The “Gang of Ocho” bill is finally here. As expected, it is very heavy on amnesty and very light on border security.

Illegal aliens will be eligible for “provisional legal status” just six months after the bill is signed into law.

According to Conn Carroll of the Washington Examiner, the only trigger the Obama administration will have to meet before then is the submission of two strategies to Congress:

180 days after the bill passes, the secretary of homeland security must submit two strategies to Congress before any “immigrant in undocumented status” can be granted “registered provision immigrant” legal status. One strategy must be titled “Comprehensive Southern Border Security Strategy” and must outline how DHS plans to spend $3 billion securing the southern border. Another strategy must be titled “Southern Border Fencing Strategy” and must outline how DHS plans to spend $1.5 billion building more fencing on the southern border.

Wow, DHS has to submit not one but two strategies! What a tough trigger!

In order for those with provisional legal status to subsequently become citizens, DHS must simply claim that the border is secure. Here’s Conn again:

There is no way for Congress or a private citizen to challenge a DHS claim that the border is secure. And even if DHS did admit the border was not secure, all that happens is the creation of a Border Commission whose only power is to issue a report on how DHS should spend another $2 billion. No actual border security, our border fence, must be achieved.

Lets be honest. the Gang of Eight’s “enforcement triggers” are just as bogus as the  “temporary” amnesty granted to Nicaraguan and Honduran illegal aliens in 1998.

As for Sen. Marco Rubio, either he supports amnesty (but is unwilling to say so) or he has no idea what he is doing.


Marco Rubio’s chief of staff bloviates about immigration ‘enforcement triggers’

Marco Rubio’s chief of staff promises ‘the toughest enforcement and border security law in American history’

  • Tangchung

    Rubio really really dropped the ball on this. Kiss Tea-Party good bye.

  • Semper Fi

    The floodgates are officially open.

  • Cy

    The Republican party is a mess if this is the best it can do. Please, someone create a real, viable third party so I don’t have to keep voting for Democrat-lite’s.

  • I M Free

    its not funny when we send our troops to secure the DMZ in South Korea, and bases all over the world to help our allies and we’re not serious to secure our border for politics. the is sick.

  • David Johnson

    Just another way of bankrupting the country. They want to hand out green cards like candy at halloween. Great idea with unemployment sitting at 7.7 (probably really 15% or more).

    • Paul Andrusko


  • Leroy Whitby

    Nice time for amnesty too, with legless and dead from a terrorist attack yesterday. Makes sense! Good politics. /sarc

  • Guest

    ICE could never identify the date millions of illegals arrived. All the cutoff date of 2011 will do is skyrocket the numbers coming over our southern border from now until the day they shove this bill onto an apathetic America. Bésame el culo! Secure the freakin border now! Then talk to America about a way forward.

  • Hal Fast

    Must be border security first, then maybe… What is with these people? Without secure boarder we will have tons more domestic bombings and gangs from other Countries coming in droves to loot us Legal Americans.

    • OneThinDime

      That’s what they want. They need to reduce the white population and bombings, etc. are A-okay to them.

  • J. Cox

    Congrats to the RINO’s on ensuring a democrat majority in both houses in 2014.Think things are bad now….wait till next year when reading of any bill will be a thing of the past.Gun control?ACA repeal?We are boned,and we are just going to have to watch as the house of cards these jackasses built collapses around them.

  • j p

    Do you remember all those speeches about a “level playing field”? I guess we have to drop down to third world quality of living standards to put us on the same level. After the working middle class has been milked dry to enrich the two ends of the economic spectrum we can use the universal debt to establish universal indentured servitude.

  • MurphTacular

    Well, whenever one posts an eye-catching act of reactionary drek, it’s best to use correct grammar: The sign should read: “Today’s illegals, Tomorrow’s Democrats.” Sheesh.

  • David Gudz

    Note how the key word here is “PLANS” Not actually doing anything about the border just two “PLANS” And there was so much hope for Rubio. It was nice knowing you Marco. And who decided if the border is secure? Tell me its NOT Big Sis Janet Incompitano?

    • OneThinDime

      Did you catch the tweet that says Americans cannot sue if the border is not secure? Laws that protect illegals and restrict Americans. This is directly out of ObamaCare that also took away our judicial authority.

  • marcellucci

    Just a reminder Mr. Rubio…..
    Illegal Immigration is not only about Mexico and Central/South America….
    They actually LIKE the USA…..

    • OneThinDime

      Mexico doesn’t like the US, they believe the US belongs to them and will take it by any means available. Illegal entry and crime perpetration is their MO

      • marcellucci

        Say what you will, but Mexicans, maybe not Mexico itself, love this country as does every person in the western hemisphere – in comparision to the eastern hemisphere…….

        • Jefferson

          If Mexicans love the U.S, why were Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Los Angeles booing the U.S national soccer team the last time they played there.

          Most of them feel no loyalty to the U.S. Most of them only come here to make money to send back to their family members in Mexico, most of them do not come here to assimilate.

          • marcellucci

            Please don’t ever use soccer as a barometer for actual societal standards.
            You’d have better results judging people by how far they could fling their poo…..

  • froggy19510

    The headling should read: Banda de los ocho ofrece seguridad ammensty no frontera.

    Might as well get used to speaking it after John McCain, Lindsey Grahm, and all the other RINOS sell us down the Rio Grande.

    Adiós por ahora mi amigo!

  • OneThinDime

    Marco Rubio is an attorney. he will leave the US Senate and represent the illegal aliens with their amnesty and it will all be paid for by the taxpayers. He is set to be a billionaire in less than 1 year, courtesy of the taxpayers. So is Jeb Bush, and isn’t it funny that he is already penning a book on immigration. Rubio is a Bush boy and this has been their plan all along. Did I mention Bushie is in AZ, the home of McAmnesty?

  • notenoughtime

    If we have no learned yet and need more tragedies to shake us to our core, our borders need to be secured first before any type of immigration legislation is discussed. Pres. O has no issues with drones so now is the time to have them patrol our borders on all sides.

  • Steve_J

    This comes as no surprise to those who have been paying attention. The problem is not that many have been paying attention.
    “Gang of Ocho”, I like that.

  • Dorakin Warhammer

    Wish Senators watch this and buy dvd! –

  • KansasGirl

    This Gang of Eight has chosen illegal aliens over Americans.
    I want to see who else votes for this bill.

  • CO2 Producer

    How about requiring DHS to officially submit these strategies before passing a law requiring them to submit strategies so we know what their strategies will be before the law prevents these strategies from being disputed?

    And drop that whole Registered Provisional Immigrant crap from the bill. That’s amnesty.

  • John W.

    It’s already illegal to enter this country illegally, but if I understand Sen Rubio’s plan, under this legislation it will be even more illegal than it currently is. Hey Senator, is there a provision in the bill to deal with the inevitable refusal by Obama to enforce the enforcement triggers?

  • kssturgis62

    Rubio Did NOT Get played.
    Rubio Did NOT get duped.
    Rubio Did NOT drop the ball.
    Rubio did NOT Tell the Truth.
    Rubio wrote the Part for MARCOPHONES

    RUBIO is a PROGRESSIVE in the Group of Progressives for the GOP. How do you get played, duped or drop the Ball when you WROTE THE DAMN BILL IN SECRET? How do you get played, duped or drop the ball when you knew you were drinking water with Satan and how that was going to work.

    My Gosh people wake up. This is who and what this man is. He was doing this in Florida. Why are people So stunned by what this man did. The Way some of you stick up for this guy, and the way you are so willing to make excuses, You all sound like Obama supporters blinded by the Light.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Rubio didn’t get played. He is a willing participant who has revealed himself to actually be a progressive who wormed his way in with conservative talk. He can kiss his prospects goodbye.

  • Jefferson

    John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and Marco Rubio foolishly believe that today’s illegal immigrants are tomorrow’s Republicans.

    The majority of these illegal immigrants turned “future Americans” will vote more like African Americans rather than German Americans and Italian Americans for example.