Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban learned a lesson about Twitter after he hypothetically suggested that the Lakers should consider using the amnesty clause to dump Kobe Bryant. The comment was not funny to Lakers fans, who made his feed aware of their disgust.

Cuban called his words ‘inappropriate’ in a released statement. That did not stop the tweets from angry fans. He retweeted these:

As many have found out, Twitter does not quickly forget or easily forgive a slip of the tongue.

  • Roto

    Well, at least it wasn’t the usual slavery inference from rich, white, liberals….

  • Maxx

    Today’s box score at the game held in DALLAS.

    Lakers 103

    Mavs 99

    K. Bryant 38 Pts, 12 Reb, 7 Ast, 1 Blk

    Perhaps next time, Cuban will talk smack AFTER the game, not before it.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Gee, I don’t care.

    • Roto

      Me neither. I haven’t watched an NBA game since I played Church League…