurance to see the private physician of their choice, if they are too scared to go to the VA.

  • journogal

    Wait, Brat didn’t have any donations from evil Republican millionaires and billionaires? According to liberals, that is the only people Republican candidates get their money from.

    • TugboatPhil

      Things Go Better With Koch!

  • FaithColeridge33

    It was the same for Joni Ernst. She was outspent like 10:1.

  • copperpeony

    The hyenas on the left are re-grouping to find a newer tactic for killing the elephant.

  • CoachSpringer

    NYTimes: Well, it’s a bad omen for your understanding of the word “moderate.” Brat is for legal immigration, higher wages and higher employment. Given the wide margin, you might also want to look up the word “fringe” before applying.

  • Ghee!

    Cantor, we hardly knew ye.

  • Rogue Cheddar

    “Eric Cantor reportedly received less than 29,000 votes tonight. That means he spent nearly $6 on steak for every vote he received.”

    Should’ve got them all the ‘Big Salad’.instead.

  • Super Marsupial

    One career DC insider gets the boot, but the Dems are going crazy for the ultimate DC corruptocrat. What gives?

  • Keith

    “Let them eat STEAK!!!”

    • LegalizeShemp

      Can we have CAKE for dessert?

      • Keith

        I am cool with that.

    • docscience

      And steak at these steakhouses runs $60 per each.



    Eric Cantor
    wasn’t worried about Obama Flooding the USA with lawbreaking illegal Aliens! He
    thought his $223,500 salary was safe!



    Eric Cantor
    wasn’t worried about Obama Flooding the USA with lawbreaking illegal Aliens! He
    thought his $223,500 salary was safe!

  • NRPax

    So I have a question for Linda in case she’s still reading this thread. If Cantor spent that much money compared to Brat, shouldn’t he have won easily? After all, you have been claiming that the amount of money spent determines who wins.

  • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

    With that kind of frivolous spending, it sounds like he’s gearing up for a run at the Presidency on the Dem ticket.

  • CrustyB

    Which blows the point of “Citizen Koch” right out of the water.

  • AT

    That’s pretty audacious – and the biggest problem with this aristocracy purporting to be “our representatives.” It takes a pretty big middle finger to the people to spend more on fancy dinners than what most of said people earn in a year.

  • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories

    $6 steak per voter? Were they good steaks? That’s a better deal than I can get at Walmart. Maybe he can follow Shrillary’s example and carpetbag here in Michigan. I would love a good steak dinner.

  • Mike Crichton

    I’ve found this to be a useful antidote against the ancient manifesto worshiped by today’s liberals and progressives: