Fox News’ Kirsten Powers once dated former Rep. Anthony Weiner. Two years ago, she wrote:

Anthony Weiner lied to the country about his sexual misconduct online. He also lied to me. I had been defending him, based on what he told me, but no more. Weiner must resign from Congress immediately.

This has not been my previous position during the scandal, but as I have recovered from the shock of seeing an old friend’s life unravel and have had time to get my mind around the extensive and sociopathic lying in which he engaged, there seems to be no other choice than for him to step aside and stop hurting his family, friends, and the Democratic Party. As more information trickles out about his online behavior with women, it has also become clear that he does not have the character to be in a position of leadership because of his misogynist view of women and predatory behavior.

[T]here is lying and then there is what Weiner did.  Due to nonstop meetings, I had not had time to watch his media blitz prior to my Greta interview and was slack-jawed when I saw clips of him the next day sneering and pointing fingers at other people for what he knew he had done. I am of the general view that politicians are not the most honest group of people, but, even using that very low standard, what I saw in those interviews was deeply disturbing. There is no way anyone can ever believe anything Weiner says again after that. In fact, I highly doubt that what he said in his press conference is even true.

[Emphasis added.]

Time heals all wounds?

  • Maxx

    Kirsten please, spare me the apologetic “everyone deserves a second chance” crap. You sound like liberals during the Clinton cigar-dipping era.

    Apparently, to quote Alan Parsons, “time” ain’t the only thing flowing like a river.

  • Axe

    You deserve him.

    • pajamakat

      It’s NYC. They’ll vote for him in droves. Just watch.

      • chevyll

        OMGosh…you are so freaking right. I am so glad I escaped from NY years ago. If they vote him in they deserve everything they get lol

  • Spatial Awareness


  • Guest

    Kirsten perhaps we should give Bernie Madoff and James Holmes second chances as well

    • kozzzer219

      Mark Sanford deserves a second chance.

      • Guest

        I disagree

    • Lisa Edward

      she was ex weiner whore

      • John (it true me am)

        Uncalled for.

        • Ronald Jackson

          the truth is the truth

          • John (it true me am)

            She dated the guy once, how exactly does “ex weiner whore” amount to the truth? Is anyone who ever dated someone their ex whore? Is someone’s wife their whore? It is an overboard insult that doesn’t address the content of the discussion.

      • Ronald Jackson

        Sounds like she is giving him a second chance, she did not catch any STD’s the first time.

    • Justin Mars

      Don’t forget Charles Manson and The Green River Killer. They deserve a second chance too. Its not fair.

  • kozzzer219

    Look, I don’t support Weiner’ politics, but the we would be hypocrites if we supported Mark Sanford, who LEFT OFFICE WHILE GOVERNOR, and then fought agianst Weiner because of what he did.
    Argue against him because of his policies, not because of personal actions.

    • Kate

      I think there are plenty of Conservatives who have not and will not support Sanford for that exact reason. Both are wrong from both a moral and political perspective.

      It’s sad to see that politics have become so corrupt that the same scandal-ridden crazies keep running for office. It’s time to get some more fresh faces with common sense!

  • Samuel Joe

    It’s just a variation/remix of the Bill Clinton “one grope rule” as taught to us by Gloria Steinem. The 21st century equivalent is the “one dong tweet.”

  • Brandon

    Umm..NO! an Elected Official acting like a pre pubescent boy does not deserve a second chance..maybe you and your ex boyfriends wife are forgiving but we must hold these people in public office to a higher standard..In my job had I done that at work and sent it I would have been fired.. and NEVER RE-HIRED..Until we hold them to standards and stop ignoring the unlawful and stupid crap they do we will never fix the system.. Mr. Weiner should NEVER be in a position of Public Trust again.. Just Curious…would you be this forgiving if a Local Police Officer sent you a photo such as Weiner did after interviewing as a witness? Same Thing Nothing Different!

  • Reginald Winthorp

    Well, I hope Anthony is “up to it”.

  • Walt

    If the people of New York elect him to nanny in chief, they deserve everything his does to them. A vote for Wiener is a vote for the shaft.

  • Carole Lynn

    Kirstin has no business being on Fox News. She always has a spaced out look on her face and a wicked smile. typical of the left.. I was shocked to find out about her background and who she is married too and the fact that she even dated someone like Wiener .. YUK .. no she lost all credibility with me . I wish OReilly would keep her off of there . I turn Fox off when she shows up and Beckel. they are not for unifying the USA. They just want to be winning dems. That in itself is is UnAmerican ! By the way .. I truly feel this about all politicians and Im with Ben Carson .. PC IS DEAD .. RACE CARD IS PASSE .. THANK YOU VERY MUCH .. ALL OF OUR BLOOD RUNS RED .. WHY NOT REVERT TO GOOD AMERICANS !

    • rinodino

      The tolerant right…. So Dems shouldn’t be allowed on fox, just because you disagree with them? smdh

      • Chase C.

        For once I actually agree with you.

    • Chase C.

      Clearly you have no idea of the positive things Kirsten has done. She has attacked the left multiple times for lying and hypocrisy. Also has been very strong in asking for answers on Benghazi.

      • PSUbrat

        Exactly. While I don’t agree with Kirsten’s political beliefs, she doesn’t tow the liberal line. She actually has independent thought. I think she’s more left of center than liberal.

      • PSUbrat

        Exactly. While I don’t agree with Kirsten’s political beliefs, she doesn’t tow the liberal line. She actually has independent thought. I think she’s more left of center than liberal.

      • michael s

        when it came to benghazi she like so many gave Biden her old boss Hillary Panetta Clapper Brennan free passses,yet vilified pres Obama and UN Ambassador Rice.and we know why.

  • William Svoboda

    A second chance, to do what?, I guess what he did in the first place. New York isn’t corrupt enough, we need to return the corrupt back to power. There is no one else who is willing to come forward and govern in an ethical manner, so we need to return Anthony Weiner to power. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of Insanity, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Think about it, New York.

  • Len Minowitz

    How many times will we try to recycle these really disturbed politicians who can’t do anything else in life? Tell him try to get a job flipping hamburgers and see how many chances they will give him when he screws up.

  • FJoachim

    She was his girlfriend for a while. Or he was her boyfriend for a while. Whatever is PC. lol

    • Chuck Bump

      So, was this while they were both married ?

  • Edwina

    I wonder if she would have been that forgiving if her husband showed his private parts and lied in the process. Second chance belongs to his wife and not voters. If this had been a Republican she would have been on her bandwagon to get rid of him permanently in politics but I guess since Clinton paved the way for immoral acts, it is all right for others to do the same. This applies to Republicans that do the same. What is her opinion of former Gov. Sanford? When are morals going to mean something? Evidently they don’t apply in politics.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Why, Kirsten?
    New Yorkers know for sure that he has a screw loose and he is a liar.

    Why put him in charge of anything?

    He can open a delicatessen.
    He can be a cabdriver.
    He can be a doorman.
    He can sell magazines door to door.
    So many other choices.

  • $472942

    “There you go again…”

    Watching Ms Powers on Fox News sometimes she actually sounds like she has a brain (when she isn’t pushing Obama/Democrat talking points, that is). Here she is back to her default setting again.

    “There is no way anyone can ever believe anything Weiner says again after that.”

    (Pertaining to Weiner Boy) “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

    To what, Ms Powers? Lie to the people all over again? Just what exactly have you been smoking?

  • Craig Miller

    Are they running out of or is there some kind of shortage of liberal crack-pots that they have to keep recycling the same garbage?

  • ModdKenwood

    she dated this jack-off? omg.

  • Brett McMicken

    just what has he done, other than seek another political office, to merit a second chance?

  • Bob Bennett

    You’re lucky to have a job yourself. CYA

  • greatunconformity

    Kirsten Powers taking a second look at Weiner…

  • Sasha

    So now we should vote in a proven “extensive sociopathic” liar? Oh wait, she’s a Democrat.

  • PatrioticDissent

    Would she be singing this tune if Weiner were a Republican? I don’t care what party you are, pols that lack moral character need to not be elected or re-elected at all. That is one reason our country is in the crapper!

    • rinodino

      Actually KP would give others a second chance

      • michael s

        Not if they were black.

  • alumin

    I’m sure she also thinks Charles Manson deserves a second chance….maybe she dated him too! She has that same ‘Squeeky Fromme’ attitude and look in her eyes.

  • Harry A

    so much of me wants to say that he doesnt deserve another chance, but then the other part remembers that conservatives are giving mark sanford one which i also dont agree with.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Given that I have a “Jake Tapper-middle of the road fair” respect for Mrs. Powers, and I know she and Weiner are long time friends…

    A second chance at what exactly Kirsten? If the last pic was blurry and you need an HD image of his junk, well… you’re attractive, he knows you well. I’m sure he’d oblige.

    Other than that? Sure. Ok. Second chance.

    Running a soup kitchen, fun-runs for kids with cancer, getting the Harlem Globe Trotters to actually play in Harlem…whatever. Don’t care.

    But public office again? Access to tax-payers money? Uh…no.

    I’ll tell you what. You get him to register as a sex offender, and then he can run for whatever office he wants.


    • therantinggeek

      ^ this.

  • right_on

    Why is it always the liberal side of the aisle that “deserves” a second chance? The odds are Weiner had multiple chances to cease and desist his repulsive activity
    , and chose not to.

  • Utahlady

    Why Kirsten? We got rid of him and you think he should come back into public life to embarrass us every day. We need to weed more perverts out of the system, not invite them back in. Let him open his own business. As a taxpayer I do not want to support this man or any other pervert anymore. I also, as most of us have, dated a nutcase once ,but when I was done with him I walked away. You should too!

  • Joseph A White

    Can anyone deign to tell me just WHY Anthony Weiner deserves another chance?? He is deserving of public scorn. Period. End of story.

  • Andrew Turner

    Typical lefty divel, she was probably offered a job

  • Donimal61

    Whether he “deserves” a second chance or not is one way to look at it. Another is that we need better people in political postions AND does NYC deserve better? After the nanny Mayor do they really deserve this guy is the real question. That being said, remember DC Mayor Barry?

  • dunst43

    I don’t remember Dan Quayle getting a second chance after potatoe-gate.

  • [email protected]

    Do you mean a second chance to show his little dick to every woman or just you?

  • Kristy Patullo

    A second chance to look at his junk? No, thank you.

  • Notbuyingit3337

    Americans need to stop voting for CHEATERS and LIARS!

  • froggy19510

    Kirsten Powers says Anthony Weiner deserves a second chance.
    How can someone so smart be sooooooo stupid?
    Ok. The reason I said she is smart is because at times she agrees with conservitaves.
    I know it’s rare though.

  • $35038462

    Tee Hee, she said “trickles out.”

  • Arthur Zelesnikar

    If New York State Residents vote this sicko scum bag back into public office, then we are indeed far beyond fatal. This is just way out there!

  • $18912735

    He’s a liar and a deviant… he really isn’t qualified to DO anything else but be a politician. He needs retraining, not a “second chance”.

  • Mario Leone

    who cares what he does? i’m supportive of sanford so weiner has a right to do what he wants

  • Lidsamy

    in all fairness, if she thinks Mark Sanford deserves a second chance than so does Anthony Weiner

  • rt

    the man went down in flames due to lies compounded by an extreme level of arrogance. why anyone votes for people that appear to be all about themselves is a real phenomena.

    • lonestar

      Because he’s a democrat.

  • lonestar

    Fine, so we’ll hear no complaints about Mark Sanford?

  • arttie

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • cfcscott1905

    Apparently the “dead girl or live boy” standard still holds true for democrats as long as they say their really, really sorry….

  • ELC

    There is definitely no real chance that he can win the Mayoral job. Yes, people can and should be given a second chance but the real problem with Anthony was his lying. Who would believe anything he had to say now?So if Kirsten wants to give her old boyfriend the benefit of the doubt-good for her. The rest of us may not be as willing.

  • Burp Shrapnel

    That New York dirty-water-dog has been in her backyard.

  • george raven

    Get rid of those weirds.

  • T.Marie

    Kirsten Powers has the ability to be stupid and smart. This is one of her stupid moments.

  • T.Marie

    Kirsten Powers has the ability to be stupid and smart. This is one of her stupid moments.

  • Gerald Matalavage

    sure he does need another chance. computers and cell phones have advanced and HD is standard now. Gives new meaning to film at 11…

  • Gerald Matalavage

    sure he does need another chance. computers and cell phones have advanced and HD is standard now. Gives new meaning to film at 11…

  • mentalmidgets

    A second chance for a cashier at Taco Bell not an elected official.

  • littleones

    It would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary

  • Judith Carol Bean

    Tell me why Fox News considers this DOG-in-heat, Fluke-Face a Contributor? The only contribution she makes is to disgust the viewership. She’s an Athiest, admittedly as of 4/09/2013 to Megyn Kelly, so that should explain her ALL RULES BARRED attitude! So,
    why, then, does Fox News continue to pay her for her stupid opinions. She’s just another leftist media puke whose opinions matter NOT to conservative, rule-following viewers! Fluke her and all those like her.

  • Allan Folsom

    And the weiner shall rise!

  • LagunaLucy

    yes Kirsten, all democrats deserve a 2nd chance.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    I’m all for second chances, the arena of politics is not the place for it. Let him build a real career in the real world, not leeching off his fellow man.

  • ken

    no bad names from me this is what happens when your a lib your mind gets vented

  • TMZ2

    Like all dogs, you can never keep a wiener down. That takes balls.