The two friends reportedly got together tonight at at event at The Met.

What on earth did they talk about? Twitter users had a few theories.

That leaves just a few unanswered questions:


  • Danny Wheeler

    LOL! He set himself up!

    • Jeremy

      LOL yes he did.

  • Jeremy
    • BeautifulAmerica

      Oh, I WISH!

    • nc

      Too late, I’m afraid.

    • Ned McFury

      You notice that McCain is to the left of Clinton, in the photo.

  • Jeremy

    He and Graham both need to go soon. We need to get some real conservatives in office.

  • Steve_J

    Puss Bucket Clinton is his good friend and Ted Cruz is a wacko bird?

    • Jeremy

      Yeah makes no sense but,that is McCain for ya.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    NWO/Bilderberger Suck-Up.

    Whatcha think of them apples, McCain?
    You could have been SAVING our country. Instead, you spit on it.
    Step down now and take your “AMNESTY for Lawbreakers” with you.

  • nc

    McCain: “Nobody appreciates my maverick shtick anymore.”
    Clinton: “Stop by my office. Maybe I can help you tweak your image a little.”

  • DurkaDurka

    I’m beginning to think Obama was the only choice to get this over quick.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    John McCain: The senior Republican’t from Arizona.

  • $27789750

    Why are these pols always standing in corrodors sneakily whispering to each other?

  • Ronald

    I admire in a person the quality of being civil and courteous despite having different political views.