Floodwaters swept through Manitou Springs, Colo., last night, reportedly killing at least one person, and injuring at least three. Police have blocked several major roads, leaving many El Paso County residents, including Twitchy CEO Michelle Malkin, unable to travel to their homes.

The floods were caused by heavy rains yesterday evening coupled with damage to soil from last summer’s wildfire in Waldo Canyon.

Local news outlets and journalists posted incredible photos and videos of the devastation.

Cars literally floating away.

Elderly man tries to escape.

More photos here and here.

Colorado Springs utilities are receiving reports of gas leaks:

These photos were taken by Twitchy staff Saturday morning:

Adams Mountain Cafein front of CLiff Housemailbox

near Adams Mountain Cafe

Prayers to everyone affected.

Note: This post has been updated with additional tweets, photos, videos, and links.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    Is the Cliff House still intact? God be with you all!

    • Jesse Malkin

      It may have been damaged, but it is still intact.

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Thank you twitchyadmin. Use to be a resident in the middle 70’s, and then it caught fire, and then it was rebuilt…Lots of Loves and memories are seated in our hearts and minds of Chief Manitou, Ute’s, America The Beautiful! Please know that God’s Law Prevails. Our thoughts and prayers we send… as you do have one sunrise and one sunset.

  • James Perley

    This looks like the Rapid City flood of 1972 or so. A wall of water roared down from the Black Hills after ten or fifteen inches of rain fell. Prayers for everyone.

  • patcheatham

    Prayers are with residents…this is really a tragedy. Hope is people stay safe and don’t risk their lives. Stay safe Manitou.

  • mickeyco

    Don’t bother asking FEMA for help. With Michelle a resident, we know that won’t happen. Prayers to all.

    • trixiewoobeans

      They’re a blue state now, they’ll get more help than Arizona.

      • CombatDiver

        Well, Denver is blue… Colorado Springs has Fort Carson (where I’m stationed), Shriever & Peterson AFB’s and NORAD. We are a very conservative area.

        • trixiewoobeans

          Unfortunately, one big city can “drive” a whole state, I know, I live in one.

          • Carol Guinta

            Why would you even bring this division up? Why? We are all working together out here.

  • nc

    So scary! Hope the worst is over and recovery can begin. Looks like you all live in such a beautiful part of the world. Thoughts and prayers to you all.

  • OLLPOH ~ America

    does anybody know if Michelle M ever made it home/is she OK?

    • Jesse Malkin

      she stayed at a hotel last night. She will be able to get home today, and she is fine. Thanks for asking!

      • OLLPOH ~ America

        Thank you, twitchyadmin! We have to have our MM!

  • reshas1


  • Driver_S

    My prayers are with all the residents and those affected by the flood. God Bless you and yours.

  • rambler

    Wow! Very sad. How powerful the earth forces are. Pluto is the angry god.

  • Marisa Mormile Elskamp

    This is GOD PURIFYING THE EARTH IN PREPARATION FOR HIS SECOND COMING. He will be taking everything from us because things cause us to forget Him and sin. He wishes not to do this but He has no choice. Can only be stopped by returning back to God. Personally I think its to late because TV, games and music brainwashed most people, and Obama and those he infiltrated in authority everywhere has already changed most the laws against God’s teachings and the Elite swindled Obamas win for second term through corruption and bullying. We need to pray Rosary everyday if possible so Blessed Mother can do her work stronger on earth. Every state that starts implementing same sex marriages will also start to be hit with catastrophes. I hope Corbett does not bend.

    • Thorwald Johansen

      The tragedies unfolding around the globe seem to either be pointing towards Christ’s second coming, or we simply have more information quicker and in more abundance due to technology. The only good news, is that the muslims seem to be killing each other more than killing non-muslims.

      P.S. And what ‘work’ does your ‘Blessed Mary’ currently do? Other than being chosen as the mother of The Son of Man, there is no scripture that tells us that she does/did any other ‘work’. [Thou shalt have no gods before me!!!!]

  • John Bibb

    The photos remind me of the Estes Park flood decades ago. A high mountain lake reservoir (Summer Lake?) inside the park filled up during a thunderstorm and the dam broke. It did lots of damage 10 miles away in the town.
    The old Boy Scout and Army rule was never camp in a ravine or canyon bottom. And if you see the storm hitting the mountains above you–seek high ground–stat!

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    Clearly this is because of gay marriage. (No, really, wait – there’ll be a preacher along to claim this any minute.)

    • fortpostal

      No, silly, it’s ZOMGglobal warming!11! Get your talking points straight.

    • trixiewoobeans

      You’ve really got a one-track mind, don’t you?

    • Ntr

      Yes, you’re an idiot from the shallow end of the gene pool…no need to go out of your way, yet again, to try and prove that to the people who frequent this site.

    • Catchance

      You’re like the guy who, when taking a Rorschach test, claimed that all the pictures were about sex. When told that his problem was that he had sex on his mind, his answer was, “Me? You’re the one showing the dirty pictures!”.

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        And yet EVERY time there’s a natural disaster like this one, within 24 hours we hear from some crackpot Christian claiming that the flood, wildfire, earthquake, tornado, or hurricane happened because God is angry about gay rights.

        • Catchance

          Oh, please. That’s like saying EVERY time there’s anything at all posted on Twitchy you say we’re all hateful gay-haters who hate. Oh, wait…

          • JoeMyGodNYC
          • Catchance

            Okay… you got me there.

            *Crackpot* is a valid description, but *Christian* isn’t.

            Real Christians believe that sin is sin, and gossiping and back-biting is every bit an affront to God as the practice of homosexuality (or heterosexuality outside of marriage). Those you quoted have a lot more in common with the Pharisees to whom He was talking.

            “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            That Katrina crackpot, Pastor John Hagee, heads one of the nation’s biggest megachurches and is a close advisor of Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He also says God sent Hitler so that the state of Israel could be formed. Perry doesn’t seem to have a problem with that and stood on stage next to Hagee at a giant revival in 2011 as Hagee compared him to Abraham Lincoln.

          • Catchance

            Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that God *sent* Hitler so that the state of Israel could be formed, but it’s certainly true that it was the impetus in 1948. The state of Israel was formed in one day, after the Jews had been dispersed for over two thousand years. Quite a miracle, that. (There was also the fact that the Ottoman Empire was pretty well destroyed after World War I, when they bet on the Central Powers to win.) God has a time table, and it’s to do with the Jews, as they are still His People.

            Also, just as a reminder, Obama has compared himself to Abraham Lincoln.

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            True, but that comparison came because they both were members of Congress from Illinois.

          • Catchance

            Oh, humor. Har.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Yeah, it sucks when people judge a whole group of people by a few crackpots, like Muslims not wanting to be judged by their terrorists, or gays being judged by Dahmer, or Gacy, or, or, Barney Frank! It works all ways.

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            God sent Hurricane Katrina because of a gay parade: http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2008/04/23/22152/hagee-katrina-mccain/

        • MarcusFenix

          Doing the redundant part of the discussion…but the fact you label them as “crackpots” means you’re seperating them from the general population of Christians…which would be correct. But it’s cool that you made that distinction…-after- you made the initial statement. I’m -sure- that wasn’t because you were trying to imply something else.

        • Ann Tucker

          JoeMyGodNYC : That’s a hypocrite , not a Christian . A true Christian is one that brings the Good News , the story of Salvation , and the Grace of God to every creature , not condemnation to the world . “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved.” John 3:17 .

  • stellatruman

    So sorry for all affected.

  • conservative2012

    Praying for you Colorado.

  • BonnieBR

    We were just looking at real estate in this area yesterday before this happened. I used to live in Boulder back in the 60s as a little kid. We so wanna return there. So sorry to see this happening again. It’s not uncommon in CO to have flash floods. But when it happens it can be devastating. Hope Michelle’s home & that of her neighbors made it through alright! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Twitchy! Thanks for keeping us posted.

  • MarcusFenix

    From the pictures…seems the floods likely do a better job of mail delivery than the USPS. <_<

  • rhetorical1

    So, so sorry to see this happen. You are in such a beautiful little town! GOD be with everyone – prayers for all.

  • CombatDiver

    Right down the road from me… I live just south of Manitou and it is an absolute disaster.

  • Republicanvet

    I had similar flooding here in western CO a couple weeks ago. The amount of water coming through my yard was amazing, but what was more amazing were the size of boulders being washed down my driveway. The largest was about 3 feet across, but many others close to that size.

    Flooding here is quite different than in other places. Water falls miles away, then rushes down the mountain gathering any debris in it’s path, sometimes plugging water ways until it is blown out by water, which is what happened at my house.

    An example of a debris wall is in the video below, starting at about 1:15.


  • Thorwald Johansen

    My heart goes out to all those affected by the natural disasters that have hit the U.S. over the past couple of years. They have been devastating. My prayers are with all those affected.