The message Stacey Dash tweeted to besieged food mogul Paula Deen on Tuesday afternoon comes across as pretty reasonable. The beautiful actress is not tweeting unequivocal support for anything Ms. Deen said or did. Rather, she is saying that only God knows what is in Deen’s heart.

Of course, this small gesture of kindness and compassion was enough to send many anti-Deen leftists into full-blown freak-out mode:

This is what happens to minority conservatives who don’t toe the knee-jerk, p.c. line. If he were still tweeting, we’re pretty sure Clarence Thomas-bashing liberal racist Ryan Patrick Winkler would have hurled an “Aunt Tomasina” on the fire.


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  • ConservativeMe

    Ummm, exactly WHO are the racists again??!!

    • Jeremy

      They always like to resort to she is trying to be white or house slave attacks how typical of these morons.They never address the issue because,it’s a losing battle for them.

      • glm64

        this is because those few idiots think all should think one way (racists)

    • Texan357

      Which would you prefer, a cupey doll or a cigar? Because you definitely “got it!”

    • Rich

      Exactly. The black people hating on Stacey are the true racists. Everything is about color to these ignorant morons. And I see they threw Mitt Romney’s name in there? So, because you are black, you are supposed to support the undisputed worst President this country has and will ever see? Pathetic.

      • Christopher King

        No, because Romney is a devote old school Mormon and Mormons have a strong history of racism, including their own “holy book.” What’s even more pathetic is your invalid statement that Obama is the undisputed worst president. Historians would disagree with you and the rest of the ill-educated Teabagger-types.

        • Rich

          Invalid? Please. 1. Obama. 2. Carter. “Historians would disagree.” Not a historian who knows anything about the economy and running the country. Go to bed now, little one.

          • americaamen

            Neither one has what it takes to lead a country. Ask them a question that hasn’t been scripted and they faulter…giving you the vaguest answer that barely relates back to the question. Serving this country is a honor. The point of government by the people for the people is to tell you loud and clear when you’re doing it wrong.

        • Jan Ullrich

          ill-educated? I suggest you audit your own voting block before throwing s#!t and hoping it sticks…

        • MOCasteel

          we all know who is Really uneducated here!

        • Major Domo

          I’m not a tea bagger and I think he is the worst also.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Didn’t you get the memo? By definition, minorities can’t be racist – just ask any Lib.

    • LibLieExposer

      Black liberals & white liberals, that’s who.

    • Dee Jackson

      Strange that there is no uproar over Minnesota Democrat, Ryan Winkler, (a white Democrat) calling SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Thomas”, but they attack an old white Southern woman, and a black actress who says that it is for GOD to judge that woman. The hypocrisy of the modern sheeple is staggering!

      • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

        Does Clarance Thomas still pass out soda cans with pubic hairs from his SCOTUS office frig ?

        • John W.

          And do you still beat your wife?

  • Kevin Gallagher

    And these people still question why Paula Deen used that word?

    • Richard Downs

      What’s really bad about it she used that word over 20 years ago she never thought it would be made public all these years later.

  • Emily B

    “U need to bathe n hot fried chicken grease?”
    That’s not racist at all….. smh

    • Jeremy

      They should look in the mirror sometime and realize who is the real racist in their tweets.

  • joecarrsr

    There is so much class coming from these posts I can hardly contain myself. Think on it.

    • #wasteoftime

      Thank you!

  • trixiewoobeans

    And now we can see clearly, why only God should judge, cause these people would have Stacey Dash “bathe in hot fried chicken grease,” announce her a (retroactive?) slave trader, a house slave, a house Negro, not really black, idiot, f-this, f-that, etc. etc. THIS is why we let God judge, if we know what’s good for us.

    • Jay Stevens

      Oh, no. Go ahead. Judge. Please, judge.

      Do you want to emulate these people? No? That is a judgment.

      As far as I am concerned, the two most misunderstood passages in the Bible are:
      “Thou shalt not kill.”, and
      “judge not lest ye be judged”.

      • MOCasteel

        just because you use the brain and knowledge God gave you to make Choices with is NOT the same as Judging!! God gives us Free Will and the knowledge to do whats right! if people choose to do other wise that is between them and God, but we can still recognize that they are doing wrong, that is NOT a Judgement, that is knowledge and fact!

  • Timothy Kennedy

    Kindness and compassion are beat-down; ignorance and hatred shown towards a girl for an opinion. Paula Dean may have uttered the ‘N’ word, but so far as I can tell, never has shown a great deal of hated towards African Americans. In fact, the most ‘hostile act she demonstrated is giving some of them jobs; even elevating them to upper management positions. That was ‘awful’ behavior, wasn’t it? These racists-haters demonstrate hate-speech and separatists behavior with every post.

  • VegasBarbie

    Seems like it’s always the liberals who pull out the “judge not lest ye be judged” quote but I guess it’s all in who’s doing the judging.

  • Lea Marian Laudenbach

    When you say something in the past…and it comes back to haunt you…if you become famous…you’d better get ready to get sued. So therefore…we all need to keep our mouths shut. This is so sad. We grow and change as humans and we really need to just settle down and take stock of our own lives before God. I think that life is too short to judge everyone by something that they said so long ago.

  • Catchance

    The irony of the slaves on the Democrat Plantation calling her a ‘house negro’…

    • Jeremy

      yeah they have no clue.

    • Not Anonymous

      I wonder if they know Republicans were the first people who fought for African rights.

      • Jeremy

        doubt it.They are too busy watching 16&Pregnant on MTV Trash TV.

      • Clete Torres

        No, they buy the whole Dem/Johnson/Great Society thing.

        • Jay Stevens

          And we know what he said about it.

          • Clete Torres

            Yeah. I tried posting a youtube link yesterday, and the quote – offensive word and all – showed up on the ‘link’ screen, for all the world to see. Guess that’s a no-no on Twitchy, and I apologized.

          • Clete Torres

            Yeah. I tried posting a youtube link yesterday, and the quote – offensive word and all – showed up on the ‘link’ screen, for all the world to see. Guess that’s a no-no on Twitchy, and I apologized.

        • Not Anonymous

          Yeah, and those same type of “democrats” devised Planned Parenthood, which has now been outed as a way to “trim down” the Latin and African cultures in America. According to the numbers, if planned parenthood hadn’t existed, there would be 40 % more Latinos and 55% more blacks in the US. Sort of crazy, these methods they use for Eugenics, that have these pseudo politically correct guise veiled over them.

      • Christine Zeppieri


      • Christopher King

        I wonder if you realize that republicans back then are nothing like the idiots they are now.

        • Not Anonymous

          That is the same rhetoric they use to paint the republican party as bad guys. Logistically Republicans have always wanted less government and less taxes. It’s the dems who are always looking to divide people’s money among the masses and use any method to get their agenda across. Dems always want more tax money for special interest agendas, which only funnel money into the pockets of their buddies. Look at Obama, condemning Bush his lobbyists and starting wars, then aligns himself with the same lobbyists and starts triple the wars Bush started. I know, I am a democrat. But I am not blind, And if you really want to talk about party hijacking, let’s talk about the Democratic party, hah. They have been involved in 8 scandals this year, yet because we have a black man as president, they can do anything and get away with it/

          • Christopher King

            LOL! Well, as someone who is educated in U.S. history and doesn’t side with either party, you are wrong. You also wrong in assuming that republicans are somehow fiscally conservative. If you did one ounce of research you would find that your comments on spending and taxes from Democrats is grossly misleading. I don’t even GET your comments about tripling the wars. What are you talking about? What “wars?” What ever action that has been taken, doesn’t come close the financial cost or human cost or structural toll as the G.W. Bush wars. …and scandals? Again, that’s laughable. Most of them have already been debunked and chalked up to nothing than sore republican losers acting like spoiled bratty children who didn’t get their way. You’re a dem? Yeah right. Fox “News” has destroyed your world vision.

          • MOCasteel

            and you’re not a BrainWashed Libtard are you??!!

          • LifeTraveller

            That would be educated in the part of history you choose to acknowledge. .or should I say “glean” for your own agenda?

        • RKWA

          When you can’t articulate a factual argument, stoop to name calling and react based on emotions rather than logic. The demise of society is frightening.

      • #wasteoftime

        who are “they”?

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    What a bunch of ignorant subtle racists we have here. Such tolerance from the leftist Obamabots..You are pathetic and everything that is wrong with this country. Maybe lean how to speak english before posting. Most of you sound like you are one foot out of the Ghetto….
    Ganging up on someone for leaving the plantation. Must feel good to be right were the Progressive Left wants you. Your stupidity is so blatant you don’t even realize you are the ones that are still enslaved. .Wise Up.

    • Marjorie

      I see nothing subtle in the posts. They convey nothing but hatred and should take a long. hard look at themselves. I am appalled at the victimization perceived by these people.

    • Not Anonymous

      as subtle as a sledge hammer, hah.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    The subtle racist left is at it again. Ganging up on someone for leaving the plantation. Must feel good to be right were the Progressive Left wants you. Your stupidity is so blatant you don’t even realize you are the ones that are still enslaved and a house Ni$%er..Wise Up.

  • Rachelle Brewer

    Get real black people!! You act like you have never called us crackers or honkies.. Or made any kind of “jokes”towards any other race… Come on now… You should “be real”and check yourself in the mirror

  • Birdy

    Why is it wrong for her to have her own opinion? Why must she agree with you to be right? She is entitled to her own opinion. I find it funny that people are saying things like slave, disgusting and a trader for her having an opinion. It is sad that the USA has become a country where you can’t have your own thoughts. Shame on you.

  • alvinjh

    Some of these people are too damned stupid to take seriously. All you can do is roll your eyes at something that wears pants and can pull a voting lever…BTW Ms Dash..nice post.

    • Jeremy

      She knows that these attacks will happen and it doesn’t stop her.These idiots are nothing but keyboard warriors who would hide under their bed if confronted.

      • Richard Sturms

        There’s another name for them:CHBAC. Stands for Coward Hiding Behind A Computer

        • Jeremy

          I like it.

  • Jeremy

    ah yes. The always “tolerant” Left shows their true colors again.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Looks like the intolerant Left is angry again because someone left the plantation. It is you that are racist. You are right where the Progressives want you. they keep you enslaved in your mind if not in the material world. You are still afraid to speak out when there is a true injustice. It is a shame how uneducated your posts are.

  • Not Anonymous

    Look at these illiterate people. They talk about enslavement, yet act like some slaves. The woman made a racist comment 30 years ago. Get over it.

    • Jeremy

      I don’t see them complaining about comics who still use racist comments all the time.They are the usual lefty hypocrites.

      • Not Anonymous

        comedians, rappers, film makers, writers are only allowed to say the N word. I wanna say it now, just to piss them off.

        • Jeremy

          Yeah it’s okay to them that Al Sharpton uses race baiting all the time.These idiots just make me laugh.

          • Not Anonymous

            The truth is whites haven’t really been openly racist for years. If you say even the most moderately racist comment you are vilified.

          • Jeremy

            Chris Matthews is a great example of using the race card with his dog whistle b.s.


          • Doubting Thomas

            Shogun American, you can’t seriously expect them to know who is who. Can’t know history when it’s naught taught in ” school”.

        • Hiraghm

          When I first read what the bruhaha was actually about, I said the N-word 47 times in 47 seconds just out of frustration. Of course, i was alone at the time…

  • Michael Vandermark

    Why is it that anyone who is of any faith other than Christianity and not a conservative can say anything they want and it’s ok because they have “freedom of speech”, but when a conservative Christian says anything they get bashed for it? Sounds like a bunch of hypocritical whine bags that can only dish it out but can’t take it to me! All their doing is proving that they have the maturity of a 2 year old spoiled brat! Cry about that you pompous liberal morons!

  • irish7_1sg

    Thanks, Michelle, for exposing the hypocrisy of the Left. Only the FNC will cover it. People like this further divide the country. Our leadership in the White House is of the same mold, hurt not heal the nation. Trouble is brewing on a large scale. I can feel it coming. It may be what Barry wants, that cataclysmic event that will shake the foundations of a once great nation. Perhaps the Zimmerman trial will kick it off. Or, the Moslem March in September. Personally, I predict economic collapse. In any case, it is no coincidence that DHS is gearing up for war with the purchase of armored vehicles and 2 billion rounds of ammo, while the Administration looks for new ways to disarm the population. Worse part is, the people asked for it. Whether by voting for these Socialists, or patronizing and protecting the likes of the real bigots above, we allowed this travesty/tragedy to occur.

    • trixiewoobeans

      I’m so afraid you’re right. They keep pushing and pushing, testing and testing.

    • Richard Sturms

      You are NOT the only one to feel that way. Take a look at my pic, and you’ll see what I mean. I certainly don’t want that,but if it keeps up it WILL happen, and this time the gray will win

  • Garth Haycock

    A woman who thinks for real is a compound word is calling Stacy Dash an idiot? #*BlinkBlink*

  • $22639970

    Leftists are filth. Pure and simple.

    • Jeremy

      These tweets do nothing to change that either.I would love to know how bad they would do on an I.Q. test.

      • $22639970

        They couldn’t find the space to write their names.

      • Finrod Felagund

        Below room temperature. Measured in Celsius.

    • Ed Coyne

      I don’t know that they’re leftists. They are, however, ignorant pawns (I don’t think they know it).

  • Texan357

    I missed something. What’s this latest hate for Paula Deen? I’d guess “ZOMFG SHE COOKS WITH BUTTER AND IS THEREFORE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLOCAUST”

    • nc

      When you’re out of the closet as a Southerner and proud of it, you must be taken down. Libbies found their chance and grabbed it.

      • john brothers

        grow up. prejudice isn’t relegated to one region or race!

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Holy shit someone tell me again blacks aren’t the most racist people on the planet. Especially against their own. If you’re successful you’re an uncle tom, if you’re intelligent and see hipocrisy you’re a house negro. If you agree with someone white(even though Obama is half, and raised by white communists) you’re black card has been revoked and you’re a whore…Who’s keeping who down?

  • angelsinca

    Ms. Dash is as level-headed and fair-minded as any believer in God would hope to become.

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    If these people even knew what the ‘N’ word meant(I type N cause I don’t know if it’ll allow me to type the word here) then they would know how ignorant their feigned outrage is. All hypocrites. Almost everyone has said the N word or said something someone would call racist. This is all B.S. hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  • nc

    Not really black? Who the heck are these people to tell someone how they must think? And the libbies, who NEVER stop fighting “for their rights” never say boo about this behavior.

    BTW, where are the women’s libbers? Not just for Dash, but for Deen? Deen was a broke single mother of two boys who started a catering business and grew it into an empire. Isn’t that something to be admired and emulated?

    • Stephen L. Hall

      To liberals, “black” or “African-American” is not a race, it’s an ideology.

    • jinxy76

      Obviously, to be successful nowadays is not to be admired and emulated. The left now vilifies these traits. What I don’t understand is, what’s going to happen to the people wanting handouts when all the successful people have handed their’s out or quit trying? The left just don’t see the big picture.

  • C-Saw

    The only thing I like about twitter is the ability to out morons 1 by 1.

  • glm64

    lovely, so if you’re black and didn’t vote for Obama and won’t judge Paula Deen you need to leave the race? who are these racist idiots tweeting at Stacey Dash?

  • $29520529

    Wow, love those libs and their gentle compassion. The party that promotes the killing of the unborn, can we be surprised they are so hateful. Nope, pretty standard fare.


    WOW we are done as a nation, stock up and get ready

  • Damien Johnson

    So I guess only God can judge the right people, everyone else can be judged by whoever wants to judge. /liberal logic

  • neoface

    People who are judging Dean should probably look in the mirror.

  • Sherri Cruz (D-Ret)

    And conservatives are racist? Uh…no.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Margaret Thatcher-esque guts from Ms. Dash. If I was big shot Republican, I’d be at her house doing everything necessary to get a beautiful, high-profile, principled patriot on the team.

    • michael s

      Maraget Thatcher-esque guts from Stacey Dash. That’s odd because Stacey isn’t pro choice like Thatcher was.

      • Noah

        who is this Maraget Thatcher you speak of?
        Was she related to the late former Prime Minister?

      • Noah

        really? so, because GWM up above declares that Stacey Dash has “Margaret Thatcher-esque guts” she needs to believe everything that Mrs. Thatcher believes??

  • bravest PAPAyA

    So we can have these talentless “rappers” that use the language Paula used in their lyrics can say that only God can judge them, but we can’t have someone send an encouraging tweet to someone who made mistakes in the past? The hypocrisy from this world and society are really disheartening.

  • Teri Williams

    Clearly comments from VERY SMALL & ANGRY minds. Pitiful!

  • Ray Garber

    It is awful to see these racist comments about a young woman for NOT showing hate. Shame on all of you.


    Wow…I just got a quick lesson in Ghetto…Thanks

  • justlisa

    Really makes me sad…all the abuse Stacey Dash receives. High profile conservative women are treated worse than dirt. High profile black conservative women…even worse.

  • Robby Gregg

    this is distributing and saddening seeing the way she gets treated

  • Richard Sturms

    Well it goes to show that racism is alive and well in the group that whites fought to give it to

  • marco

    You people are all a bunch of racists, talking about revoking her being black and a house slave, it’s people like you blacks and whites who are the problem. I personally have always loved her as an actress and she is beautiful and has a brain unlike all of you “house slaves” Or “twitter slaves” out there

  • TMZ2

    God bless Stacey Dash. It is awesome to know there is a really smart very beautiful black woman in Hollywood. Not some airhead. All the haters are just jealous of her and are all brainwashed fools. Dash is a patriot and a hero for speaking out. She has a real pretty heart. I just love her. She is so awesome. It is a shame that she is treated so badly by internet bullies,

  • Conrad2010

    See? This is exactly what is wrong w/the world today.
    We have these asinine ignorant racist Liberals walking amongst
    us. Polluting everything they come in contact with.
    What these people either don’t know or forget, that come judgement day.
    They will stand before God and give an accounting of their life.

  • Ed Coyne

    I don’t even believe in God and I support her compassion-based comment. The others…well…they make me want to believe, so I’ll know that they’ll be judged.

  • sgb1

    I am really tired of the racist libs. The black are the worst racists on the planets. she said the word once. My fathers said it fifty times a day.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Makes you wonder who are the true haters, and anti- Christians. Not really.

  • Thomas Ratcliff

    did any one see that most of them could not spell , looked like 2nd grade drop out’s

  • Brad Brunk

    If you were born before 1960 and say you never thought or said the “N” word… I say you are a damn liar…

  • Donald Koller

    Racism is rampant on the left and the democratic party.

  • abbypatch

    I feel so sorry for those racist tweeters. They know NOTHING and think their tweets are law. First amendment gives people the right to free speech, BUT it doesn’t give anyone the right to trash anyone else just because they want to do it. Where’s PC then? Out with the trash….it’s only when a conservative speaks up that PC comes into play. So disgusting.

  • Glen Saunders

    Got some real racist types disrespecting themselves on here. The Liberals are coming out of the woodwork and the ignorance of their comments is mind boggling. Hating this lady for a comment they cannot begin to understand. And it was written on a first grade level. Nobody on here has ever been a slave or even known a slave. The references to slavery shows the narrow mindedness of the commenters….

  • kateorjane

    You would think adults would be embarrassed by the trashy low class postings of so many young people on TWITTER – but they still wonder about the low opinion & why young adults are dismissed as useless.

  • Frank Coleman

    I don’t see any intelligence in any of the comments against Stacey Dash.
    leftist ignorance. Is not bliss.

  • bobussery

    The self righteous stabbing themselves….nothing new. To crucify someone over one mistake isn’t “Christian” in any sense of the definition, much less God like.

  • deimos19

    apparently only God and racist moonbat leftists can judge.

  • Mickey O’Brien

    RAAAAAACISTS!! And blackfemaleconservativeaphobes.

  • Bob

    I considered looking through all the attackers tweets and seeing how many, if any of them, went after Ryan Winkler for his “Uncle Tom” comment. Then I realized that since his was an attack against a conservative figure, they wouldn’t see that as an affront to their ethnicity. Good grief – don’t these people realize what they’re doing is racist? Yes, I know – stupid question. Seems I’m full of them these days.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Jesus said “Love thy neighbor,” “Love thy enemy,” and ‘turn the other cheek,” which I think Stacey is doing..Like these liberal ‘haters who coddle murderous Abortion docs, gang members, and other (Lower) human life forms.
    And HOT FRIED CHICKEN GREASE? Maybe you ‘haters should walk a mile in her shoes, as the old proverb goes, and see what she goes through just BEING HERSELF! #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Hiraghm

      Proverbs 25:

      15By long forbearing is a prince persuaded, and a soft tongue breaketh the bone.

      21If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink:
      22For thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, and the LORD shall reward thee.

  • Dutra

    What do you think the reaction would be if the abortion laws stated that “only people of color” could exercise abortion rights?

    Would people of color feel privileged or would they have an epiphany?

  • agibs

    I wonder how many of these enlightened liberals even know the whole story? Paula Deen admitted that she said it in 1986 after she was held at gunpoint by a black man during a bank robbery. Although I’ve never personally used the “N” word, I can understand how someone might not be thinking rationally after an experience like that. Now almost 30 years later, she APOLOGIZED. Move on people. Stop the cycle of hate!

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Thirty years ago, I called the kid who stepped on my crayons a poopyhead. I am soooooooo sorry. #LiberalsStillWon’tForgiveMe

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    So, let me get this straight…a group of people well known for whining about how judgmental others are, are now up in arms because someone says that she won’t judge? Effin’ idiots. #LiberalLogic

  • deanothewiseman

    It’s interesting that those living on the liberal plantation so often resort to calling people who disagree “house negros”. But that’s not racist at all….now I’m smh

    • Hiraghm

      what’s “smh” mean?

      • J August

        “Shaking my head”

      • deanothewiseman

        smh = Shaking my head (someone used it above in a tweet about Stacey Dash

  • CombatDiver

    Well, I guess only God and lefty tweeters can judge Paula Deen. Who would’a thunk it.

  • J.J. Sefton

    And yet Robert Byrd is eulogized as a saint. Liberalism is a helluva drug.

  • john

    You know what is really unbelievable is that black people now days using what happened over 200 years ago as if it was still happening now,and blaming whites for all the persecution . Just amazing really amazing,maybe they better wake up nobody has slaves now and any respectable person would not subfect anybody to that be BLACK WHITE or whatever……so stop yelling discrimination,and get on with your lives,maybe we should throw that idiot Little Wayne in jail for stomping on the flag,but wait…that would be picking on a special race………

  • George Murrey

    After reading all of the hate tweets shows that those jerks never liked her in the first place. Stacey will do fine without those so-called “friends.”

  • billeeblue

    Wow..the thin skinned left sounding pretty racist to me.

  • Cyrena

    She leaves a classy post and that is what is handed in return.

  • Christopher Salazar

    Those people are freaking racist. And, I am brown.

  • $472942

    What else can you expect from uber-racist, liberal Democrat house slaves?

  • Alton Clark

    No one has tried any harder to be white as Jackson but they still loved him !

  • Birdy

    If ANYONE other than someone of the same race made comments like they did above, they would be called racist. Funny that because they are the same it is ok.

  • John Davis

    I don`t know what is actually going on , but for the record .. GOD DOES EVERYTHING FOR A REASON.. Some things going on are already set-in-stone and you just by your actions make-it-happen.

  • John Davis

    These people need to know that democrats are the enemies of their FREEDOM..

  • Dee Jackson

    Look at the brainwashed slaves of the modern Democratic Massa! You are disgusting traitors to the black community!

    Claiming that we are intelligent, and “equal” to anybody else, to have the freedom to lead our own lives one minute, and then attacking anybody who does so, if they disagree with your party!

  • yucaipajack

    Wow, folks making these comments are slaves, just like their ancestors, the only thing that’s changed is the master…now the entity feeding them is the government and their slavery is awaiting what the government will give them

    • john brothers

      nicely put!

  • Axelgreaser

    PERSONALLY,when it comes to Paula Deen, I’m waiting for our ‘Daddy’, Obama to weigh in: “If I were the fan of a fat old white woman with a cook show, she would look like Paula Deen.” Or, ‘Paula Deen acted stupidly.’ Or better yet, Holder can cast the first stone and issue an edict: “Report anyone who used the ‘N’ word, even if it was up to 30 years ago…they need to be ‘targeted.’

    • Noah

      If Obama’s white mother had a sister…..

  • Raejean

    I think it’s good to invoke God or at least a spiritual awareness because some of the reaction is so ignorant and hateful that it makes you ashamed to be part of the HUMAN RACE.

  • Mustangmom

    Stacy could not have said any more true words!!! ONLY God can judge the heart!!!!

  • Fredo

    What a bunch of uneducated morons! Stacy Dash needs to keep her head up and don’t waste any time or breath on these idiots.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I continue to be impressed with Stacey Dash’s grace and decorum. It is a shame that her expressions of thoughtfulness and decency are returned with such venom and hatred.

  • thetroll01

    Why do all you who are hatin on Stacey hate BHO’s lily-white-assed momma so much?

  • michael s

    I support Stacey Dash. If Rev Sharpton can support Paula Deen and not be called a tom, Stacey Dash shouldn’t be subjected to offensive and racially motivated insults.

  • patricia lockhart

    I’m so sick of hearing about the past leave it be its 2013 its time to grow together and live in peace.this the only way we can change the world leave the past behind us and look for the future

  • Tony Johnson

    These people wouldn’t know freedom if it bit them in the arse.. They are slaves to their own hatred and racism, and too stupid to even realize it.

  • therain

    The left makes a great intolerance.showing.

  • RedSoloCup

    Love it when a bunch of uneducated, public schooled, Obamaphone owning, MSNBC watching, government dependent, low info voters get enraged by the truth.

    Keep it up Stacey!

  • wakefield42

    I think she’s pretty right on..and I just found another awesome recipe I’m going to try..I don’t even watch the show..I just do the website..thanks Paula..don’t quit that website..I need you desperately

  • © Sponge

    So “keepin it real” now means never leaving the plantation, huh.

    Nice. Good to see the black community is promoting equality and togetherness. I thought segregation was a BAD thing? Why are they doing it?

  • Steve_J

    So say the perpetually offended.

  • aliwilcox

    These people attack Ms. Dash based on her color. Does that make them racist or bigots?

    • oconnellc

      Racism is a kind of bigotry, based on skin-color. You can be a bigot in a variety of ways. Racism is just one of them. It isn’t an either/or question.

      • aliwilcox

        Okay, good to know.

  • Jamie Blair

    That is double think. It is black democrats that love their plantation established by LBJ. Pathetic.

  • Mike Meyer

    I’m guessing that the people posting these tweets haven’t read the official court documents. I have and I can tell you that the problem is NOT Paula Deen’s use of the “N” word. 95% of her problems stem from a guy named Earl “Bubba” Hiers. It is his inexcusable treatment of Lisa T. Jackson, the woman who is suing Paula Deen, Inc. that has led to all of this. Read the documents and see for yourself. Deen is only being sued because she has the most money.

  • Paul Alvarez

    And if she said that about Ovomit, liberals would praise her. The party of fairness… Nobody is allowed to have an opinion but them.

    • oconnellc

      “Ovomit”. Ha ha ha ha ha. That is really funny. I mean it. Wow. That makes me laugh. Good one. I mean, his name is “Obama”. And so you took the first letter, and pretended that was still the first letter of his name. But then you took the word “vomit” and put that after the “O”. And then his name was “Ovomit”. That’s why it is funny. Cause it’s funny.

    • oconnellc

      “Ovomit”. Ha ha ha ha ha. That is really funny. I mean it. Wow. That makes me laugh. Good one. I mean, his name is “Obama”. And so you took the first letter, and pretended that was still the first letter of his name. But then you took the word “vomit” and put that after the “O”. And then his name was “Ovomit”. That’s why it is funny. Cause it’s funny.

  • I Miller

    Figures. Blacks hate when another black gets in the way of their racism.

    • oconnellc

      Those miserable Blacks.

  • oconnellc

    Hmmm…. Weird. Now it seems that only God can judge what is in someone’s heart. But previously Chris Broussard seemed to have no problem doing the same thing. I was looking for the twitchy comments from people slamming Broussard for daring to take God’s place and judging what is in their hearts, but couldn’t find them. Maybe I should look under the sofa…

  • GOP:The Aryan Taliban of Ameri

    Clarence Thomas would still be pickin cotton instead of having a white woman as a wife if it wasn’t for affirmation action he so quickly abandoned after he got his pubic hair on a soda can chance.

  • brando

    Looks like the Libs are still pissed Stacey got off the plantation.

  • st3v300

    Paula Deen admitted to her wrong. The black race uses that word every day…where”s the balance? Never will be, will there ??

  • 1911HeadBanger

    It wasn’t the Blacks who were complaining about Paula Dean. It’s the Dumbass White Liberals who have to go around PROVING to everyone that they aren’t Racists. They know what’s deep inside them, so they have to go overboard and constantly show that they aren’t racists. They never succeed until they get the Negros on their Plantation all worked up into a frenzy, over something they don’t even understand. It’s a tool that the Liberals use, because they are the true Racists. They use and manipulate the blacks into believing that Liberals and Democrats truly care about them, while they are using them and keeping them in a welfare state, throwing them trinkets and coins and keeping them submissive.

  • Craig Jacobs

    Regardless of your beliefs, God is most definitely not the only one that can judge. If that were the case no one would be helt accountable for anything. Having said that, holy crap, what a bunch of racists.

  • Tina Rhodus

    I totally agree that racism is always played. AND no I am not a racist, my son has never dated a white girl, my daughter-in-law is bi-racial and I have the MOST beautiful 5 year old granddaughter who is now in print ads. So, all of you that are telling her to bleach her skin, etc. GROW UP!!!

  • Adam Cooper

    Sigh, for crying out loud people it’s “ho” not “hoe”. There’s no “hoe” in whore. A hoe is a garden utinsile. I guess if “for real” is a part of your vornacular you wouldn’t be smart enough to know this.

  • Richard Lowery

    According to libtards only conservatives can be racist. And that includes minority conservatives.

  • Kevin Crombie

    All those haters against #TheRealStacy_Dash wish they HAD half her Intellect, and professionalism. I applaud her Christian mentality.

  • Kayp

    Look who’s racist now. Stacey thank you for your courage.

  • Frank Banks

    Another incident showing me who are the true racists in our nation.

  • Herman LaClair

    i was a teen in the 60’s. i totally believed in the “age of aquarius”. my politics were shaped by this belief that my fellow lefties were truly interested in peace (most fomented violence against perceived adversaries), love/tolerance (i saw no love/tolerance toward anyone who disagreed with them), and ending racism (i heard the same vitriol against non-left blacks). after spending the next 30 years clinging to the belief that these misguided miscreants would come to their senses and see the hypocrisy, i finally abandoned the Democratic party after 9/11 and the rantings of the “blame-America-first” crowd.

    i am thoroughly convinced that liberalism is a mental defect.

  • Marilyn Vannatta

    God will also judge these racist haters for the venom they spew.Guess they forgot about that. Repent.It’s time to get a little holy fear of the Lord in your life.

  • Tami Moneymaker

    are you kidding me. all this over something that happened 30 years ago? Oh and slavery ended almost 150 years ago. There haven’t been “house slaves” since then.
    some people prefer to stay ignorant then they won’t have to account for their dumb*** actions

  • Lara Robertson

    Based on most of the comments and pics of commentators, sounds like you guys are the racist ones! Nothing she said was clueless or her being less black! You all need to grow up! I bet everyone of you talking smack has said something racist/derogatory or negative about someone of a different race! Its obvious the way you are bashing Stacey and calling her a slave trader etc! Considering the majority of blacks in our country have nothing to do with being related to any type of slavery that took place here (only about 13% can be traced back to it), maybe you should let God deal with the judgement of others and quit being a bunch of hypocrites! OH and PS, just because she doesn’t act how you consider “black” people should act, does not mean she wants to be white! Having an independent opinion and beliefs, not being a sheep and follower and speaking in an educated and respectful manner does not make someone less black!

  • Echo Moon

    holy crap people!! racism is alive and doing very well in the good ‘ol USA!!! there is racism on every stink street corner, on the street, in the car, on tv, on radio, in homes and every dang blasted school and school yard.

    every single person is racist in some way and they refuse to admit it. whites, black, cubans, mexicans, the irish, the italians, the jewish, the arabs, OMG!!! i could go on and on but it would take way to freaking long to name every color, race and nationality in the world. it’s all them against them, us against them, them against us, all you have to do is have eyes and ear and you will see it and hear it. words!!! words/names can be offensive, cracker, ho, whitey, honky, jew, tar, wetback, monkey, nigger, coon, trailer trash, beaner, wop, ruski, chink, slant eyes, etc. i’m so mad i can’t remember anymore. each color, nationality have their own derogatory name or slang for themselves and others.

    in all honesty i don’t think any of us will ever get beyond it. even if you don’t say anything racist your thoughts themselves betray you to yourself. how many time have you watched a tv show and “thought” something racist. how many times have you laughed at a joke because you just couldn’t help yourself? not necessarily laughed because it was a “racist” joke but because it was a funny “joke”. you can take any joke and substitute any nationality and make it work. hell blond jokes are discriminatory and be highly offensive.

    deen did one thing that millions have lied about. she told the freaking truth and admitted she used the N word. and being under oath or not means not a damn thing. if anything the biggest mistake deen made was in loving her brother to much and not wanting to believe badly of him. and she has trusted in a lot of people who have greatly let her down.

  • Melissa BossyBoots Votano

    They need to get over themselves already.

  • DanO

    Now seeing that we are all perfect, go back to work, get a job, educate others about mistakes and learn from them. Be positive for others, and that’s all Stacey Dash is doing. There is enough anger and hate for all the wrong things in our world, and here Stacey is taking a stand up approach, and teaching her daughter to do the right thing, and people want to chastise her for it. FYI – Your children, and her children will read this one day, and then how are you going to explain your actions, Stacey where simple. #chokehardhaters, #LoveMeStaceyDash

  • Shelley Haines

    I agree with Stacey Dash, God is the only one who can judge. He can judge all of you who said wrong things about all of this also.

  • Joani Reedy


  • Jon Fern

    Unfortunately for real African-Americans who believe in some aspects of fiscal conservatism ( the kind that are not used as de facto covers for discrimination), most ‘conservatives’ are only comfortable with Negroes who are willing to be used to cover anti-black racism. The ultimate conservative Negro is ‘Stephen’ who was played by Samuel L. Jackson in “Django Unchained”.

    • Major Domo

      I saw that. Loved it.

    • Major Domo

      I saw that. Loved it.

  • Major Domo

    Any mention of the God word sends these idiots into a frenzy. Have a heart and show compassion and that’s even worse. I think these radical haters would be first in line at an old fashioned stoning.

  • Guest

    I have black friends. I also have a half-black grand kid. Awhile back at a house party they were all calling each other ‘nigga’ and I felt left out, being white and all. So, being the outspoken a-hole that I am I said Hey! Do I get to say that word too since all of you are using it? Doesn’t seem fair. After a little lite-hearted discussion, they said it was OK for me to use it too. I made it a point to use it in every sentence for at least a half hour…true freedom I tell ya! Now…in 20 years I REALLY hope someone brings this up. A hater is a hater is a hater….get off this woman’s case. From what I have seen she is nice. I also think it was a power play to get money out of her.

  • Trisha Doherty

    I bet Stacey Dash can read cursive..just sayin…

  • MontanaGal

    Miss Dash is not only absolutely gorgeous, she’s smart and kind. A role model all the way around.

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    How dare Stacy Dash go out and think for her self. She should be punished for diagreeing with the liberal toads. These people need to get a life. Talk about being racist and it isn’t Stacy Dash. But we all know what happens when a back goes off the reservation don’t we, they are attacked and hounded by idiots. These people have a black belt in ignorance.

  • Elise Petersen

    Have none of you ever heard of forgiveness? Paula didn’t say that she thinks poorly of African Americans, but she did uphold her honor in being honest about her past. Stop persecuting her, I am sure you have all said things that you wouldn’t want others to know about, and if you were confronted with telling the truth most of you would lie. Better to be in the repentance process than the denial stage of life.