Sorry, Oliver Willis. This story isn’t over.



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Stay tuned.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Is the story enough to get Obama impeached and convicted? One can only hope the MSM will not let this one go.

    • Jazzee

      it sure would be a good thing if Obama was finally held accountable and impeached

      • disqus_eric

        Obama held accountable? Ha! When pigs fly…

        • ideblasi

          well, the Geico pig drives a convertible?

          • bethdonovan

            The Geico pig flies on airplanes, too!

        • Donna

          If this thing isn’t seriously investigated, somebody owes a major apology to Richard Nixon! Where does he go to get his presidency back? Not to mention his reputation.

          • Dottie Bowling

            Too late for Tricky Dick. Obama needs to be held accountable. No one died at The Watergate.

          • Danita Clark Able

            I second that!

        • Brian_Richard_Allen

          The treasonous, recidivist, lying, looting, mass-murdering, co-serial-rapist Gorelick-wall-protected Billy-Bubbah Blythes are pigs and they flew. (The coop!) #auspol

      • dr44

        Never happen. Congress couldn’t even develop the stones to impeach Clintoon after he lied under oath and confessed it on national TV.

        Obozo will never admit anything, because of his narcissistic sense of entitlement, and the MSM presstitutes will cover for him regardless of guilt.

        • Clayton Grant

          Clinton was impeached by the House. He was just 17 votes shy of removal from office by the Senate.

          • dr44

            Correct. I was speaking of “impeach” in the broader “throw his butt out of office” sense. And as I mentioned, Congress couldn’t even grow a pair and do it, even when presented with a flagrant felony of lying under oath.

          • Ray Bartlette

            Impeachment is conducted in the House of Representatives, this was accomplished..Guilt and conviction is conducted in the senate where it failed…Clinton had too much on some senators for them to vote to convict…

          • Clayton Grant

            How does your response differ from what I said?

          • Alan K Hunt

            Clinton was impeached. Period. There’s no impeachment by the Senate, and no “broader sense.” He was impeached by the House, tried by the Senate, but not convicted. Your restatement was an improvement, but still muddled. Thanks to Ray for restating correctly.

        • anonymouse

          We have always had double standards. What’s new today is that the liberal low is at a historic gutter level. The liberal media loves their bad boy celebriticians.

      • Avspatti

        It will take a miracle.

        • lukuj

          Both the House and Senate would be terrified of being called racists.

          • Avspatti

            Why can’t we all just agree to blow it off? They sling around the race card at the drop of a hat. I know i am not a racist, so let them just shut up. I think the Congress should agree to do the same. One problem is that the word ‘racist’ has had practically life and death power. Let’s just strip that word of so much power. Let’s just roll our eyes and move on.

    • BpSitRep

      Mr G….LOL….you and I both know the MSM will cover Obama even if he were to have conservatives publicly shot for being conservatives, they(we) would be terrorist in their news story.

      • buckeyenut

        We darn conservatives have just been slowing down his plans to overthrow our country, our government, our Constitution and We the People into Marxist socialism. So I don’t feel your idea of “conservatives being publicly shot for being conservatives” is far fetched at all! I think back about the Missouri Truth Squads before he was elected the 1st time while campaigning, then came the “accidentally” released (on purpose) memo released in April 2009 (just a couple months after Obama was sworn in for 1st term) by Sec. of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano that basically said pro-gun, pro-life, faithful church attending conservatives / Tea partiers,as well as vets of Afghanistan and Iraq wars are potential Timothy McVeighs, yet never did we see anything regarding left wing extremism which truthfully has caused more problems than any conservative even dreamed of doing!!!! Then we had the time early in his presidency as well where he and left wingers were going to try to shut down Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other conservative talk show hosts from their 1st amendment rights. Just a year or so ago, I remember Biden and a few other Dems accusing Tea Party members “Terrorists!” They have tried to hard to make conservatives look violent, yet nothing ever really comes of their accusations, yet some people believe that we are violent anyways…..with absolutely no proof. Remember also the “spitting” at the one member of Congress who I believe was black, stating that the spitter was a Tea Partier, too, yet when they showed pictures and videos, there was no spit that flew on him!!!! They try so hard, yet never have they had any proof of violence or rioting or anything else by conservatives…individually or as a group! We are being demonized more and more, just like some thinking the Boston bomber is a white male before any pictures have been released, but last I saw is a suspect is revealed to be a “dark-skinned male.” Silence from the MSM on that!!! I’m so tired of their empty accusations, yet hiding what Obama and others are attempting to do to our country…to overthrow our government, nullify our Constitution, etc. It’s time we start questioning THEM further and deeper when their accusations turn out to be nothing more than lying accusaions. They want us to be violent, maybe even are trying to provoke us. We have to stand firm and strong on what is right and not lower ourselves to their level! So far so good. Let’s keep taking the high road!!!

    • Tony Blasioli

      It is certainly enough if it is covered the way Watergate was covered. Nixon was destroyed for being loyal to subordinates who did a stupid thing. Obama appears to have been, at best, incompetent, at worst, corrupt. There is more than enough here for an impeachment….. IF THE MEDIA COVES IT LIKE THEY DID WATERGATE. What are the odds of that happening? Probably not very good. I’m kinda’ surprised that it was CBS who broke the story, even though they do seem to be the most fair of the Big 3.

      • Rob Jones

        The odds of the media covering it like Watergate are slightly less than your chance of getting hit by lightning WHILE winning the lottery.

        • Rob Jones

          Obama could eat puppies on live TV and the headline would be something like “Obama Takes Step to Ensure Cat Safety”.

          • LightSabre

            And you weren’t joking, were you?

          • kaspiahn

            I had to share that on FB. Made me really LOL!

          • Orlando Cee

            Or “Obama savors native cuisine?”

        • Henry Felter

          Rob I don’t think the odds are even that good. The Media has changed the old “message is the media” into the Media is the message

          • bethdonovan

            Don’t those sentences mean the same thing?

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          Rob Jones Tony Blasioli • 4 hours ago−

          The odds of the media covering it like Watergate are slightly less than your chance of getting REPEATEDLY hit by lightning WHILE winning the lottery.

          FIFY… you were on the correct track, it still needed a small but important change…

      • buckeyenut

        Seems to me that if CBS is breaking it first, then it’s news maneuvered to blame some innocent person and coverup even more the travesty of this terror attack! Shame on them all if this is so!!! :(

      • MadeleineTector

        His birth certificate is sitting in the British archives, he was born in Kenya whil eit was under British rule, that makes him a dual citizen, his Father signed it. Hillary Clinton saw this certificate, in 2008 and said nothing, she tried to change the constitution so he could legally run for President, so did John Conyers and Clare McCaskill, they couldn’t and he ran anyway and won, no one said a word, he has been ruining our country every since and everyone covers for him, every senator and every Congressman should be arrested for complicity, but the Supreme court is also working for him not us, we are represented by no one, this alone should be enough to get him out of office, if he were legal to begin with no one would have tried to change the Constitution for him .He needs to be arrested and no one is doing it so there is nothing we can do about anything, We need a group of a few sheriffs , a lawyer and about 50 citizens and you make a citizens arrest, no one is oging ot help us so you need a crowd, the bigger the better. This is legal so no military or police can stop you, not if you are accompanied by a few sheriffs. Two news reporters alone tried ot arrest Henry Kissinger last week but he and his people /guards saw them as they were coming out and they ran back in, they must have come out another door, he got away and the reporters went on their way. There will be no America if he stays in the oval office.

        • Jeffersonsblood

          I’ve always been told and believe at a time like this, it is worth looking into, that the only authority legally able to arrest a president is a game warden? Or is it a Park Ranger.. I don’t know, could be just an old wives tale but I have heard it countless times.

      • Guest

        I believe the Glen Beck Show had information that this particular media had this news that they were not reporting and gave them a day to report it before they broadcasted that they had info but unwilling to report.

        • $24698634

          Then Glenn Beck should lead the charge to impeachment and see where it goes.

      • Terry Hall

        Why should media coverage have any influence? Unless, of course, you presuppose the worthlessness of elected officials and their decision making process. Impeachments are conducted by Congress. Not the public or public perception. It is done by trial and a presentation of facts in an adversarial manner. The Congress will either decide based on facts that he truly should/shouldn’t be impeached, or they will decide what is most politically
        expedient and act in that manner. At the end of the day expecting Congress as a collective to have morals and integrity and do what is right is something best done at the bottom of a bottle or needle.

        If they did what was right because it was right we would have had a balanced budget sometime in the last five years.

      • C-Ann-C

        Everyone knows as much as I do that the lame-stranged-meanstreamed-left-biased medias are paid by Prezzy O’s administrations to KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT on anything that puts Prezzy O in this predicament. If the “alphabet media” (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC) doesn’t report it, then its NOT THE NEWS!

      • trixiewoobeans

        I don’t know. When Benghazi was ongoing, their call letters stood for “Cover-up Benghazi Story”.

      • James Rose

        Sorry Tony but that coverage won’t happen. Watergate involved a Liberal ‘Republican’ President where we now have a Socialist/Communist ‘Democrat’ President.

        • Avspatti

          True. The media hated Nixon and were delighted to bring him down.

    • Faith Dunn

      i really hope so

    • Garth Haycock

      I have no faith in the MSM to do anything but protect Obama. As for impeachment, again, I have no faith that it will happen. Both sides will toe the line, just as they did with Clinton and we may see impeachment from the House, but not enough votes in the Senate for removal.

      • MadeleineTector

        He has broken th elaw, he can’t be impeached, his is not a valid President, he has to be arrested. I fObama is not removed he will do something we will never be able ot fix , we will not recognize America, I dont’ recognize most of it now.

    • Boot Birnbaum

      That would be racist

    • LightSabre

      Do you really think the MSM would cover it if a smoking gun appeared? Not in our lifetimes. Keep your cablebox on Fox News.

    • BristolGOP Backup

      No chance. What does it matter now that the election is over? /spit

    • KayGee

      and that’s just the whole point of the #Benghazi truth summed up in one sentence right there. When oh when will it finally turn into watergate 2.0??

    • Gordon Waite

      Yes they will!

  • justagramma

    We can only hope. I want to know what kind of pressure is going on to cover this all up.

  • Louisvillejim

    While we are at it, Mexico should indict Holder for running guns to Mexico.

    • Jason Call

      Holder should be indicted for impersonating a grown man.

    • Jason Call

      Holder should be indicted for impersonating a grown man.


    It’s about time…

  • Shirley Brice Readyhough

    Hoping this is a true story and lead to Obama being impeached and convicted and anyone else who is responsible for the cover-up.

  • Faith Dunn

    its about time..heads should role on this tragedy

  • Donna W

    Stay tuned for this

  • Tammy

    Oh my God, so happy to hear this for the familys that lost a loved one, and to give what is due to all the elected officials that were and still involved in the cover up….

  • KansasGirl

    If this hurts O they will be treated as traitors.

    • Leann

      and called racists

      • Avspatti

        It’s time we all just laughed when they throw the racist card. Ridicule works.

  • opus6

    Odd how this comes out now. Why now?

  • disqus_eric

    3 Cheers to Sharyl! She’s only one in the CBS/ABC/NBC lineup to actually report on this debacle.

  • Richard Borskie

    Why is no one investigating the 53 deaths during various U.S. Embassy attacks during the Bush Administration? Are the 4 who died in Benghazi that much more important then the other 53?

    • Ray Orbach

      Is there any chance because it seems to be a cover up??

    • David L Shaw

      Seriously? Are you for real? First Obama says it’s not a terrorist attack, then he apologizes to the Muslim world for Americans being so insensitive to their religion, and blames the attack on a movie. Then he stonewalls the American public, fires generals and admirals that would have help our people, and then we learn he just went to bed that night and offered no assistance. I never heard Bush talk BS like Obama talks.

      • Avspatti

        Don’t forget Obama’s speech at the UN where he repeated the video narrative.

  • Richard Borskie

    I see a lot of disparaging comments about the main stream media. Remember that Fox is the most watched news channel. You can’t get more mainstream the number 1.

    • Kevin Krom

      Fox News sucks, too. But the “mainstream media” is the moniker given to the lock-step “independent thinkers” that regurgitate the same nonsense in the NY Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC.

    • phxtiger2

      Fox is the most watched CABLE news channel.

  • David Beach

    I am surprised she is from CBS. However it may be that the liberal media is finally opening their eyes and expose this administration for what it really is.

  • Tim Schroll

    Good, maybe we’ll finally know who is responsible for letting those people die without lifting a finger to help.

  • sleazyrider

    What difference does it make now…oops..sorry Hillary ..

  • mememe

    It won’t matter. The teflon President could’ve killed those people himself and the media would ignore it.

  • Richard Genco

    God bless you for standing up for us

  • Rob

    AWESOME!!! Hat tip to Sharyl, she’s been on this and F&F from the get go.

  • AlmaAlma

    Keep at it. Be like a dog with a bone. These crooks have sooooo much they need to hide. Surely something will be exposed. I hope it all falls down for them like a house of cards and I hope there are some arrests.

  • Orlando Cee

    Whichever way the rabbit hole leads, it’s about time we found out what REALLY happened!

  • Ken Watson

    There were some two dozen survivors of the attack. If there were no cover-up going on they would all have book deals by now.

  • 30yearlawman


  • Rogue Cheddar

    Keep digging, the truth is in there somewhere.

  • monkkey

    Well after 7 months these “whistleblowers” have obviously been told what to say and have rehearsed it over and over again like a script from a Spielberg spy mystery…if ya feel that this might blow the lid off the Odummy WH, you will be sadly disappointed I’m a thunkin’

  • Arthur E Jackson

    The real question is what difference will it make in 2016….

  • Wesley Mark Eskildsen

    I have mixed feelings, on the one hand Obama may be guilty of High Crimes. On the other hand, Biden is dumber than Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

    • trixiewoobeans

      He’s Obama’s insurance policy. There’s a small chance he’s “dumb like a fox” and is playing a role. I mean, nobody could be that stupid and have gone so far without nepotism! As it is (and I cringe to say this), he MIGHT be an improvement. Please note these are the words of a desperate person!

  • fanofamerica

    And still no photos of Obama meeting with his admin and ‘handling’ of the situation in Benghazi that horrible night – but they couldn’t wait to get out the team meeting photos following the marathon bombing. Hmmm…..

  • 912er

    Ben Ghazi?who’s Ben Ghazi?

    • Sambo Caesar

      Don’t you remember? You voted for him.

  • bethdonovan

    That is fantastic news. I’ve been waiting and praying that someone would come forward.

  • Bolt Upright

    This kind of stuff happens during Caliphates. Stuff like abandoning Americans in foreign countries. Reducing domestic bombing prevention by 45%.

  • Brian Cates

    Eventually people were going to talk. The administration had to know they couldn’t force the eyewitnesses into silence forever.

  • JIM


    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Why waste the urine?

  • Painted Skies

    Hopefully the congressional investigators are unbaised.

  • disqus_npusmfOuSF

    Whistleblowersleaves out the possibility that they are privy to facts contrary to the official story presented by the administration, but not at all directly involved. As a for instance, if they worked in the Communications room and saw or heard Obama either ordering no attempt to rescue, not responding to requests for assistance, or warned sufficiently in advance with urgency of a pending attack…

  • sodakhic

    Whatever they’re called, they need to tell us what they know and saw.

  • John_Frank

    Thank you Sharyl Attkinson for staying on top of this story.

  • redwolf6911

    Maybe we will start to get to the bottom of this attack, which killed 4 of our citizens and wounded uncertain numbers since the survivors all had to sign non-disclosure forms. Expect Obama and Hillary had plenty to hide.

  • Brett McMicken

    libs everywhere are hoping it was a white guy who attacked the embassy

  • $30756787

    America sleeps better, thanks to Attkisson. The rest of CBS is pure BS. Scribes like Scott Pelly and his softball interview of Dear Leader and Hillary Cankles

  • Robert_Sh

    CBS had better not be the Only News Outlet!

  • Robert_Sh

    Obama Expressed as Much Concern with the Boston Bombings as he did with the Benghazi Terror Attack! In Both Cases he Failed to Identify the Attacks as an Act of Terrorists. With Benghazi Obama Ordered the Military to Stand Down (Commander In Chief) then went to bed so he would be Fresh for Campaigning in Las Vegas the next Day. Obama showed more Emotion about the Failure of His Gun Grab Bill and Angrily Chastised Senators and Fell short of calling the Boston Bombers Terrorist!

  • Jason Call

    What difference, at this point, does it make? Former SecState already issued crocodile tears in Senate hearing–that’s not enough? Hey, foreign diplomacy is a rough gig. When POTUS says to the Marines,”Stand down,” you and I have got to trust that the ambassador’s being sodomized and butchered serves our national security interest. Any who wish to question the competence of the White House and U.S. State department as pertains to the Benghazi incident are right-wing partisans who hate the President, and get some kind of sick thrill out of making Mrs. Clinton cry. Enough already.

  • disqus_a4beExDmpk

    Ms. Attkisson….Be that dog with a bone! Don’t let go. Don’t relent. Keep pulling. Bite down harder. Dig in. The People are counting on you!

  • $24698634

    But CBS is part of the lame stream media, isn’t it? Why would you belive anything they say? Oh, I know why.

  • TraderBill

    It’s obvious the administration continues to cover this story up. Even the old traitor Kerry has taken up the next verse of the Hillary song, “What Difference Does It Make?”

  • Linda Ryder

    Kerry says hes finding out what happened in Benghazi, isnt that just dandy, Yomamas buddy goes there and all of a sudden people are talking to him about it. I wont believe a word of it. I thought they were going to make a group or panel up to find out what happened. I read that, who ever, made the people in the hospital form the attack sign papers not to talk about it, i wonder who that was be hind that.????????

  • svobodnik

    Someone told our military to stand down and not render aid to the Americans under attack. Apparently we had a plane overhead and one of the guys on the ground was “painting” a target, in expectation it would be engaged. This matter needs to be revealed.