Matt Canter, deputy executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, is right. A lot has happened since then. And, as National Republican Senatorial Committee strategist Brad Dayspring notes, Canter is doing his best to pooh-pooh all of it:

From the Yahoo! News article linked above:

Democrats freely describe Weiner as a heel — just not as an Achilles Heel.

“It’s wholly ridiculous,” Matt Canter, deputy executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told Yahoo News of the latest GOP efforts to target Bill Clinton.

“This proves that Republicans have learned nothing from their past mistakes. The agenda that they are pursuing that is harmful for women has consequences for women’s everyday lives — on equal pay, on child care, on access to contraception and other issues,” Canter said. “That’s what the ‘war on women’ is about, not cable soap operas.”

[Emphasis added.]

  • Zanshi

    So, Mr. Canter, how are several Democrats’ acts of serial perversion and sexual harassment *not* harmful to women? Care to elaborate?

  • $17227379

    Last I checked, Weiner represents no one but himself. What he does in his free time or personal life is irrelevant to how he could be in office.

    • carla5731

      1. He sent unsolicited pictures to women who contacted him in his professional capacity as a congressman. He was actually using his office, and the notoriety that comes with being in Congress, to troll for women.

      2. As a former NYC teacher pointed out earlier this week, she would have been fired from her job if she engaged in the same behavior he did. Shouldn’t the mayor be held to the same standard as other city employees?

      • WhoMeToo

        And don’t forget using $40,000.00+ to “investigate” his phony hacking story.

        • Jeremy

          yep that too.He is on his way to becoming like Bob Filner.

      • Clayton Grant

        No, he should not be held to the level of other city employees. He must follow a higher standard.

    • Clayton Grant

      A man without character is not an honorable man. The address he’s seeking is “The Honorable Mayor Weiner”.
      Northwestern failed you. Geaux Demons!

      • $17227379

        Let the voters of NYC decide that on his job accomplishments.

        I mean, we re-elected David Vitter after his improprieties.

        Fork ‘Em Demons!

        • Clayton Grant

          Where do YOU draw the line? What level of impropriety must a politician sink to before we, as a unified voice, demand a better class of people be elected to serve our interests? How low must they drag our collective tolerance before YOU shout ENOUGH?

        • AaronHarrisinAlaska

          So how low are we going to lower the bar as a unified nation before we realizes it too deep in the mud as to be retrievable.

          • journogal

            As long as the Democrats, as low as they can go.

    • Jeremy

      He is running for Mayor of New York and yes it does matter because,it shows bad decision making along with bad morals.He could also be sued by some of these women or other women that come out and possibly blackmailed.

      • Clayton Grant

        And then stiff the city for legal bills incurred. Filner’s trying that now.

        • Jeremy

          I can definitely see that happening since Weiner is an A-hole and doesn’t care about anything besides, lying & wanking his weiner.

          This is an example of his jerk attitude when he was in Congress and hardly anyone likes this guy even a lot of Democrats.

          • Clayton Grant

            You are mistaken. He seems to care very much for wanking.

          • Jeremy

            lol my goof up I will edit

          • Jeremy

            I wonder how long his wife will stay with him after his Mayoral campaign ends.This guy doesn’t have the skills like Clinton had to move up in office he is an imbecile.

          • Jerry Camp

            And the comments under that video show ignorant democrats supporting his ‘passion’ rather than understanding his points. Cause, yelling your stance is always a sign that you’re 100% correct…or something.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Said no ethical person ever.

    • ObamaFail

      Yes, and Todd Akin represented no one but himself, but it didn’t stop you libs from making up a pretend GOP “war on women”, a war actually waged by the left since Obama pays his female staff far less than his male staff.

  • Dragomance

    1) “on equal pay”: Somebody might want to tell Obama about that.The number of females he does have are paid less than their male counterparts.

    2) “on child care”: For the ones that aren’t aborted,Conservatives care about them as well.

    3) “on access to contraception”: A woman like Sandra Fluke is not who we should base policy around.

  • I M Free

    another phony dicks

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Sounds very much like a war on women

    • Jeremy

      Yeah same old same old tired Liberal routine.There is members of the left that don’t like weiner but,enjoy having him as a distraction.

  • Jon

    Given this is Anthony Weiner and his naughty bit we’re talking about, and what Ms. Leathers claims Anthony was doing during sexting, this is more a Lotion Opera than a Soap Opera

  • The Penguin

    Hmm…so, these acts are not to be considered part of the so-called “War on Women.” right…we should stay focused on embracing the Islamic idea of equality, and allowing unsafe abortion clinics to remain open to kill babies at 21 weeks or more. That’s where the female gender is being most oppressed and unfairly treated. As always…shaking MFH.

  • Janice LEE

    Perverts R Us……….brought to you by the democrat party.

  • World B. Free

    Old and busted: Phony scandals
    New hotness: cable soap operas.

  • Pat Nash

    In all honesty, I don’t believe many in the Democrat Party could identify good morals if it wore a red hat!!!

  • Sonus

    Oh I wish I was Hizzoner Mayor Weiner
    That is what I’d truly love to be-e-e
    Cause if I was Hizzoner Mayor Weiner
    All the chicks would look at pics of me