Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has been feeling really sorry for his Muslim “brothers and sisters” in the wake of the Boston marathon bombings.

Yesterday, he said that the arrest of Texas paramedic Bryce Reed, a first responder at the West, Texas, fertilizer factory explosion, was “under-reported” although the story was covered by USA TodayReuters, the Daily MailFox NewsNBC NewsABC NewsCBS News, and the Los Angeles Times. Heck, even little Twitchy covered the story.

Now Geraldo, apparently aiming to clarify that tweet, says Reed’s arrest would have been a “much bigger” story if Reed were Muslim.

“We judge [Muslims] more harshly,” said Geraldo. (This is a guy, remember, who immediately blamed the Boston bombing on “homegrown anarchists.”)

A couple of points to keep in mind here :

1) Law-enforcement authorities have not yet connected Reed’s arrest to the plant explosion in West, Texas.  Unlike Geraldo, the MSM is waiting for the facts before jumping to conclusions.

2) As far as we know, Reed has not (yet) been linked to any terrorist or militia group.

Given that, the amount of media coverage seems more or less appropriate.

Twitter users get it:

Most of our readers probably remember Timothy McVeigh, the nut job who was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. There was no shortage of media interest in that story.

* * *


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  • Wroemance

    Geraldo is the poster child for birth control.

  • Jules

    Why does anyone give this former Trash TV Host a microphone or a pulpit? Seriously, he is the biggest bigot of them all. He hates Americans, Whites, Conservatives, and Christians and at every opportunity he spreads his bigoted drivel.

    • Ntr

      I certainly wonder why Fox News gives him an outlet. Even worse, he is considering running for office in New Jersey as a R(ino).

      • nickdqwk

        Remember Fox News is fair and balanced. So the unbalanced also get a voice.

  • CatHerder

    We usually judge as harshly as the crime demands. Get over yourself.

  • thetawake

    Oh, Geraldo, you silly little slimeball, that’s because muslims deserve it.

    ‘You believe like we believe, or you don’t deserve to exist’…is a cut and dry tenet of islam. It’s what is preached/discussed every time they go to mosque…

    Radical and so-called moderate muslims alike.

    As for the EMT, I saw something about it for quite a while on every outlet I happened upon.

    I guess what I’m really trying to say is grow a brain you leftist wing-nut!

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    Geraldo’s just another media hack afraid of losing his Saudi money if he criticizes Islam.

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    He’s practicing to be a politician. He might run for NJ Senate to replace Lautenberg.

    • Jules

      It’s irritating that this former TV and media hack would even have that opportunity. But, I’m sure NJ folks will vote for him.

  • uninformed_electorate

    where did this smurf come from, and why is he inflicted upon us so often?

  • Steve_J

    I would add to @DWalkRed14 2-26-93, 10-12-00, 9-11-01, and 9-11-12 there are many more dates that could be added as well.

    • Guest

      If NJ elects him, they will be a laughing stock. He could also be looking for a spot with Current TV / Al Jazeera.

  • arttie

    When he comes on the program, I pick up the remote and select another channel!

  • Ntr

    Keep digging that hole Geraldo…

  • David

    Muslims are judged more harshly because they are filthy murderers; and those who don’t murder refuse to condemn the crimes committed by their “brothers”.

  • waterytart

    WTF are you talking about halfwit? Muslims? We don’t get to JUDGE them at ALL, we get to pretend they’re all just wonderful, misunderstood folks thanks to dim bulbs like you.

  • $472942

    Maybe Al Jazeera could make Fox News an offer for ol’ Jackass here like…say…I dunno…five horny goats and a transgendered yak?

    Now there’s a deal and SOLD!!

    • ObamaFail

      Al Jazeera is saving up the money they need to buy both CNN and MSNBC. That’s why Fox won’t get an offer for Geraldo.

  • ObamaFail

    Geraldo, terrorist sympathizer.

  • dwsmokin

    Geraldo-yes we do judge Muslims more harshly. Perhaps the fact that so many seem intent on our destruction has something to do with that. Hmm, when one particular group openly voices their hopes for your violent demise, you tend to get rather judgmental-and rightfully so.

  • stuckinIL4now

    No, Geraldo, you judge conservatives, Republicans and not-libturds more harshly than even muslims.

    • lillymckim

      Right on!

  • Herman LaClair

    malignant narcissist, just like his hero.

    • VotingForZombieReagan2016

      He doesn’t mean to be a malignant narcissist. He just believes that old SNL skit – “Geraldo, you sexy, sexy man!”

  • Don Howard

    Giraldo: Get over yourself and your misguided and inexplanable/unescusable statements ; not helping your political aspirations for NJ ; Christie doesn’t need your help. dj

  • lillymckim

    I like Fox but when Tamara Holder, Juan Williams, & Alan Colmes, are on I turn the channel.
    I can’t & won’t listen to the crap anymore … no more.

  • UnknownFangirl

    Well at least the EMT isn’t Puerto Rican….this is one shame Geraldo will not have to bear.