Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is up for re-election next year. According to Public Policy Polling, a liberal-leaning polling company, Hickenlooper is tied 42-42 with GOP former Rep. Tom Tancredo in Angela Giron’s district (Senate District 3):

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.15.28 AM

PPP surveyed 579 likely voters. Cross-tabs showed a large gender gap:

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.22.37 AM

As David Kopel notes, the district is deep blue:

Pueblo, the largest city in southern Colorado, delivered the result that stunned almost everyone. For more than a century, Pueblo has been a Colorado stronghold of working-class union Democrats. Like most of southern Colorado, it has a large Hispanic population. Obama won Senate District 3 by 19% in 2012. In 2010, Democratic Senator Angela Giron won her race by about 5:4.

It’s one thing for a deliberately polarizing legislator like Morse to lose a close race in a swing district. It’s quite another for Giron to lose by 12 points in a district that is 47% Democratic and 23% Republican.

We learned last year to take polls with a grain of salt, but there is reason to believe this particular poll was spot-on:

We did a poll last weekend in Colorado Senate District 3 and found that voters intended to recall Angela Giron by a 12 point margin, 54/42. In a district that Barack Obama won by almost 20 points I figured there was no way that could be right and made a rare decision not to release the poll. It turns out we should have had more faith in our numbers [because] she was indeed recalled by 12 points.

If Tancredo is indeed anywhere close to even with Hickenlooper in this district … just wow.


Colorado grass-roots to Gov. Hickenlooper: You’re next!

  • RblDiver

    After yesterday’s results and this news today, starting to feel slightly optimistic.

    • Eliza

      I live in NY State, I have no hope! However, we WILL win in 2016. Americans are tired of big government with no brains.

      • disgusted_with_government

        It’s a tough slog up hill in those states where Democrats resort to vote fraud, and thereby suppressing the vote of their opponents through continual frustration.

      • Nancy DeVisser


      • Paul Bushay

        Don’t be so sure my friend! If the GOP picks another slug of a candidate, it’ll be more of the same!

    • disgusted_with_government

      My thermometer budged from 49 to 50 today. Glad that they (Morse and Giron) lost. Hope this continues across the country.

    • Caniac Steve Henderson

      keep working and focus on the task at hand..polls change often..but results in the end is what counts !!

  • CJ

    Taking our state back from the crazed lunatic progressives.

    • RblDiver

      Indeed, though I’m still rooting for the North Colorado (or preferably some other name) initiative as a backup.

      • CJ

        actually, they should join Nebraska because that area is far more RED and the same type of people…good hardworking farmer and small town types.

        • kevin Golike

          not near red enough, problem is the “RED” people just are not voting,obama got elected by about 15 percent of people who COULD VOTE,THAT LEAVES 85 PERCENT OF THE POPULATION WHO DOESNT EVEN VOTE WHO SHOULD BE!

          • coytebob77

            Republicans had record number of registered voters bound and determined to oust the Marxist-in chief in 2012, while Democrats had near record lows many of whom stated that they would not be voting at all. And when it was all said and done we were expected to believe that conservatives just didn’t bother to show up? That kind of math just doesn’t add up.

          • ROGERGB

            It’s our job to wake those joker up. I try to do it every single day. Lots of the Liberals are a little irritated with Obama. Some really surprised me they ever said a word. His Hollywood pals are a little upset with his failures.

        • LUV2SKICO

          As someone that grew up in Nebraska, I can tell you that you want no part of the morons that run that state (mostly Omaha & Lincoln morons). The Unicameral is non-partisan so the politics there get really weird. They were one of the last states to adopt concealed carry and Omaha still registers handguns. The Omaha mayor came out for a confiscation of all “assault weapons” but was thankfully ousted in his reelection bid. The property taxes in Nebraska can be brutal. My brother was paying over $4000 on a house valued at $158K.

          Keep the Northern Colorado state independent. That way the good guys get another pair of senators and at least one rep in the House.

      • Arthur E Jackson

        I was hoping the red states would succeed the union, leaving the blue states to find someone else to pay the bills while they take their liberties

        • Evan Jones

          I don’t want to secede, I want my damn country back…

          • Larry Miller

            I agree, Evan, but secession may end up being the sole answer, or result.

          • Evan Jones

            Only after one helluva fight…

          • LUV2SKICO

            But we have guns and know how to use them….

          • Evan Jones


          • Evan Jones

            And it maybe, but I am an American and this nation is mine, and does not belong to leftist hippie dirt bags. If someone breaks into my house, eats my food, sits in my chair and watches my TV I will be damned it that means I will hand over the deed to them without a bloody fight.

        • ROGERGB

          Me too. I thought ourGovernor was in 09 but Nope! Sure wish we would at least make the effort.

      • Sweetsue wesley

        How about South Wyoming?

    • Spamalot

      I’m jealous! (II’m in Crazyfornia)

      • willie

        OH!!! God, you too Pamela???

        • LUV2SKICO

          I thought half of Kommiefornia had moved here and that is why things have gotten so crazy.

    • Scott

      Regressives you mean!

  • Jake Wilde

    My heart about stopped the other day. I looked at a general map that looked like our neighborhood was re-zoned to the 2nd district, but we dodged a bullet and Coffman is still our Rep as we are on the very line. Tancredo would definitely have saved a lot of us some anger over the past couple years.


      You can thank that cement-for-brains moron Dan Maes for Hickenlooper. He should have pulled out once the news came out about how utterly looney he was and all the money dried up. Tanc would have jumped in as the R nominee and run the table with the Chickenpooper.

      It was Dan Maes’ narcissism that caused us to get all these bad bills shoved down our throats.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Backlash and this time the RINOs aren’t getting a break.

  • Arthur E Jackson

    we should ship all dem’s to Detroit except Obama, Hillary, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, they can go to Syria and blame Bush to the people their. Wonder how long they would last? 10 seconds.

    • catfood

      I’d rather they went to prison right here in America

      • Arthur E Jackson

        I was thinking of the tax payer. If they all got killed in Syria, it would be the first time since they got elected that they did the tax payer a solid

    • JoAnn

      Hillary really WOULD be dodging bullets there.

      • Arthur E Jackson

        At that point what difference would it make.

    • disgusted_with_government

      I’m thinking Gitmo would be a more appropriate destination for O, B, R & P. Otherwise, I am with you on the Detroit destination for the others with a razor wire fence around what remains of the city to contain the evil.

  • Arthur E Jackson

    Now we have the guns, remove them by peace means or by force if necessary. I read that once upon a time

  • AmericanMom

    It’s beginning to look like there’s hope (not the Obama kind) for Colorado after all.

  • MarcusFenix

    Since I’m not familiar with Tancredo so much(and for the moment, not going to go do research)….the question I’d have would be “Is Tancredo worth supporting?”. Hickenlooper seems to be less than stellar, so it’s likely a good trade up, but…what is Tancredo going to bring to the table?

    Opinions from CO folks?

    • greenchilicheeseburger

      An R in front of his name.

    • Wootsauce

      Tancredo ran against hickenlooper on the Constitution platform. He got 30 something percent of the vote while the Republican was in the teens. Shows you how much weight he has. Actually his Wikipedia page is pretty spot on. Next year he is definitely getting my vote.

      • MarcusFenix

        might give that page a look in a while, when I’m free to do some reading. Thanks!

        • Wootsauce

          His issue stances are exactly what we need to return Colorado to her former glory. With a Republican Senate he would actually have a chance to repeal all this Progressive crap.

          • Arthur E Jackson

            Send the progressives to their own creation, detroit

          • Wootsauce

            And give them Chicago’s gun laws with no personal security, that’d change their tune I imagine

      • Ron Michel
    • therealguyfaux

      Not from Colorado, but Tom Tancredo once got crucified for a statement to the effect of, If bombing Mecca and destroying it, to where not a stone remains upon a stone, would end Islamic terrorism once and for all, we might seriously have to consider it as a final option.

      Some good outside-the-box thinking there (NO /sarc).

      • catfood

        Tancredo is not PC and never has been , honest solutions to real problems , not the pc liberal hand wringing bs

    • catfood

      I’ve followed Tancredo for years , He has a rep against illegal aliens but he is so much more , He gets smeared by the open borders crowd but his creds are much more , he is total conservative on all issues and TOTALLY AMERICAN, He did run for President years ago and had the very best debate line, I don’t remember it all , it had 3 parts “Its your country,fight for it, its your flag , pick it up” It was the best line the way he did it.

      • MarcusFenix

        I had remember he made a run for it, but I didn’t remember much about him.

      • disgusted_with_government

        He was right before the times showed his views to be better than his opponents. He was certainly right about the invasion of illegals.

    • Will Olsen

      Tancredo will bring honesty, patriotism and a fighting spirit to do what is “right”! I have admired him for years.

    • California_Mama_Bear

      Not from CO, but if I were, I would support Tom Tancredo 100% – he’s the real deal, and I really wanted him on the ballot for President in 2008; sadly he didn’t make it through the debates and into the primary.

    • lancelot

      Voting for a democrat is like voting away more of your freedoms. Your choice..

    • BeautifulAmerica

      He used to have an excellent blog; I can’t find it anymore. I guess his time is better served running for Gov. (Yay, Tom!)
      Here’s an old one:
      “New post on Congressman Tom Tancredo

      Well, Whaddya know? Huma Abedin was a Muslim Students Association Board Member
      by Admin
      Via: Walid Shoebat




      well, well… In addition to Huma Abedin returning to the United States
      circa 1996 and landing a job with both Hillary Clinton and the Institute
      of Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), she also joined the Muslim Students
      Association (MSA) Executive Board at George Washington University.

      The following screen shot is courtesy of Wayback Machine and shows that in 1997, Huma Abedin served on teh MSA Executive Board as the Head of Social Committee.

      now know that while Huma was serving on the IMMA Board with al-Qaeda
      financier Abdullah Omar Naseef, she was also serving on the Board of a
      Muslim Brotherhood front group – the MSA – as identified by the 1991 documentintroduced
      into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial. Remember, that in
      1997, that 1991 document was only six years old.

      Remember, both Wolf Blitzer and Dana Milbank said
      that arguing Muslim Brotherhood infiltration has merit; Huma Abedin was
      a Board member of the MSA, a Muslim Brotherhood organization.

      Wolf? Dana?

      Related articles

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  • V the K

    One can hope this will knock down the “Just the tip” approach to gun control for another 20 years.

  • Amberteka

    about time……………..

  • Jason Hunt

    This is hope and change that I can live with!

  • Dan Snelson

    Please let this wind blow west we NEED to clear out the dems with a super majority in California, they are well and truly raping our state

    • merlin215

      NOOOOO … Bring it east please ? Massachusetts needs an overhaul as well …

      • nc

        Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow…

        • merlin215

          Now Martha Coakley just announced her running for Governor . I’m moving to Canada LOL …

    • California_Mama_Bear

      Conservative Christian, NRA member, Calif. native born & raised in CA and life-long CA resident . . . I am so disgusted ( & discouraged ) with what is going on in my state & being non-represented that I seriously would like to move . . . and I hate moving ! The newest round of anti-gun legislation awaiting Gov. Moonbeam’s signature ( Jerry Brown ) has just about convinced me that we should start packing up. I do not see a super majority being cleared out, and I believe the Dem’s happily commit voter fraud to win anyway they can – a pox on them and the stupidity they rode in on.

      • Dan Snelson

        yes I too am an NRA member as both of my CALI sons. {one is in Oregon not sure about him, but he his a believer} and also one of the few, proud BORN IN THE STATE Californians. My problem is two fold I love my church and my wife has pretty much said I move over her dead body {I moved her like 7 times in the first 5 years of our marriage for jobs } I cannot even talk her into moving closer to our church which would put us in a CCW friendly county

      • Dawna

        Re; ‘I believe the Dem’s happily commit voter fraud to win anyway they can’ – I was just thinking today how odd it has always struck me when Obama told that guy, Putins ambassador??? that “after he’s re-elected”…like he knew he had it in the bag and I’ve always believed acorn pulled it off for him a 2nd time. Acorn has been suspiciously quiet since the first election….
        You know who else needs to be fired? Judges who thwart the votes of the people and who legislate from the bench!

  • patriot1742

    Bloomburg dropped $350,000. that is reported – which means it is probably more like a million with all the under the table deals he pulled – Colorado WINS – now keep up the pressure and put Hickenlooper out of business.

  • MSM

    Kinda expected it after what happened in that hispanic district in California where they ousted the liberal for a salt of the earth republican. In that district hispanics have a huge advantage and yet the republican won.

    Liberals called it a fluke. I called it a warning.

    They didn’t get the message. Still liberals have gone around talking about hispanics as if they own them. As if they belong to democrats. I’ve always wondered how hispanics can stand that.

    I grew up in Texas. I knew lots of hispanics. They were my school mates, my friends. A hard-working people that belong to no one.

    • therealguyfaux

      “…[L]iberals have gone around talking about Hispanics as if they own them. As if they belong to Democrats. I’ve always wondered how Hispanics can stand that.”

      Oh, they don’t really want born-in-America citizens of Hispanic ancestry— they want those people who are without visas to vote in fraudulent elections in non-voter ID states. They want to have illegals come here and do the work Americans don’t want to do for the money offered, and then tell the black members of that class of Americans “it’s all racism, innit?” They want traficantes to set up operations in cities so Dem politicians can be bought off to ignore them. But mostly, they want nannies, cooks, gardeners, pool boys etc who dare not open their mouths for fear of being sent back to Central America.

      • disgusted_with_government

        “They want to have illegals come here and do the work”
        Or not do the work and be a Democrat dependent freebie grabber. and solid Democrat vote. Not characteristic of all Latinos but a growing number of them are.

  • catfood

    Hey , Australia got it right , they kicked out the liberal progressives , now its our turn , Tancredo is a hell of a lot better man then chickenlooper.

  • foramerica

    Those of you in Colorado who want a liberal government, take a serious look at California and consider if you really want your state to be as screwed up as it is, then vote.

  • Kent

    Okay, the laugh is over now. Time to get rid of Mr. Silly-name and get a governor with common sense

  • Bemani Dog

    If PPP can only get them tied, Tancredo would probably destroy him in any other poll.

    • therantinggeek

      I tend to take polls with a grain or two of salt, but you’re probably right. If a Left-leaning group like PPP has Tancredo tied with Gov. Hickenlooper, it could spell trouble for the incumbent next year.

  • ARJ190

    Keep the heat on Colorado, there may be hope for you yet!!!

  • Arthur E Jackson

    Let me understand this. Dem’s want the hard working, law abiding citizens to pay the bills of those that won’t work, while disarming them so those that won’t work can, rob, steal, kill, and rape them at gun point…Okay, I see the logic in that, not.
    Its like trying to play chess with a pigeon. The pigeon don’t know shit about chess so the knock over all the pieces, poop on the board, curse you out, and then strut around like they won the game or something…Its time to stop trying to be politically correct, and start being right. Politically correct says you can’t tell a homosexual he wasn’t born having sex with another man, he choose to get into bed with a same sex partner, because he believed a lie as though it was true now he acts like it is true.
    Gun control isn’t gun control, it a violation of your basic right to self defense. Letting the criminal have all the guns isn’t going to make a tax payer safer. Only a idiot would say that it would, or someone looking to over throw the rest of our God given rights.

  • John Chivalier

    All the states should take this lesson from Colorado. I praise these fine citizens making their elected officials to listen to them instead of big interest groups. Each states needs to start recalling these professional politicians. I have come to the conclusion that you can not trust the Republicans or Democrats because they want to follow along party lines. Last I heard people run the government, not political parties. We need people that owes no one, except the people who elected them. GO COLORADO!

  • Arthur E Jackson

    Invest in precious metals, guns.

    • billy86

      Blue steel.

      • liberalssuck

        Brass, copper and lead, me thinks

  • Jim Hull

    every time, in the past, that i have lost faith in Americans, they always fool me and come through for their country,

  • Larry Miller

    Women are voting for the person hurting them the most. They should study up on happenings.

    • cvr527

      They are more interested in their feelings than in facts, that’s why demosocialists target them, they know woman can be deceived with carefully crafted lies.

  • Lindakl

    Recall Hickenloopy too!

  • Lindakl

    Love Tancredo!!!

  • Methodist

    Tancredo will preserve and protect Colorado’s Economy …..”Loonie” Hickenlooper will surely increase taxes, increase regulation and expand the size and cost of an already BLOATED STATE GOVERNMENT !

    • liberalssuck

      Typical liberal policy, makes me wonder how he did in business.

  • bluefighter

    I see that Governor Hickenlooper have already have women stronghold. My recommendation is to have pro-lifer lady slap his face.

  • RichJ

    Maybe, just a little, Americans are beginning to see what is actually going on, and are beginning to vote accordingly.

  • jinxy76

    Maybe it’s all the gun grabbing that has people thinking their choices weren’t smart. I’m just glad it’s happening. Unfortunately, it’s giving the dems plenty of time to either jin up their base, or rig the elections next time around.

  • Santiago Matamoros

    Obama won the presidency with only 51% of 59% turnout.

    That’s less than one-third of the electorate.

    Americans need to wake up and take back control of the Republic before it’s too late.

  • tinner666

    John out! Tom in!

  • Drewbueno

    I’d really love to see Republicans get back in the game in Colorado. Let’s focus our platform on reducing regulations and maximizing liberty for all.

  • Exangerousone

    When you mess with peoples guns you are getting personal.

  • lancelot

    IF anyone still votes for a democrat, they are voting for money only, not for good of country…
    We need to vote OUT all POLITICIANS! Replace them ALL!

  • AnnaGraceS


  • Judy Taylor

    I live in Colorado. Hickenlooper IS next. Diana DeGette has been considered safe forever but what we saw yesterday is inspiring. We need to take our state back district by district and we have been inspired.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Congratulations, Congressman Tancredo, and Colorado citizens who are waking up and realizing the harm Demoncrats have done in their state.
    Go, Tom—to the top!

  • Taxpayer1234

    Gov. Pooperscooper is in deep. LOL!

  • Scott

    Voted for Tancredo last time he ran for gov but Maes wouldn’t back out and the republican uninformed voted for Maes in a crushing Maes defeat.

  • dv727

    The Constitution is still good law, even there.