Occupy Wall Street activist Taylor Hall attended a May Day protest yesterday. This morning, Hall tweeted this video out to his Twitter followers along with this statement: “Wow they caught me punching a #cop at 3:35, nice!”


Hall, who identifies himself as a Marxist Leninist Socialist, subsequently deleted his tweet, but not before Twitchy was able to capture it for posterity.

Hall also posted the video to his Facebook page, along with this note: “Please watch and enjoy…”

One of Hall’s Facebook friends replied, “FTP!! Thanks for the Block, LOL”

To which Hall responded: “lol yea…..something like that.”

thanks for the block

In related news, Hall was excited this morning to learn of a separate video showing him kicking a “nazi”:

It appears that Hall has been arrested at least twice in connection with his Occupy activism — once in Pittsburgh and once in Washington DC:


‘F**k the Pigs:’ Seattle May Day rioters attack, defame police

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15 photos of Seattle May Day mayhem and destruction; plus bonus video

Correction, 11:40am ET:

An initial version of this article stated that the police-punching incident occurred in Seattle. It occurred in Washington DC. We regret the error.


  • VerminMcCann

    Uh oh, better hire a lawyer. Wait, is that too capitalist for him?

    • Chip

      ACLU and SPLC will take care of him…. sigh…..

      • http://www.facebook.com/LashDuh Ryan Barton Lash

        Lawyers have nothing to do with capitalist ideas, they deal with the law. And if he was going to be charged with something they would’ve done it then professor dummy

        • Chip

          Drink your juice, Shelby. Drink your juice.

        • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor


        • Jill

          The hubris that you must possess to type such an astonishingly ignorant statement is second only to ineptitude with English.

        • blight14

          Watch your mouth…………

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    He needs to be TASED until the battery runs out.

    Then put in a new battery.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Beach/689144370 Jay Beach

      Cattleprod with a connect to AC.

      • Bemani Dog

        Torture him with a defibrillator, 24-style.

        • Hater 101

          ..is that what happened to you orlando? is that the reason why it hurts so much?

          • ForTheRepublic

            *yawn* another obvious troll.

      • oldgreyhairedlady

        Sears Diehard

      • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor

        You’re a moron.

        • Ronald Green

          Oh look another troll.

        • Guest

          And you have a meeting with the tooth doctor…….extraction time…..hypothetically………..

    • pajamakat

      Love it !!

    • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor

      You’re a moron.

      • Jeremy

        no that would be you.

      • Jill

        Is that the highest caliber insult in your intellectual arsenal?

    • rinodino

      Then you go do it, but I’m sure you would punk out, again tough guy on the internet

      • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

        If he had a taser I’m sure he wouldn’t

  • https://twitter.com/Captain_Cy_kun Cy

    I can’t wait until he gets arrested then starts crying about his rights and stuff. It’s funny how these idiots hate the system until they need the system to save their stupid asses.

    • http://www.facebook.com/frank.bennett.161 Frank Bennett

      thugs such as this never ever ever faces their opponent like men,,,,they ALWAYS sucker punch and then brag about it…that officer would have made mincemeat out of him if it werent for the libs sueing him….

    • Hater 101

      he wont get arrested “oh you of little brains”, the guy is a journalist, he got hit first and was pushed out of the store,along side with other journalists, he continued following the protest, considering the massive police presence do you really believe A BLACK GUY WOULD GET A WAY WITH PUNCHING AN OFFICER??????????????????????

      • Jill

        Have you read his Twitter where he clearly states that he is part of the protest movie? Are you ignoring the fact that he has been arrested before for similar offenses? Why bring up race at all? Are journalists now immune to arrest?

        • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

          No, because facts are inconvenient to liberals.

    • Elaine

      I sure hope Orange is his color?

      • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor

        Question mark?

        • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

          Wow, your mommy really shouldn’t have let you use the computer today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Marcy-Cook/1001619613 Marcy Cook

    But wait….wait…isn’t it the Tea Party that hates the government?

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      Well, the TEA Party are the ones who get violent when they get together, not like these folks who are just exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Beach/689144370 Jay Beach

        Sarcastically right.

        • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil


      • mickeyco

        Apparently, some people don’t recognize sarcasm, Phil.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Yes, but angry leftists are called “passionate activists” by the Newspeakers, while right wingers are “angry and violent extremists”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor

        Woohoo! “Newspeakers”! Way to be vague!

        • Jill

          A non sequitur response. Woohoo! Way to be obtuse!

          • Blue Dilly

            Don’t try to explain Orwell to the trolls. They’ll never get it anyway.


    HHHmmmmm these people are an interesting lot…..

  • Patriot

    So he’s a Marxist Leninist Socialist as opposed to those other poser kinds of Socialists. What a relief for the cop. He would have been embarrassed to get punched by a Biden Pelosi Socialist. They’re so wimpy.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    Public admission of guilt . . . bragging about it . . . just waiting for the Taylor Hall is innocent hashtag.

    • http://www.facebook.com/LashDuh Ryan Barton Lash

      Why do people seem to think he’s going to be arrested after the fact that’s not how the law works in a situation like this.

      • Stephen L. Hall

        Because battery is a crime and cops are more sensitive when they are the ones being battered. “In situations like this” identifying the perpetrator and collecting sufficient evidence is usually the problem. In this case, he confessed and broadcast the evidence. Pretty easy to convict.

        But to answer your question, I really do not expect it, I was simply making a dig at the “free the terrorist bomber” stupidity.

        • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor

          A punch to a deserving individual is far from a bomb that kills innocent people. “Free the terrorist bomber stupidity” isn’t really relevant here, is it?

          • Jill

            It is quite relevant. Both the recent terrorist arrest in Boston and this gentleman both have apologists an sycophants.

          • Stephen L. Hall

            It’s called an analogy; same concept, violence driven by hatred, if of a different magnitude.

            But how do you get that an individual doing his job is a person deserving of violence?

      • Hater 101

        why do people think he will get arrested, to begin with,the guy was assaulted FIRST< of course no one on here will ever know, because a group of "small brained" twats usually find self pleasure by harassing others/strangers without having all the facts to a story. and after the guy gets assaulted, as a member of the press, does not get arrested, because he did not "assault" an officer, he moves around in the act of being pushed outside along side with other members of the press, he watches the video, and makes a sarcastic comment like " i did not know i punched an officer", cause AGAINNNNN DUH if a black guy would punch.assault a white cop we ALL KNOW WE WOULD NEVER HAVE HIM GET AWAY WITH IT CORRECT??

        • Ronald Green

          Persistent troll aren’t you.

    • Hater 101

      PLUS STEPHEN SMARTIE BRAINS, THE GUY DID NOT BRAG, he had no clue until he saw the video he punched an officer, and DUH he does not get arrested.. what does that tell us ??

      • Stephen L. Hall

        “he had no clue until he saw the video he punched an officer” Hater 101. “as a member of the press, does not get arrested, because he did not “assault” an officer” Hater 101

        “Wow they caught me punching a #cop at 3:35, nice!” Taylor Hall

        He knew he punched someone, a.k.a. “the crime of battery”; he admitted to doing it; he was happy that it turned out to be a cop, a.k.a. “bragging”.

        Yet you claim “he did not “assault” an officer”?

        Are you really that stupid?

      • Jill

        Did you read his Twitter feed? Certainly, it seemed like bragging….

      • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

        Yes, because punching people is legal as long as it isn’t a police officer……hmm.

  • thinkingblackman

    Bet he bragged to his “life partner” about this…..

    • artracer

      he ought to get life, in a Greek prison.

    • http://www.facebook.com/LashDuh Ryan Barton Lash

      so because he punched a cop you’re trying to infer he is gay?

      • Jill

        Is there something inherently wrong with being gay?

    • Hater 101

      is that what you did keith, after posting this comment on here ??

  • Cullen Smith

    Send him to Moscow to hold a protest.Let him punch a cop over there.See how much he’ll brag when he throws a punch,misses,gets slammed on the ground and starts getting 5 batons across the head…

  • BigTBoom

    From cell phones, to digital cameras, to clothing, to brand name backpacks…the silent images of capitalism cannot be drowned by the voices of hypocrites.

  • Carey Hayden

    A Marxist Leninist Socialist? I wonder if these d-bags that call themselves such things have ever read a history book about the people living under communist tyranny. It was no walk in the park and there certainly would never have been a public protest allowed.

    • http://twitter.com/NietZsky NietZsky

      Marxist-Leninism =/= Communism. Don’t get me wrong, I hate socialism and think Marx was a shitty economist/philosopher, but don’t be a dumbass; if you’re against something, have an understanding of what it actually is.

      • Carey Hayden

        First off, calling me a “dumbass” only reflects poorly on you, Nietzsky. So be nice!

        Secondly, for clarification purposes: Marxist Leninism is absolutely a communist ideology. However, Marx and Lenin’s idea of socialism was a means to an end — that end was communism. Socialism was never their intended outcome. So when someone claims to be a Marxist Leninist Socialist, to me that means they hate everything America stands for. So perhaps instead of punching cops, they should just leave the country. I’m personally tired of all the misguided idiots trying to change our great nation into a place in which no American who has known freedom would want to live!

  • Dominga Luna

    Observant little sucker’s we got the in world huh? Yalla did you forget to insert that Taylor is part of the Citizen Media and was covering the May Day Protest… more then being a Protester?

    • Irony Man

      Legitimate media members cover the event, not participate while committing criminal activity.

      • Dominga Luna

        He was very legitimate… You have to apply for a press pass for one. He was with other Media when it happened for 2. Did you watch the video?

        • Irony Man

          It’s simple. He may have obtained a press pass and shot video, but but if he was participating in the protest and assaulting officers or others he loses his legitimacy. To brag about it afterwards is just childish.

  • V the K

    If Obama had a son, he would act like Taylor Hall.

    • Hater 101

      this is the best you can come up with?

      • http://www.facebook.com/justin.taylor.1420 Justin Taylor

        Agreed. Should’ve “learned up” on some good takedowns before you voiced this one. I give it a .5 out of 10, and I gave you a .5 because you know who the President is. It’s a start, but you should consider studying a little and gaining a bit of intelligence.

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joey-Arklasson/100002895080876 Joey Arklasson

          Oh boy, Justin, you sure showed him how to do it, eh?

  • Hiraghm

    I wonder if the jackass wearing the flag as a cape realizes he’s violating the flag code? I’m sure he couldn’t care less.

  • Vicky Kimlin Gibson

    I agree a lot of them needed tazed. There is a way to protest and a way to nothing more than hurt your cause. They definitely fell into the latter of the 2. I am surprised the officers kept their composure as well as they did.

    • Hater 101

      yea, vicky i also agree, that you should be tazed, for being another twat, on this retarded blog/side, THINK THINK THINK,

      • Blue Dilly

        You keep saying “side”. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

  • $29561723

    Too bad he wasn’t a Kulak so the Marxist Leninists could confiscate his firearms, destroy his property, starve him, blow him away, and bury him in a mass grave like they did to the other Kulaks (a.k.a. “property holders”)

  • allenbarr

    a real time sucker punch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fowlerd97 Roger Fowler

    if they were workers united why were the cops the only ones working.there should have been some heads busted.

  • Bemani Dog

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who was photographed taking a dump on a police car early in the original OWS.

    • Hater 101

      so many smart people here, i am amazed

  • tertiaryintervention

    aaaaaand he’s under arrest.

    • Hater 101

      annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd NOOO you are wrong he is not, cause you all have no clue about what really happened there, you just like to make assumptions to give your life’s some sort of excitement

      • tertiaryintervention

        Are you OK? Your anger is disproportionate to the situation. Why don’t you sit down and have a Coke and a smile, or in your case some kind of all vegetable juice drink and a smirk, fix the lensless corrective frames and just relax. Mommy should be here shortly to pick you up.

        • Ntr

          Hater 101 is probably a white, liberal “social activist” from tumblr. Don’t mind their idiocy 😀

  • Yvonne Interval Frith

    Did it possibly, just possibly occur to these bone head “occupiers” to occupy a job? True morons.

    • Hater 101

      He has a Job smarty, it is called Journalist

  • FybrOptx

    Apparently his punch was more of a brush and stumble as the alleged target acted as if nothing had even happened…

  • LegalizeShemp

    Thank God 95% of these clowns are liberal Demonrat constituents.

  • etg

    The guy should be executed by firing squad. After all, that’s what Lenin did to the Romonavs.

  • Hater 101

    HAHAhAHAHAHA sooo I went to see who owns this retarded side, and now i want to say thank you for making me laugh

  • Hater 101

    btw. this website is censoring the other opinions, but allowing hate speech on this blog,and allowing lies being spread how on earth people people believing in jesus allow lies being spread on the internet?

  • Marty Robinson

    Notice, on the second video, how the guy starts screaming like a stuck pig once he notices that people are watching him.

  • pajamakat

    If Obama had another son…

  • Ntr

    Marxist, socialist, Leninist…another name for idiots who grasp onto anything that makes them feel ‘collectively’ empowered. They’re no different than the misguided fools that fell for the ish Jim Jones sold.

  • John

    He didn’t even punch the cop. Pansy….he forearmed him at best!!

  • artracer

    Hater 101, you are aptly named. How many more excuses can you come up with for someone who is bragging about how HE attacked the police officer, and is proud to be a marxist, socialist black panther supporting moslem? We did not do the attacking, HE did. We did not write about it, HE did. So if you think you are man enough, why dont you come to our city and face us man to man. That is indeed if you are a man. Hiding behind your keyboard, ignoring facts and distorting truths. You are a perfect example of far left insanity, as you have no life, no imagination, no character and no hope. Your parents must be so proud. Now as we say in the old country, go forth and multiply. Oh, and by the way, if you think you can hang me, come right here and try it. Just make sure your will is up to date OK?

  • Jeremy

    ACLU= American Criminal Liars Union loves scumbags like these people.

  • David Frizzell

    That guy was putting on a show for the cameras – they weren’t even doing anything to him. What a cry baby.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670412785 James Workman

    what kind of SNITCH Zionist Banker Lobby whore Loving Groupie would Post such a thing? maybe they just hate Black people?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670412785 James Workman

    Police! Are the Cancer that is Destroying the Constitution, The Bill of Rights
    and Ultimately Our Freedom in America! Because without the Police to ENFORCE!!
    The Wall Street Zionist Agenda! The Wall Street Owned Lobby Whores in
    Washington in DC would ONLY have HOT! AIR!! At their disposal to Enforce these
    new Laws. God Gave Everyone Free Will. God Gave Everyone a Voice. God Gave
    Everyone a way to defend Themselves from attack. God! NOT MAN!!! GOD! Gave
    Everyone! Freedom!!

    what God did means NOTHING!! To those who have sold themselves the idea that
    MAN’s Order!! Is MORE!! Important than God’s Gift to ALL!

    To be
    clear I think we should ALL! Respect One Another. But the Rich Zionists just
    want power at any cost! And the MORE!! Poor People that Kill other Poor
    People.. is a GOOD! Thing for the Rich Zionists!

    the Poor People to HATE other Poor People while the Zionists Rob ALL!! the Poor
    People Blind is Okie Dokie by them!!






    Not to mention the Military
    Re-Education Prisons in America! (there is a Copy of the Army Handbook at this
    link) http://www.infowars.com/yes-the-re-education-camp-manual-does-apply-domestically-to-u-s-citizens/



    And for all of you that say the U.S.
    Military would NEVER Treat Americans that way.. if the Army would treat
    Senators that way.. you better believe your Broke ASS!! Would get WAYYYYY!



    Rolling Stone: Psy-Ops EXPOSED


    Not to Mention the Billions of
    Rounds of Hallow Point Ammunition the Government is Buying!


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670412785 James Workman

    here is the $80 Billion
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    Obama Signs Security Bill, Gives Israel $70
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    The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian
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    AND!! The BEST!! Part is that Wall Street is Managed /
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    The Super Majority of the Super Majority being Jewish Zionists though. 80% or
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    Take the time to read what
    the F.B.I. has to say about AIAPC and the Jewish Lobby in America.. Read the
    F.B.I. reports on how Americas Secrets are sold to the highest bidders around
    the World!


    • http://erroneouslyconfident.blogspot.com/ sirernestbarker

      Mister your are obviously severely mentally ill. You should find an unrelated hobby or something to distract you from your obsessions.

  • blight14

    If these commie vermin(pardon the redundancy) want a fight, I’d say we should oblige them…..nationwide……..bring it commies, PLEASE bring it……..

  • Dunnyveg

    Comrade Hall is doubtless aware that the “Nazi” is considered to be a former person by the hostile elites, so he likely won’t be prosecuted for that crime, since former persons have no rights, not even to exist. But since cops take care of their own, I would bet this comrade will do some time for assault on a police officer.

    Since Comrade Hall is an admitted Marxist-Leninist, and these scoundrels killed between twenty and thirty million innocent people, I won’t feel sorry for him no matter what happens. What’s good for kulaks is good for Comrade Hall.