Most Twitter users were outraged by The Onion’s tweet calling Quvenzhané Wallis the C-word. But a small number of tweeters defended and/or rationalized The Onion’s tasteless joke:

Talk about missing the point.


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  • J. Cox

    How far can this nation sink?I know,let’s vote in more democrats and see how far down the rabbit hole we can go.

    • Spatial Awareness

      NO. >:^[
      ….. ~_^

  • Malaika Angel

    Well, all those screaming about, “It’s a joke,” let me walk up to your little “cunt” and call her that and see what happens. These are freaking ADULTS excusing this mess. Some jokes go TOO DANG FAR and calling a child that name is beyond wrong. If she was white, they would NOT have said it.

    • natsteel

      Only they didn’t actually call the child that name. Saying that is like what the GOP did during the campaign when they took a clip of Obama completely out of context and made “You didn’t build that” the center of their campaign and convention. When one reads the ENTIRE tweet (that is, if you even have the attention span left to read an entire tweet before responding with such moral indignation), it seems pretty obvious to me that rather than calling her that, they were actually making the point that you CAN’T call her that. Like many Republicans reactions’ to Obama’s “comment,” however, ignoring the context gives people something they can quickly and viscerally react against that allows them to feel morally superior (which Americans love), i.e., “I would never call a 9-year old that,” all without realizing that is EXACTLY what the tweet said. Get over yourselves.

      • Marie

        Oh look, another lying moron.

        The GOP did not take that comment out of context. Your Messiah is a Marxist who does not like the concept of private property.

        Subhumans like you are better off dead.

        • natsteel

          1. Not sure what I “lied” about.

          2. Calling me a “moron” does not in anyway bolster your argument or make me (or any objective observer) sympathetic to it.

          3. In your reply you are doing exactly what I was describing. You are making quick, unfounded assumptions just to be able to react viscerally and convince yourself that you are morally superior to “subhumans like [me].”

          I was merely pointing out how taking things out of context makes it easy for people to assuage their fervent desire to be offended by something. You criticize this post for calling someone a name, yet your defense of your moral outrage is to do the same thing? I hope calling people names and wishing them dead at least makes you FEEL morally superior because in actuality it proves the opposite.

          I would argue that the truly subhuman behavior is when someone is so intolerant that, when faced with a different opinion, they stoop to calling someone else a “subhuman” that is “better off dead.” You saying those things to me does not make me feel bad about myself; it makes me feel bad for you.

          • loveshiandsid

            what “context” makes a tweet that refers to a 9-year-old a *c>>t* acceptable to your … “tolerant” mind? Satire has absolutely nothing to do when it is “applied” to children. (and yes, a nine-year-old is .. a child) Your lack of concern just might make you … (fill in the blank).

          • David Malbuff

            You lied when you said Obama’s remark was taken out of context. It was not. It defined the context. Obama really believes that a business’ success “happens” because of the public infrastructure around it, even though anyone with sense knows it’s precisely the other way around.

            And no one took the “Onion” remark out of context. You really can’t take a 40-character “tweet” out of context. No thinking person would consider that remark a joke, even when it comes from a site known for satire and exaggeration. Most people seem to get this without too much struggle. Why so difficult for you?

      • Netmilsmom

        Did you read the Tweet? Or is it that “kind of” makes it all okay? Not “no one can call her” Not “we haven’t heard anyone call her”. “Everyone seems afraid to say it” is followed directly by what the Onion feels they are afraid to say. Why would they tweet the word if they found it offensive?

        • natsteel

          Because that is what The Onion does. One who does not know The Onion cannot possibly judge the tweet because you lack the context that makes the joke intelligible to its audience.

          • loveshiandsid

            There is absolutely no “context” where calling a 9-year old (male or female) a *c>>t* is a joke … much less acceptable.

  • Jay Stevens

    This reminds me of a playground bully tormenting someone to tears, then stepping back and saying, “What’s the matter? You can’t take a joke?”

    This was not funny. And if you need to explain it, it still wasn’t funny.

    • Armando

      This is the reason why the “joke” was inappropriate: I remember when a bunch of racists went against Gabby Douglas as well, and she really was affected. These girls are really young and it’s wrong to attack them even if it’s a “joke”

  • Randi Starr

    These are the kids who got their asz kicked by bullies growing up and now they are grown and attack anything or anybody who can’t kick their asz, that’s why they are keyboard monkeys.

  • imani1962

    It was a joke until someone took it out of context and made it serious. Never once was she called a c. As a biracial person I think some people just want to use the race card. Nobody in their right mind would use that word against any child of any race.

    • Netmilsmom

      What possible context could be acceptable with c*unt and 9-year-old girl in the same sentence?

  • Max Di

    it upset all the right assholes. love it

  • Max Di

    hollywood is a toilet. deserved

  • Cogito Ergo Sum

    Over the edge? Maybe. You see dark humor like this in movies all the time. It’s clear that this is offensive but it’s also clear that no reasonable person could ever in good conscience call an innocent 9-year-old girl such a terrible name — and the intelligent people at The Onion clearly are aware of that. I’m not offended because I like edgy humor like this and very dark stand-up like Louis CK.

  • Steve Carpenter

    It saddens me that so many people have such uptight senses of humor.

    • Randi Starr

      Yeah bet her mom just rolled on the floor in laughter, not.

  • marylandman

    All of the people defending the joke were Republicans, of course. They hate political correctness.