As part of the Honor Flight project, World War II veterans have been taken to Washington DC, cost free, to see the memorial erected in their honor on the National Mall.

Due to the government shutdown, National Park Service police put up barriers preventing access. According to Leo Shane III, White House and Veterans Affairs reporter for Stars and Stripes, the veterans knocked over those barriers.

This ought to be interesting.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with additional tweets.

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Rep. Steven Palazzio, R-Miss., just retweeted this:

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Rep. Palazzo says the Obama administration knew about the veterans’ request and rejected it.

  • ChelieinTX

    Louie Gohmert just tweeted a pic of himself with them! I love Rep. Gohmert, #Texas

    • Rob26

      Gee. I wonder why he did that. #rankopportunist

      • pabarge

        It’s called “the flow of information”. Swallow faster.

        • huntercampbell


      • nc ✓s & balances

        Really? Obama should have been out there personally removing the barricades himself.

        • Kulcuda

          NC…then that would have meant he would have to be a man of honor, character and integrity…all of which he is not nor comes close to being…but he would be the guest at a hollywood or big donor function with no qualms what so ever…what a freakin losed he is

        • joanywill

          The barriers should never have gone up there in the first place. Trying to keep these brave people out is just shameful.

          • PNWShan

            It took more work to erect the barriers than if they’d just done nothing because they were supposedly furloughed for the shutdown.

          • wandrako

            I understand that they put up barricades at the Washington Monument so they couldn’t see that. Have not been able to confirm this but heard it on tv last night. What fools we have in this admin and Senate. Harry Reid with the finger out. How crude and rude!!

        • Gallatin

          Nah, obowmao is on my tv lying lying lying lying. Saying me me me me I I I I I.

          He is a total puke.

        • Gov William J LePetomane

          He’d rather give them a pill that helps them die faster.

        • Kris Inchcombe

          you know he leads from his “behind”…I mean from behind.

          • conservativechick

            Make it hurt! (again)

          • Kris Inchcombe

            somehow, he always inflicts maximum pain to the American people…as evidenced by the shut down of the white house months ago. Pathetic isn’t quite strong enough to describe his effort in uniting our country…

          • $14525937

            he leads from behind because that’s where his head is.

          • Mickey Adams


          • Rickey Douglas Love

            Bho does not have the ability to Lead ,.,., Period, He reads a teleprompter, words that others much wiser that he writes, and Organ-izes Communities ~ And does not do that well ~ ! ~

          • wakethesheeple

            Same place his speeches come from! Makes for an ugly case of flatulent halitosis! Somebody translate that to Kenyan for the man that he might understand.

        • conservativechick

          HAHAHAHAHA right. Someone else always lifts things for him.

        • Betty Boop

          @nc…he is the reason they were put up. are you kidding?

        • Kathy

          NC – HE was the one that ordered them put up before daylight this morning! HE STILL doesn’t have a CLUE about the WILL of the American People!!

        • gman213

          He was too busy playing golf, because he is an a$$hole in one

        • objectivefactsmatter

          O’Bama is on strike.

        • Rodney Levenduski

          Somehow you all seemed to miss the point that the conservative Republicans made this happen. Republican actions closed all the National Parks. After Republicans messed things up the park police had no other options but to close the site. While as a veteran I support those brave men and would have helped remove the barricades for them but those of you who are denigrating the President should understand that the Republicans caused this. And have been causing problems I believe because yo’all just can’t stand a BLACK man in what you perceive as YOUR ‘WHITE house’.
          You lost both elections (2008 ad 2012) because you had no candidate worth sitting in the Oval office and the majority of voters didn’t want you there. Oh, and by-the-way, you also lost your war of rebellion 150 years ago {in spite of the brave, valiant and brilliant efforts of the southern soldiers} and it is time to grow up and except The Constitution as a law or everyone.

          • aztectrumpet

            sorry, your race card has expired.

            And that is the problem with democrats. They want to “except” the constitution.

          • Rodney Levenduski

            As long as Republicans keep pushing voter restrictions on minorities laying the “Bigot” card at their feet is appropriate! And not only Democrats except the |Constitution as the law of the land, us Independents do also and all law abiding American citizens do. Those who don’t are guilty of treason and should be treated as traitors. I’m curious about your handle “aztectrumpet”….. a handle like that means to me that you are ashamed of your name or want to hide because you are an ass-wipe Republican who is afraid or maybe you are a ‘Mexican Loudmouth’ criminal
            who needs to be deported…. I’ll have to think on that.

          • Kris Inchcombe

            Rodney – first and foremost, thank you for your service. Now, here’s where we differ. First, I’m not a racist – I don’t think color is related to evil. Second, to insinuate that only conservatives were responsible for this shutdown is a half truth/half lie and you know it.
            I would assume that you’re familiar with the VA and it’s horrific fulfillment of OUR (we the people) obligation to our veterans for their faithful and selfless service. Can you imagine our general healthcare system when it the same government is running it? Also, democrats are insistent on freedom of choice for reproductive issues – where’s my freedom of choice when it comes to overall healthcare? I DON’T WANT THE GOVERNMENT involved in my healthcare! The republicans (I’m not a fan of the party at large) offered several times to fully fund the government with the exception of this trainwreck health care bill and have been shot down by YOUR democrats. Now, using facts, not names, insults or hyperbole – explain how that is the conservatives fault again?

          • Rodney Levenduski

            I have agreed with the statement that our government is criminally delinquent in the care of our veterans since 1970 when I was finishing my service in the U.S. Army. Thankfully I have not needed any of the services myself but I have seen examples of the shoddy way we treat them. Also no party is completely innocent of any of the government problems but somewhere you have latched onto the idea that the government is running the healthcare when they are not directly involved with health care choices. If you do not want to accept any of the options of reproductive issues, you don’t have to. No one is saying you have to have an abortion, to use an example, but the rest of us should have the option if it does not conflict with our personal views. . As far as the ” trainwreck” health care bill, the same thing was said about social security, and medicare and medicade and car insurance and income taxes and taxes on tea or any number of things. We can both show excess and flaws and misuse in everything “The Government” has ever done; and yet all these things have done good things for most of the citizens. Your statement that you “DON’T WANT GOVERNMENT” involved in your healthcare is at best uninformed and at worst stupid. We have the social organization for roads that ambulances travel on to get you to a hospital that government helped build and with doctors and nurses to treat you made possible by government standards. There is nothing that goes on in modern life that is not affect by the social organization we call government. Have the men and women who are the government made mistakes? Yes, accidentally and many intentionally for any number of reasons. But people die for lack of healthcare that could be saved and we have a moral obligation to help as many as we can in spite of problems that arise. Is the health care law perfect? Certainly not, even I am not perfect even though I like to think I’m right all the time. If you are unaware that the Republicans have been saying that they will ruin President Obama and anything he tries to do since he was elected, then you are missing a lot of what has been going on. I agree that the Republicans are not solely responsible for this, and all the other crises, that has played havoc with our country. But your slavish irrational loyalty to the right does not bode well for your opinions being fair minded. Look at the number of jobs bills the Republicans have brought forth, look at the support they have given projects to fix our rotting bridges and roads, detail their efforts to get any health care to the greatest number of citizens or appropriations to defend people working in government service over seas in our embassies or help to the veterans we both agree need help. They have done nothing but undermine those efforts so President Obama does not look good. They could have helped in the efforts to create jobs and fix our problems and looked great for their efforts but they chose to be destructive. Support them if you want to, while the Democrats are still in power it is a free country {yes, we all have to do things we think are against our freedom of choice; like taxes to pay congress and their overinflated salaries, retirement, private healthcare and other perks} , at least until ,heaven forbid, the Christian Taliban gains more power and turns this into a theocracy|!

          • wandrako

            The money was called stimulus and was used to fund Obama’s friends with wind and solar etc but somehow after receiving many millions of dollars they all went bankrupt! Very few jobs were produced and then he said projects were not shovel ready as he had thought! They take time and planning and that had not been done. He couldn’t find enough friends that could ever fraudulently make that happen.

          • Kris Inchcombe

            Thanks for making my point – Social Security is an unfunded liability that will fail. Your mocking of Christianity shows your true underlying cause of distrust of conservatives – you think we’re all Bible thumpers. My question to you is – in the 30 years or so that we’ve systematically removed God from our society – has it gotten better? As for your diatribe on roads and infrastructure, what does that have to do with government involvement in my healthcare? And as suspected, you couldn’t restrain yourself from throwing in a name – I’m “slavish irrational loyal(ty)”. You’re such a hater – whatever the hell that is.

          • t1618

            Rodney, better reread your history books instead of just
            spouting off liberal talking points. You are going off the deep end.

          • Cara Ferguson

            Have some truth about this health care law everyone is so up in arms about. The government is not “running” it. They’re “governing” it. Making laws and such.

          • Kris Inchcombe

            right… and single payer isn’t on the horizon. The government will “administer” it, much like they do the Post Office and other successful entities.

          • disqus_ZawtvdyGqr

            Really, Rodney? It is an insult to minorities to suggest that they can’t have it together enough to present an ID, which they are supposed to have anyway to drive, work, or cash a check. You are the racist here. You think that we should not say a word in criticism of Obama because he is black. Isn’t it possible that he is not perfect? The Republicans certainly have their faults, but they are actually listening to the majority of Americans who do not want the ACA forced on them.

            The first vote I ever cast in a Presidential election was for Jesse Jackson. I was much more liberal then than I am now, and I only bring it up because you are accusing people of being racists if they criticize the current President.

          • Ada Wills-Zilio

            You contridict yourself. Calling someone a mexican who needs to be deported in the same conversation that you put down people that want voter ID, which would identify the ones (whatever race) who should be deported or naturalized before they vote.

          • wandrako

            We used to have fairly clean elections but that was more than 80 yrs ago and they have become more and more corrupt. When you have over 100% of eligible voters voting in a district you have a problem. When you have people bragging that they voted multiple times or voted the cemetery you have to do something about it or you are just like Russia and other third world areas. Try Venzuela. It has nothing to do with color it is fraud. You have to have an ID for most things in life today. I had to show mine twice yesterday in public places.
            Dems want crooked elections because that is how they got this guy into office. It was not honest elections. Veritas has video of many of the abuses and you can go on and on about how it is racist to want honest elections and I say you want crooks in office. Look at the result when you win. No jobs, many on disability because can’t find a job, others on lifetime food stamps, medicade, paid for not having a job and so on. This is what we have become with your leaders.

          • Rodney Levenduski

            I believe your comments regarding “over 100% voting” and other irregularities have been investigated and shown to be Republican lies. The only voting fraud found was Republican ‘voting registration’ teams throwing away Democratic forms. And as far as cooked elections you really need to look closely at the first “W” election and the state gerrymandering instates that suddenly became Republican controlled. But I imagine from your entire comment that you are one of those people who would not be impressed with either facts or reason since your accusations are not substantiated by any data available.

          • t1618

            Rodney, read the Constitution. You seem to be a little confused.

          • wandrako

            You are a fool if you could not read or listen to the plans the Republicans sent to the Senate. Everyone funded all the government, entirely with all the waste and fraud in it.
            The entire government was funded and the Senate and the incompetent in the White House said NO. So who really shut down the government? They sent three different plans to the Senate all funding the ENTIRE government and your boy Obama and Reid both turned them down. Said they would not negotiate.
            It has nothing to do with skin color has to do with incompetence and that alone. Today you can add vicious behavior. All this and he tries to put the blame on the Republicans.
            Yesterday they sent a proposal to fund DC, parks and something else and the Dems also refused to consider that. An incompetent is one no matter what color he is.

          • Rodney Levenduski

            I truly feel sorry for you. You obviously spend a great deal of effort listening to FOX and believing them. That amount of work must be exhausting.

          • Judy Evans

            This is the fault of Harry Reid who refused to even consider compromising, which he should have. Reid wanted the shut down, that is why he refused. And he did it, knowing the Republicans would be blamed. You are playing right into the hands of the liberals who are responsible the mess we are in right now.

          • Rodney Levenduski

            Unfortunately you fall into the same category as ‘Wandrako’ and ‘Johnnie Parker’ so no presentation of an opposing view will ever make you rethink a position in spite of overwhelming evidence stacked against you.

          • Johnnie Parker

            Get a grip, man….. and leave the War for Southern Independence out of this. I wouldn’t care if the man was green if he had the ability to lead this country in the right direction but he does not. And oh, he has blamed Bush for everything that has gone wrong since he has been in office so who is he going to blame now? He is certainly not going to take any of the responsibility. It’s his way or no way. No, we have never had a president like him but that statement has nothing to do with the color of his skin. This is the way He wants things with the whole country at his mercy. BTW…. do you have Nobama care? I doubt it!

          • Rodney Levenduski

            “The War for Southern Independence” is a phrase that lands you squarely in the middle of an area of intellectual “no mans land”. While there is much that is incorrect in the books about the “Civil War” of our country (because the victors always write the books) where many brave, honest, sincere men and women gave their lives needlessly it was still an illegal action. Just like the “American Revolution”.

          • Johnnie Parker

            Get a grip, man….. and leave the War for Southern Independence out of this. I wouldn’t care if the man was green if he had the ability to lead this country in the right direction but he does not. And oh, he has blamed Bush for everything that has gone wrong since he has been in office so who is he going to blame now? He is certainly not going to take any of the responsibility. It’s his way or no way. No, we have never had a president like him but that statement has nothing to do with the color of his skin. This is the way He wants things with the whole country at his mercy. BTW…. do you have Nobama care? I doubt it!

          • Paula Maricle

            Rodney you would do well to study your history a little closer. It was a Republican president that freed the slaves, Republicans that pushed for civil rights, not your KKK democrats. That’s right the KKK was founded by the Democratic party. You should know the facts before you go spewing off at the mouth.

          • Rodney Levenduski

            You are correct Paula; at the time of the Civil War and after until well into the 20th century the Republican Party was considered the “Equality” party and the Democrats were where the racists gathered. But since the signing of the “The Civil Rights Act” the extremes of both parties switched sides so the modern Republican party is now the one pushing discrimination. I was quite surprised to learn that on a PBS special on our political parties and how they evolve and change. I thought it was common knowledge but it seems that information hasn’t reached into reel country yet.

          • t1618

            Rodney, you are a tool.

          • Rodney Levenduski

            Yes I am. A tool for equal pay and protection for woman, a tool for equal freedoms for ALL Americans, and a tool for ” Truth, Justice and then American Way”!

        • Judy Evans


        • cheezhead

          Then someone would say, “Doesn’t he have more important issues to be working on?”

      • Kulcuda

        Rob, to show that honest and true Americans and veterans are men of honor and deserving of this moment and the rights afforded. Hell I wonder if you say anything when the Poser is surrounded by well placed and selected people when he does anything….NOT!!!

        • Melissa Banowski Anger

          Hmmm…Could you be talking about…mmmm…Obobo? He would never, ever purposely place people, and never, never, ever the caskets of dead soldiers, into a pic as a blatant photo op. (Please enter sarcasm here)

          • Rodney Levenduski

            And also add stupid, ignorant and uninformed or you could save the space and put “Republican”.

          • Cara Ferguson

            “Obobo”? That is one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen.

      • 2ifbyT

        Larry and Moe called. They need you back in the group.

        • Slam1263

          Did Curly misplace their cream pie again?

          • IBXNJ

            I think it was Joe Besser…Curly and Shemp had more class

      • Zach Brewer

        Oh Rob … keep trollin’, trollin’, trollin’.

        • Melissa Banowski Anger

          Trollin’, trollin’, trollin’…keep your lame insults flowin’…trollin’, trollin’, trollin’…Butt head!!! (whip crack) heeyawh

          • Rodney Levenduski

            Republicans from Texas need….. too much even for the Healthcare Law to supply.

          • Terry Vanhooser

            Rodney I get it you don’t like Republicans so be it that is your one sided mind at work but when you say something bad about Texas now your are showing signs of some one who is liking in a proper education.

          • t1618

            I want some of the stuff you are smoking Rodney.

      • ChelieinTX

        No, he’s an Army captain who loves his country and her veterans. They have the right to be there – they earned it the hard way. In case you can’t figure it out, most WWII vets are at least 80 years old.

        • Rodney Levenduski

          I agree. We should show them more respect.

      • CO2 Producer

        It took just seconds to find out that Rep. Gohmert’s been involved with Honor Flight for years. Would you like to say those other times he was involved that you never heard about before were acts of selfishness?

        • Rodney Levenduski


      • JMW

        You mean like Obama shutting down memorials for no reason as the Park police are still on duty and being paid? You mean like Obama shutting down White House tours that were staffed by volunteers? #rankopportunist indeed.

        • Rodney Levenduski

          The Republicans shut down the government. How stupid are you|? (that was a silly question)

          • Terry Vanhooser

            I thought the government was shut down by both sides not working together. ( you are a little one sided )

      • ObamaFail

        Oh, so you’re okay with Obama making time for photo-ops to make himself look good, but not when anyone else does it? Although, it’s more likely OBama would pose with the Benghazi terrorists than with WWII vets.

        • Rodney Levenduski

          Gary, that last sentence of yours was hateful and ignorant. Think about it.

          • Terry Vanhooser

            You want to call Gary ignorant I thank he is right and by reading your last couple of post you seem to be the one that is ignorant even when the facts are right there in your face and you are not smart enough to see them. You like to put down other people by race are where they are from now that is ignorant.

      • grais

        Well, that was a really stupid thing to say.

      • gman213

        Its called knowing WWII heroes from your state are coming and that their generation is dying at a rate of 700 a day and they deserve to see THEIR memorial before they die. #rankdouche

      • Rickey Douglas Love

        Gohmert needs nothing in the form of Opportunity,,.,., He is a True Patriot ~ ! ~ I know him personally ~ Class Act on the side of us/U.S. ~

      • Rodney Levenduski

        Because he is an ass-wipe looking or a way to further his hypocritical political life.

    • Robert Shingleton

      Rebellion is on the way. The folks are tired of this administration bullshit.

      • wakethesheeple

        Feels like it’s gettin’ toward time for “Let’s Roll!” isn’t it?

    • Tony Loro

      Too bad he is a nutcase though.

      • john_koenig

        I don’t recall him inserting a catheter for the purpose of singing the praises of murdering children in utero.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Oh SNAP! Medic! Medic! OFA Troll down!

      • Kathy

        You mean YOUR PRESIDENT???? You are so right!! It IS a shame that WE THE PEOPLE can’t stop the NUTCASE in OUR WHITE HOUSE!!

        • Bob Birdsong

          You don’t represent me, mouth-breather, and I am one of The People. I AM a veteran, 23rd INF Regt, to be precise, so actually I’m more of a citizen and patriot than you will EVER be. See, I actually sacrificed and served my country, morons, unlike some people sitting on their fat behinds, commenting here, and I voted for the President,. both times, and proudly. No one here has any information about why or when the barricades were put up, but they wouldn’t have been put up at all if The House had done it’s job, which, at this time, is to pass a Continuing Resolution, completely free and clear of politics. You lost, hillbillies, you lost the policy debate, you lost your case in the SCOTUS, and you lost the last national election. The ACA is going NOWHERE, so it’s time for you to move on and obey the law. Anything else is just hooting, braying jackassery, and makes you look stupider and stupider with every day that goes by. If conservatives EVER AGAIN want to lead this nation, they will gracefully conceded this point, but grace has never been the strong suit for you idiots.

          • Jeff McCabe

            Yeah, nothing says patriot than holding half the country in contempt. You seem to be seriously confused by the constitution if you think you are more of a citizen than others. Thanks for your participation in driving this country further and further in debt. And you call others stupid.

          • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Yea…um….well, if the Senate, which has a democrat majority (let me know if you don’t know what I mean by that and I will tell you), would have passed a budget this year (let alone the past 5 years), CRs would not be necessary in the first place. As far as your, “it’s the law of the land” BS argument, tell me, when do you suppose Obama will recognize that it is the law of the land and stop changing it? Another question, since you are so down with the people and whatnot, why on earth should the business mandate have been delayed a year (you know, that would effect those guys people like you complain about constantly, saying they are all greedy, evil bastards) but the same cannot be extended to the people of this country. You mention debate. What debate? We were promised a debate on C-Span by Obama and the only thing close to that happening was Ted Cruz on the Senate floor.

          • Angela Thompson Flynn

            Applause, applause. You said this so perfectly. Thank you for your service and thank you for your comments.

          • ForTheRepublicOfDave

            Yeah, you have no idea how to troll properly. Move along.

          • J. Cox

            You were the guy we sent looking for boxes of squelch for the radio.You voted for the Poser in Chief because you like spending 700 billion dollars more than we take in.You along with your entire socialist party are killing this nation piecemeal and ,while doing the exact opposite of what you say,telling people you are helping.Keep spouting that non-sense though,it makes your downfall that much sweeter to watch.

          • McB

            Apparently you forgot your oath to defend the country from enemies foreign and domestic. Congress and the Senate voted for a bill they never read and you call that law? I call them traitors. Every representative that voted yes on a bill they never read is nothing more than a traitor.

            The SCOTUS saying it’s constitutional for the government to force us to pay to be alive proves the Republic is dead and you support that?

            What did you join the military for? To support the demise of Liberty? I sure as hell didn’t serve to watch the smallest minority in the country lose their rights – the individual. The federal government has zero business telling us that we must do something unless it was ratified in the Constitution.

          • GaryTheBrave

            If the mere action of being in the military makes one MORE of a patriot and citizen than those who do not then in your eyes Maj. Hasan is more of a patriot and a citizen, amiright?

            I’m a Navy vet, btw.

          • obitoo

            Your talking points and name-calling sound just like the typical progressive. Somehow I find it hard to believe any of your braggart claims!

          • Daryl Watson

            I don’t believe you are a veteran no veteran in his right mind would vote for a communist/muslin.

          • john_koenig

            You certainly don’t represent 99% of veterans…the ones I know are decent, respectful men and women.

        • Louis Koiner

          Yes Bob, we dont represent you , we have a brain ,your beloved president has FAILED for 5 years to submit a budget, as required by law, but then the law has never been a deterrent to him, passes Olamacare, exempts himself and all of the congress and senate, congress has passed numerous budgets …and the senate ahhhh wait …. NONE. , and Olameocare if it is so good …why aren’t they on it?? and why exactly are they penalizing those for not enrolling in it, if its such a great deal why arent they flocking to it.? , and why is it he spends so much time on vacation —-cause he isnt doing his job. He takes the opportunity at the navy shooting to shoot at the tea party, as opposed to showing a bit of compassion, There is a reason his own staff have a nickname for him Oba–me, he is as narcissistic as they come. And is incompetent to the role he so miserably fails at.

          • wakethesheeple

            “. . .he is as narcissistic as they come.”
            Couldn’t agree more, and here’s the proof:

            “What Are the Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
            In many cases, people with narcissistic personality disorder:
            Are self-centered and boastful
            Seek constant attention and admiration
            Consider themselves better than others
            Exaggerate their talents and achievements
            Believe that they are entitled to special treatment
            Are easily hurt but may not show it
            Set unrealistic goals
            May take advantage of others to achieve their goals
            Other common traits of narcissistic personality disorder include the following:
            Preoccupation with fantasies that focus on unlimited success, power, intelligence, beauty, or love
            Belief that he or she is “special” and unique, and can only be understood by other special people
            Expectation that others will automatically go along with what he or she wants
            Inability to recognize or identify with the feelings, needs, and viewpoints of others
            Envy of others or a belief that others are envious of him or her
            Hypersensitivity to insults (real or imagined), criticism, or defeat, possibly reacting with rage, shame, and humiliation
            Arrogant behavior and/or attitude”
            h/t WebMD

    • Kathy

      There were a few other Republican Senators that went out to make sure they were not bothered as well. AND OF COURSE the Liberal Media is NOT doing a story on this!! But Louie IS MY HERO for today!!

    • JMW

      We all need to tweet or retweet this story… and post it on facebook etc etc and so forth. This is disgusting and shows what a petty petty man President Obama is that he would “shut down” an open air memorial that salutes the brave soldiers of WW2 or any other war. The park police are still on duty and being paid…. their was absolutely no reason to gate off these sites other than spite towards our veterans. This is sickening…. I didn’t think I could be sickened by the left anymore than I already was but this takes the cake.

  • phineasfahrquar

    They have more right to be there than anyone else in this nation.

  • PuterPrsn

    If the park police don’t want tread marks on their khakis and canes upside their heads, I would advise them to let it alone.

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Park police are mostly veterans themselves, from what I hear.

      • Coralee Benson

        we need to show all our Military respect and thank them for putting their lives on the line no matter where they serve and no matter what job they have. I can tell you for sure, those who work around our memorials enjoy their jobs and know how much those who visited their memorial today went through during the wars they fought in and the suffering many are still going through those wars in nightmares and wounds they suffered during those wars. My nephew died from different cancers before he died, he was told he would not be getting a Military funeral because of money for that area. he lived in Montana. His wife is fighting her own cancer nightmare and fought for what he is due. Only after he was buried did they find he won 4 PURPLE HEARTS. He still does not have a stone on his grave.
        There are many, many GI”S who go through the same trouble for what they fought for. those men and women will not get their full pensions or benefits. Have you gone to a Veterans hospital. go and see what happens there. some are wonderful and care for our GI”s as best they can. BUT its not what they were promised and they are on food stamps and find little housing to be able to afford. so they are on the streets.. so take this as advice. not all of these poor people are drug or drunks. Some are for sure. but you don’t know what they live over and over in their minds. Most vets do not want help they don;t feel they are worthy of it for their own personal reasons
        . they are still fighting that war of long ago.. Help them where you find them.. God Bless America..

  • Robert Sullivan

    tell congress to look out the window and see what real patriots look like and why the left will never win

    • Rob26

      Assuming when the time comes, you’ll turn down Social Security and Medicare. The left won. Get over it. What we’re witnessing here are the final gasps of people who’ve moved so far to the right, they’re becoming a laughingstock in front of everyone’s eyes. And no, I’m not talking about these vets. Most of them are probably so self-effacing, they’d laugh at you.

      • J. Cox

        Ahh..a true socialist claiming things that facts show differently.You and your Obamessiah cult are the laughingstock…now go say your 5 Hail Obama’s and drink your Koolaide.

        • Macsen Overdrive ✓re-rolled

          For added effect, follow Walter White’s lead and add more ricin to the Kool-Aid.

        • Robert Pepper

          It’s morons like you who elected these assholes to congress who have created this mess and will destroy this country faster than a dozen 9/11 type attacks if they’re not run out of town pretty damn quickly!! I seriously doubt you’re one of the members of the millionaire club who are the only ones these jackasses care about so why do you keep voting for them????

          • CSIGABIGA

            If you are talking about the democrats in congress you are 100% right some in the democratic party are racist pigs. Who tore this country apart.I bet thet there are more political liers and thieves than in any other party Some of the democrats in congress I wander if they had any education.Their mouth is filthy disgusting when they go to the out house you don’t know if all the crap pouring out of their mouth or their rear end.Mr president I would like to know what bank you are borrowing money from where they don’t charge any interest.Who are you trying to sell your snake oil to?

          • Herr Schmitty

            You’re not smart enough to criticize anybody. Neither are the five people who up-voted you. Go home and read a book.

          • J. Cox

            Morons like me?You mean of course the people like me who oppose the govt. telling me what to do.You mean people like me who vote for leaders that realize spending 700 billion more than we take in is a bad idea.You mean people like me who won’t bow and worship the Obamessiah.Thanks though…your argument was most persuasive.

          • Lolaga

            Where is all this evidence of this big support of the members of the “millionaire club?” WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? Why do you pretend Obama hasn’t given billions to Wall Street, who in turn, lined his pockets? Why do you pretend Obama hasn’t given special treatment to his fat cat big business buddies with Obamacare waivers? Why do you pretend Obama hasn’t plundered the taxpayer to stuff the pockets of the big union goons? Why do you pretend not to know the filthy wealth of people like Al Gore, all the Kennedys, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry…

            Who exactly created what mess? You must mean Obama piling on $7 trillion in debt since ’09, leaving my children and grandchildren to pay for it. You must mean the 40% INCREASE in the expansion of the federal gov’t since ’09. You must mean Obamacare, which is, without question, ruining business and economic prosperity as businesses cut hours, lay employees off and is doubling or tripling the healthcare costs of hard working middle class Americans.

            Vote Democrat in 2014….because who needs disposable income?!

        • Herr Schmitty

          A majority of Americans support the ACA.
          A majority of Americans voted Barack into office.
          A majority of Americans do not support a government shutdown as a means to prevent Obamacare.
          A majority of Americans blame Republicans for this current problem.
          The Constitutionality of the ACA was challenged. The Supreme Court, which is dominated by rightists, ruled that it was Constitutional.
          The bill was passed by the senate. The president made it a law. The Republicans based their 2012 election hopes on telling they public they’d repeal it. They lost. A majority of Americans voted for Barack Obama.

          Every single thing I said above is a fact. I didn’t make any of it up. I didn’t lie. I didn’t exaggerate or distort. I simply posted the truth- the truth is the enemy to Republicans, to Tea Partiers, to Fox News and Breitbart. The facts all favor liberals.

          Nothing you said in your entire post is true. Literally every piece of it is a lie or an insult. You should work for Fox news, you seem to match their style in terms of the way you post.

          • Rick Huber

            I think everything you posted is a lie or insult, you need to listen to something else other that liberal media outlets:

            “A majority of Americans support the ACA.”

            CNN/Opinion Research poll 9/27-9/29: 38% For-57% Against

            and 7 other polls showing similar

            “A majority of Americans voted Barack into office.”

            Looks to me like 65,455,010 people out of 313,900,00 population voted for Obama, or less than 21% of the people voted for him.


            I could go on, but you are so blinded ideologically that you can’t see the truth.

          • Herr Schmitty

            There’s essentially no such thing as a liberal media outlet. Though I work in insurance now, I graduated college with a bachelor’s in journalism.

            Most of the media outlets that are available are owned by rich white conservative men. As a result of this, the people put in positions of power that dictate a news network’s position on key issues, as well as the rhetoric and talking points used, are conservative. They are republicans. They are not liberal. The cliche ‘liberal media’ is old, outdated and no longer applies. Again, I stand by what I said. Recent polls do not reflect the numbers in those you posted.
            Real Clear Politics is a misleading name for a site that lists polls based on ‘health care law’ without explaining that they mean ACA/’Obamacare’ (yes, I know, they are the same thing.) That kind of deliberate grey area is indicative of incompetence or a desire to mislead.

            As for the election, the majority of people who voted chose him. If you prefer, I could say that a plurality of U.S. citizens chose him. The statements I made are not false.

          • Herr Schmitty

            Did congress pass the bill? Did the president sign it? Did the Supreme Court review it and allow it to stand? Did the Republicans nominate Romney, and did Romney make his signature talking point a repeal of ACA, and did Romney lose that election? That’s 4 things I said that were true right there. In saying 4 truths, I made more truthful statements than every conservative on this page combined.

          • J. Cox

            63% oppose obamacare..1st lie
            5 million votes is not a landslide..Reagan had a landslide victory.Moving the goalpost for window lickers does not work.2nd lie
            A majority of Americans could care less about the govt. shutdown.The takers still get a check in the mail,and the low info Dems are busy finding the dropped cheeto.
            WTH is a rightist?Is part of liberal socialism a class on how to make up words?ACA was challenged on the fine…not the fact of it’s existence.It got called a tax…even though we were told by your messiah for 3 years it WASN’T a tax.Lie much?
            The bill passed with most house and senate republicans gone,on Christmas Eve.They actually do keep voting records…try looking them up in between koolaide gulps.

            Everything you said is NOT a fact.Or are congressional records,polls,and the meaning of “overwhelming majority” different in Unicorn fart land?You are a delusional socialist,and a cult follower.You and your party can do nothing but point fingers and blame everyone else,you have done such a bang up job though.17.7 trillion is a achievement of sorts I guess.

            You should work..period,you certainly post like a societal leech.Also,you might want to look up the word “fact”,because it doesn’t mean anything you spout is true..really,it doesn’t.But hey,keep sucking off that govt teet and calling us makes your non-points that much more valid in loopyland.

          • Herr Schmitty

            63% do NOT oppose Obamacare. Quote: “Although respondents were nearly evenly split on their approval of the
            ACA — 48% “strongly” or “somewhat” approve and 46% “strongly” or “somewhat” disapprove — they were less divisive on how the law would affect their health care quality and costs”.

            And from Forbes: But a new survey of 1,976 registered voters finds that only 33 percent believe that the health law should be repealed, delayed, or defunded. 67% want the law on the books, though some want it to remain with some changes. 67%! Once again, I win, you lose. I cite facts, you lie and make things up, and I post sources that prove my facts while you fantasize things in your head.

            So there you go, a plurality approve of Obamacare. You’re lying and making up statistics that don’t exist, hiding your sources to avoid exposing your lie. More people approve than disapprove.

            A majority of americans are angry about the government shutdown and blame republicans for it. Your political party is going down in flames. It is clearly the incompetent party, with no leadership, no structure, no plan, no reason, no skill, no proposals for making american life better. Indeed, the Repukes are actually trying to destroy America, they’re proud of it, and they’re bragging about it in the media. Michelle Bachmann claims that ‘This is what we always wanted!’ But wait, Americans HATE this.

            Brown’s latest poll found that 72 percent of Americans oppose the government shutdown and a growing number put most of the blame on Republicans in Congress. Source:

            So there you go. I have thoroughly disproven your stance on policy. You are stupid. I am smart. I am better than you, my beliefs are more valid than yours, and you should just let me make all your decisions for you, because you clearly lack the maturity and intellect needed to do it yourself.

            And as for me being lazy and needing to work? Why, I just so happen to work at my family’s extremely successful insurance business! (the fact that I work in insurance contributes to me knowing a lot more about the ACA, and what people think of it, than you do.) Here’s the web site:
            You’ll note that my last name and the name of the business are the same. I’m posting from within that office right this second. So before you go criticizing my work ethic, maybe you should get yourself into my pay grade in the first place, since it’s my tax dollars that are supplementing your pathetic existence. I understand that I’m talking like an arrogant prick to you- but it’s my belief that you deserve no respect. You lie. You cheat. You steal from the american people, and you support the destruction of america. You’re a terrorist. You have no morals, no value. I wish your parents had aborted you, and I hope you don’t enjoy the rest of your terrible existence.

          • J. Cox

            Wow..your complex is astounding..I am glad you believe you are “superior to me”.It shows what a nut you really are.Enjoy that koolaide crapsandwich.

          • Herr Schmitty

            I’m glad that it makes you happy that I’m superior. The kool-aide crap sandwich tastes really good, and it tastes better than the kick in the testicles that the republicans are serving to their supporters.

            By the way, since you didn’t disagree with my statements and sources, I assume that you admit that I’m right; my sources stand up, I presented facts, and you made all of your ‘facts’ up with no proof. Thanks for acknowledging that a liberal has, once again, defeated a conservative.

      • Republicanvet

        Typical prog. Laughing at the Constitution being trashed and a petulant manchild acting like a dictator…commenting on a post where better men than you will ever be have experience in dealing with dictators.

      • Tish

        Funny you mention Laughingstock,,Obama is not only the village idiot in the U.S… he’s the laughingstock the world over.. don’t believe me.. check the website and your right there with him !!

      • Kelly Layne

        they may have won the battle they sure as hell have not won the war count on that

        • Marcy Cook

          They haven’t even won the battle. They just keep telling themselves they’ve won something. The rest of us know the truth.

      • Kulcuda

        Rob26…you have in the few posts I have read proven that you are nothing but a…—comment deleted due to language content and truthfullness——>>>>

        • Hot_wings

          I would say the number 26 is indicative of his IQ, but that is being far too generous.

      • Jeff Coil

        Stay dumb, comrade, stay dumb.

      • Masmani

        Commies have won??? I don’t think so there Robbie boy. It looks like approval for the object of your throne sniffing, also know as 0bama, is cratering

      • Marcy Cook

        You sound a tad bit desperate. Always the sign of someone on the losing team.

      • Maxx

        tell the guy who lost his job due to Obamacare that the left “won.”

        The problem with the left “winning,” is that afterwards, they’re required to govern…

        …and that’s when every one else loses.

      • al hunt

        yeah a win! cause obamacare is the la….wait got an error……is the la…..dang! I did fill that box in!….obamacare is…..what security question?…..obamaca……..why is it saying I just won an obamaphone?

        P.S. ROB, some of us actually paid into social security and medicare, so yes when the time comes we do expect to get what WE paid for….uhm…duh!

      • UpNorth2

        Nah, but they’d definitely laugh at you, Rob.

      • Adela Wagner

        Anyone who has been forced to pay into Social Securityand Medicare through their PAYROLL TAXES has every right to be paid back.
        Unlike the millions on Welfare and food stamps who have not worked or hardly worked enough to even pay any taxes, who pop out kid after kid while ON the Taxpayer supported Gov’t DOLE.

        YOU sir, are singing the WRONG song to the people who believe in personal accountability and not taking advantage of others. We believe in paying our way, helping others every chance we can, but calling out those who are nothing but leeches on the very foundation this country was built on.
        Look at tea party rallies, you will see MANY vets there because they know the meaning of being a TRUE American. You, I’m not sure do.

        • Christine Guinn

          Sorry to break it to you, but SS and Medicare are taxes, plain and simple. There is no ‘account’ with your money in it and there never was. It’s just another tax, the same as income tax.

          • sharder8

            Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t know shit about SS obviously. How about logging into your SS account and view your SS account history. That’s right, your name, your SS number, your account, yours and your employers paid in, by year, your account current standing total. You can also view projected numbers and future pay out, as well.

          • Adela Wagner

            Right on Sharder, unlike these stupid young liberals/leeches we actually have people on this site who have worked for a living and know how this crap is SUPPOSED to work. Thanks for your post.

          • Herr Schmitty

            Um, no. In fact, it’s the generations before the ‘young liberals’ who bankrupted this country, lived beyond their means, charged everything to credit cards, never paid the bills, didn’t work enough, weren’t educated enough, and drove this country into oblivion. That would be, I assume, your generation. Now my generation gets to fix it.

          • Adela Wagner

            Well from what we have seen so far, good luck with that. And my post was talking about dumbasses who do not even know what FICA is but are trying to tell us breaking news.
            And just FYI, I was a young dumbass Democrat at one time (60’s-70’s)

          • nc ✓s & balances

            Ha, Adela, weren’t we all?

          • Adela Wagner

            XXOO Keep On Truckin’……

          • Lolaga

            You’re an idiot. What does anyone’s personal credit card habits and personal bill paying have anything to do with anything? It has ZERO effect on our debt and deficit. You wanna talk about what will affect your generation. You’d better be paying close attention to your lovable federal government and how their vote buying schemes and decimation of the national treasury is ruining your future. If you’re referring to the housing bubble, it was very preventable when Bush was sounding the alarm. He was called a racist and hater of blacks by people like Maxine Waters. And the market and economy *could* come roaring back if only this moron in the WH was gone. Until then, if he keeps up on the path he’s on….well, you’re well and truly screwed.

          • Herr Schmitty

            Yep, I’m an idiot. The credit-card-charging habits are indicative of the very culture in which you were living in and it certainly had an impact on the nation’s spending habits, both in the private and public sectors

            What does anyone’s personal credit card habit have to do with anything? Why, it harms the economy! If everyone is buying things they can’t pay for, it destroys the economy! Goods are ‘sold’, not paid for and potentially repossessed as a result of people’s irresponsible spending habits. The average debt for an american family via credit cards is approximately $9,000 and growing; that’s -$9,000/family traveling through our economy, damaging jobs and production for american industry. One key element for a federal government is the ability to raise revenue. Money being spent and exchanged in the economy is one way (via sales tax) a government raises revenue. Jobs are created when there is higher demand for goods, so that production can meet demand. That’s another piece of the chain reaction of debt-less spending habits. And when jobs are created, income is taxed- again, something that affects the government, the nation as a whole, the national debt and the deficit. Partial source:

            As I have just indicated, you lack a fundamental knowledge of how the economy works. I’ll be the first to tell you I’m no expert, but it’s clear my understanding of it is superior to yours. Of course, that surprises nobody, because anybody who begins their reply with insults, turns to reverse racism whining and then blames the majority of our problems on the man in the white house is clearly lacking an understanding of how things work. You’re the idiot. You’re part of the problem with our nation. You, and people like you, are the people who have caused America to become a sub-standard shell of itself. Barack is bailing water out of our hull, and you’re too busy punching more holes in the boat to help. Go back to high school, take an economics course, get your GED, get a job, and help us solve the problem instead of blaming Maxine Waters and Barack Obama. They’re not the problem. Citizens are. America sucks right now and Americans like you are the reason.

          • LouAnnWatson

            not educated enough?…who the hell is teaching your little amoeba brain? and anyone who begins their comment with “um” is an uneducated nitwit.

          • Herr Schmitty

            I would respond by saying that anybody who begins sentences without capital letters is the exact same uneducated nitwit; or are you just too lazy to hold down the shift key once per sentence? Um is a more valid way to begin a sentence than beginning one with lowercase letters.

          • Ronald Green

            Not true on the ‘never was’ part, There still is a Social Security account in the Fed but it’s full of worthless IOU’s from the government. Until Eisenhower combined The SS account into the general fund, it was totally separate. Now it is just another tax that goes into the general fund. Soo what’s your point?

          • Adela Wagner

            Yep and it has turned into a Ponzi scheme like Obamacare. They are depending on the younger to pay in to make up the money the Gov’t spent illegally. And the young ones will never see a dime they are having come out of their checks right now. Obamacare will go the same way, another entitlement program that will fail. Only the “oh so caring Gov’t will come in with their next “solution”….single payer. At that point, all is lost, period.

          • Adela Wagner

            Hate to break it to you but SS and Medicare are a bit different than “Income taxes”. They come out of the money you earn through PAYROLL taxes. You are forced to pay into the programs as you are forced to pay all taxes out of your paycheck, unless you know how to exempt yourself out of paying federal taxes until they are actually due.
            I owned a company Miss Gunn and did the payroll myself.

            Of course there is no account with our money in it. There used to be, and the Gov’t was to never touch it, however they did and now the account has IOU’s in it.
            Just what do you think FICA is? It is not simply another tax like Income tax.

          • Lolaga

            IOW, politicians LIED. Sold to the public for one thing, plundered for another.

      • Jimbo Velasquez

        SS is OUR money NOT the governments.

      • WVgirl

        Why would we turn down Social Security and Medicare? We paid into those programs. Welfare is not paid into by the people who receive it. It is paid for my people who work.

        • idalily

          You speak facts, WV girl. These get you nowhere with liberals.

      • Ronald Green

        Keep talking liberal boy, keep flappin’ them gums, a surprise for you is coming.

      • JBDestiny

        TURN DOWN social security and medicare?!?!? Have you lost your mind? Their bankruptcy dates come closer with every revision! They won’t be around to reject!

      • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        lol No problem. I already know I’m paying into something that won’t be there when I (don’t ever) retire.

      • LouAnnWatson

        no one wins until one side gives up…moron. remember, al qaeda is on the run.

  • cmerlo1

    Real Americans being real Americans. I’m very proud of them. The police had better leave them alone- they earned the right to be there.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I don’t expect the police to bother them.

      • TheAnthillGoddess

        Nor do I…it’s being watched by far too many people (and news organizations). I suspect they’ll let them have their day and put the barriers back up once they’re done.

        • Jeff Coil

          The DC police didn’t bother the million bikers either.

          • Russell Dyess

            Just another glaring example of Obama having absolutely 0 support from anyone who isn’t in college, teaching college, or a 60’s era terrorist.

  • Conservative NJ Girl

    Outstanding! First they stormed the beaches of Normandy, and now storm the barricades of DC. They are not the greatest generation for nothing!!! Stick it to Oblunder, we honor your service!!!

  • TheAnthillGoddess

    Iowa has vets there today, too…WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam! Go get ‘um, boys! <3

  • WisconsinPatriot


  • Republicanvet

    I hope these honored vets visit a few more places in DC and knock down barriers…and cane a few heads.
    Truth be told, what in hell are barriers doing there anyway other than some petulant little [email protected]@rd ordered it? It’s not like Ranger Rick has to escort these guys around the friggin memorial.

  • waterytart

    Bless you, and thank you Vets!! You have 10x the testicular fortitude than any of those who think they’re “representing” Americans right now on the Hill.

  • rmnixondeceased

    Bravo! These proud veterans have knocked down more than a few barriers over the past 68 years!

  • ARandKsmommy

    We the people paid for that beautiful monument in their honor. They paid for it in BLOOD! No one deserves to be there more then them. THANK YOU for your service Gentlemen!!!

  • James Anderson

    Good for them!

  • RblDiver

    I can just picture one or more of them thinking “We stormed Normandy, you think this barricade will keep us out?” Props to them!

    • Republicanvet

      Just had the same thought.

    • autdrew4real

      My thought was Suribachi

    • DanStlMo

      I wish I could hit the like button 20 times!

    • ObamaFail

      They weren’t scared of Hitler, so they sure as hell aren’t scared by a wannabe dictator on an ego trip.

  • Missy Youtoo

    The memorial is public property so it belongs to them and all Americans. Police better NOT touch them.

  • lesterwink23

    God Bless these men

    • ARandKsmommy

      He did.

  • smokey

    I’m sorry – please show me one, only one, thing that this administration has done for the military or any vet ……… I imagine BHO sitting at his desk praising himself to the heavens for shutting out Vets and the shutdown figuring he has again been able to blame someone else for all the problems while praising himself as the supreme savior …………

    • vetgal1970

      I have asked this same thing and according to the people I have spoken to the two biggest things this administration gets credit for are making PTSD a presumptive condition and reopening/reassessing claims of the Vietnam vets. But it was not they who pushed for the studies that led to these decisions. I’m just saying.

      • Jeff Coil

        No, just like killing Osama they are taking credit for the actions of previous administrations.

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      Spitting in their coffee…

  • Republicanvet

    …as if some barrier would hold back guys who stormed worse at Normandy.

    Of course little or no media will cover the damn fool who ordered the barriers be put up.

    • dragonflash

      oh they will, they will just make sure the WRONG side gets blamed for them “having to be put up” bunch of dumbass obumma robots. won’t get blamed.

  • Steve Kellmeyer

    They bring a gun, we bring a wheelchair.
    What ya’ gonna do, Barry?

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I don’t know what Barry will do, but Joe will probably tell them to stand up.

      • Steve Kellmeyer

        If Joe does, he better bring his shotgun. He’ll need it.

  • Unicorns and Rainbows

    Despite it all, there are still some real Americans left!

  • nickdqwk

    Maybe they will tour “The People’s House” as well, definitely proud of these “True Patriots”.

    • Meriola Gotthardt

      oooooohhh I WISH THEY WOULD.

    • ARandKsmommy

      Now that would be a beautiful thing to behold.

  • Irwin

    Bless these people, and damn anyone who tries to stop them! These brave men are not just national heroes, they are world heroes.

  • Republicanvet

    If the park police are on their way, why was this memorial shut down?

    What were they guarding? Moochies garden?

  • TopqualitygirlUSA

    Their bravery still stands to this day! God bless every one of them.

    • Guest

      What little pride we had left as Americans died today. These vets are the only source of self worth, blood and tears, pride and respect that this county had left… the rest died a long time ago. Just shows that America has turned into one big asshole.

      • ObamaFail

        All thanks to liberalism.

  • Leanne McCullough

    I volunteer with Honor Flight – We have 918 veterans coming in this week alone and they deserve to see their memorial! Please contact your representatives and senators to make them aware!

    • kindamara

      Thank you for volunteering with honor flight. I’m hoping they will let me do it next year.

    • DanStlMo

      Thank you Sir!

    • asif

      can’t contact your reps and senators!!! THEY have closed their offices and gone home. no doubt with PAY. but even if they aren’t getting paid right now, we all know they will, eventually! this is just a paid vacation for them!!! meanwhile… nothing is getting done. they have solved NOTHING. just screwed things up further, if that is even possible. and left US with the fallout. these bozos need to go. all of them!

      • nc ✓s & balances

        My Congressman (John Campbell – R) just contacted ME – he is sending a daily email keeping his constituents updated with a “Laptop Report” on the status of the shutdown.

        Here is just a part of it:

        “As I said, I don’t know how this will play out. All I can control at this point is my own actions and my own vote. I will tell you this: To get my vote to fund the government, the president and his allies will have to accept some compromise. That compromise will have to entail some repeal or replacement of some part of ObamaCare. There are many such repeals and replacements that Democrats outside of the White House have supported before. They should support them again. I will compromise. I have compromised. But, I won’t back down.”

    • Robyn

      Thank you for volunteering your time with these wonderful vets. I wish you as little trouble with barricades as possible… but it seems like they’re already not much trouble to your VIPs. Keep up the great work.

  • vetgal1970

    YES!! I wish I was there so they could hear me say THANK YOU !!

    • Tom Wright

      They have heard you.

  • staff office

    They once again prove they were the GREATEST generation period.

    • Cappy Paxton


  • Fred

    I hope the police in full swat gear are sent in with machine guns to take them down.

    • Ronald Green

      If you’re right and they do, you just might be surprised at how Real Americans respond.

    • Keith

      Nice hair loser

  • staff office

    If the cops do anything I think that might be the spark…

    • Bud-Kathy Jones

      Damn ! didn’t think about that.

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    These men and women won WW11 , you think a park barricade is gonna stop em.

  • Darth__Vader

    These are the same men who took Iwo Jima and Normandy and held Bastogne. You think some barriers are going to keep them out?

    • walterc

      Close the WWII memorial? To quote an American hero with the 101st at Bastogne, “NUTS”.

  • Countylosttoday

    Come on.. wake up people. What little pride we had left as Americans died today. These vets are the only source of self worth, blood and tears, pride and respect that this county had left… the rest died a long time ago. Just shows that America has turned into one big asshole.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    My nearly 92 year old cousin, who lives in Los Angeles, is a WWII vet. He would love to go but he is now almost completely blind and half way deaf. It takes a whole lot for these vets to make this trip. God Bless them all!

    • NRPax

      Would your cousin consider reaching out to Honor Flights? I don’t know much about them except that they fly vets all the time into D.C. and Baltimore to see the memorials.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        Since he lost his sight he won’t go anywhere unfamiliar anymore. It only happened in the last few years so it’s very difficult for him. Thank you very much for your concern!

        • NRPax

          You’re welcome. I figured I’d throw it out there. I’ve been to the Iwo Jima memorial when they flew vets from that battle in and I’d hate him to miss out on something like this.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            You are very kind.

        • Jim Denney

          God bless him, please tell him there are still plenty of us out here who appreciate what he and his fellow service members did for us.

          • nc ✓s & balances

            Thank you so much. I will certainly tell him, he will appreciate it. The body is going, but the mind is still sharp, and he keeps up with all the news. And yes, he’s a Tea Party Conservative.

  • sigh

    May God strike down any person who comes up against these vets.

  • andso

    How childish to barricade off the memorials on the National Mall – our public open space. Surely the park police have more respect than to confront these veterans.

  • chsnative

    It’s an open space, why would they block it off? Makes no sense…

    • vetgal1970

      Because we have a petulant president

    • Jeff Coil

      For the same reason they shut down White House tours during the sequester but still somehow had the money to sent the Obama’s on vacation to Africa. Its all about hurting the American people as much as possible.

    • Ken H.

      Wouldn’t you think that it would be less expense to leave an open space “open” than it would be to somehow try to barricade it? It seems wasteful to try and do this action of blockading this memorial and other publicly owned and openly accessible spaces, and if it was just to make a statement, then it is even more foolish!

  • sflcat

    We paid for that place with our taxes. These men have paid for it with their sweat and blood. This place belongs to the people. Those men and women were indeed the greatest generation.

  • Countylosttoday

    Come on.. wake up people. What little pride we had left as Americans died today. These vets are the only source of self worth, blood and tears, pride and respect that this county had left… the rest died a long time ago. Just shows that America has turned into one big asshole. We all voted the idiots that are letting this happen and the best you can comment is how great these Vets are…. you want to show how great they are then do something about it instead of standing idly by in times like this.

  • Mike O’Day

    they made the memorial for these men so how can they be trespassing? they were willing to fight then and by god they are willing to fight now. i salute you honorable men .

  • John D Rickards

    The Greatest generation wins again. Bravo Zulu

  • jrhimer

    With no shame Obama’s intent has been, and is, to inflict as much inconvenience and pain as possible to the citizens of this country in pursuit of his political agenda.

    • AlCashier

      one of obama’s biggest goals is to hurt the US Military, gut the US Military and degenerate the US Military, and HARM our veterans as much as he possibly can.

  • Baron_of_Greymatter

    Seems like somebody once told those same guys that Normandy and Okinawa were closed, too.

  • piper60


  • DBrenchley

    We should storm EVERY national park .. how dare they prohibit access to that which is ours

  • dropkick

    Kenyans wouldn’t understand.

  • Kulcuda

    Just a thought, wonder which news network will report this or even take a moment to speak with the vets and get their opinion… 1—-2—–3

    • vetgal1970

      FOX is reporting just now

  • Masmani

    Hey, they took Normandy. No reason why they can’t take these idiots in Congress!

    • AlCashier

      it was NOT everyone in Congress, it was obama and the DEMOCRAT Senate that caused ALL of this.

      • Masmani

        Not a fan of the Dem’s or John McCain or Lindsey Graham. Those are the idiots

  • Ken Rusnak

    Erecting the barriers was no more than a petulent tantrum on the part of the administration. Reid and Pelosi should feel lucky that they aren’t wearing those barricades where the sun don’t shine.

  • Joe W.

    God, but you just have to love this. WWII vets kicking some ass today. Beautiful in your face to the petulant prick in the Oval Office.

  • catb55

    God Bless our vets .. they wait for this and a lot of people commit time and money to get them to the memorial .. NO ONE should try to stop them from seeing it. They can close something else .. Like ObamaNOcareTAX .. and let our vets attend THEIR MEMORIAL!

  • Kimmy84

    They’ve shut down the Lincoln Memorial too. I recall being in DC for the ’90 shutdown and was able to visit it. They had to put up temporary fencing to keep people out. It takes more manpower to close those monuments than to keep them open.

    We also visited the Jefferson Memorial and Arlington Cemetery. Does anyone know if they are still open?

    • Barry A. Brewer

      Also keep in mind that we, the American people, OWN all of these memorials they are being told they cannot visit.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All praise and thanks to these men for their brave service,

    However, indulge me in something that may seem off-topic– and that is, declaring someplace a “vet-free zone” didn’t seem to work, when there were people bound and determined to disobey it. All “[Whatever]-free zones” do is to put you on notice that, in theory, the law will come down on you harder for having done something in a restricted zone than they would do in a non-restricted one.

    But if you frankly don’t give a flying fadoodle, and you wish to tell the Man, “Hey, bozo, I took my chances, and I’ll take the weight– but something tells me you won’t want to deal with the repercussions if you try to nail me for this,” then just remember these vets on this Glorious Day (but not in the way His Arrogancy’s people mean it).

  • Jon Beets

    Why does the government think the parks and memorials can’t operate without them?

    • Stephen L. Hall

      It doesn’t really take that much money to mow the grass around some concrete sculptures. What else is there to do?

  • soccer czar

    Why would it be shut down anyway?!? There is no need for a tour guide and it looks like it is out in the open so there is no need for anyone to unlock doors or gates! It probably cost more to erect barriers than it did to leave it open. Shades of the dire warnings about the sequester which ended up not being so dire….

    • AlCashier

      it was shutdown because obama HATES America, our US Military, our children, our way of Life, our Victory against socialism in WWII, our Victory at Tripoli against islam.. the list of American Victory and American Success goes on and obama HATES ALL of it.

      • US vs. Them

        Obama: “He hates your children and loves Hitler”

  • Jimmie & Richard Moore

    Why would they block the memorial that is in the open air??Just to be a smartass, and say watch what I can do. God Bless those heroes….

  • Marvin Nelson

    So, at least we still have a few patriotic congressmen. Thanks, guys, for supporting these brave veterans. They gave much so that idiots like Oblabber and the Dumbocrats can wreck the country.

  • JoanieBaloney

    Love this generation. After what they went through growing up through the depression and WWII, they don’t take no stuff. I wish there were more like them in this country.

    • Marvin Nelson

      Sadly, they will all be gone too soon. When that happens, we will truly be a poorer country.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        They were very special, true, but we also have many terrific active and veteran military people of the younger generation too!

    • tinnerjim

      Oh ya? They are the gen that ushered in the new deal, the great society…kept the demon-crats in power to screw the American people for 60 years…these are how you like it? They were too busy raising a family, working for a life to give a crap about what they would leave to their youngsters…the public schools, no mention of GOD…abortion (killing the unborn) at your leisure…a group like Obama…thanks for NOTHING Grandpa…Dad…thanks for staying on top of our leaders while they were screwing the next gen…and beyond.

      • JoanieBaloney

        It was an entirely different time as they were trying to get out of the depression. Granted, we now know that FDR was a Commie but as for the public schools, no mention of God, abortion….that can only be blamed on our generation, the Baby Boomers. Our parents made our lives so easy we had time to dream up utopian ideas in over-priced colleges, too lazy to get up and go to church because we want to have guilt-free sex now that there was birth control and government funded abortions. The Baby Boomers parents were the worse parents ever in this country and are still so uninvolved with the education that they have allowed the public schools to be taken over by the wacko liberals. Let’s be honest and accept the Baby Boomer generation really owns this mess. We could have stopped or at least reigned in the big government of FDR but lapped it up.

        • tinnerjim

          Great comment Joanie- Yes you are right…”we” own this by almost every measure…and just to add to the misery…look what we did with our kids…

  • LoveTheLeast8

    So they have people they can send to stop you from looking at the memorial but they can’t open the memorial?

  • Mike BucsNutt Honaker


  • Don Hellbound

    for these Men to have to do this, makes me embarrassed to be an American vet.

    • AlCashier

      NEVER be embarrassed. STAND TALL. stand AGAINST obama and those socialists. we fought the socialists in WWII, they were called NAZIS. WE WON. we will win AGAIN. we US vets have more AMERICAN in our blood than that petty degenerate socialist obama or those vile dems ever will have.

  • Republicanvet

    According to the Washington Free Beacon, Rep Steve King distracted the park popo and the vets tore down the barriers.
    The park popo are allowing the vets to enter freely. In my opinion, they should be escorting every one of them.
    A park popo spokeswoman, Carol Johnson is quoted as, “We’re looking about how to deal with this in the future.” …which tells me, given the thugs in this admin, better barriers and union thug “volunteers” for guarding the gates.

    • PUMABydesign001

      I don’t think Park Police have much choice except to stand down..

      Arresting a bunch of 90 yo plus great grandfathers makes for really bad publicity..When they happen to be Vets, it gets worse..

      Then as practical matter, a lot of the Park Police are Vets- they wouldn’t do it

  • Ntr

    Today’s antics by the Democratic party shows one ultimate thing. It is time for the party to be pushed out of the political landscape in this nation. As one digs deeper into the Democratic party past, they should’ve been shoved out during the years when they were resisting equal civil rights. And now they’re resisting the rights, and views, of the majority of Americans by not delaying ACA.

  • Reality99r

    God Bless these brave folks!!!!!!!!
    Wonder if Obama and Reid sent the White House chefs and Congressional barbers to help these guys?

  • Ginger Jones Clegg

    Go get ’em, Mississippi Vets!!!

  • Sheila Samsal


  • PaulGerard

    First one to try and stop one Verteran should have their head busted!

  • Hank

    GO VETS!!!!,!!!!!!!

  • caligula

    these guys fought tyranny abroad and are now fighting it here at home.

    these are OUR parks, not the gov’t’s parks!

    • tinnerjim

      they voted for tyranny here in the US for the past 60 plus years ! We got exactly what those “heroes” gave us…be it because they were too busy raising us kids or too involved in making a living…they were either complacent or incompetent. There is NO OTHER explanation. Thanks Pop…Grandpa…

      • streetlevel47

        Say, tinner… are you always this POSITIVE, or is today just a really upbeat day for ya’? I’m just FASCINATED by the depth and logic of your wonderfully respectful and encouraging remarks…! Can you please treat us to some more of your wit and wisdom? You’re probably not a vet, are you…

  • MLCross

    And in science news today, the Cassini probe detected plastic precursor molecules on Saturn’s moon Titan before being ordered to return to Earth and placed on furlough due to the government shutdown.

  • MLCross

    “World War II veterans knock down police barriers to attend memorial on the National Mall”
    I bet we’re going to find out they’re all racists.

    • MLCross

      and teabaggers.

      • unknown

        They should all be detained

        • MLCross

          Don’t worry. The IRS operatives know how to handle counter-revolutionaries like these without being told. Fighting Hitler and Hirohito are one thing but defying THE ONE? They will learn. Oh yes, they will learn.

  • $16797955

    They fought the enemy…and did it again! THE U.S. GOVERNMENT! SALUTE!

  • Gail

    These men are our greatest generation and they have no fear & should not have been kept off the Memorial because of the people running our government & US. This may be the last trip they ever make.

  • Fred C. Rochester

    If it weren’t for these Band Of Brothers, this government would not be in existence to have a government shut down. Stand aside. Make a hole! Stand at attention, and let them pass. Salute smartly while you are at it.

  • Guest


  • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Those crazy kids! Best story EVER!

  • Biznole Spanker

    tom harkin is trying to get credit for this!!!! lol! hack!

  • Christine Guinn

    There was NO REASON for there to be barricades there in the first place! This is an OPEN AIR monument, and there are no doors or gates. The Obama administration put up barricades just to be assholes!

  • Jerry Hutyra

    All the welfare people love Obama and his crooked policies, but ‘TRUE AMERICANS’ stand up to tyrants like this, and we will not be defeated.

    • tinnerjim

      really? take a look at the “true Americans” that voted for the crap we have now…the same ones that are “the greatest gen”… look how that turned out…pretty crappy.

  • ked5

    so – did they put barriers around the entire mall? or just the WWII veterans memorial? is this crisis being used like sequestration merely for more inflicting pain upon those who are opposed to hisworshippfulness destructive policies?

    • Dontazemebro

      You got it. I have rarely seen any park employees at any of the monuments with the exception of the Washington monument.

  • Edward

    Oh damn, i’m getting moderated. lol no words of wisdom will ever get through. damn it. keep your sheep well fed moderator. Losers

  • Zorba Evony

    Looks like the GREATEST Generation is STILL up to the challenge. Why not put them in the capitol building and have them spank the congress losers?!!!!!!!

    • tinnerjim

      If it was the greatest gen,,,we would NOT have ended up with the thugs we have now in leadership. They would have given some consideration to the scumballs they voted for. They voted for the thieves that would “give them” the most…now here we are with a third and forth gen of leeches…thanks Dad and Grandpa…for NOTHING! GOD BLESS THOSE THAT SERVED…I wish they would have “thought” when they got back.

      • CallingBatman

        Ike was a scumball? My dad, a WWII vet, would have disagreed with you.

  • ginred


  • Sharon Warren

    God bless ’em. Time to stand UP for our rights IMHO. :)

  • Tish

    I hope one of u brave soldiers will salute my dad, who made it thru Iwo Jima, but never had the honor to see his sacrifice memorialized..he was the gentlest man i ever knew,.but fought and killed the enemy when his brothers in arms needed him most. Semper Fi Dad ..we love and miss you every day

  • dianna_browning

    I think that is wonderful. Even if it had not been a Government shutdown, Obama would have found a way to keep them out so kudos to them.

  • Guest


  • Granny617

    I think it is called – we the people!

  • dogwonder

    Sickening, another example of the WH targeting Conservatives via the public service, Obama those men fought your ethos in Germany they won’t be cowed by your thuggery or incompetence or your narcissism.

  • Al

    nothing but rightwingnuts here in these posts, you all disgrace these vets. Just remember how much you hate the president when your demented leaders start calling him a dictator for going around them to keep veterans’ benefits flowing during the rethuglican shutdown.

    • tinnerjim

      Al…screw you . You are a fucking idiot.

    • Guest

      Al, when are you going to move out of your mommy’s basement? By the way I am not a Republican, way too many moderate (liberal leaning wimps like yourself) for my taste in the new GOP. If you want to talk about thugs though I recommend discussing the democrat party son. After all it is the party of thugs

    • Evil Otto

      All done, Al?

  • ObamaFail

    These vets weren’t scared of Hitler and the Nazi’s, they sure as hell aren’t scared of a gutless coward like Barack Obama.

    • CallingBatman

      Huh? The Park Service got sent home as part of the shutdown. There was a guard on duty mostly to prevent vandalism and he let them pass by. These fearless congressmen who shut down the National Park Service didn’t storm the barricades – no one stopped them. Why would any of them be scared of Obama, or any other politician?

  • Keith

    You would think Oliar would be there to meet some of the “corpsemen”…smartest pres evah.

  • Publius8

    It says a great deal about the content of one’s character, or lack thereof, when you actively deny a group of veterans the right to see the monument they gave so much for, just so one can advance a flawed and deeply unpopular giveaway program. It is disgusting display from a moral reprobate.

  • Magnifico

    Imagine Obama’s regime trying to oust those heroes.

  • USPatriot

    The park service employees should be ashamed of themselves for following such a vile and disgraceful order as to barricade the memorial.
    They could have had the balls to tell The White House if they wanted it done, to send Jay Carney down there himself to do the dirty work. How despicable can Ovommit be?

  • bri

    Dress them up as occupy they would be let right in.

  • no good deed

    I’m thinking of heading over there with a copy of my DD 214 and sitting right by the Washington Monument.

  • wildwood15

    You’ll notice that many of the sequester & shutdown cuts are designed specifically to hurt the public: tours of the White House, census & educational data on government websites, historic sites (which should be privatized anyway). Michelle O is practically admitting she does not tweet herself, but rather has an underling do it. She needs her chef but not her tweeter!

    • CallingBatman

      So exactly what is it you’d like to see shut down? There’s no free lunch. How about: Get out of Afghanistan now, close down all overseas military bases and stop buying more tanks and planes we don’t need? Now THAT would save a boatload of money. The NPS is small change compared to that.

  • Marvin Nelson

    The WWII Memorial is open 24/7. Rangers are there during the day, but the monument is always accessible. This was a deliberate act by the Obutthead administration to put pressure on Congress. Where is McCain? He should be outraged about this. Oh, I forgot, he is a RINO, so he doesn’t give a $hit about the vets. Thank goodness, some congressmen cared enough to get them in. McCain is a slug.

  • Robyn

    Isn’t it funny that the WWII memorial – and in fact all memorials on the Mall – are usually ungated? The government actually had to bring in barricades, which of course costs money. Actually, it’d be funny if it weren’t so sad and infuriating.

  • deano24

    I love the quote from a on-duty Park Police officer “I’m not going to enforce the ‘no stopping or standing’ sign for a group
    of 90 World War II veterans,” he told the Post. “I’m a veteran myself.”

  • fireandreamitchell

    Obama finally built the fence! Too bad it was at the World War II vet memorial and not the US/Mexico border!

  • chaloner

    I wish these veterans could start a revolution and get rid of all the Obama worshipers and RINOS out of office and out of our country.

    • aegean1

      I know it’s just your avatar, but I keep wanting to swat at my screen.

  • Zefal

    The goons who ordered this up and the ones who followed them need to be castrated. What a lame blatantly obvious of trying to wave the shutddown in front of peoples’ faces.

  • Guest

    Time to start realizing that liberals are not your friends people. They care more about their ideology than their own families and friends. Stop befriending them, do not hire them and absolutely never ever date them.

  • neoface

    Obama would desecrate our American history if he is allowed, that’s why Constitutional eligibility as Natural Born citizen president must meet following requirements: Basically to insure loyalty to this country.

    1. Geographic birth in U.S.

    2. Born to two U.S. citizen parents

    3. Continuity of natal citizenship status from birth to election

    Barack Obama is not eligible to be president of the U.S. for
    the following reasons:

    A. Lack of original documented proof of birth in U.S.

    B. He was not born to two U.S. citizen parents.

    C. Lack of document proof of maintenance of U.S.citizenship after adoption and relocation to Indonesia.

    • Matheus Grunt

      Stop focusing on Obama. He is just a puppet and while he must be punished, so does 99% of the government today.

  • Scott Coleman

    In the spirit of the Battle of Athens(Tennessee)……Ooh-rah from a Navy, then Marine Vet!

  • Nightvalzin

    My Grampie K fought in WWI.Despite only knowing him for the first 2 years of my life,he is one of my biggest heroes.These people were brave enough to fight against the enemy to protect the US and the rest of the globe from tyranny.So heartwarming to see they still have such an amazing spirit.

  • bflat879

    Amazing how petty this administration is.

  • Theotherbruce

    This stuff belongs to us, not the bureaucrats we employ. Time to take out the trash.

  • Judy Evans

    I’m surprised Obama rejected their request. He should have known his refusal would be a P.R. nightmare, but I say GOD BLESS THOSE VETERANS, every one of them, for storming the beaches of WW2, and for storming their Memorial in D.C.. They’re as brave now as they were then!

    • Dustoff

      The MSN will not say zip about it. )-:

  • CJ

    It mat take the greatest generation to save us from ourselves….again! If ONE of these heros is mistreated…the streets will flow with blood from the Revolution to follow!

  • Chuck Barefoot

    ohh for christs f*cking sake lets take pictures with the exact people our policies harm the most… I’ll give the retardicans and the teabaggers one thing… they have very large testicles… too bad they didn’t have to put on gear and go fight, with dicks as big as these we’d never lose

  • Patti Ostenson

    My daddy was a WW11 vet. and I am soooooo proud of these vets

  • Patti Ostenson

    My daddy was a WW11 vet. and I am soooooo proud of these vets

  • Rob26

    Awww… too bad most of the comments here are obliterated by the truth of what actually happened. Here’s what the co-founder of the Honor Flight Network had to say:

    Go cry a river to each other as you continue to live in the fantasy world lying loons like Gohmert and Bachmann create for you so can rage at Obama while they laugh at your gullibility.

    Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • Mickey Adams

    Politics: Just give me ONE good reason why EVERY roof in this country isn’t lined with solar panels…JUST ONE…

  • richard40

    What rational reason is there to close this open air memorial. It requires almost zero maintenance, your dont need people to take care of it, so why would any forloughs require its closure. It cost more to put up the police barriers than it would to just leave it open. This is just a cheap stunt by Obama, typical of him. I defy any leftist here to come up with any rational reason, other than a political stunt, why this was done.

  • Mena Berg

    god bless the WWII VETS!! and all vets!