As Twitchy reported, model Chrissy Tiegen bid adieu to pasta maker Barilla over company chairman Guido Barilla’s stance on “traditional families.” Now actor BD Wong, best known for his roles as Dr. George Huang on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Father Ray Mukada on Oz, has joined in.

The pasta company has apologized:

At Barilla, we consider it our mission to treat our consumers and partners as our neighbors – with love and respect – and to deliver the very best products possible. We take this responsibility seriously and consider it a core part of who we are as a family-owned company. While we can’t undo recent remarks, we can apologize. To all of our friends, family, employees, and partners that we have hurt or offended, we are deeply sorry.

It will take more than that to mollify the anti-Barilla forces.

Exit question: How long will it take before some moron proposes a government ban on Barilla?

  • CatHerder ✓fire

    Never apologize for being right.

    • unknown

      Never apologize, it’s a sign of weakness

      • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Ok, Gibbs

        • ceemack

          I think John Wayne said that first, in “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”.

  • Archaic

    Well because we live in America and free speech is still available to us, these celebrities have every right to choose to boycott Barilla and tell their fans why.

    In that same vein, I have the same right to keep on buying Barilla because they make good pasta and honestly I don’t based my food buying decisions on politics and/or social issues. If I did I’d probably starve.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      Don’t forget the right to scoff.

    • Richo

      Good heavens, a comment on here that is actually reasonable and not screaming about how people who exercise their right not to buy a pasta product are fascists? Are you sure you are on the right website? You sound to much like a “RINO” moderate for the likes of this crowd.

  • Tony Flores

    I am conservative and believe in 100% right for all peoples, regardless of sexual preference, creed, color, etc. If Barilla’s stand is anti-gay, I’m sorry but I cant buy their product. It’s about human rights, no person should be denied human rights.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “If Barilla’s stand is anti-gay, I’m sorry but I cant buy their product.”


      How is Barilla “anti-gay?” By failing to satisfy pro-gay political and social engineering expectations?

      “It’s about human rights, no person should be denied human rights.”

      The right to run marketing campaigns for every product one buys? It’s their right to boycott who they please, no matter how irrational. No other rights are involved here in the conversation.

      • TocksNedlog

        Oh, have you not heard? Being pro traditional family AUTOMATICALLY makes you anti-gay. You’d have already known that if you hadn’t been so busy clinging to your guns and religion and heterosexuality!

    • NRPax

      You mean the nation of Barilla is denying human rights to people? Here I was thinking they were just a pasta company.

      • WhoMeToo

        Brilliant!! XD

      • unknown

        It must be one of those small Eastern Europe countries that are hard to find.

        • NRPax

          Kind of like the nation of Peruvia that Ace of Spades talked about.

          • WhoMeToo

            It’s right next to LGBTfaciststan. I believe DB Wong has a summer home in LGBTfaciststan. I heard it on MSM… so it MUST be true.

      • Joseph Kurt

        So it’s a small, clearly capitalist country with a pro-traditional marriage stance? I fell an illegal immigration coming on….oh, sorry, that was insensitive. I’m going to sneak in until they let me in…

        • NRPax

          They’re pretty welcoming as long as you have a set of job skills beyond “welfare recipient.”

          • Joseph Kurt

            And I hear tell the Italian food is delish…

      • WhoMeToo

        Seriously… Who even believes these hollyweird A-holes even eat pasta??

      • journogal

        Learn something new every day…

        • NRPax

          There you go! The day isn’t a total loss.

    • Markward

      Since when was “we don’t agree with you, but respect you.” a denial of human rights?

      That is tolerance. You don’t have to agree with the GLBT lifestyle to say “live and let live.” and respect their right to live their lives as long as they respect your life as well.

    • wwbdinct

      Well Tony – because YOU have decided not to buy their product anymore, when I go to the supermarket and buy my Barilla products (which I do every week) I’ll make sure and buy double the amount to make up for your boycott, as is my HUMAN RIGHT to do!

    • Pablo

      What human right is Barilla denying anyone?

      • WhoMeToo


    • grais

      Barilla isn’t denying any human rights. For heaven’s sake, they sell spaghetti.

      This is too funny.

    • ClinkinKY

      I’m a 59-year-old, divorced Cuacasian male and if Barilla doesn’t feature someone like me in their ads I’m going to boycott them.

      (I used to buy Creamette brand pasta but just returned from store with Barilla products. Not because I’m anti-gay. I’m simply anti-stupid boycott reasons. I’d never had a Chick-Fil-A sandwich until just recently also)

      Ever heard the term, “Choose your battles”? Puh-leese.

      ps-Your claim to being conservative doesn’t hold water (for boiling pasta:)

      • Chevypowered

        I heard my fair shares of “I’m Conservative…but.” “I’m Christian…but.” “I believe in the 2nd amendment…but…” Most of the time they are talking out of their…”but.”

      • Ryan Johnson

        Same here, thanks to bad experiences with public school i thought i didn’t like chicken sandwiches. I didn’t want to eat chic fil a until the boycott and i found out i was sorely mistaken.

    • Hyork Dench

      Then you stand in support of Barilla and his freedom of speech?

    • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

      Hear-hear!!! No human being should be denied al dente noodles. :rolleyes:

    • Emily B

      I guess I missed the part where they said gay people aren’t allowed to buy their pasta….

    • TocksNedlog

      It is a ‘human right’ to have your chosen lifestyle depicted in a commercial product’s advertising?
      Since WHEN?

    • $7610427

      Having your lifestyle depicted in a pasta commercial is not a human right…not yet, at least.

    • craigzimmerman12

      There are no rights in the constitution pertaining to sexual behavior. “Gay rights” is pure fantasy.

    • Jill

      What rights are they being denied?
      The absolute right to life?
      Unreasonable search and seizure?
      Cruel and unusual punishment?
      Ex post facto convictions?
      Trial by jury?
      The right to keep and bear arms?
      The right to refuse to quarter soldiers?
      The right to vote?

      What codified human right are they lacking other than not receiving government sanction in most states? Why is it so vitally important that the government recognize your union? Does marriage somehow imply that you’ll be more in love or more committed to one another by virtue of a raised seal? Are gays not already afforded every other benefit of marriage under contract law? Why are a pasta company’s personal views, stated very off the cuff, inherently hateful? Can it not just be their opinion?

    • Kat

      There is no “right” to ad featured in a television advertisement (which is what this is all about). If you want to boycott a pasta company, go ahead but they are well within their rights to decide who they want to feature in their ads.

      And before you ask, I 100% support BOTH gay marriage and *all* parts of the First Amendment. And I supported the former long before Obama decided it was cool. I personally don’t think it’s the government’s responsibility to approve anyone’s relationship, but it’s not feasible to sever the government’s ties to that institution at this rate. However, this is still America and the gay left has to got to recognize that they cannot force anyone to approve of their relationship or to participate.

      As for the pasta itself, I’m buying whatever’s cheapest.

    • vphilly

      You’re not a conservative.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    How dare they rule out showing a perfectly normal deviant family having a round of wholesome traditional new age pasta?

    How dare they! Boycott Italy!

  • WhoMeToo

    Meanwhile ==> Having Lasagna for dinner!!! YUM! #Barilla

  • NRPax

    So Al-Gayeda is out to claim another scalp.

  • Brother bob

    Typical.. Yet again succumbing to a small minority

  • Rob Stevely

    Sumting Wong BD?

  • The Jackal

    So, what is wrong with being a traditional family. I’ll keep eating Barilla,Thank you very much!

  • wwbdinct

    I’m disappointed that they felt the need to apologize but all you celebritards and average Joe libtards that will be boycotting Barilla please know that Barilla is my favorite brand of pasta and I intend to now buy double the amount that I usually do. Stop being little fascists and respect a person and company’s right to believe what they choose to believe.
    I don’t use twitter but I’m hoping that someone starts a #SUPPORTBARILLA hashtag to counter this absolute nonsense!

  • grais

    They’d best research Ronzoni’s head-hocho’s opinion on gays. In fact, they’d best research the stance of Every company from which they purchase, no? I mean, if it’s that important, and they really want to make a point….
    Let’s see how much this really matters to them.

    • Ryan Johnson

      I personally feel these interviewers purposely ask these questions to gin up controversy if some poor famous soul dare says what they don’t want to hear.

      • grais

        I suppose that gets the interviewer some attention. But it’s fleeting.
        Those being interviewed had better learn to not answer those questions at all.

        It won’t be long before any company that doesn’t promote gay marriage in its advertising will be boycotted, regardless of a stated-or-not-stated position.

        • Ryan Johnson

          Huh, I was ridiculing the whole “approved questions” thing before but this type of thing makes me understand.

          • grais

            Well, I would still ridicule elected officials’ “approved questions” if they’re meant to hide political dealings. But the head of Barilla is certainly within his rights in not answering questions meant to stir up ridiculous controversy.

          • Ryan Johnson

            I understand what you mean. These days it’s best to refuse to answer and if people get offended by words you didn’t actually say, it’s their problem.

          • grais

            A lot of offended people won’t buy Barilla anymore.
            A lot of people will buy more Barilla because of the offended people’s boycott.
            It’ll probably all even out, anyhow.
            funny stuff.

  • Maxx

    These oh so adorable “what’s the protest THIS week?” sanctimonious malcontents jump on their soapbox to boycott a freakin’ penne manufacturer yet throw their unconditional support and undying love to what is, by all accounts, Jimmy Carter 2.0

    It’s comical, the little battles liberals choose.

  • Glitter

    Read BD Wong’s description of himself on his Twitter page. I’m embarrassed for him.

  • Ryan Johnson

    Screw that, they didn’t have crap to apologize for. When your kids are coming home from school asking why their mother isn’t a father instead so that they can have two, you will know why; because you lack backbone to stand up to these people.

    Typing this sentence about backbone reminded me of when LPGA caved to pressure and allowed Lucy Lawless, a male to female transgender MAN, play women’s golf. No nuts there either… but thanks to Lucy, they got them now.

    This world is absolutely nuts.

    • TexSizzle

      Years before that, Richard Raskind, who changed his name to Renee Richards, a male to female transgender MAN, played women’s tennis, resulting in many female tennis players refusing to play him because his male physique gave him an unfair advantage. Chris Evert was strongly opposed to him playing women’s tennis because of his genetic make-up.

  • Medicinewoman2

    And I don’t care if the boy cotters never eat again! Starve for all I care. You’re a grown up.

  • MSM

    Is he also going to throw away a bunch of pasta?

    Did it ever occur to any of these protesters that they’re being hypocritical throwing carb-rich food away?

    They could at least donate it to a soup kitchen, low-income people, but no. They throw food in the trash.


  • Pat

    my new brand of pasta is Barilla.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Since when did stating that your marketing plan did not involve homosexual advertising constitute a political stand?

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      As soon as the left said it did.

  • tops116

    At what point will BD Wong be boycotting Democrats who voted for DOMA and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Oh right, that’s different… for some reason. I mean, Democrats being opposed to gay marriage was such a long time ago… like eight years. That’s super long, you guys. It’s a pity that Democrats are only just learning to be as tolerant of gays as Dick Cheney… and Cheney’s still to the left of Obama on gay marriage.

  • RememberSekhmet

    Barilla figured they would annoy three religious conservatives for putting gay couples on their pasta boxes for every gay or ultra-lib they would pick up. It’s a marketing decision, folks.

  • Jack Deth


    If Mr. Wong wants to deny himself some of the better pastas. Let him.

    Barilla will be around next week. Next month. Next year and far beyond.

  • Joyce

    Sick if people apologizing.

  • Joyce

    I don’t care what their opinion is about social issues as long as they make a good product I will buy it.

  • RememberSekhmet

    Lefties are trendie-poos. If Barilla bowed to the pressure, and put gay couples on their pasta boxes, they would get at most a quarter’s worth of (barely) increased sales, until the next trendie-poo issue comes along. Then all the gays and lefties buying Barilla in solidarity would go back to Skinner or whatever, as the Next Trendy Way To Be Liberal seizes Twitter accounts and lib dollars.

  • videosavant

    Longtime Barilla buyer here. Lately, to save a few pennies, I’ve been buying the store brand. But I hate bullies, so I’m back to Barilla.

  • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

    Ole BD has every right to be an idiot and eat la pasta e’ scotta. Rumor has it, he has experience with limp noodles.

  • Joyce

    Curious how many hours these idiots out in to make this company. Just because you worked hard, built a business does to mean you lose your right to your opinions. All Barilla is responsible for is making a good product and we can choose to buy it or not. Just as it is stupid to determine not to buy it based on the opinions of the owners.

  • TocksNedlog

    Wong wrong. Phooey!

    • Duane_of_Dibbley

      I see what you did there

      • TocksNedlog


  • craigzimmerman12

    I think I will go out and buy some Barilla Pasta. Fuck the politically correct thought police.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “And…there goes my formerly favorite pasta brand!”

    And there goes one of my favorite character actors! How about some tolerance both ways?


    Let’s see. Clear the shelf at my grocer, take what I want and donate the rest to my churches food pantry. Yep a good plan.

    • gary4205

      That’s exactly the right thing to do. Pasta is cheap and that will make stores reorder in huge amounts

  • ceemack

    Might be time to cook up some spaghetti.

  • SpaceRacer423

    If you have reached the point in your life where you are pissed off at pasta then perhaps its time to look in the mirror and question ALL of your life’s choices.

    • Jeremy

      quite right .This is just pasta

  • ELC

    They want a boycott of Barilla…not in this lifetime will they get it. Firstly, Barilla is the best pasta on the market. Big, hairy deal that the chairman supports “traditional families”. That’s his opinion-stop with the stupid politically correct way of living. I’m sure the “Non-Traditional Families”will keep on eating Barilla. Many won’t even know what this stupidity is all about.

  • Seriously, no seriously…

    another shining example of how liberals think some people’s right to free speech is valid — unless you don’t agree with them …in which case you’re wrong, and oh yeah you’re a racist. I’d say it’s like dealing with spoiled children but even spoiled children aren’t this bad.

  • AudreyPH

    I don’t agree with Barilla’s opinion personally, but why is it that when ever a company says anything or does anything remotely conservative, it’s all over the media, but if you boycotted every company that supports planned parenthood (and almost nothing is said about it publicly as far as I’ve seen) you’d probably have to live in the woods and grow or hunt your own food like the Unabomber?*
    Also, I’ve looked at these lists, and I noticed there are a lot of alcohol-producing companies on them. Maybe they and pp depend on each other for customers?
    *before he went to prison of course

  • CaptainClarity

    Who is BD Wong, what does BD stand for and why should anyone care about his preference in pasta or men? It’s 2013 so he can be as gay as he wants to.

  • notenoughtime

    Who is BD Wong and why should his opinion carry more weight.

  • disqus_BktOMwqkBg

    Tolerance means live and let live. Intolerance means you find someone’s beliefs or actions so contrary to yours that you will attack until they change or hide or flee or die. How dare Barilla not focus group their ads to your satisfaction! They obviously must be destroyed.

  • Mac Abee

    Bought some Barilla manicotti pasta yesterday. Gonna make some manicotti with sausage, spinach, and mushrooms for my sweetie.