Tonight  MSNBC host Touré took a break from espousing 9/11 Trutherism, falling for fake photos, and falling for likely-fake videos to accuse the Republican Party of (what else?) raaaaacism.

Here are some of his #2016GOPSlogans retweets:

toure race card 1

toure race card _002

toure race card _003

Does Touré really believe the things he tweets? Or is he an undercover conservative trying to make liberals look like race-obsessed clowns?

If the latter, he’s doing a fantastic job!

  • Peyton

    If only it was the latter. Sadly it’s the former.

    • Garth Haycock

      Playing the race care is all Tourè has, which speaks volumes as to just how irrelevant he really is.

  • TheAmishDude

    Dems2016: Pay no attention to the content of the character.

  • Peyton

    #GOP2016Slogans Vote for us because Toure’s on the other team, and you don’t want to be on the same team as Toure.

    • mdtljt

      Best. Reason. Ever.

  • TheAmishDude

    Dems2016: Failure IS an option!

    • bigkahuna9

      Dems 2016 failure is assured!

  • ZoriahShepard

    Have we hijacked it yet? That’s always fun.

    • Beth Lott

      It’s in the process of flipping right now.

  • Tantalus XVI

    Promptly responded with #DNC2016Slogans giggle snorts all around!

    • ObamaFail

      #DNC2016Slogans: The economy is in the toilet not because of Obamacare, but because of the sequester!

    • LibLieExposer

      #DNC2016Slogans Once you vote black, you’ll never go back!

  • CatHerder

    Turde is at it again, starting at the bottom and working his way down.

  • NickGranite

    Well Toure, someone does have to stand up for straight white men. You or the President are sure as hell not going to do it.

  • Bemani Dog

    We’ll lift black people out of poverty this time! We promise! #DNC2016Slogans

    • ObamaFail

      #DNC2016Slogans And when we don’t, we’ll just say the GOP is holding down the black man!!

    • M F Scotto

      That is gold right there, my friend. Gold!

  • Steve_J


  • Jack_H

    @toure must be the luckiest guy. He’s always drawing race card flushes!

    • TocksNedlog

      Everything Touré draws with his Crayolas should be flushed.

    • LibLieExposer

      Send Toure to Gosnell so he can be flushed down a toilet too.

  • ObamaFail

    Toure is a race baiting idiot, and anyone who takes him seriously is even dumber than he is.

    • TocksNedlog

      Nobody takes Touré seriously.

      Guess that makes him the dumberest.

      • yahneverknow

        Sad thing is… there are people who take him seriously.

        Really. :(

  • stellatruman

    Remind me again why msnbc is still on the air

    • Chevypowered

      Because we all need reminders why drugs are bad.

      • 96leroy

        Or at least what a bad trip looks like.

      • TocksNedlog


    • TocksNedlog

      Because one Cartoon Network just isn’t enough.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Or one Comedy Central.

    • Junie3

      Because you have to keep your base aggitated and to prevent them from looking at the other sides positive attributes. Feed the village idiots the hate soup.

  • MisterIncredible

    We can stand up for hispanics, gays, women, blacks, but lord forbid we stand up for “whites” or “straight people”. What a racist.

  • grais

    That loon needs a new schtick.

    • TocksNedlog

      To replace the shtick that’s up his ass?

      Next to his head?

    • SpinMeNot

      The loon needs to be beat with his new schtick until he gets a clue.

      I can’t find the link for the old “North American Clue Stick” … it seems appropriate at this juncture.

  • ObamaFail

    #GOP2016Slogans: We’ll spend 4 years doing the job we were elected to do instead of doing nothing but blame the previous guy.

  • Jill

    Toure is displaying his own special brand of passive racism. Rather than believe that a man can be judged by deed and character and be found wanting, he always jumps to race. One wonders why this civil rights slacktivist did not decry races other than caucasian maligning President Bush…….

  • Franklin Crittenden

    MSNBC, need I say more?

    • lainer51


  • Oak Tree Lady

    Who’s Touré?

  • CombatDiver

    ~ Dems2016: MLK who?
    ~ Dems2016: against everything MLK stood and died for.
    ~ Dems2016: Christmas 24/7, 365
    ~ Dems2016: give a man a fish, call him a democrat, teach a man to fish, call him a racist.
    ~ Dems2016: personal responsibility is for racists.
    ~ Dems2016: Gosnell/ Ariel Castro: Defenders of women’s rights.

  • arrow2010

    Does MSNBC even have 20 viewers left?

  • Guest

    Tooray is wasting her time,
    the Comrades’ race card has less value than Obama’s promises.

  • trixiewoobeans

    He’s a One-Trick Pony. That’s all he does, can do, or ever will do.

    • Secede

      So is Jesse…and Al…

  • GrindingMills

    Want to know the problem with this? The problem is that people actually believe and promulgate this garbage. The GOP needs to do a better job to dispel these myths. They’ve gotten out of control over the last 10 years.

    • Corey Dennison

      Normally, your advice would be good and solid. But it won’t work, because there are too many people who simply WANT to believe the type of crap that Toure poops out of his mouth every time he opens it.

      They HAVE to believe that the right are racist and the left aren’t (history and facts to the contary); it’s what their world is structured around. They just aren’t wired to believe any differently.

      • GrindingMills

        So what do you do? Just give up and let them smear us? The GOP needs to step up it’s outreach (and outreach doesn’t mean appeasement). We can scream all we want at the grassroots level, but they are the ones holding the bullhorn.

        • Michael Rice

          They are going to talk this nonsense no matter what we do. WE need to not worry about people like this and those who listen to him. THey are to far gone to be helped.

        • Corey Dennison

          The only answer I can come up with to change the tide of ignorance and infatuation with government in this country will take a long time to implement: Gut the public education system–that’s where all this $hit comes from. That’s where children are indoctrinated in the first place.

  • ernst1776

    How boring and pathetic is this guy?


    If Democrats listened to what Johnson had to say about Blacks after passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, then there will be no more Democrats.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Most already know. Do they care? Obviously not.

  • Tom

    Always the Dems who see things in race…not content.

  • Hollis Whitaker III

    really? Please.

  • Dennis E. Amnott

    Why get all worked up by a racists rants on Network practically no one watches. If MSNBC had any lower ratings it would be able to get beat by Al Gore’s Current TV. Let the racist rant, like anything he says means a pisshole in the snow.

  • Steve_J

    He’s lilke the rest of the liberals. If he didn’t have the race card to play he’d have no cards.

  • Oilfart1

    Given Toure’s (someone tell me how to do the accent e thing) off camera activities, he is the definitive ass-clown.

    • Guest

      alt 138

  • Stuart McClain

    I wonder if Toure knows that the Democrats are the ones who started and ran the klan? And still do, you know folks like one of their heroes, Robert Byrd.

  • Ralph Monroe
  • Ralph Monroe
  • medicinewomantwo

    comes a time when deceit and defiance must be seen for what they are.
    At that point, a gathering danger must be directly confronted. At that
    point, we must show that beyond our resolutions is actual resolve.”

  • medicinewomantwo

    This guy reminds me of an idiot I book slapped in class in college…..didn’t help a bit, he was still dumber than a jackasz.

  • It’s Dumplins!

    GOP2016slogan — We care so much about the corporatist media we will shamelessly promote another milquetoast RINO and lose again just to show you we care!

    • therantinggeek

      #DNC2016Slogan – We ARE the corporatist media

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        #DNC2016 Nepotism at it’s best! Siblings in the White House AND at major news reporting outlets.

    • tops116

      #DNC2016Slogan – Accountability is for Republicans.

  • Ralph Monroe

    Yet another dumb-ass ‘Halla ‘n’ ” RACISM
    BF YAWN!

    I suppose this would hurt if I were a guilt-ridden Caucasian. But, alas….

    a) I’ve never purchased another human-being from an African tribe selling other Africans they enslaved from tribal wars expressly for that purpose
    b) I’ve never had MoooSlum ancestors that were the first actual traders in this human commodity

    c) I’ve never owned a boat
    d I’ve never had black African relatives while standing on a hill over looking the Ocean curiously say, “Hoo-dat in da boats ya think? Let’s go see.”

  • kim

    no. Toure is a race obsessed clown

  • rm1evo


  • JR48

    He just needs therapy.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    Jeff Gauvin: Too funny! Unless one considers that the DemocRATs started the KKK, and are the party of killing black babies en masse and keeping those that survive on welfare. Otherwise, you are spot on!

  • Zathras11 @B5

    #DNC2016Slogans: We don’t know who built that, but we will take credit…or destroy it.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Playing the race card 3 1/2 years before the election? Toure, have you have discipline of a child and subtlety of meat clever.

  • Markward

    I just think Toure is being his usual toolish self

  • Michael Rice

    hillary2016 because what’s the difference…anyway

  • Aruana Zeelie

    Liberal here – please be gentle. I have a question for conservatives: are any of you aware of the Southern Strategy and is it recognized within the conservative sphere?

    Buchanan Calls for Renewed Southern Strategy, This Time Against Immigrants
    Not to be condecending, but have any of you ever heard Lee Atwaters nineteen eighty one interview about the Southern Strategy?

    In a WorldNetDaily column yesterday, Buchanan laments the fact that African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2012 and that even more people of color are immigrating to the United States.

    His solution, of course, is not for the GOP to try to appeal to non-white voters. Instead, he suggests that Republicans focus exclusively on turning out white voters by re-implementing what he sarcastically calls the “evil Southern Strategy” that helped catapult Richard Nixon to office. Buchanan implies that this time around, instead of stirring up racial resentment against black Americans, Republicans should work to pit white voters against “illegal foreign aliens.”

    “Is the way to increase the enthusiasm and turnout among [white voters] for the GOP to embrace amnesty and a path to citizenship for 12 million illegal foreign aliens?” he asks. “Or is it to demand the sealing of America’s borders against any and all intruders?”

    Lee Atwater – nineteen eighty one

    The late, legendarily brutal campaign consultant Lee Atwater explains how Republicans can win the vote of racists without sounding racist themselves:

    ………. You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger”—that hurts you, backfires. So you say stuff like, uh, forced busing, states’ rights, and all that stuff, and you’re getting so abstract. Now, you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is, blacks get hurt worse than whites.… “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, uh, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.”

    Video at link.

    • dieseledge
    • Steven Hedrick

      I think it is despicable that they would use ethnic/class polarization to win an election. How do you feel about the fact that the Liberal Democrats used that same strategy in 2008 and 2012? You might want to clean your own cesspool of a house before critiquing anyone else. Oh, and you might want to ask your liberal leadership to be honest for a change, stop using the IRS and Media to intimidate non-liberal thinking Americans (79%), and stop pretending to pander to the middle class when they are buying the votes of the poor and soliciting the donations of the rich through the most egregious crony payoffs in the history of America. And bankrupting America for political gain is really a very shortsighted vision. Looks like you have enough house cleaning to keep you busy… come back and help conservatives clean house when you’re done.

    • Aruana Zeelie

      Was this reported at all on the right?

      Pat Buchanan Calls For ‘Southern Strategy’ Against Latinos, Immigrants

      The Southern Strategy, first adopted by Richard Nixon, aimed to cultivate the support of Southern voters in part by appealing to racial tensions while avoiding overt racism. The strategy played a key role in alienating African-American voters from the GOP.

      But Buchanan thinks it’s gotten a bad rap. It did, after all, play well in the electoral college:

      “After Richard Nixon cobbled together his New Majority, the GOP carried 49 states in 1972 and 1984, 44 states in 1980 and 40 in 1988. In four elections – 1972, 1984, 1988 and 2004 – the Republican Party swept all 11 states of FDR’s “Solid South.”

      Such were the fruits of that evil Southern Strategy”

      • RememberSekhmet

        LOL Pat Buchanan

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      First, Aurana, Nixon didn’t win by a Landsliude because of some “Evil Southern Strategy, he won in ’68 because he was a stronger candidate than his opponent, Hubert Humphrey (More Liberal than JFK and LBJ put together), and he won again in ’72 (In spite of Watergate) because his opponent, George Wallace (D-Alabama) was a RACIST HIMSELF! In fact, Wallace was a strong supporter of the Kook Klutz Klan (As were most white southern Democrats); He even stood at the entrance to the University of Alabama to DENY blacks the right to a Higher Education.
      FYI, Republicans had little (if nothing) to do with the Klan, except in Indiana in the early 1920’s. At the time, in the ’50’s and ’60’s, most Democrats were affiliated with the Klan; one of the few exceptions was LBJ, who (with the help of REPUBLICANS) passed the Civil Rights act (1964/65). #THEFACTS #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

      • RememberSekhmet

        No, in 1972, Nixon’s opponent was George *McGovern* not Wallace. McGovern was the Dennis Kucinich/Howard Dean of his day. Not racist, but certifiably nutz.

    • RememberSekhmet
      • Aruana Zeelie

        Thanks for the links.

    • Section 9

      The “Southern Strategy” worked for two reasons:

      1. The War that Democrats are trying to flush down the Trotskyite Memory Hole-Vietnam.

      2. An inexorable move towards the GOP that began as early as the first Eisenhower Administration in the New South.

      Democrats think of this as Klanner stuff; they always do. Your party had its foundation in the defense of slavery and its expansion in the Territories. Both of your party’s founders, Jefferson and Andrew Jackson, were slaveowners. Our party was founded on the principles of Abolition, which eventually found its form the 13th Amendment. Johnson wouldn’t have passed the Civil Rights Act but for Republican leaders like Everett Dirksen and Gerald Ford.

      The South was changing, and had been changing since the end of the war, and it was growing more middle class, managerial, and Republican. So there is nothing wrong with Republicans juicing white voters. Democrats try to juice up black and Hispanic voters.

      Right now, there is this huge crisis among white factory and middle management workers who have been left behind by a Democratic Party that doesn’t give a damn about them.

      The Republican Party needs to address these people without fear of blowback by an increasingly authoritarian and Marxist Democratic Party that we already know is unafraid to use the machinery of the state, such as the IRS, to monitor and if needs be, suppress dissent.

      A program that addresses jobs and prosperity, that brings the rule of law back to Wall Street, that brings honesty back to the currency, and that clearly respects the rights of the states, will restore prosperity not only for white voters, but for voters of all races, which should be the Republican objective.

      It is a point to be emphasized that Democrats have failed young black men and women in Chicago, Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles and other fiefdoms of the Democratic empire. Republicans need to point out Democratic failures as they look for votes.

      • M4H

        You couldn’t be more wrong.

  • MishaBurnett

    Give the Democrats someone new to blame for their failures! #GOP2016Slogans

  • Big Ed

    Hey, if it’s all ya got , ya use it…. and it’s ALL they got. Don’t talk issues or ideas, just use fearmongering.

  • Turd Burglestein

    #DNC2016Slogans – What difference does it make?

  • Turd Burglestein

    #DNC2016Slogans – Still Bush’s fault

  • DrSamHerman

    After years of disgusting, obsessive propaganda of Odimwit as the “second Lincoln”, suddenly Toolate is abandoning that long-held Democrat meme? He’s slipping off the rails.


    Such a non-essential, non-issue, we will gladly pay attention only after he learns that Complacency rules his every fiber and he attempts to grace his presence to his audience just how much he does Not know about one President, let alone all 44, or America. Shuckin’ and Jivin’ in Narcissism!


    Everyone restock your kleenex….the boooohoooo’s are ensuing again.

  • Greg Greenlee

    He just isn’t very smart or funny!

  • Conservaguy

    And they wonder why MSNBC is the laughing stock of cable news… Well, keep hiring racists like Toure and they won’t even be around in a year or so.

  • Clayton Grant

    Please Spay or Neuter Your Democrat

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Toure should be an inspiration to all who are unemployed. If this doof can get a job, they can too.

  • tops116

    Touré sure plays the race card a lot for someone working on the whitest network in the country.

  • jhmdeuce

    I’ll say it again. Just stop talking about MSNBC. Stop giving these morons free publicity. They’re ratings are in the toilet. Let them flush it.

  • John

    Someone Tweeted, “Yes we Klan…” This goes to show you exactly how uninformed the left is. We all know the Dems started the Klan!!! Geez….

  • Bill

    He’s just another house nigg*r trying to keep the plantation functioning. Really sad that he doesn’t realize how his white massas’ are using him.

  • Bill

    He’s just another house nigg*r trying to keep the plantation functioning. Really sad that he doesn’t realize how his white massas’ are using him.

  • Leila Peterson

    Liberals look like race-obsessed clowns all on their own. Touré is just acting like Obama–black people Chris Rock calls, “niggaz” [] who start out with a whole deck of race cards–one for every occasion–to keep the whole race thing going–they’re PROFESSIONAL racists.

  • Leila Peterson

    Liberals look like race-obsessed clowns all on their own. Touré is just acting like Obama–black people Chris Rock calls, “niggaz” [] who start out with a whole deck of race cards–one for every occasion–to keep the whole race thing going–they’re PROFESSIONAL racists.

  • Jim

    Yeah, the GOP is clearly the party of white people. I mean, other than Allen West, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele, Mia Love, Ted Cruz, Star Parker, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley and Alan Keyes, they haven’t supported any nonwhite candidates lately.
    And the Democrats are definitely not hypocrites for voting against all of those people, because they voted for one half-black guy.

  • Orlando Cee

    Toure=waste of a human being.