That quote comes from a conversation with Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-Ill.) in November, according to the Washington Post.

Ryan has been a vocal supporter of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill. Disappointing.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    If Paul actually said that, I hope he retracts it.

    I hope that was Gutierrez getting it wrong.

    • Elaine

      I tend to agree with him. A lot of the workers are under paid and exploited. They have to sneak around most of the time and get paid under the table. It’s time to stop illegal aliens from sneaking in to work. If we need some workers here for whatever the job is, get the proper papers, pay taxes and go home after work is complete. That’s what Europeans must do.

      • Jefferson Tea Party


      • Hiraghm

        under paid by what standard? They don’t take taxes out, in spite of what claims are made by idiots, and it’s still more than they’d make at home. Otherwise, they’re free to self-deport.

        If we need some workers here, whatever the job is… let the law of supply and demand work. We have 11 million unemployed Americans.

        “That’s what Europeans must do” is the biggest argument against doing anything, that exists.

      • bluewaternavy

        Problem is that many illegals I’ve seen (at Belmont Park) get social service in addition to their paycheck. Many get food stamps and a housing check-despite that they live the stable grounds for free.

        They get Daycare at Belmont for a nominal price-unless they social services support, then it’s-you guesses it-free
        55 percent get Medicaid

        No, my sorrow is lessened a bit knowing that I’m paying for them.

        They need to be sent home-all of them

  • BillBissenas

    Unreal. When the chips are down, the weak surrender.

  • Jefferson Tea Party

    While they’re in no way Americans, Ryan is right. They are exploited. Ask the Dems why they support importing more slaves?

    • Hiraghm

      Exploited my arse. If they’re “exploited”, let them go home where nobody will exploit them and they can starve in peace.

      • Elaine

        See, it’s not really their fault Obama allows this practice to continue. If we have a secure border, they would have to do things legally, and that’s the goal. They won’t “starve” if they go home and no one really wants that, come on. They will have to go home, though. They will have to pay taxes and they will need to get proper papers to work for minimum wage, just like the rest of us. Citizenship should never be a reward for sneaking in to our country.

        • Hiraghm

          They won’t “starve” if they go home and no one really wants that, come on.

          You’re right. I’d rather they starve here so I can watch them suffer.

          My preferred solution was to remove illegal aliens from the protection of law (after all, they’re not under U.S. jurisdiction). They’d self-deport, fast.

          A nice bonus would be bounties on the heads of illegal alien invaders who’d committed crimes here. Just the heads.

          they will need to get proper papers to work for minimum wage, just like the rest of us

          Except, they are not just like the rest of us. This is OUR country. Let them work for minimum wage in THEIR country. Allowing them back in the country at all is amnesty.

          Anything short of making them suffer for the harm they’ve caused the U.S. is amnesty. Period.

      • Jefferson Tea Party

        of course they’re exploited. For their votes, for their willingness to work for pennies on the dollar, for their willingness to take public money (the Dem’s goal to expand social welfare). Oh yeah, they’re exploited by Dems every which way.

        • Hiraghm

          “exploit” just means “use”. What good is an employee if you can’t exploit him?

    • freddy

      They live in palm huts and live on tortillas and beans where they come from and all they have to do is get over that border barrier and have some kids. Bingo free rent and money and food. What exploitation. Tax payers are the exploited one Ryan. Some kind of accountant your turned out to be.

      • Adela Wagner

        Rate of exchange 1.00 US = 13.00Mex
        I don’t know any TRUE American who WANTS us in bed with China.
        So why not take the money we are sending to countries that hate us (no matter how much we try to bribe them not to) and enter into a partnership with Mexico?

        Bring home these “babysitter” troops that are thanked by the foreign police forces they help train, by said police ,turning their guns on those troops and killing them. Once home get together with the border police and help these scared Mexicans take back their country. Mexico has wonderful resources and I would love to have a good relationship with our southern neighbors that would benefit all and not break any laws of a secure border. We remain a sovereign nation, stop supporting Communist countries that have no sense of decency towards anyone,with a secure border and share in Mexico’s resources…. The Mexican people live with a sense of security, jobs from American and Mexican businesses, a stronger economy not based on drug cartels, and no need to leave their homeland.

        • Hiraghm

          I would agree with bringing the troops home, and sending them to Mexico.

          As conquerors, not as cops.
          Your way, our troops fight for and under the authority of the Mexicans, just as they now have to in Afghanistan. All because of gutless wonders like Bush and Obama.

          Sure, we kick the cartels out of power, appoint a governor general, start exploiting the resources of Mexico.

          As a protectorate, it’s subject to U.S. law, so there’s no advantage to employers hiring illegal aliens. We can let the Mexican border patrol continue to keep undesirables out of Mexico, and thereby out of the U.S.

          With the drug cartels crushed, the drug smuggling problem is solved.

          With Mexico subject to U.S. law, its standard of living will rise and prosperity will follow.

          And if we can find a MacArthur to be governor-general, we can restore American culture to America and impose it on Mexico, as we did Japan.

          • Adela Wagner

            It’s an outline. As I said “help these poor Mexicans take back THEIR country”, I do not want to continue to be babysitters to ANY country.

            And I also do not want to “exploit” anyone. They have resources, we have resources. they are our neighbors. There may be ways to come together and all advantage.

            I just really want us to stop putting troops in the position of being killed by those we are training to do so.

            I just really want us OUT of bed with Communist countries.

            And I just really want our laws enforced. Before this country is entirely lost. I do not understand why they (the Government) act as if we are having this tug of war over millions of people who are from a country persecuting them. Mexico is a corrupt country but not communist. It is a country we CAN enter a partnership with, where both countries benefit.

            And most of all I just really want our Government to realize there is another way, it DOES NOT have to be “business as usual”. I want all illegals to go back to their country(,people keep asking ‘what are we going to do with these millions of people”?) and have it be a country where they would want to go back to on their own, and since we do share a border, I would be willing to help them achieve that. Better than sending money, and troops to countries that hate us, want to kill us and laugh at us for falling for it.

    • Sonya A. Willis

      No sympathy from me, go home illegals. Oh but then they don’t get to live in the ready-made country of America where they are sucking down tax payer benefits. Ryan’s a joke like Rubio. The RINO ticket.

  • TugboatPhil

    You all are not connecting the dots. Baraka recently has begun using the term “US Persons” when talking about the citizens of this country. That leaves open the word “Americans” to refer to anyone from North America, Central America or South America as “Americans.”

    It’s not misstatement on his part, or anyone else in DC. It’s to help the LIVs and Sheeple to keep following their overlords.

  • waterytart

    Exploitation is forcing 50% of the population to carry the other 50% on our backs, and that doesn’t even include the illegals in the equation.

  • jody

    Ryan is a corporate tool. A Koch, open boarders make me $$$, brothers’ puppet. When he said Medicare is broke but we’ll take care of the poor; it’ll be these illegals when legal who will be getting it. Not real Americans with 50$ in the bank and a pension. Screw him.

    • Jill

      The Koch brothers sponsored a debate, Jody, that featured pro and con amnesty voices. Other than that, you would be hard pressed to find great support for amnesty amongst the groups they support. Can you please explain why they should be vilified in an article that doesn’t even pertain to them? They were, just this month, vilified as anti immigration for having given $468k to ALEC to support SB1070.Furthermore, I would contend that the largess of your assets-or the lack thereof-should not determine whether or not you are a ‘real’ American.

      • jody

        It’s well known they are for open boarders.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    We can thisclose to moving to his(Ryan’s) district when the chance came to escape Illinois. Instead, we ended up in west Texas. We made the right choice.

    • Clete Torres

      Can I come too?

    • freddy

      Texas may become a last refuge to make a stand. Sure not California can’t even have bonfires at the beach cause of global warming.

  • nc

    I know we’re all big boys and girls, but it’s getting really old being “disappointed” time after time, especially by those we had put such high stock in, such as Ryan. They beg us for money, they jam our phone lines and stuff our mailboxes endlessly. But listen to us? They know we know how much worse the Dems are, but really, is a little respect so difficult?

  • ejochs

    We do know that he met with Luis and had common ground with him. I am not sure what Catholicism has to do with the issue, other than they like illegals from countries that are Catholic (even though the immigrants don’t contribute on Saturday night and Sundays as my church’s revenue stream shows).

  • kateorjane

    Maybe if there weren’t so many illegal immigrants willing to work for crap wages ACTUAL Americans wouldn’t be exploited? When there are people willing to live in squalor because it’s better than what they had in their OWN native country employers will have little motivation to improve wages.

  • moonsbreath

    Illegals aren’t exploited, the AMERICAN CITIZEN is exploited. We’re being exploited by the illegals who come here and take our resources and we’re exploited by the politicians who turn a blind eye.

  • Mike

    Paul Ryan. Married money. Pretends he’s a real man by dressing up in camo and running around the forest. Got a taste of fame and unmasked his real principles. He’s just like all the rest. Guess what? I am Catholic too. And illegals in this country are exploited- by the Mexican government. Their government encourages them to leave the country and send money back here. Instead of trying to make their own people’s lives better, they give the problem to the USA. I’ve been to Mexico many times, and Mexicans hate illegals too. And by the way, everyone in Washington wants to really exploit these “Americans” by trying to get their votes. Power is a disease that is ruining this country. Or has ruined it. God help us.

  • Clete Torres

    First Rubio steps knees-deep in it, now Ryan.

    What the hell is going on with what we thought were true Conservatives?

    • Marvin Nelson

      Let’s hope that Cruz doesn’t go over to the Dark Side or we are all lost.

      • Clete Torres

        Don’t even think that.

  • mountainaires

    Sickening. Won’t get fooled again!

  • freddy

    Being a loser has really affected his brain. If he knows so much about budgets he KNOWS for sure the bad ramifications of that bill on the economy and the middle class. He needs to vacation more in California, anywhere in LA would do.

  • Avniel

    ‘exploited Americans’ are the idiots that get their worldview from television. Any elected official who puts the desires of foreigners ahead of the needs of America should be prosecuted ASAP. However, the MSM which controls the minds of a majority of America will not allow that.

  • Gallatin

    Byron York
    WaPo: Ryan told Gutierrez, ‘You’re a Catholic; I’m a Catholic; we cannot have a permanent underclass of Americans exploited in America.’

    Isn’t the major religion in Mexico, Central and South America Catholicism? If Ryan and Gutierrez feel some guilt about the plight of illegal aliens because of being Catholic then they can ship them back to their home countries where I’m sure that there is no exploitation.

    And before there is a possible sh!tstorm about my comment above, I am Catholic and I feel no guilt about illegal aliens living in the shadows and being exploited. If the shadows and the exploitation is that bad—-go home.

  • RK59

    Ryan was talking about how we need Amnesty in an interview I saw with a back drop with Cargill logos on it. Yeah, the Cargill Meat Plants in his state that uses illegals to keep the wages down.Wonder what they are paying him?

  • radicallyalyssa

    Ted Cruz ftw.

  • neoface

    OMG!! Is Ryan another Rubio???? You know no one is forcing any illegal to stay in this country. I think all these illegal people need to be encouraged to return to their home country and make their country to be where people would want to go live.