Twitter users publish something like half a billion tweets per day. Even if 99.999 percent of those tweets are unimportant or nonsense, that leaves 5,000 tweets per day that are potentially newsworthy, or at least noteworthy.

Our mission is to find those hidden nuggets and report on them to you, our readers.

We’ve been at it for a year as of today. Has our Twitter-based news-gathering model proven a success?

We believe our record speaks for itself:

MSM dinosaurs consider our methods irresponsible. They insist that “real reporters” must wait around for government officials to confirm facts that are already widely known to anyone using Twitter.

Sorry, MSM, we don’t follow your rules. We have created a news model that allows people to read information that gatekeepers don’t want them to know. Our motto is “who said what.” Their motto is “which official source said what, and we’ll let you know when we’re good and ready.”

Do we make mistakes? Of course. Who doesn’t? And when errors are brought to our attention, we run straightforward corrections. We wish our MSM competitors did the same (see, e.g., here and here).

Twitchy couldn’t be what it is without you: the community of readers, commenters, and tipsters who come to the site every day; the Twitter users who retweet our posts; the Facebook users who “like” and “share” our articles.

Thanks so much to all of you for making our first year a phenomenal success.

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    “He who does not punish evil commands that it be done” — Leonardo da Vinci

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    Lead Story, 3/7/12 –

    Twitter reaction to Peyton Manning’s departure

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    It really is a testament to your commitment that you are able to gather the number of socially and politically significant tweets you do. Keep on!

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