No welfare! That has been one of Team Rubio’s oft-used talking points about its amnesty bill.

Rubio’s chief of staff, Cesar Conda:

Conda retweeted this:

Rubio press secretary Alex Conant, the guy who recently likened Green Card holders to slaves, retweeted this:

Sen. Rubio himself has spread the no-welfare meme on numerous occasions:

“They don’t qualify for any federal benefits including Obamacare, no welfare, no food stamps.”

 “And then they don’t qualify for any federal benefits. This is an important point. No federal benefits, no food stamps, no welfare, no Obamacare.”

Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York, has actually read the bill; she discovered that the no-welfare claim doesn’t hold up to scrutiny:

Senator McCain announced on April 9 that the bill’s authors “do not intend to have the proposals that we are enacting be additional costs to the taxpayers of America.” That’s outrageously untrue.

So is Senator Rubio’s claim that illegal immigrants granted provisional status will “have to be able to support themselves, so they’ll never become a public charge.” The Senate bill does say that, citing the never-enforced section 212(a)(4). But the bill also waives that requirement for anyone who is unemployed, in job training, getting a high school or GED diploma, taking care of a child, younger than 21 or older than 60, or attending college (pp. 99-102). That covers everyone. To stay in this country as a provisional and qualify for a green card in ten years, you need to be working except if you’re not (Sec. 245C(b)).

And that’s not all:

Sections 2106, 2534, 2535, and 2536 put community organizations in charge of educating immigrants about citizenship and American principles. Indoctrination on the merits of a welfare state is more like it. On a smaller scale, this has been going on since 2009. Past grant recipients included One America, a Seattle group that agitates for LGBT and immigrant rights, and Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights, which claims to “build political power through citizenship drives and voter registration.”

There’s more. Much more. Read her entire column here.


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  • FFlintstone

    This is all a moot point anyways. Obama just ignores laws he doesn’t like anyways. It doesn’t matter what the bill says, illegals will get welfare. Obama will say he’s prioritizing resources and can’t bust illegals on welfare……kind of like it is now.

    • Pat Collins

      Maybe if the welfare was busted for the radical Muslims in this country they might go home. Doubtful they recieve welfare in their home coubtries.

  • Anon2013X

    #1 priority is secure the damn border!And I’m not going to call Rubio a RINO,he’s been anything but.But I’m sure it’s a strategy to get the hispanic vote for a possible 2016 run.I do trust Rubio will do the right thing.Lets not forget Reagan passed full blown amnesty in the 80’s.I’m not about to throw Rubio under the bus just yet.

    • V the K

      Rubio and the GOP are throwing themselves under the bus. When 11 million illegals become 12 million solid Democrat votes, the GOP will be a permanent minority. Is Rubio stupid enough to believe that Schumer is pushing this bill because it will help the GOP?

      • Jefferson

        That is true. If the DNC wants to continue to win presidential elections, they would have no incentive to help the GOP.

        The reason The Democratic Party wants amnesty for illegals, is because they know the vast majority of the illegal immigrants in this country are center left in their political views. The Democrats are viewed very favorably in the illegal immigrant community.

        The Democrats nanny state fiscal positions look very attractive in the eyes of most illegal immigrants because most of them are poor and they want a safety net.

        Most illegal immigrants see the Republican position of pull yourself from your boot straps as very cold hearted. They see the Republicans as having no soul and not caring about the poor. That is why the vast majority of illegal immigrants will never become future Republicans.

        Most of them are not natural Republicans no matter what Marco Rubio, Grover Norquist, and Lindsey Graham say.

  • kathin9

    Rubio is a liar, and if you think for one moment this back stabbing RINO is trustworthy then you go right ahead. He lied when he ran in 2010, and he is lying big time here. go to the Daily caller and you will see how he and the GANG RAPERS OF AMERICA are lying now. they claim there is going to be paying of back taxes, that is an OUT AND OUT LIE AND HE KNOWS IT. Page 68-69 will tell you just how big of a liar he and the rest of the Rapers of America as a soverign nation are. THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY A BLOODY RED CENT and they know, and Rubio is out running around claiming they are. The biggest con job put out on Conservative EVER.

  • kathin9

    Also marco Rubio’s chief of staff makes Obuttman look truthful, he is lying, THAT IS LYING to us, former Rubio supporters, thus making him even worse. By the way, there are no ENFORCEMENT TRIGGERS THAT IS ALSO AN OUT AND OUT LIE.

  • CACorey

    Twitchy, that isn’t what Besty McCaughey found. What she found is that immigrants could still be normalized/legalized/registered/”amnestied” if they meet the exceptions listed BUT it doesn’t matter if they get provisional legal status on a waiver, they are still NOT eligible for any federal benefits. You ought to change your headline.

    >>Sec. 2101 (pp. 90-91)
    3. An alien who has been granted registered provisional immigrant status under this section is not eligible for any Federal means-tested public benefit (as such term is defined in section 403 of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996)<<

    So yes, an immigrant can be granted temporary legal status without working if they're attending school, over 60, etc. but it is unambiguously clear that even the "exceptions" and "waivers" do not allow a registered provisional immigrant access to welfare, Obamacare (which is already law), or any other federal means-tested public benefit, period.

    • V the K

      What about the Anchor babies? Won’t they be entitled to welfare benefits? Free education? Food stamps? Housing vouchers? Medicaid?

      • CACorey

        Obviously. They’re American citizens. Deal with it.

  • Tim Collier

    No Obamacare? How can I become an illegal?

  • Michael Williams

    Michelle Malkin, I love your posts, but sometimes you say things and jump to conclusions when you should be keeping your mouth shut. I don’t see a kitchen anywhere around here by the way!

    • TugboatPhil

      The reason you don’t see a kitchen anywhere around where you are writing from is because the showers at the truck stop are not near the kitchen. Now don’t you have a few more to clean before you can take a break?

  • TugboatPhil

    Aren’t anchor babies, as citizens, qualified for some gubmint welfare? Who do they think is going to actually receive the $$$?

    • erehwon

      Exactly! You should see a typical DES (Department of Economic Security = Welfare office) out here in Arizona. The anchor baby is the only one who qualifies for benefits, but he or she gets everything available. Parents and siblings come along for the ride. This BS about illegals not getting welfare is a flat out lie.

  • Brenda Cole

    We need to get all of these people back to where they came. enforce the laws we have rather than create new ones to accommodate the lawbreakers. Marco Rubio knows better than this BS. It won’t work, just sets up another government oversight and will cost the taxpayers billions. what do we do, let them come here and starve???? this is insane. ENFORCE THE CURRENT LAWS…SEND THEM HOME AND LET THEM COME BACK AND REGISTER FOR A JOB. NO JOB NO GETTING IN PERIOD

  • Bill Board

    How about closing the border and NO more immigration?

  • Steve_J

    Why do they hate those who followed U S immigration laws to enter the country and reward those who broke U S immigration laws and entered the country illegally?

  • baddgolfer

    Republican or Democrat. The term “Good Politician” is an oxymoron.

  • teamfrazzled

    Have a child go straight to the welfare line and every other entitlement line. Lying career politicians assume people are just too stupid to figure out the loopholes even when its been a big one for years!

  • Juanita Outlaw-Bedford

    Everyone keeps screaming about “welfare”, my questions is: will they be allowed to vote? I say if they keep pushing this invasion, then a provision should be inputted to say that the invaders can not vote for the next 25 years. And by the way what about all of those who stole identities? Why is it that no one ever states that fact, that all of those who “pay” taxes are doing so with a stolen identity.

  • David Hamm

    Illegals never ever pay their way. I lived on the boarder and it was a feather in their hats lieing and stealing from the people of the U.S.They are taught to play the system .

  • Timothy Kennedy

    Maybe I’m a bit confused, but wouldn’t a person fail a criminal background check simply by virtue of being an “Illegal Alien”?

  • Jenny K Hoffmann

    If TIME is showcasing Rubio in a positive way, we have a problem.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    I am SO over Rubio. He is disappointing to say the least. If he was white (or if most illegal aliens were white…), he would not be pushing this.

  • taxedmore

    The majority of illegals are from Mexico. I have a great respect for their work ethic. However, look at the numbers – they make an average of $22,000 and have an average of 2-3 kids. Citizenship means an automatic eligibility for food stamps, WIC, free school lunches, subsidized housing, Medicaid, free cell phones, SSDI if their back hurts, TANF cash, SSI cash, etc….

    At tax time in April, when 53% of Americans are paying taxes, the new citizens would be getting huge bonus checks that include all the money that they paid in during the year plus EITC and Child Tax Credits. The 53% cannot afford more burdens to pay for. We already have 40,000,000+ home grown welfare cases that we have to support.

  • Isabella1709


  • BeeKaaay

    Rubio is a stealth leftwingwacko. Here he is supporting another amnesty, or as I would call it “The Marxicrat Congressional Majority for the next 50 years Act”

  • BeeKaaay

    Rubio is a stealth leftwingwacko. Here he is supporting another amnesty, or as I would call it “The Marxicrat Congressional Majority for the next 50 years Act”

  • Carolyn

    13 year wait for citizenship? I’m assuming that means they can’t then vote for 13 years. Well…vote LEGALLY, right?

  • EverybodyTalks

    …does the “R” in Rhino stand for “rollover” and scratch my soft belly.

  • David McClure

    Remember, “They have to get in the
    back of the line to apply for citizenship”. but that is BS, There is no line to get behind anyone. The existing law states that anyone residing in the US with any form of legal status for 5 years ,student visa, work permit, asilum, marrage, whatever ,can take a simple verbal test and voila they are a citizen. I know, I paid the $ 670 for my x wife to be naturalized.
    When a politition says they have to get in the back of a line behind those who are legally immigrating they are tricking you.
    There is no line. It is only a CALENDER. 5 years and you’re in. Then you can vote for the same Socialist policies that turned your home country into the economic basket case you are fleeing from.

    Comprehensive immigration reform should be called what it is :
    “The Democrat Voter Importation Act”.
    I loved Senator Rubio, but sorry, he is a RINO…

  • USAPatriotSC

    So Marco Rubio is a TEA Partier, sounds like a RINO in waiting!