Or, perhaps, is it something else?

  • Chevypowered

    So how long should we wait before the media (and the local bottom feeders) thank Obama for this epic occasion?

    • Ntr

      If they can’t find a way to then, over the next few days, they’ll just quietly push the events out of their “news reports” unless another very major event concerning Egypt happens. Their choice distraction is/already is the ZImmerman trial. They don’t want the liberals to be too informed and start overly questioning our media.

  • Clayton B

    . . . wow, didn’t know F16’s had ‘sky-writing’ capabilities . . .

  • descolada9

    Meanwhile, Egyptian Christians remain fair game targets to Muslim Brotherhood during the chaos. And Obummer is telling Egypt to restore the democratically elected regime (facepalm)

  • BlueGood

    If ONLY the U.S. Military had such devotion to it’s Citizens, the ones they took an oath to protect……’O’Bama Rama Ding Dong” would have been TOASTED 3.5 years ago~!!!!

    Happy Independence Day to ALL my American Brothers & Sisters!

    Your Canadian Conservative Brother in Honesty…..


    • http://ramblingdrunk.blogspot.com/ Kahner Rodriguez

      Yeah, if only the USA was more like Egypt and had military coups to overthrow the government. That would be GREAT. Please keep your idiotic ass in Canada.

  • dabhidh

    Looks like balls to me.