That’s what some people are saying:

It’s just speculation for now. It will be interesting to hear what Ware has to say about this.

  • Seola

    I honestly don’t think it was a factor. He was quite a ways out, he had quite a bit of floor (including what he slid onto). The elevated courts are dumb for sure… but I don’t believe this had anything to do with it. Sometimes, freak injuries happen.

  • Steve_J

    Should get rid of the elevated courts just on general principle.

  • AWomaninTX

    How scary!

  • Maxx

    The elevated court had nothing to do with the landing. I balled for 30 years and every once in awhile, you just don’t land right. Especially when you’re a defender jumping into a shooter, trying to defend the “J” but not crash into him, resulting in a possible four-point play beyond the arc.

    Ware was nowhere near the edge of the court. However, elevated courts shouldn’t be used anyways. When you walk to the bench, it shouldn’t resemble walking into a dugout.

  • Scott Carroll

    That was brutal. There had to have been some structural issues in the leg already for so catastrophic a break to occur after simply flying at a shooter. I’ve done it hundreds of times and similar plays happen thousands of times every day all over the world. Maybe he has some undiagnosed bone density issues, not unheard of even in a high level athlete like him. Bottom line, a routine play like that shouldn’t have resulted in so horrific an injury.

  • cacman93

    It has nothing to do with the elevated courts. Watch the video of it, if you can muster the courage. Right after he jumps to block the shot, he turns to see if it’s going in. His leg just straight up snapped.

  • Guest

    I bet they are Democrats. Typical BS having to blame SOMEONE or SOME THING instead of just seeing it for what it was, an accident.

    A lawsuit will come from the promoter or event holder… or perhaps his Nike’s had just too much grip and thats what happened? lol…. Unreal.

  • James Michael Yerian

    I like you guys comparing yourself to this guy. Yeah, we’ve all been balling for years, never happened to us….it could be the court, it could be a freak accident. That is why they’re called accidents. Maybe he has no bone density issues and it just happened. Crap happens. I’ve been standing and sitting for 37 years now, but I’ve seen people stand and throw their backs out. Things like tensing, stretching, overuse, these all affect outcomes.

    When you play basketball an insane number of times in a couple of weeks, the body may, and I’m saying “may” here, not have that much time to recover from stressors. I mean, I’m not like you guys, I haven’t been “ballin” for years, but my guess is that a)it was a bizarre accident and b)playing a game that’s tough on your legs repeatedly for two weeks may not be good for them.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Minnesota has had an elevated court since 1928 and no one’s ever broken their leg playing there. Same with Butler and Hinkle Fieldhouse (also around since 1928), and Vanderbilt’s Memorial Gymnasium. Purdue’s Mackey Arena due to the bowl-shaped nature of the arena is effectively an elevated court in the middle half as well.