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Bombing suspect’s aunt: ‘I suspect the pictures were staged’

  • Randi Starr

    I know she hasn’t assimilated well into her new country after all these years. Hows that for a start.

    • Gordon

      You’re referring to the little girl journalist, right?

  • londondave

    #TNRBomberExcuses quit piling on Muslim terrorists. It’s our fault they blow up Americans.

  • HARP2

    One picture

  • Beth Lott

    Actually, I agree with this. Accepting that a family member has done something this awful is not easy. So she didn’t manage it overnight. She’s not an investigator, she’s a relative. She’s allowed to be an idiot in a tough situation.

    • Jillane Kent

      Claiming that the FBI staged photos in an attempt to convict an innocent man is a bit more over the top than a simple ‘he didn’t do it’. She’s allowed to be an idiot, for certain, just as the public is free to view her (in the author’s words) as an Alex Jones (expletive) stirrer.

    • TocksNedlog

      And the “we don’t know what she knows” part?

      • Beth Lott

        Well, we don’t but that’s a good point. Perhaps I should’ve said that I agree with the general sentiment (that she’s an idiot, but understandably so) rather than the particular statement.

    • SpinMeNot

      Is this the aunt, that would be the wife of the uncle that basically said the boys were punks, radicalized and he was not in the least bit surprised by what [the boys] did?

      And yes, I know one of them was 26 … men don’t blow up innocents. Terrorists do, because they know that a few people out there will be stupid enough to emote with what they are going through.

      The aunt is in denial, the father and mother are in denial. The uncle has his shit wired tight and his head on a swivel.

      • Beth Lott

        You are reading a LOT more into what I said than is there, and you’re doing so for reasons that I can not begin to speculate on. Nowhere did I say the brothers weren’t terrorists, or that this woman–whose exact connection to Ruslan Tsarni is not something I know right off hand, BTW–was not being an idiot. The only thing I said was that it’s not weird that she’s having a hard time accepting that her family members are monsters. That’s a tough thing to swallow, so it’s normal that she’d struggle. Making a public fool out of herself is her own decision, and yes, she’ll have to deal with the truth sooner or later along with whatever personal fallout results from her public statements. But denial is not a bizarre reaction, given her situation.

        And yes, I know lots of people have been urging us to feel bad for the poor, murderous bombers. Lumping me in with those people simply because of… Well, quite frankly, I’m at a loss to explain why you would. Because it is the height of intellectual sloppiness.

        And as far as Ruslan Tsarni is concerned, do you know why everyone is so impressed with him? It’s not just that he’s right, it’s that he’s right in a moment when every sane person in the world would desperately WANT to believe anything but the truth. Would you want to have a mess of reporters track you down, at your HOME, and ask you questions about a terrorist attack YOUR nephews had committed? Because, estranged or not, that’s a horrible thing to face. And he did it with confidence, poise, and patriotism. His ability to face a challenge like that as well as he did is not normal, and THAT is precisely what makes it so praiseworthy.

        • SpinMeNot

          Let me tell you a bit about myself — I got off a plane and walked down a city street. People with peace signs and flowers spit at me, called me baby killer. I’ve been accosted by reporters both in an out of uniform. If you don’t want to talk to them. you just send them away.

          She is in denial, just like the boys parents. The boys murdered 3 people, maimed dozens and then ran from the police. The uncle is clear on this. Nobody is right on everything. The uncle in this case is exactly right when he needs to be.

          You are sympathizing with the aunt. This is why I am lumping you in with the sympathizers. I have no sympathy for her or the parents. I have sympathy for the uncle. He has to live with the knowledge of the horror his extended family has wrought.

          I was no where near Boston, but I saw it in Saigon. I saw the results of the Weather Underground’s bombs on the news. You need a serious reality check. Understanding is what got us into this place, reaching out to to the radical Islamists with an open hand got us into this predicament. They do not respect us, there was rejoicing in the street all across the Islamic world after the news of the bombing reached them. Only the Uncle deserves sympathy.

          • Beth Lott

            Now, let me tell you about myself. I grew up as a Christian in an Islamic country. I have seen, first hand, the religious and racial intolerance caused by Muslims bent on dominating everyone who disagrees with them by dint of the economy, the society, and sometimes sheer violence. I watched an unfair system grow monstrously worse and saw people, some of whom were Muslim, hate it just as much as I did and be just as powerless to fix it. I have been judged as all kinds of things because of my race, some of which were very hurtful. Now, I wasn’t near Boston, either, but I was there when the town I lived in rioted. You see, the local military had–most likely–murdered a political opponent and when the news broke, there were hundreds of people on the streets and they were out for blood. We lived with emergency bags packed in case, one day, someone decided to come for us. I remember 9/11 (both of them).

            You are not some all-knowing oracle capable of fathoming the souls of those who disagree with you simply because they disagree. Not everyone who thinks you are also a human being and are wrong about something has spent their life living easy. And you are certainly not some wizened mentor imparting the hard truth of an unsafe world. I learned that one growing up and I know it in my skin.

            Yes, I sympathize with the aunt. Not because she’s right, but because she’s pitiful. Nor do I practice eugenics. I don’t hate people who are related to monsters simply because they have the bad fortune to share DNA with bad people. I blame the perpetrators. And no one else. It’s easy to sympathize with the aunt because SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. She didn’t plant a bomb, or tell her nephews to plant a bomb, or encourage them to make a bomb, or any of it. She’s an innocent person faced with a bad situation and she’s handling it poorly. Yeah, I feel bad for that. And I am not going to apologize for it.

          • SpinMeNot

            I don’t have to fathom your soul. I can see it here, and by your own admissions.

            She did do something … she talked the media. If she didn’t know what to make of the situation, she should not have talked to the media. She defended them, she said, “My boys have been smeared by cheap lies”. YOU CALL THIS NOTHING?

            You too are in denial.

  • Garth Haycock

    I’ll reserve my sympathy for the relatives of the victims, not the relatives of the perps.

    • E Quilibrate

      I feel compelled to do likewise.

  • I M Free

    uncle rusland doesn’t know either. so tell it to him

  • TocksNedlog

    It’s “frankly understandable” that instead of just refusing to believe that her nephews were capable of doing something so horrible, she instead went straight into black helicopter territory?

    Mizz Redden, I’m looking forward to reading your “Poem For Dzhokhar’s Aunt”.

    • E Quilibrate

      Really? We gotta read another one of THOSE?

  • Dane Gunderson

    #BostonMarathon truther

  • Jack Deth

    Why is this creature trying to humanize the familial gene pool of reprehensible, child murdering pond scum?

    I mean outside of Ms. Redden being an ass backwards thinking, lock step liberal?

  • neoface

    And the father said his sons were framed. I’m hoping neither of the parents of the two bombers will be allowed back to US!

  • bo1921

    Yeah… OK…

  • Jim Evans

    Yeah, what the hell. Shame on us for damaging their bombs with our soft bodies.

  • LochGates44

    The Uncle is the only one who seems to get it and no surprise he’s estranged from the rest of the family.