Trump made the crazed comment in response to this tweet by Twitter user @TheSportsSwede:

The Donald was embraced by CPAC, but he clearly would fit in better at Code Pink.


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  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    Trillions? You know I’ve never actually seen a solid number for how much was spent. I’ve seen as low as 8 billion and as high as 800 billion but I’ve never seem trillion tacked to a number.

    Also, this is just a temper tantrum now that its become glaringly obvious that Trump means dump to the GOP.

    • Dr Natural

      Liberals always use Trillions of dollars put on a credit card for the Iraq War. What would the military do otherwise set around the barracks and police the area like on Gomer Pyle.

    • TugboatPhil

      Democrats have spent actual trillions on LBJ’s War on Poverty and still have no exit strategy.

      • Nail_31

        AND we have obviously lost whatever they implied were our reasons for doing this…oh no, they have won, because their goal was to make a new plantation that would produce a bumper crop of whining, hand out dependent democrat field hand/voters to obey their democrat plantation owners. Success at tax payer expense. good job lbj, you sure were a lying politician. Kudos.

      • doubtingtommy

        That’s not really true. The exit strategy is that if they make everyone poor, no one will be poor. Pretty clever, don’t ya think?

      • John (it true me am)

        Not just trillions like 3 or 4 either(as if that wouldn’t be high enough), but almost as much as the debt itself. 15 trillion if i recall correctly.

      • PrincessofSnark


    • lumendelsol

      after interest….its trillions…lmao

    • Brent Guthrie

      From the beginning of the Afghanistan War until present, the price tag from both wars combined totals between $1.5-1.6 trillion.

  • Donald Koller

    Trump is a nutjob and is possibly biipolar he is definitely bipolitical.

    • Joe

      Before the election, wasn’t Trump saying we should go in and take the oil? Wouldn’t that have caused more death? Didn’t Bush effectively win the Iraqi War? We could have had a peaceful ally in the heart of the Middle East, one with vast resources, but doof Obama saw to it that we had a total withdrawal so we can focus on godforelorn landlocked resourceless uneducated incorrigible Afghanistan. Trump – Don’t blame Bush for the results, it’s Obama’s fault.

      • Josh Coker

        no he didn’t WIN anything, just republicans.this is NOT obama’s fault. this started when bush was president. bush is a WAR president, he started this crap. and to many people fail to see that. obama is trying to clean up that mess, but, isn’t doing it. people think this is the greatest country on earth that has the highest unemployment rate, the highest homeless rate cause everything is too expensive. the highest taxes. we pay for most for everything. if i could leave, i would.

  • Txgirlinnh

    Can someone please get this man a straight jacket and a soundproof padded room as soon as possible!

    • $24161998

      The soundproofing for sure…the padded walls and straight jacket are optional.

  • Bill West

    the entire republican party is full of dummycrats in sheep’s clothing. They may be Rebubes, but hey’re NOT conservatives

  • Donna W

    Fence-riding moron.

  • Sam I. Metler

    Trump is a CHUMP!
    Sadam, a dictator that murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people. invaded
    another country and because he could he attacked Israel with scud missiles. Removing Sadam was needed.
    The Donald is an idiot and that dam comb over needs to go, wait the Donald needs to
    go all together and retire to island in the middle of now where.

  • Dr Natural

    Donald Trump getting inducted into the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame goes to show it doesn’t mean anything.

  • darcy922

    Seems as though this rich guy has broken under pressure. I have never heard him make such off the wall comment as this one..

  • Rick Matson

    I was liking Trump when talking about the economic stupidity of the Obama administration. But doesn’t he know this Bush blame will give the MSM and the Lib’s a bullhorn of ammo in broadcasting this remark 24/7 on every TV and Radio station for weeks, again making Obama appear more humane!

    • Anderson

      I could be wrong, but I think thats the idea. The Donald loves his face time and will say/do anything to get it.

  • Patrick Dennehy

    Why was he invited to CPAC? I never quite understood that decision…

    • grais

      You’re not the only one. Maybe the tens of people who showed up to hear his speech can explain the decision.

    • Anderson

      CPAC was really bizarre this year with the people they invited and ignored.

  • Maxx

    Hey Trump, whatever you claim Bush did or did not do, we can be assured of one thing.

    His name will never be associated with four bankruptcy filings.

    What’s your next venture Donald, a surf shop in Caribou, Maine?

  • Jenn

    please another bush blamer…..I thought he was a leader but leaders don’t look back or blame.


    Trump stfu. YOU POS

  • $24161998

    I wonder if someone bet him he couldn’t wipe out his entire “sorta kinda” rightwing following with one Tweet…? A good many of us had/have concerns about Bush and some of his decisions while in office, but for Trump to take that nonsensical position just smacks of: “Hey look at me!”

  • nanoreaper

    Donald trump is what is wrong with the Republican party he is a RINO he should stay out of politics and go back to hosting a tv show that i don’t watch or even care about.

    • John (it true me am)

      There’s a lot of things wrong with the Republican party, but Donald isn’t one of them. For that he’d to have ever been a Republican to begin with. All he ever did was hijack and then inflate the birther crowd for his own exposure and then the media played into it and bought into him as a Republican for the sake of narrative.

  • radjahshelduck

    Say, isn’t this the guy who chose Piers Morgan over Wounded Warrior Project spokesman Trace Adkins?

    • $24161998

      Morgan is a tool, but he was actually playing for The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, which is either affiliated with Wounded Warrior Project or essentially does the same kind of work.
      He and Trump deserve each other at this point…both unhinged idiots!

  • lumendelsol

    Trump is insane. Our politicians are the best and are running this country better than could be hoped for…..AM I Wrong? LMAO

    • marylaforet

      Yes, you are dead wrong!!Our politicians are terrible right now and ruining our chances to ever recover…

  • TocksNedlog

    Attention whore.

    Uh, waitaminute, let me start again . . .

    ATTENTION: whore! Stop whoring around!

  • Hal Fast

    All we can do is pray for the man, because he obviously needs some help, but don’t we all at times.

  • Kevin Niemeyer

    Used to watch the apprentice until The Donald started trying to revive the “careers” of talentless celebutards with celeb apprentice. Now, the winners are determined not so much by their business savvy, but by how much drama they bring to the show. Yawn. Just more “scripted reality” I don’t really need.

  • dlk

    Mr. Trump needs to stay out of politics. He’s full of opinions, but none of them are consistent.

    • $27789750

      Yes, lately he’s erratic as h-ll.

  • Lorben

    Trump is the updated 21st century version of P.T. Barnum! He is nothing but show business….

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    The idiot, aka Trump, should start his own party…and walk them all over an edge of a cliff. The way Trump thinks, I can’t imagine how the man navigates a car, let alone his business.

  • Joe Womble

    Bush did start a war with the wrong foe’mm

  • Joy

    Trump is a legend in his own mind…Who REALLY cares what he thinks?

  • patriot1742


  • David Johnson

    Please people ignore him and he may go away!

    • Anderson

      We can ignore him but he wont go away because the MSM loves him. For progressives he is the poster child of a right wing moron.

  • PrincessofSnark

    Trump always enjoys seeing his name in print, and he’s not above saying just about anything to get it there. This is just another example.

  • PrincessofSnark

    Wonder if that has anything to do with him getting booed so badly at the WWE Hall of Fame Induction last night??? He evidently was not a big hit.

  • Love of Country

    Once again, this delusional, Owebamao-voting Frankenstein was on Greta, Friday, and was already at it again ….
    Well ya know Greta, it’s true ….. we have lots of fine candidates for 2016 but I’m not ready to endorse or name specific candidates because I actually know all of them very well and they’ve all been by Trump Towers to come to my office to ask for my support …. etc, etc, etc, me, me, me.

    Please knock it off, Donald! You narcissistic, trouble-making, GOP-crashing, vindictive doofus!

    Having said all that …. see you on Celebrity Apprentice, Big Guy!

  • RedSoloCup

    Stupid is as stupid does, in Trump’s case.

  • George Murrey

    Looks like he isn’t getting enough attention.

  • Rich

    Is there nothing this ass won’t say to keep himself in the public spotlight?

  • Donna McCarroll

    Trump is crazy and should never been at CPAC. I was shocked that he was there and his behavior now just shows, he doesn’t belong anywhere near politics, Raging nut job.

  • col

    Trump needs to stay in his tower of gold and keep his mouth shut. He is nothing but a blowhard that thinks people care about his opinions. They don’t, so keep your opinions to yourself Donald.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    This coming from the man who murdered the USFL.

  • Thom Harris

    Would someone please, please, please get this RINO off the air. The best thing that Donald Trump could do for the political discourse is to leave.

  • Guest

    Go away Donold. We don’t trust or need you any more.

  • gadnynj

    I agree that George W. Bush dereliction of presidential duties, by allowing his croons (his presidential administrators such as the DICK Cheney. The war in Iraq lead to many deaths and that war was based on George Tenet assessment that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction; which fell favorable to George W. Bush, because Hussein has ordered a hit on his father; former President George Bush the 1st. Bush literally used our young military personnel as a “Hit” gang to kill Saddam Hussain, while allowing for his distorted brood to financially gain from that invasion through corporations that provided services to American troops stationed in Iraq. Thus, Donald Trump is correct to point that George W. Bush does have the blood of many young and old American military personnel as well as many Iraqis killed in the cross-fire. It is no wonder the Bush; “the man” has retired to his barn rarely showing his face.

  • Gerald Matalavage

    Why does anyone pay an attention to this guy. Money doesnt make you smart and he has proven that over and over again. He might be able to make money but not sense…

  • Gerald Matalavage

    Why does anyone pay an attention to this guy. Money doesnt make you smart and he has proven that over and over again. He might be able to make money but not sense…