In The Atlantic Wire, senior writer Elspeth Reeve has produced an execrable article entitled “The Conservative Meme of Satan-Loving Texas Pro-Choice Protesters Is a Bit Off.”  Why is the conservative meme off? Because “only five protesters yelled about Satan.”

Yes, five. Just like the video linked by Twitchy and others shows.

But ace fact-checker Elle was just getting warmed up. She goes on to describe an even more treacherous example of conservative lies:

And yet that wasn’t the worst of it. Twitchy, The Daily CallerThe Blaze, and others picked up a photo showing a little girl holding a sign that says, “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would f*** a senator!” How horrible! “Pro-aborts exploit kids to advocate for killing ‘unwanted’ ones,” Twitchy’s headline blared. The image appears to have gone viral after it was tweeted by Ethan Gehrke.


However, it’s a fake. Or at least, it’s not from the Texas demonstrations. The photo was posted on a message board in December 2007. The anti-abortion crowd will have to stick with its five Satanists.

Update: I read the date wrong. The photo is real! My apologies. The pro-choice activists appear to have let a kid hold that sign after all, which, gross.

Elspeth Reeve … such a stickler for factual accuracy!

  • Jeryl Bier

    Is it only the fact that those activists “let a kid hold that sign” which makes it “gross”?

  • V the K

    Again, they are not appalled that pro-abortion people were chanting “Hail Satan,” just embarrassed that they did it *in public.*

    • Dan L

      And what’s big deal it was only five people.

      Tie that to the DNC votes to toss religion and God under the bus THREE TIMES.

      • nicain

        “only five people”

        Yup keep choking down what you’re told. I can’t say how many people it was, but it was more than five otherwise they would have been shouted down.

        Fact is, stuff like this embarrasses atheists like myself to the point where I remove my support. Even though I believe in pro choice, I don’t believe the behavior other pro-choice people are doing, hence I withdraw.

        I supported pro choice because it was the right thing to do, I’m a man so it doesn’t affect me, but it’s right. When people start acting like this, the first thing I do is say “Im not with them”.

        So you replace long standing supporters with children because you’re so afraid to tell the kids “act like an adult” because you might lose their support.

        Who’s support do you want, dumb college kids or people with sense.

      • marvgoux1

        Yet the lib media tried to discredit the entire Tea Party movement by claiming on person might have mouthed a racist comment as the Black Congressional Delegation sauntered by.

        • BigTBoom

          There’s more proof of these satan worshipers than the Tea Party racist comments…in fact, $100,000 went unclaimed when no proof was produced of that tea party accusation.

          • ObamaFail

            Too bad some rich lib didn’t offered that amount to every person who could prove that any pro-abortion zealot chanted hail satan. We’d all be $100,000 richer.

          • BQRealityBites

            Gary – would never happen – libs only give away OTHER PEOPLE’s MONEY – never their own!

        • TonyRaskoon

          Andre Carson did that with Pelosi. Pure theater. Breitbart put up 100K daring anyone to prove that it happened. Crickets.

        • ChrisinOregon

          MARVGOUX1….they never could find a video or a witness to that happening. Money was even offered…..ALL MADE UP like they always do….as we know

        • BeautifulAmerica

          Remember Andrew Breitbart offering $100,ooo to anyone who could prove that in a video?? Crickets.
          What liars they all are!

        • ObamaFail

          You want to hear something that really discredits a movement? Most of the protesters at that protest were hired. They were hired through craigslist, by a consultant firm hired by Planned Parenthood, and gets funding from the Democrat National Convention at $2500 a month to come out and protest for pro-choice.

      • cajun_2

        Think like a lib. What’s the big deal about Benghazi? It was only 4 people…/sarc

        • Love of Country

          But I’m afraid Owebamao doesn’t just see four dead people …. he sees four dead people who ‘make’ him look like a cold, lying dirtbag. IMHO, he detests those four people who died on his watch but lived-on on Fox News channel and in the hearts of the American people.

          • cajun_2

            To some dirt bags, image and ego is everything. To real americans, truth and liberty is everything.
            We will not surrender.
            God Bless America.

        • Meekrob

          “Libs” (or more accurately totalitarian statists) have no capacity for thought.

          • hutch1200

            You will NEVAH hear a Lib say “I think…..” It’s always “I feel that….”. Hence we get meaningless, say… gun laws…. that criminals will NOT obey. Feel good legislation, designed to do nothing to address actual situations.
            I just found out that LIVs will have schools open this summer for free lunches. ‘Cuz Heaven forbid somebody use their WIC card and make a BP&J. BTW, that PB&J will end up costing more than a seafood platter @ Red Lobster!
            “I feel that this legislation will be worth the billions it will cost if it keeps one child from going hungry!”. Can’t they stop @ the food pantry B4 trading the WIC card for booze/weed/crack? Kids on SSI might get taken away if ya show up tweaking! Therefore cash goes away too.
            Oh wait, they would have to actually boil the water for mac & cheese.
            Sorry, that’s how I “FEEL” about people that breed ’em , but can’t feed ’em!

          • Tipper Top

            They can think sort of. It seems that all they think of is how long will it take for them to talk over you, continuing to say the same thing over and over again until you end a sentence and then say that same thing again? They don’t seem to be able to understand, and that’s the problem. They don’t think in terms of civility nor in terms of civil rights for others, just for civil rights for themselves. They don’t understand what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, here in America.

            Perfect case in point: Alan Colmes. He drives me batty. The man’s a loon.

      • V the K
      • Dustin

        What evidence is there that it was only five people, anyway? That CNN said so? That’s practically proof it was many more, these days.

    • Patriot

      And not appalled by killing babies. Just appalled that anyone would disagree with them and their tactics.

    • Carter_Burger67

      They always are apologizing for acting like themselves in public.

    • V the K

      And now, real Satanists are refudiating late-term abortion supporters for sullying the good name of Satan Worship:

      • lukuj

        It would be funny, except nothing about satan is funny.

      • lukuj

        It would be funny, except nothing about satan is funny.

      • Martin F O’Brien

        Good one! No self-respecting Satanist would be caught dead associating with lying toad liberal pro-choicers!

    • Osumashi Kinyobe

      One already knows their true colours. They can own their demonic behaviour as they can own their wretched stance.

    • Meekrob

      Impossible. Leftists have no capacity for embarrassment.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Who is she?

    • Just Karl

      Reeve is married to The New Republic’s “Baghdad Diarist”, Scott Beauchamp, who fabricated stories about his fellow troops.

      • Spiny Norman

        I thought that name looked familiar. After that ridiculous debacle, I’m surprised she still has a job in the “news” business.

        • freeinaz

          It’s more like the propaganda business than news.

      • marvgoux1

        So they have a lot in common- a marriage based on deceit.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      your missing the real question, what kind of Cornball names their daughter Elspath?

      • Jay Stevens

        “Elspeth”is a Scottish form of “Elizabeth”. “Elspath” may also be.

  • Steve_J

    The Atlantic Wire can’t tell a real picture from a photoshopped picture and Red State can’t tell a photoshopped picture form a real picture. Either way both of them are sloppy when it comes to fact checking.

  • Doug James

    Beyond gross, lady. It’s psychotic.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    She’s a journalist? Someone needs to proofread that last line that was updated. “Which, gross” doesn’t appear to be proper sentence structure.

    • templarwd

      Journalism is DEAD. If you are a ” lion of liberalism” even murder is excused. She and every other screaming liberal are minions of the Ministry of Truth.

  • capisce

    5 Satan lovers, 50 or this point, what difference does it make?
    In liberal math, it takes just one Tea Party activist with a questionable protest sign to smear the entire organization – forever.

    • Peejay70

      Or a fake accusation of someone spitting or using the N-word.

    • ObamaFail

      So using liberal logic, EVERY abortion loving zealot is a Satan worshipping anti-Christ.

      • Smokey Behr

        You mean they’re not? (shocked face)

      • Smokey Behr

        You mean they’re not? (shocked face)

  • HARP2

    Face of the democrat party.

  • Adam Estep

    The end always justifies the means with these people! The obvious purpose of this oversight is that superficial news skimmers will carry the message forward that this photo was proven fake.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    Capisce, your first line should have been a tweet. It would have gone viral.

  • carla5731

    This keeps happening with liberal journalists. If they’re not editing the Zimmerman 911 call or Mitt Romney’s Wawa speech to make up a story, they’re trying to claim real pictures are fake when they make liberals look bad. A desperation to run away from reality is driving this.

    • marvgoux1

      They are counting on No Info Voters to fall for their lies.

      • Meekrob

        Which, of course, they always do.

  • lainer51

    is her name for real? I am a stickler for accuracy, as is she!

    • marvgoux1

      Was her Momma trying to spell Elizabeth on the birth certificate?

      • Hiraghm

        Maybe she couldn’t read cursive.

        • Meekrob

          I see what you did there.

    • Spiny Norman

      Elspeth is an old name. It’s the Scottish form of “Elizabeth”.

      • TocksNedlog

        And it means ‘chosen by God’ or ‘consecrated by God’. Oh, irony!

      • Ken Alan Draper

        today it’s douchebag form of elizabeth.

    • Peejay70

      The Scottish wife of the antihero in George MacDonald Fraser’s classic Flashman books is named Elspeth.

  • Maki Dominguez Stambolian

    I am pro abortion, only under very specific and limited circumstances, as when the fetus is determined to be afflicted with terminal, congenital liberalism.

  • What_the

    Should have been, If I want Margaret Sanger in my womb, I’d keep f____ing Satan.

    • willicaroline

      Reply of the year!

  • bvicente

    As a former newspaper publisher myself, I was trying to figure out how Elspeth Reeve could possibly have tracked that photo to having been posted in December, 2007. Just figured it out.

    The person who posted the photo originally has been a member of the blog on which the photo was posted … SINCE DECEMBER 2007.

    So this “journalist” not only apparently glossed over any due diligence by using the first convenient date she saw, but, if you click the link she has in the article to the photo, you’ll notice it goes to the same photo, but posted by someone who has been a member of that same blog since July 2009.

    Stunningly shoddy journalism, and an even more stunning attempt to divert attention from the mistake.

  • Roy Mark Parker

    Just the facts Jack… Or in this case Elspeth! Check before inserting foot in mouth!

  • NRPax

    What do you expect? It’s Elspeth. If she reports that the sky is blue, you’re better off looking outside yourself.

  • JDSoCal

    Satan, infanticide, and Obamacare, Democrats 2014, woo-hoo!

  • $30423294

    Did leftist media ever collect the reward that was offered for identifying which Tea Party member yelled a racial epithet when Pelosi and friends crashed their protest on the way to passing the ironically titled “Affordable Care Act”?

    No? It was a pretty serious charge. One little protester was said to have single handedly brought back the era of Jim Crow because he spoke a forbidden word found in every rap song ever written.

    Huh. You’d think with a reward being offered the democrat party media would have pounced on the offender.

    Anyway, at least we can all agree, what the democrat party did in Texas was infinitely worse than what the non-existent Tea Partier did. Do the math. 5 satanists divided by 0 racists = unfathomably awful.

    • tops116

      Aw, you beat me to it.

    • Spiny Norman

      Collect? Of course not! That would have required at least a minimal amount of video or audio evidence. Despite the thousands of cellphone cameras recording the scene, nobody managed to capture it. Sadly, in the mainstream media narrative, it is set in stone that “the Tea Party protestors were shouting “N***er!” at a respected civil rights leader”. It will still be that way decades from now.

  • Terri

    if you listen to the video there are about 30 maybe more people singing Amazing Grace and they are drowned out by the chants. Five people? I think not. Five people maybe that you can see on the video… but it was way too loud to be just five people.

    • Spiny Norman

      The only logical explanation for that would be that the “chanters” were much closer to the camera/microphone than the “singers”. But if you can “see them in the video” that would clearly not be the case. Conclusion: there were a lot more than 5 people chanting “Hail Satan”.

  • Hugh Beaumont

    Plan B: It was a “false flag” on the part of the conservatives to “demonize” (pun intended) the left.

    • Meekrob

      Anyone who wants to demonize the left need only tell the truth.

  • tops116

    Y’know, five people would still be more than the number of people that said the N-word to Congressman John Lewis on March 20, 2010. But then, *one* person saying “Hail Satan” is still more than the number of people that said the N-word to Lewis. Still didn’t stop the media from not shutting about the incident that was phonier than global warming and the savings of Obamacare put together.

  • froggy19510

    Good thing when a liberal eats crow. They have been trying to feed everybody else crap for years.

  • Timothy Hadley

    Those darn facts.

  • jerry148

    Moron…really, just…moron…

    • Meekrob

      Hey. That’s totally unfair.

      To morons.

  • Rich Vail

    It won’t get covered by the MSM…the Atlantic is a niche source.

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    nothing stops foolishness like the Truth Has No Agenda !!

  • Timothy Hadley

    I wanted to ask Reeve, “How does a headline ‘blare’?” I mean, didn’t Twitchy use the same size font they use for all their headlines? Did they switch to 76-point extra-bold Helvetica Dark? It’s just words on a computer screen. How exactly does a headline “blare”? Well, of course, it doesn’t, unless you’re writing about it from a hysterical POV already, which is exactly what Reeve was doing. Hi-ho–Hysterical in, hysterical out.

  • W Randall

    Apparently they can’t be trusted with children, born or UN-born.

    • Political Splash


    • TocksNedlog

      Ding ding ding ding ding!!!

  • Randy W

    The other poster is just as frightening: “Every child a wanted child”. As if THAT is a qualification to NOT be murdered in the womb. No doubt millions of “unwanted” children went on to live happy, fulfilling, successful, loving lives, and had children of their own. Pro abortion supporters are the WORST kind of thinkers.

    • marvgoux1

      By their logic infanticide would be ok if you changed your mind on “wanting” the child.”

    • Hiraghm

      I want to adopt that slogan…
      “Every illegal alien invader a wanted illegal alien invader”
      or, alternatively
      “Every immigrant a wanted immigrant”.
      (I like the first one better).

  • West_Coast

    “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would f*** a senator!”

    Now it should read:

    “If I wanted the government in my womb, I would f*** a IRS agent!”

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Ewwwww…Even Rosemary had a better deal….

  • Dutra

    How would Satan vote?

    • $2079566

      Well, considering his anti-authoritarian streak, I suppose he would vote libertarian.

      • johnrhett

        Sure, buddy, Satan loves freedom and liberty. Like Stalin and Hitler.

        • $2079566

          Well, in general I would assume that Satan does love liberty and freedom. His mode of operation is temptation, not force, the more freedom that individuals have, the more temptations that they are likely to be exposed to, the more opportunities for vice and sin and eventually, their downfall.

      • marvgoux1

        Nope his hatred of God would make him a Democrat.

        • $2079566

          Never thought of it that way. Its funny cause its true.

      • ObamaFail

        The anti-Christian, pro-baby killing, freedom hating Democrats are more likely the ones that Satan would be marching with.

        • $2079566

          Why would Satan be for abortion? Innocence babies would go directly to heaven on death, he would never have an opportunity to tempt them into sinning and going to hell.

          • Ritchie The Riveter

            Because abortion is just the first step in instituting an entire culture of death, that will give Hell a lot of “business”.

            Next step, Grandma, when her health and age make her “inconvenient” to the kids.

            Kind of like the Germans went from euthanasia for the handicapped in the 1930’s, to not-so-mercy-killing for Jews, gays, and others in the 1940’s

      • lainer51

        naw, he is a hard-core lib!!

    • brianmacker

      The same way god would, absent.

  • James Hansen

    Fact-misser would be a better description of her job.

  • lawrenceperson

    It’s hard to understand how Elspeth Reeve could have made that mistake, given her amazing psychic powers:

  • Clayton

    What did Elspeth’s parents do? Throw magnetic letters to the fridge and see which ones stuck?

  • Taxpayer1234

    Who is surprised that people demanding human sacrifice are chanting “Hail Satan”? Not me.

  • dnb03

    I like her apology. It seems to have been be real and avoids a ‘but.’

  • JDDriver

    Anyone else think it’s ironic to drag kids to a pro-abortion rally?

    • Bathing Suit Area


      • Duddioman

        Yes. =)

      • Spinmamma

        JD meant anyone but you (<:

      • TocksNedlog

        “Anyone else THINK” does not apply to you.

    • jamson64

      Of course, but they can sure spin it.

    • Duddioman

      Yes. These are the fetuses that were lucky enough to make it through the genocide based on the choices of some random woman. But if that same woman had felt differently at 20 or 25 weeks, those same kids would have been dismembered and sucked up in a vacuum…. =/

  • dude1394

    There were zero tea partiers tossing out racial slurs at congressmen but that didn’t stop the Obama media from reporting it as fact.

  • Peejay70

    She’s the one who married Scoot Beauchamp, the soldier who wrote the fake New Republic story about how depraved US soldiers in Iraq are.

    Edit: Oops. Helps to read the comments before you post. Someone else already wrote this.

  • koblog

    Strange that these women who demand the government stay out of their wombs fully support Obamacare — the most intrusive government “health” regime ever — where a faceless government bureaucrat/IRS agent is now between them and their wombs.

  • TallDave

    “Please! People! Keep your pro-Satan chants at home!”

  • Texas56

    It doesn’t matter if it was five people or fifty people chanting “Hail Satan”; the fact they canted those words is wrong.

    • Duddioman

      And that the people on their side did not take any steps to tell them how inappropriate it was… If I were at a rally/protest/gathering, and someone who claimed to be on my side got out of hand, I’d be certain to tell them to knock it off!

  • neoface

    Oh, that’s where the dumb blond thing comes from, the real blonds have people like Reeve to thank for. Elspeth, what kind of name is that, her parents were spelling challenged????

    • TocksNedlog

      You make the research as good as she do.

      • neoface

        she “does” you meant?

        • TocksNedlog

          I meant it the way I wrote it. You COULD’VE researched the name “Elspeth” before you made that crack about it, just like she could’ve properly researched that photo before making her false claims about it.

          • neoface

            Yes, it was suppose to be a sarcastic remark. I’m merely pointing out difference between singular and plural.

  • crosspatch

    The “Hail Satan” thing is pretty easy to explain. Democrats rely on strong “groupthink”. They discourage independent thought and debate of their positions, sort of like those on the far right do (e.g. must have specified positions on all issues without question or debate else you are a “RINO” if you deviate on even one or dare to question the ideological “line”). Democrats believe Republicans are all very religious. The “Hail Satan” wasn’t intended to express their own support for Satanism so much as it was designed as a weapon in the sense that they thought those words would cause discomfort and anger among their opponents. The idea is that when people become emotional, they make mistakes or their judgement suffers and they are likely to fly off the handle. Chanting “hail Satan” would be a way they might think of to stir the emotions of their opposition and possibly precipitate a reaction out of anger that would make them look bad or cause someone to do something stupid.

    They are also using the chant to express their own ridicule of religion in general. To them, anyone who is religious is “stupid” or something and so they are mocking Abrahamic religion by doing this while at the same time possibly upsetting their foe.

    • American_by_Choice

      Yes, they ‘feel’ that religious people are stupid. And to PROVE THAT, they feel that it’s perfectly fine to call forth abject, unadulterated EVIL.

      Now, what that tell ME, is that while they do not recognize the pursuit of that which is good… OKA: Religion. They also do not recognize evil… which means that they are prone to accept evil, which is the perfect formula for getting to where they are, and for their influence to have positioned our culture to where WE are.

      No matter how you slice it, it ain’t good…

      • crosspatch

        The “progressive” mindset requires the discarding of a notion of any higher “right or wrong” than that decreed by whoever happens to control government at the moment. “Progressives” have a rationalization for any sort of thing and it is generally based on “the greater good”. They can justify killing people “for the greater good”. Right now it is babies. In 15 years from now it will be old people. It is very important that nobody question the morality of their actions. In fact, it is very important for them to dictate what “moral” actually is. They have no tolerance for any competing view. The notion that there is an authority with basic right and wrong which they can not rise above and contradict is an existential problem with them. “Progressive” government can not exist in a religious society, they are mutually exclusive. So the way they deal with that is starting at a very young age in the school systems, actively suppress any knowledge of religion to the extent that they can. They expand that to the local neighborhood and suppress any display of religion, then expand that socially to mock any belief in religion to place social pressure on people not to adopt religious beliefs. Religion is a threat to them. They believe whoever is their “dear leader” at the moment is basically like a king.

        • American_by_Choice

          Yes, fascism; or Progressivism, is an intellectual dead-end, which you no doubt know, is an inbred cousin of socialism. All of which requires the intellectual blinders established through relativism; which is why you’ll never see a clear cut definition of such being advanced by an adherent to such.

          At every opportunity, the ‘progressive’ will isolate themselves from the stated beliefs of their comrades, despite being adherents to the very same thing, where the CONSEQUENCES for the policies derived from such have turned toward the inevitable chaos, calamity and catastrophe, which intrinsically present in the wake of the intellectual virus.

          Relativism is the open ended notion which holds that knowledge, truth, and morality exist only in relation to culture, society and or historical context and, therefore, as a result are not subject to soundly reasoned absolutes.

          So, where you see a socialist calling up the forces of evil, when challenged to defend themselves for having done so, they will merely run to inform you that they do not believe in Evil; that they were merely mocking the pursuers of good, exposing themselves to the certainty that by having no means to recognize it, they’re prone to accepting evil, therefore explaining the consistency in their realization of the aforementioned consequences, common to such, simultaneously isolating them from any responsibility for having done so.

          In short, they, the lowly socialists; the ‘intellectually less fortunate’… OKA: the Low-Information Voters… are a menace to themselves and everyone around them.

          But hey, that’s the nature of evil… isn’t it?

    • brianmacker

      That was long for something easy to explain. It is actually easy to explain. They were mocking those who wish to interfere in their lives based on mythical beings.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        I must have missed where the bill said “For God wills it” – can you point that section out for us?

        Then, you can explain why it’s evidently ok for liberals to ‘interfere in lives’ due to *their* viewpoints, but not ok for the religious or conservatives.

        • brianmacker

          That doesn’t really matter to my point, now does it. The people who oppose abortion and are for this bill and were at that location are Christians who based their moral belief they can interfere in these peoples lives on the edict of an imaginary deity.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            You know that everyone supporting the bill was Christian and basing it on religion exactly HOW, skippy?

            And yes, liberal interference based on *their* views is *ABSOLUTELY* applicable to your point…unless you’re a complete hypocrite, that is.

      • crosspatch

        Lets take the case of someone who does not believe in the literal sense but the more abstract, say like an Albert Einstein. He still believed that there were fundamental rights and wrongs and fundamental rights that can not be issued or rescinded by government. You are apparently taking an extreme view that everyone who believes in God has an extremely literal view of things. Many are more abstract. One can believe in God and also acknowledge that evolution is perfectly real and that life can exist elsewhere in the galaxy. But the fundamental notion that there are basic things that are right and things that are wrong that are not up for rationalization due to whatever is convenient at one particular point in time is what is at stake here. “Progressives” can rationalize killing people “for the common good”. People of any of the Abrahamic religions can’t. So there is a fundamental mutual exclusivity at work here. Basically, I can’t say that “progressives” are evil because they basically have no evil. Anything can be “right” or “wrong” based on the needs of the moment. It is a completely amoral mindset. The only thing that is “amoral” to them is opposition to them.

        • brianmacker

          Unresponsive to my claim. Abstract or not it is still imaginary, and used as an excuse to interfere in their lives. Obviously they’ve hit a nerve because lots of idiots think they actually are worshiping Satan.

          ” People of any of the Abrahamic religions can’t.”

          Lies and poppycock. Not only can they but they do. Just substitute “the common good” for “gods will”. What do you think the execution of murderers is if not for some common good. You think that is for the selfish good, or the individual good or something? There is a long and proud tradition in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam of rationalizing the murder of other people (and not just killing).

      • American_by_Choice


        “They were mocking those who wish to interfere in their lives… ”

        What an adorable irony; why it’s as if they’ve no means to reason whatsoever.

        In truth, NO ONE is interfering in “their” lives. “WE” are however, defending the lives of the helpless humans THEY HAVE CONCEIVED and whom they INTEND To KILL!

        Understand, there is NO means for there to exist, A RIGHT, through the intrinsic exercise thereof, STRIPS ANOTHER OF THEIR MEANS TO EXERCISE THEIR OWN RIGHTS!

        That you’ve no means to understand that, explains in spades, why you’d see no problem in the conjuring of the evil which animates you.

        • brianmacker

          Of course you are interfering in their lives, and in order to enforce your own particular morality. A morality in which you grant rights of an independent reasoning human to a human zygote which really has no ability to reason at all.

          • American_by_Choice

            Folks, the above rant is just MORE PROOF, you can’t hide ignorance…

            Human zygotes are developing humans, endowed by nature’s God with the same rights as the opposition enjoys.

            And I doubt the above contributor would care for a world wherein we rightfully took the lives of those who are incapable of reason, given the stark inability for such which they have now adequately demonstrated.

  • American_by_Choice

    Hey, when the best you can do is YAWN at your own comrades conjuring pure evil, you’ve pretty well defined yourself, in terms of who and what you are…

  • TheProudDuck

    Stay classy, Austin.

  • RegConserative

    A repost because it was good credit “Ricky

    Ok, one thing both sides cannot disagree on is
    that from the smallest to the biggest in this universe all was created by a
    force more powerful than ourselves. Science says if given enough time, anything
    can happen, religion says God is eternal, which would most certainly allow for
    enough time. Either way requires a measure of faith because no scientist has
    ever been around long enough to witness any of it, and no religious person has
    ever seen God, yet both sides agree it all came from somewhere. The only
    difference seems to be (in my opinion) is that when the last breath is drawn if
    a religious person is wrong they have lost nothing, if an atheist is wrong,
    he/she has lost everything. Just a thought!

    • American_by_Choice

      Well said…

      My own observations; spanning now well over a 50 years, is that nothing in science has ever challenged the existence of Nature, thus it can never hope to challenge the existence of Nature’s God.

      But I never tire of hearing the Anti-Theists regale themselves as the personification of “SCIENCE!” and all that is reason…, despite their having no kinship with either.

      • Ritchie The Riveter

        Those anti-theists operate from a basis in faith, no matter how they try to cover that up … faith in the omniscience of beings with a well-documented record of error, mendacity, and self-serving agendas.

        That’s a faith more blind than anything that has come out of Jeruslaem, Rome, or even Mecca … a blind faith that’s spread with a fundamentalist zeal that makes Baptist preachers look like loose-topped libertines out for beads at Mardi Gras, leveraging its EXCLUSIVE access to the coercive force of law to do so.

        • American_by_Choice

          Oh, that is very true.

          I’ve debated them on the web for over a generation now and they remain my absolute favorites.

          Nothing melts down faster than a rolling Anti-theist and nothing, in terms of debate, brings a clearer sense of satisfaction.

          • Bathing Suit Area

            Which god is your favorite? Thor is kinda cool with that big hammer, but you know Bacchus gets all the chicks.

          • Ronald Green

            Well we all know which is your favorite. We picture him as a big red dude with wings and a pointy tail and carries a pitch fork everywhere.

  • Gerard Neumann

    Abortion is a Satanic ritual.

  • thegift

    Those signs are so cute. “Every child a wanted child. Or WE KILL IT”

  • teapartydoc

    Layers and layers of fact checkers. And peer review, too!

    But what does peer review mean when everyone has to hold the same (un-)diverse views?

    • Ritchie The Riveter

      Progressive peer review: when your fellow Progressives pee on anything that does not conform to the common Narrative you share with them.

  • Hank Seiter

    Rather ironic. Apparently what babies aren’t murdered in a liberal’s womb are then forced a few years later to carry propaganda signs touting said murders. BTW, there’s plenty good research that there are many wanted children who came from unwanted pregnancies and any number of unwanted children who came from wanted pregnancies. The whole abortion holocaust is predicated upon virtually endless layers of clever lies and obfuscations. Liberal abortion lovers are a bunch of self-involved fascist pricks — and I’m being charitable. You’re all murderers and child abusers including all those who tacitly support such barbarism despite their mealy-mouth, “Personally I would never have an abortion but ….”. You all have the blood of 60 million unborn American on your hands. Now go blame Republicans for all the children starving or dying from Democrats-for-life perps who spend what money they have on drugs, Powerball or prostitutes instead of buying food for their kids.

  • TocksNedlog

    “only five protesters yelled about Satan.”
    — Yeah, ‘only’ five. That’s great. Oh, and they didn’t yell ‘about’ Satan; they yelled “HAIL Satan!”
    Not too surprising when you think about it.
    Reject God => devalue life => hail Satan.
    It’s a pretty straightforward progression.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      How is saying “Hail Satan” to Christians different from throwing Korans in a toilet, or waving around ham sandwiches at Muslims?

      • TocksNedlog

        I don’t know. I don’t approve the idea of doing ANY of those things, so they aren’t really very different to my eyes.
        IOW, they’re ALL wrong, and all equally worthy of condemnation.

      • Ronald Green

        Try either in front of a group of Muslims and find out for us.

  • hmschlmom

    An attempt to qualify that only SOME people in the crowd yelled HAIL SATAN is pretty rich, given that this is coming from the same people that claim that EVERYONE who belongs to the Teaparty is a racist, because SOME are…

    • American_by_Choice


      The first class snap-shot of the open ended and inevitable result of relativism (OKA: socialism).

      Well done.

  • Ritchie The Riveter

    The mothers of those children holding the signs in the photo above might be in for a surprise later on in life, when health and age make them “inconvenient” to their kids and the kids take a cue from Mom’s support for abortion.

    Perhaps, even with the approval of their government.

    • ObamaFail

      Because by the time she is old, the government will probably have passed laws that allow children of the elderly to have them “put down” to avoid the cost of taking care of them in their old age. And she might see how it feels to be written off by someone who is supposed to love you because it is too inconvenient.

  • archerb

    That look at the end of her chant seems to be a liberal staple. Check out this video at the 3:30 mark to see what I mean:

  • BozoerRebbe

    Isn’t that mother essentially telling her kids that if they were okay with the government in their womb then it would be okay for a 6 year old girl to f**k an adult U.S. senator? Based on the threats already issued, it looks like the pro-abortion side don’t have a problem with the daughters of social conservatives being raped and their own prepubescent daughters having sex with grownups. Sounds like real healthy thinking to me.

    I bet the lady with the sign hyperventilates at the thought of a parent teaching a child that young how to handle a firearm safely.

  • AtomicMountain

    I wonder if the guy who gave Reeve her job still wants to sleep with her, or if he’s gotten it out of the way already.

  • chrissy

    Why is anyone surprised by this? The only thing the diabolical pro killers needed for Satan were child sacrifices. And they give those sacrifices willingly.

  • Stan

    Not sure how or why, but someone must be…

  • sb36695

    “The pro-choice activists appear to have let a kid hold that sign after all, which, gross.”
    Is this a really a writer?

  • Esau’s Message

    Scott Beauchamp could not be reached for comment.

  • Dennis Vest

    Once again the so-called “fact checkers” have to be fact checked themselves…

  • Notjack

    David Glass approves of the effort.

  • makeupdiva

    unreal and sad

  • George Murrey

    Seeing the picture of a little girl with that sign is despicable. I wonder if she knew what the expletive was or did mommy dearest teach it to her? In either case, using children as a sounding board is always wrong.

  • Cajun

    uhh, yeah, but everyone missed the most glaring point, it appears that “child endangerment” is at play by someone, by giving an innocent 6 or 7 year old a sign that describes a potential sex act with an adult, in which the sign says, “I would”, indicating the sign holder, not the sign writer.

  • mapache

    Five Tea Party members saying something like that would be described as a “massive unruly mob.”

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Just when you think liberals can’t surprise you…

    And not in a good way. I weep for the future of this country.

  • right_on

    Eh…Reeve is just parroting the left’s meme that “it’s a fact!” Goes hand in hand with their “99% of voters” make-believe “poll” results…which they can never name. Speaking of names, it’s kind of ironic that “Elspeth” means, “consecrated by God.”

  • nickshaw

    It was only five (maybe) yelling about Satan so, for liberals, that’s statistically insignificant but, let one conservative diss a liberal and it’s the whole movement.
    Just so y’all understand.

  • $2004855

    I wonder if Elspeth Reeve wrote anything on the accusation thrown by Demo Representatives John Lewis and Andre Carson that some among a Tea Party crowd protesting the illegally rigged passage of the health care law chanted “the N-word, the N-word, 15 times.” Did she support their false accusations? Did she fact-check them? Just curious.

  • Federale

    Liberals lie at every opportunity. They lie reflexively.